The Adventure of Spring

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The light has changed once again; the seasons are shifting. The snow line retreats into the mountains. Collecting stones and planning for new shrubs and flowers, as the adventures of spring draws near. Nature Spirits gather around me as I pace out the back yard. Mapping out 4 more raised flower beds, each with a different stone boarders. One with large stones from the river, color and texture. Another with blocks, another with flat colorful sandstone set on edge, and yet another with petrified sandstone pan-caked. The front fence will be taken down, before it falls down, and replaced with flowering bushes as a boarder. Tomorrow I assemble another 12′ Energy wheel in the back yard, this one will be Jasper for protection and nurturing. Looking forward to playing in earth once again, and watching things grow.

Home sweet home


Growing up, I spent my first 14 years at a Quaker boarding high school [The Meeting School], created around a farmĀ in New England, and my favorite place to hang out was in the barn. At that time New England was full of farms with barns, and as a young boy I had a fascination with barns. With its big open spaces and multi-fuctions. As I sit here contemplating building my own home, once again barns come to mind. Course it would look like a house, yet built stout like a barn; post and beam construction. The idea of creating split level floors, many bright windows, and one space opening onto another… tickles my senses. In having lived in some wind prone areas, I find my mind migrating to a solid structure. Built against a hillside, with a living roof, solar energy, solar hot water, wood stove… you know, basically off the grid. There’s no space like free space. So with that in mind, I pick up my hammer…

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