Sexual Energy in Spiritual life


100_1394* When we start to combine the many different practices of spiritual healing, and moving subtle energy in the body, our partner’s experience of us begins to expand. Everything to do with spiritual healing happens through the atmosphere of love, and when we include spiritual guidance into that practice, the expression of love expands 1000 fold. Then the sexual experience is no longer just physical. You become aware of his Chi, he may become aware of her energy palpitations moving like waves. Sex is a format that allows us the space to discover the deeper mysteries of who we are and how we can be. Yoga, even walking is a practice that expands our sense of self-awareness, self-love and self-loyalty. So if you both have a similar practice, then the sexual experience becomes so much more. Pushing the boundaries of love, and the full scope of potential expressions to bring to fruition beyond the bedroom.
Open your listening ear to their needs, then provide that healing space. Become more of the nurturer you are.
When the masculine and feminine are in balance in supporting each other, that trust turns into bliss… Harmony of the Sexes.
All of this and others like it help to expand the sexual experience and the couples bond.

*  Sacred sex is one that slows down, where he is guided by the rhythm of her breathe. His excitement is stimulated by what brings her to climax. She is stimulated by his desire for rediscovery of her sexy details.
Slow down, talk to each other about what you like. For there to be a stimulating experience for the both of you, it helps for you both to slightly step outside of your comfort zone… For her to be clear about her needs, for him to actively listen, and for the both of you to be present for each other.

* What gets her excited takes a Lot more than what it does for him. And what stimulates her is Far more gentle, then how he would be for himself. If he is a 10 for himself, then she needs a 4 or less from him.

* Women need a lot of interest from men, and they need it all the way through their lives.
What ever their love-language is, needs to be consistently expressed, and that expression coming from you for them, needs to be an expression of your presence of light; your inner potential shining bright as you perform their love language.
Whatever he did to win her heart, he must continue to keep it. When we get caught up by routine and lost in life’s details, we often forget all so easily the emotional health and well-fair of those closest to us.

* There are two different kinds of people to be mindful of when attracting a mate. Those who are the married type [regardless of relationship status] and those who are the bachelor / bachelorette. Someone with the bachelor energy will last in a relationship about 6 months, Where with the energy of the married-one, their high level of contentment through easy commitment is on all the time.
A break-up with a bachelor is one that you see coming. Or if they don’t want to be seen as the “bad guy”, they will make the situation impossible for you to stay with. In any case, those relationships are short.
A break-up with a married-one comes as a surprise, because it’s so unlike them.

* People who find it easy to say “I love you”, are people who really know themselves, and where trust is not an issue. They will also say it consistently at times when you’re doing something in which they feel valued by. So if you’re someone who clearly needs trust in your relationship, this is how you can spot it. Still, use your sense of discernment. Ask yourself “does this relationship / decision inspire and energize me”, and following that yes we surround ourselves with empowerment.

* How to sense the next person: When we are between relationships, and we’re eager about the next person. How do we sense when they are near. A strong indicator is in your night-time dreams. The dreamscape is a reflection of the mental and emotional work that we work through during the day. The dreamscape will also reveal hidden tendencies. So if you’re conscious about pulling into your life a prosperous relationship, and start to put together a picture in your mind of what that means for you. As you move through this process, the dreamscape will show you how close or far off they are by presenting a faceless person in your dreams. More or less interaction with this person will reflect how close they are to finding you.

Intimacy and sex:
Most people have sex thinking they’re getting their intimacy issues fulfilled. Cuddling and verbal communications: “you’re going to be okay”, and helping to talk it through is much more effective than sex alone. Separate from intimacy, sex is always a two-way street. If he is there to complete his emotions for the day, and not there for her emotional reassurance. Then he is telling her that she’s not worth the effort.
Intimacy is not sex alone, intimacy is verbal and nonverbal communication, that part that is only transparent to your partner. It’s only shared to others in confidence, and only with permission. For intimacy comes with great trust and from a deeper level in the relationship.

* Anal sex for most men is a belief that they need something tight to come to climax. This belief comes from people who live in their minds instead of their feeling centers. When we live in our minds, we often get caught up in performance, and that creates issues around getting-it-up, or ejaculation issues.

* Childhood Sexual Development
Between the ages of 0 to 13 there are many behavioral demonstrations that are presented, that make or break healthy adult relationships of all kinds. It’s all about self-discovery, just like how we use toys for the practice of friendship (Teddy bear).
What creates healthy emotional interactions between couples and a good sex-life, is first being comfortable with our own sex, and this discovery happens as a young child. For the dad to kiss his boy on the lips is very natural, and the son will naturally shift away from this when the processing of this need is fulfilled, which is very subconscious. First we process these emotions in the safety of our own sex, then we cross the street. All this is very natural. It’s when we disrupt it does it create chaos all the way down the line.
As children our first sexual encounter is with ourselves, and then with our own sex as with a best friend. Kissing and touching. This experience is a one time thing, something that is sought out by the individual, and very instinctual. A very gentle one time experience is all that is needed to have a lifetime of healthy relationships with the opposite sex. However if a child is exposed to porn at that age, they will be seeking that similar experience which is not one of balance.
This vital part of a positive sexual development that is rarely experienced, is largely do to either lack of opportunity, exposure to porn or parental interference.
When parents shame us to the core, it has a tendency of having us questioning our own sense of sexual self-worth when entering healthy adult relationships. Sexual shame is an emotional projection; a way for the parent / friend / sibling to pass on their emotional guilt, and something that has absolutely nothing to do with you.

* If we put a masculine man (he-man) and a feminine woman (girlie-girl) in the same room together, what happens in terms of relating is he will relate to her as the weaker sex, because to him she is a weak man. The woman will try to retrain him to be more like a woman, so she can better understand him. When applying this pattern of relating to the single parent, what we get is a one-sided child. It takes both the masculine and feminine guidance to get a well rounded child. All relationships require focus and attention. So by learning about him, and listening to her, then acting responsibly in the relationship that child’s emotional education will flourish.

Questions and Answers:
* What makes someone lose power when making love? The concept of “losing power”, comes from the limitations of the human mind. In truth there’s not a limited amount of energy or power/conscious awareness. If someone gets sleepy after sex, then “that” is just what they need to relax and let go, and they will wake up refreshed and renewed. Getting sleepy or being energized by sex, is a way the emotions get processed, and very natural.
* How does a psychic woman tune out messages about her boyfriend when they sleep next to each other? Don’t sleep in the same bed with him “every” night. Honor your psychic boundaries. My beloved and I are both psychics, and we don’t sleep in the same house together. Otherwise we’re on all the time; it takes a lot of energy to be clairvoyantly on all the time. So we value time together and time apart.
Transforming love to spiritual energy? Raise your awareness, and just become your highest ethical value. Stay in this space regardless of where you find yourself. Be mindful of how we are for ourselves, and not pushing those ideals on other people.
* How do I protect myself energetically during sex? Read my post on Energy Shielding.
* Cleansing sexual energy from a partner who sleeps with other woman. This is not something one person can do for another without their permission. You’re at a “crossroads” lesson. Either you accept that you are sharing your partner with another, or you gather up and step out.
Healing another person of their misconduct because it makes you feel uncomfortable, that’s an emotional projection. You want them to change so you can be happy, when in truth “you need to change for you” so you can be happy. So either accept what’s going on, or leave the relationship. We can hold the space and provide a nurturing environment for them to heal. However in this situation, this is their threshold of healing to cross. They either accept your care, and use that environment to heal or you move on. We can’t do this for them.
If they accept your support: then look for someone who can “cut cords of emotional attachment” or someone familiar with psychic surgery, for the maintenance of your own emotional welfare.
* How to make sex more spiritual? What makes sex more spiritual is when we focus on what couples find sexy beyond the bedroom.
What she finds sexy is when he has that “can do, want to do” attitude. It’s his confidence in knowing his strengths, and acting on them, because she will know instinctively when he’s being real or not.
What he finds sexy in her, is when she gives him the space to provide; the space to create *metaphoric castles around her.
When it’s natural and easy for him to act out her love language, as it is for her then the relationship moves on silk.
When we click in this fashion we will have a stronger bond as a married couple, because what he does naturally feeds her,  as she does for him. For couples who don’t have this, they can shift their behavior into this action. Because this action feeds you in such a way that has you wanting more.
However if you’re in a relationship with someone who is very controlling, or someone with a big ego, or someone with very low confidence issues, it may take more energy to shift them out of that then you want to give. These are qualities to look for before saying “I do”.

*Metaphoric castles: is intimate emotional support, or intimate spiritual support. Something intimate your lover does for you that no one else does. It’s something that is built upon, and becomes a quality of relating, a side dish or added ingredient in the relationship that is carefully constructed just for you.

May your blessings be the tender experience of touch.

“I Love You”


The phrase “I love you” can create both positive and indifferent qualities, depending upon the emotion behind it. The term “I love you” is used nearly everywhere, and not always in a nice way. She says it, so he feels obligated to say it back, and if he doesn’t say it she feels rejected. Or when he says “you know I love you”, and the words and the look in his eyes tell two different stories. When we use the term loosely it begins to lose it’s luster.
Part of knowing how to provide a nurturing relationship is knowing when it’s the perfect time to say “I love you”. The best time is when the other person is doing, or saying something that nurtures and supports the gift that you are. When our actions are in alignment with our words, we come face to face with purpose. “And like a light kindled from a leaping spark, finds it’s way into the heart, and the world starts making sense”. This becomes god in action in you, because this gives the relationship / marriage shape.

* While he is taking out the garbage, shoveling the driveway, hauling firewood, fixing that squeaky door,  she says “I love you”, because she values that “can do”, “want to do” energy about him.
Or when he stops what he is doing, and gives her his undivided attention. Or he helps her to process through an emotional issue, without he himself engaging in emotion…
We only need to say it when we feel valued in that moment. By saying it every time, it loses that sparkle.
* While she is cooking an amazing meal, when he returns to a warm inviting home, knows his needs before he does, has the clarity and understanding to help him to navigate his emotional world…
This is apart of the action of sacred sex; giving purpose which sculptures the landscape of the wisdom that is performed.

Saying “I love you” can be a very powerful thing, especially when it’s said from the response of the action that produced it. You’re no longer just wondering through life, and trying to guess what your partner’s needs are. They are giving you direct feedback, and a great sense of what it is that they love about you. This in turn gives you direction and purpose. Providing grace and ease in an otherwise unpredictable environment.

My blessings to you…

* Sometimes explaining what an “I love you” means can be helpful as well, because what it means to you, and how they may be perceiving it maybe two very different things. Especially in the beginning of relationships where you’re getting to know each other.

In Marriage, What Are We Looking For?


021What draws us together and has us fall in love with a person? In observing my fellow bloggers, I see the attraction being very sexual. Then I watch them trying to carve out a practical, functioning relationship that is based on hot, steamy sexuality. What makes a relationship work is temperament in personality, and something that is nearly ignored because the sex is so great. Sex is the bonus and should be the last thing on the list when looking for a quality life-mate. More importantly what we need to experience with our mate, before we say “I do”, is their disagreeable side. Everyone has one, and it’s so important to have a strong grasp on whether or not that is something you can handle for a lifetime.
* How they deal with anger, and more importantly, how they “deal with you” while angry.
* With the conflict: are they responsible with their own emotional reactions by practicing boundaries, or do they insist that it’s all your fault for their unhappiness.
* In the area of sex, some people have a very crude understanding of the sensitivities that need to be shared in sexuality.
* Marriage in the 18 and 1900’s made complete sense, simply because things moved at a slower pace, and it took us a lifetime to process through our emotional issues with our partner. Today, things move so much faster, we process through our emotional issues so much more quickly. Staying in a marriage requires us to have eyes wide open, to build our communicative skills, and to learn as much or more about ourselves then we do about our partner. These are a few of the responses you want to experience before marriage.
* Relationships have a modal that they follow: first is the lustful romance; pure chemistry, hot and steamy yet extremely fragile, and designed to pull you both together. Then that shifts into partnership, where 78% of the chemistry fades, and honest love shines it’s radiance. And for some, in our latter years companionship shows it’s true colors. Then there is spiritual love, which about one percent of the worlds population will experience.
An amazing amount of people get married before the relationship has a chance to shift into partnership [up to 9 months], because when it does the intensity really changes; really softens those edges. If you’re someone who loves change, then this will be fun for you.
Very few people have the Will of heart to see beyond love, beyond sex, to see if and where a relationship is sturdy. If it’s not working, then simply bless them and let them go, and continue the search for the right one. Asking the right questions, patiently waiting for the response, and having the courage to only say “yes” to the one that passes the grade.
Every single relation/connection with people has an alignment: if your angry with the world, your alignment with this person is one in which they will mirror to you what needs to be healed. If you fall in love with someone in which “you feel” is not quite right and you do it anyway, the connection will show you why it’s so important to give attention to your intuition/gut feeling/inner voice. Alignment made manifest, and so it is.
A healthy and meaningful marriage today requires eyes wide open. This is not just a concept in one’s mind, this is seeing them act it out. If (he) does not shift his awareness, and curb his actions to match your needs, then it may not be in him to do so. Having eyes wide open means less will take you by surprise.

May your search be swift and true.

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The Kiss


The kiss has been a form of greeting for many thousands of years, the human connection that is woven into the fabric of our lives, and throughout all cultures. This warm gentle embrace that is the nurturing kiss.
The mouth is where we take in sustenance for nurturing the body,  where we breathe in life, and where we express the finer details of our desires. Face to face we embrace.
Nothing fills our love-tank quite so nurturing as the kiss. A sensational connection that turns on our extra sensory perceptions, that fills us with such joy and amazing gratitude. For it is an energy port for the Light-body. When we kiss there is a connection that is made from spirit to spirit, and that connection begins to light-up the chakra system. Which in turn leaves an imprint on our spiritual psyche.
As sweet as the dew kissed by the morning sun. The empowerment of a kiss is given, not taken. This kiss that is freely given, opens the heart to all possibilities, yet is completely content in the now.
It’s an active expression that speaks volumes of the feelings that arise, “understand the heart behind this kiss”.


“Light Bulb”!?

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011When your young [in your teens and 20’s] sex tends to be that god like connection. We find sex is for exploring other people, is for exploring who you are, who you can be, and so on. Then in your 30′s it’s in finding who brings the most joy from it. And finally in the late 40′s and 50′s it’s all about transformation. We come full circle, in that through sex we reconnect to God. We find healing in sex, and we find the flow of abundance in the energy of the sexual orgasm. The irony in it all, is that women in their late 50′s and 60′s begin to move away from sex, while men are beginning to explore those more defined details in the qualities of intimacy through sexuality.
Two things men need in a relationship: sex and attention, and they need it ALL the way through their lives.
A women needs safe, nurturing emotional connections with her lover, all the way through her life
Women are at their prime from the 20’s to mid to late 40’s. Then they begin to lose interest and take the attention off of their husbands, and begin to focus more on themselves, as in career and quality of life.

Young men are all about themselves; adventures in self-discovery. Meanwhile, young women are giving their attention to the relationship with him, and to the family.
Older women shift their attention away from him and the family, and focusing in on their own self-discovery. Meanwhile, older men are settling down, and their focus is turned to the needs of her and family.
So there is a brief moment in the mid 30’s to mid 40’s where they match, and are in sync with each other. Then they become opposite once again.

A woman can have the belief system of the man being the financial provider, so she can be a stay-at-home housewife. Then the kids come along, and she no longer has as much time or energy to give him the attention he needs as he needs it.
Hence, the man cheats on his wife, and has an affair with a younger woman who has the time and energy for giving him the attention he so craves. And after all that he comes back to his wife, because she is the only one who truly knows and completely understands him, and in “that”, he finds her more attractive than the younger woman.

May your blessings be in that you understand this before…

* Why is the younger woman attracted to the older man? Because at this point in his development he has learned how to navigate his emotions, and therefore he’s more centered less reactionary. He’s learned the importance of being present and emotionally available. And he has more practice in understanding what it is that needs his physical attention from her communications, and what just needs to be heard. And that brings us to the other piece of irony in relationships, which is when women are having children in their 20’s and 30’s, they need a man who is emotionally centered, is settled into the home life, and has strong financial stability. All this describes the older man, because at that age the younger man is out chasing adventures.
All this shows us how men and women are so completely unique from each other.
“And I realize not ALL men fit into this description”.
Sometimes women are attracted to the security of the older man because they have “daddy” issues. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a piece of their childhood experience that was missing, and it’s a process of having that experience that helps to move them forward.
Men can also have mommy issues , as in not letting go. This just means they need more time to process that experience, and for some that may be a lifetime.
There is absolutely nothing wrong about being attracted to an older man or woman, their just a bit more settled is all.

For some women, the moment they have him they want to change him. These are women that are unsatisfied within themselves, and they are trying to change their environment by changing the environment. When in fact what creates “real” change is shifting your personal perception, or modifying your own behavior. In any case it happens within you. He has absolutely nothing to do with it. It’s a hole in your heart that you need to heal. And if you want very specific qualities in a man, then look for the man that posses those qualities first, because he can’t create what he doesn’t have. Men will change only so far for a woman, before they start to crumble under that pressure, and if you persist the relationship will unravel faster than you can say “lickitty-split”.


Sexual Energy and Spiritual Energy


016Sexual energy and spiritual energy don’t have much in common, however, the common threads that they do share are very powerful. The orgasm is also a way the body “restarts” it’s sense of emotional well-being. It’s so vital to maintain a healthy sense of well-being for emotional strength in today’s stressed-out world. Sex balances the chemistry so one can continue the spiritual work. If sex is not gentle on both sides, then there’s no spiritual growth in it.

* (This post is NOT intended to cover all the facts about sex, just the ones that interest me or “that” which needs to be said.
When I talk about sharing spiritual energy in this Post, I am really talking about the auric field around the body, which is loaded with information: it contains all the flavors within our personality, our tendencies, desires and lessons that are currently on our table; the auric field is the radiance and shine of your spirit. Your spirit and the chakra system is yours and only yours, it can’t be given away, and it can’t be stolen. The same goes for your soul. It’s like the sun is sharing it’s radiance and not itself. “So you are sharing the radiance of your spirit and NOT the spirit itself”.
Because the human mind is so limited, we have to break it down into limiting concepts. In truth, there is no difference. First we learn, then we practice.
* Energy is both seen and unseen, here we are talking about the non-physical energy, or the kind that is experienced through the awareness of The Loving God.)
* The sexual orgasm is where we can physically feel the Life-force energy or Chi which is the same as spiritual energy flowing through the body. Spirit; is your ray of light; the all healing and transforming force. Your light-body and your spirit are the same thing, and the chakra system is apart of the light-body. It’s a way of describing the spirit and it’s multidimensional countless functions.
This spiritual energy is a very powerful healing agent. There are many fascinating methods for harnessing and channeling spiritual energy through the act of sexual intercourse, and redirecting it to heal the body, or balance the emotions.

* The sexual orgasm has a way of bringing the hormones into balance, for both male and female.

* This practice comes from Tantra : One that comes to mind, is during sex just before climax, stop and put your attention on the location in your body that needs healing, and this spiritual energy will gather there and begin the healing. This application may need to be repeated as often as needed, and this method requires a bit of discipline from both involved.

* For all you men out there who are looking to create deliberate strong bonds with your lover. Envision your energetic penis extending long and entering the heart space at the top of your thrust. You don’t need to physically go deep to do this. Feel the connection and say to them “I choose to bond with you” as you come to climax. Connect to the truth of this statement as you speak it.

* Another deliberate bonding technique is to create a rainbow bridge from your heart to theirs, and this can be done at any distance. This also works on enhancing your telepathic abilities [to connect from a distance]. The page Spiritual Earth Connections will explain this more in-depth.

* Another deliberate bonding technique brings us into alignment with sacred sexual intimacy: during sex just as you begin to climax, gently press the tip of your tongue with theirs for the duration of the climax. This completes a circuit of energy [your Chi or Life force energy] that is now flowing and mixing deliberately with your lover, through your body then through theirs and so on, mixing and merging the spiritual essence that you are. What activates it is a spark of sexual excitement by both involved. Deliberately creating this bonding experience is 1,000 times greater than if you don’t. [This deliberate bonding will only take you so far, if you want a stronger connection, it is done through a spiritual relationship with your partner.] During sex there is a merging of energies, yours and theirs, just the act of sex alone does this. The average bond last 2-3 weeks, the deliberate bonding method time last 2-3 months, and a lot of this depends on your sensitivities. This deliberate bonding blends your spiritual essences together, and this heightens your sensitivities for telepathy and empathic abilities between you both. This only works between 2 people, per orgasm, no matter what your sexual preference is. Sexual bonding through orgasm is automatic, it happens whether we want it or not. Simple, if you don’t want the bond, don’t have sex with that person. If only one of you orgasm, then you both experience the bond.
Emotional bonding doesn’t require an orgasm, just valuing that person’s attention, or cuddling while being deeply in love, and that nurturing emotional bond has a far more lasting effect. Kissing renews/maintains the emotional bonding. Infatuation is lustful bonding, and not really a good thing.
“So we don’t choose who we share a bond with”? You do, by choosing who you have sex with. And that bond becomes much stronger through the co-created relationship of love, respect and the active practice of boundaries and personal power. Practicing boundaries with our partner provides healthy respectful space. The key word here is “active practice”, not just reading these words, yet doing the work and putting them into action.
The deliberate bonding practice brings you both closer emotionally; which can open doors to intimacy, trust and staying power. It creates the Velcro experience 🙂
Depending upon your sensitivities you may or may-not experience this exchange of spiritual expression physically. Most people can feel this emotionally, as in feeling closer to your partner because of sex. However not all will completely understand how incredible the merging of the “right” personality does to your own well-being instead of the “wrong” personality. A situation in which you both click with each other, instead of someone you have casual sex with, and this someone you click with becomes much more than just eye-candy.
This deliberate bonding technique is a means of building companionship, where love and trust are so woven together that we can’t tell them apart, and where the experience is more “best-friends” than lovers. Being in Tune with Your Partner.
If you are not looked at in the way in which you need by the end of the second date, you are with the “wrong” person, and it is your responsibility to get up and leave the table sooner than later. And if you’re not sure what your needs are, then the last thing you want to do is stand up there and say “I do”. We all have control over who we choose to fall in love with, we just choose who is running the show, our chemistry or our intuitive gut feeling. One pulls and tugs at us and can be very overpowering, while the other grants us full and complete empowerment when we choose to actively follow its advice.
Spiritual Guidance; our intuitive gut/heart centered feelings, seeing, hearing, or knowing it to be true are ways that give us the short-cut in following the “right” course of action. When going on that first date, and meeting them for the first time. “That” very first heart centered thought or feeling you have: ” that something doesn’t feel quite right”, or “this will be fun” needs to be what navigates you. Because if you look back on it ten years later, and you say: “I knew something didn’t feel quite right”. Then it’s ten years of your life gone in the indifferent direction, and for women one year is a big deal. So learn how to follow that very first feeling about them, or the guidance of: “does this inspire and energize me”. It’s much, much easier to step away in the beginning, then waiting beyond the time in which our emotions become invested. Because trying to make something work that is not right, is like swimming up hill in sand, there’s no reason to be in it other than the fact that you’ve “learned” to love them, different from that intuitive zing. So be true to yourself by following what is best for you. Just because you’re now a couple doesn’t mean that you give up your faith and happiness to them. If the relationship doesn’t move along the guidelines of your happiness, then why are you there?! Learn the ego-less relationship.

* After meditating on love and gratitude, and those higher vibrations for long periods of time, we begin to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. All forms of energy healing will [when done right] give the practitioner that warm fuzzy feeling, of a more quiet Life-force energy flowing through the body. Reiki, chakra healing, and anything to do with chi.

* Chakra healing through sex: Spiritual sex is the art of using the affectionate love, that intense love and connection that is generated by sex, to open the chakras. If sexual love opens your heart and not the lower chakras. Then open the heart as big as you can, then allow the overflow to spill down and fill the next one below. It may take time before you begin to feel that one open up, and when it does repeat for the next one down. Energy can spill up as well.
Amazing things will happen in your life when all your chakras can be activated.
When sexuality is approached from a spiritual perspective it becomes “sacred sexual intimacy”; an ego-less approach to sexuality or more importantly an ego-less approach to your partner, and into the brighter vibrations of sacred intimacy. “Nothing like splashing around in this environment”.
Sexuality can be used as a tool in reaching those higher realms of spirituality, and this can only be achieved if you both are traveling this path together. Otherwise you just grow apart. Transparency is an essential ingredient to meaningful relationships.
You can’t use another person for your gain, it cannot work that way. Sexual climax accelerates your Chi in a way that you can physically feel it. While in that space connect to “the child-like joy… and laughter”. This kind of sexual laughter is very powerful, because it manifests the agent of accelerated healing, so while laughing connect to that part of yourself that needs healing. Sexual laughter is powerful because it’s in direct relationship to your Chi [life force energy is that ALL healing and transforming force]. However, you can use any deep laughter that tickles your inner child. It’s also a key element if you’re into the art of manifesting… anything. Like the Tantra healing exercise mentioned before, can be very effective with this sexual laughter. This laughter is not for anything or anyone, it’s an inner tickle.
Try mixing this sexual laughter and inner joy with prayer and watch what happens.

* We can also channel sexual and spiritual energy into art on any subject, and those creative flows, because they all come from that same field of Source Energy or God space. To think of your lover, and or to think of God, then switch to thinking of that creative project. Bring the energy up from the belly [2nd chakra, “creativity” and a lower vibration] into the heart [4th chakra, “action” and a much higher vibration]. From thinking to acting. When an idea lands in the heart, it becomes action. “Wisdom is knowledge in motion”. When we find that alignment, the experience becomes an exciting ride, because we find we can apply this anywhere.
Going from spiritual to sexual is easy, because we’re going from a higher vibration to a lower one, and there’s no effort involved. Going from sexual to spiritual requires focus and attention, shifting from your ego-self to the god-self while connecting to her god-self, now that takes attention. Letting go of ego and self-gratification, bring the mind into the present moment, lose yourself in the sexy details of your lover, with the end result of creating an incredibly strong bond. This bond is strengthened greatly when this connection goes beyond the bedroom and becomes an action of relating, or a “quality of life statement”. To bring in an angelic-like quality of awareness into your experience is an amazing space to splash around in! The spiritual experience of sexuality comes from having a spiritual practice and that sacred connection, and if you don’t have one, it’s easy to create.

* A telepathic connection is made each and every time we have a sexual orgasm with another person. The strength of that telepathic connection is the same no matter how many orgasms you have. What makes telepathy stronger is practice, can you tell who is calling before you answer the phone? Do you know what your partner is thinking before they say it? Do you have a good read on someone to know if it is wise to get involved with them, or not?
It’s about trusting what you hear, and asking your partner often if that is indeed what they were thinking. Telepathic and Empathic.
If you would rather text instead of face to face interaction, then you may learn from the experience of separation. It’s the irony of technology. We are meant to communicate without technology. The art of telepathy comes through the higher fields of gratitude and compassion, and Not through Will, anger, jealousy or resentment.
Because sex is ego driven and very physical, and telepathy is apart of our extra sensory perceptions (ESP), there is no such thing as telepathic sex. To believe in telepathic sex is about projecting your Will; to Will something to happen, and very ego driven. Not a good thing. However I do understand that acting through Will is apart of the journey to Truth, although it is not Truth. We learn what is truth by what is not.
“Just say there is such a thing, and you have telepathic sex with someone without their permission”, I would call that psychic rape. To shield yourself from those who are doing this is very easy Energy Shielding. To shield yourself from psychic rape it helps to believe in light more than you believe in darkness.

* Sexual bonding combined with emotional bonding is a very powerful experience. If your sleeping with multiple partners in a short amount of time, and you start to feel “not like yourself”. Then you may need some time alone. This applies to everyone regardless of sexual preference. By withholding from sex, the sexual bond will wear off.
Q: Why it’s important to know about energy exchange when having sex with multiple partners? This is a question for those who are interested in those more refined details of the “power of influence”. Say I choose to be successful in life, and the sexual partner I’ve chosen is someone with very low self-esteem issues. That persons issues becomes entangled with your emotional self, if that person is not working to overcome those issues and therefore not moving forward… then it’s like carrying them over a wall. And all it takes is one encounter to weigh you down for the next 2 -3 weeks, multiply that by a handful of people with trust issues, commitment issues, anger issues… you so deserve someone who moves with you. To have intense love for someone who doesn’t see you is called karma, Karmic Relationship?
Q: What to do if your spouse has a lower vibration?
Be patient with them. There’s a reason you’ve chosen this path with them. It’s not about them catching up to you, it’s about you slowing down to them. If you want a partner of equal vibration, you must start with that. You can’t make the bud flower before it’s time.
Can you raise your partner’s vibration to match your own? No. A person’s vibrational frequency rises with their spiritual awareness. We can’t teach what they aren’t ready to hear. Through their own inner work, they will acquire the receptivity for that alignment.

* Women tend to fall in love with the potential of who the man can be, instead of the reality of what stands before them. During the mating dance he has a tendency to paint a beautiful picture of himself, something way outside of that practical box, and this is where she hears and picks up on the potential of him. He does this both from the competition women provide, and the training of his peers. This is no different than what we observe in nature in the animal kingdom.
A man who is comfortable in his sexuality, and confident in himself will avoid this game. For he who knows himself well is already acting from his potential.

* Porn sex is NOT love, not even a little bit. If you’re emotionally sensitive, porn can come across as a very violent act. It’s all about men and their self-gratification; all about climax/orgasm. Hard core porn is all about dark ego, men taking what they want without asking permission, there’s no emotional heart connection here. He is not even plugged into what it is that she needs for her own climax, or even what organs maybe being effected. No verbal communication “does this feel good”. Guys that practice this form of sex often have sexual frustration, and that can show up as dominance and control; slapping and pulling hair. Grabbing the throat is no longer about dominance, it’s all about violence. A porn Director who wants this in his film supports a sick society through the distortion of his own brokenness. If he was connected to his sacred masculine, the thought of “the hand around the throat” would never be.
The hand around the throat conveys the message that he has no problem with taking without permission. Him grabbing your throat, is about him not having control with his own life, so he’s reaching out for control over you, and where his sexual frustration has him SO far out there, that, that emotion has him crossing that line into violence. This is where he is turned on by the idea of rape. Men who grab women by the throat are ones who don’t value life. This is what it looks like when he is emotionally out of balance, and in truth, this is his threshold to cross. What he has to discover in his own healing and in himself, is that trust is more powerful than control.
Stepping away from this action is a direct consequence of your happiness. And you tell him that , “this is the consequences of me following my happiness”, and if he doesn’t change instantly, then he is not the one for you… Period!!! If there is violence without permission, for a woman the consequences of such actions should lead her away from him without thought. Because when we merge violence and sex together, what we have is rape. If she values her life, she needs to understand that he is turned on by anger, and this can easily slip into rage and real violence. This behavior should not be acceptable by any means. This is not something she can ever fix in him. This is his threshold to cross. And it’s okay if your choice for him, is to not learn this avenue of hard knocks through you.
Anything that is an expression of not getting enough, comes through a dysfunctional expression of power through control. Sexual frustration comes from a need to heal a hole in one’s heart, and when we try to fill that empty space with more sex, more alcohol, more money we discover more frustration. Sexual frustration can be healed by embracing emotional connections. Sexual frustration doesn’t come from sex, this frustration comes from other places like lack of acknowledgement at work, feeling like an unproductive person, and so on. Sex is where it shows up.
So when your with your partner, take time to let go of the past and the future, and just be present as in the present moment. Let go of the need to climax and get lost in the physical sexy details of your partner, and you may discover your climax to be more potent. And yes, this takes time, don’t expect results after the first time, just get lost in the practice of it.
When he / she starts to get frustrated because the climax is not coming, that simply means that they are not “present”. Their mind is getting in their way. Their too focused on themselves and their performance.

* If we have a practice of cutting cords of emotional attachment with our sexual partners, as well as a solid practice with healthy boundaries we will have a more emotionally harmonious life style. 

* People who fall into porn fall out of love with the personality of their partner, because they’re more interested in “just” sex. Online porn becomes a catalog of sexual fantasies, and that person becomes more interested in what’s on the screen then what’s in the other room. This in-turn brings on a sexual greed. Where they are never satisfied, just going from partner to partner to partner to… ending in sexual frustration.
* Porn has your perceptions wrapped up in the physical features of the body, and turns off everything to do with the face, and not to mention the personality.
* Does the look in her eyes give you the signal that she’s having fun? Does she have the look of trust? If she has the look of concern, then he needs to step out of his mind, and connect to her needs. Or you have the look of anger on your face, than you’re trying too hard. Become immersed in those sexy details that they are. Because through the practice of boundaries and personal power there are far better ways of processing challenges than through sex.
* Hands-free sex for most women comes across as a form of emotional betrayal. Women and most men need physical touch. Crib-death is where an infant dies simply from lack of being held and lovingly touched. This is an instinctual need. Some men who practice hands-free sex can become very aggressive, often to the point of becoming harmful. Simply because he’s all in his ego, he’s forgotten his spirit (his strength of being gentle), and he’s lost his fire (connection to his sacred masculine).
* Anal sex is the guy’s idea, very few women actually like it. It’s just another place for him to put his pecker, there’s not much of “what do you think of this idea, and would you like to try it”? It’s more like “ready or not”. Some guys get off on inflicting pain, and a lot of men secretively get off on “being some place they shouldn’t”. If men had the same anal sexual experience as the women they have sex with, and with the same action of thrust, they would have a lot more compassion for women. The anus is not designed for the same kind of action as the vagina is. Because the anus doesn’t produce lubricant like the vagina does. It’s very important to be gentle, and make sure it’s what she wants.
Guys that have a beautiful woman before them, and all their interested in is stuffing it in her “boy hole”. These guys completely miss the point, “that” emotional connection creates a stronger and more intense orgasm.
* Anal sex with a woman comes from his need to learn, and discover himself and his own sex first. Men who miss this discovery from their childhood (Sexual Energy in Spiritual Life childhood sexual development), tend to use women like in playing “Doctor”. It is okay for her to choose that he NOT learn his avenue of “hard-knocks or hard lessons” through her. By this, it is perfectly okay for her to leave him if he is not being gentle and kind; those actions that build trust.
* Sex is all about trust, and if he goes where she says “no”, then that deep miss-trust can be challenging to heal. And he creates sexual karma for himself. If he is having anal sex with her and she is in tears, that is rape. And that creates a ton of karma for him: can a karmic relationship work?
* If the moan she makes is out of pain and not of pleasure, because you’re choosing not to pay attention, you will have a woman who resents you. And as a spiritual person your abundance will dwindle to a trickle. Once we cross that line into spiritual awareness, we have to honor that operating system, or chance losing what we have.
* If he is pressuring her into sex before she is ready, that is a sign that he is only there for himself. If you really want it, and they are simply not ready. Then go find someone who is ready.
* For someone to have sex with their siblings or with their parents, “that” person who sees this act as okay is emotionally broken, and something that cannot be fixed within this current lifetime. There is a god shield in each of us that keeps us away from this act with our immediate family. For a father to have sex with his stepdaughter crosses the line into cheating and terrible boundaries, and that person should never be allowed to be around children again.
When a parent punishes their child by having sex with them, that crosses the line into a sex-crime. Sex-crimes in terms of karma is more intense than just murder, because it is SO personal.
* If you want to leave an abusive relationship, first notify someone you trust, or document it on your Facebook page. Documentation will explain the steps taken. God forbid, if anything were to happen to you, there needs to be a trail to follow. Names, places and dates.
* For women to do the action in sex is very unnatural for them. The masculine is about action, because he is the motor. The feminine is about receiving, because she is the vehicle and fuel for his motor of action. When he always wants her to do the action, then to him she has become less a person and more an object of sex. For him to lose his motor, his vital energy of action (that “can do” energy women find SO sexy in men), or a limp dick comes from a mental block; insecurities around performance, and all he has to do is get out of his own way. A way of turning off the mind is to give it something else to think about. Like putting the left shoe on the right foot, then have sex.
* If he is having difficulty in getting a woody, he is too much in his mind. He has to get out of his own way. His attention on his egoic performance is highly acute. Let go, connect to the Spirits; to the goddess in her.
* The skin of men is 3 times thicker than that of a women’s. So touch for her is that much more sensitive. If he is a 10 for himself, then she needs a 4 or less from him… In pressure of touch.
* There are a lot of women out there who will go through great pain, and even become very sick just to please their man: Going from anus to vagina can make her very sick. The bacteria in the anus does NOT belong in the vagina.
* Soap should not be used as a lubricant. Only use products that are designed for it, or something natural like honey.
* If she is not wet, she is in pain. If she is not wet he can tear his skin as well as hers, so it pays to keep her wet. This is also a situation that will tear a condom. When she is in physical pain, and if he’s not plugged into those needs, miss-trust is created, and the relationship begins to unravel. And a way back is a practice of: “what can I do with them today that is positively different from yesterday”, everyday. Communication; keep talking: “are you okay, does this feel good”? Have the courage for transparency.
* If you’re having sex, and your partner needs to play with her clitoris to climax, then he’s not doing enough. He helps her to climax, and she helps him to climax. Does she have a clitoral orgasm or a vaginal orgasm? Learn this, know this, act on this, and each woman is different. And yes, there is such a thing as too much stimulation. Too much can often make her angry.
* Blowing her up like a balloon will be very, extremely painful, and may cause death. A little air during intercourse is okay, a lot is not.
* If an open bottle is used as a dildo, the in and out action creates a vacuum inside the bottle, and will suck her insides into the bottle, and can be a very painful death.
* Only an overly testosterone fueled fragile ego is concerned about size. Nothing like sitting on the toilet and having your ding-dong dangling in the water. Porn is all about ego. What you must do to receive love. Porn creates an environment where women feel they can’t be satisfied without a big dick, and where guys can’t perform well without a tight pussy. All this has absolutely nothing to do with love, of course as you mature, you will discover all this has been a total wast of time, and at the end of your life those “big dick pills” are going to kick your ass with a side-effect you didn’t see coming.
* Her need to have a bigger and bigger dick desensitizes her, so latter in life she comes across an amazing guy, then discovers his average dick doesn’t turn her on.
* Fisting a woman is again all about control, and power over her. “As a relationship with a slave”.
* If he is 14 inches you can bet she is not, and it is very painful when he pushes her beyond that point. Not all women are the same depth, as not all men are the same length. Most women need verbal emotional praise/reassurance to become turned on, and when she becomes turned-on she dilates, and can better accommodate his size. If you experience pain nearly every time during sex, then it’s Not love! “Love is where he is paying attention”, and where her pace becomes his pace. A union built upon trust.
* She should always be allowed to be in control of how deep he goes, most men go deep right-away without having the sensitivity of how she lubricates. It takes about 3 to 5 slow strokes to get her wet from one end to the other.
* If she doesn’t quite like the position he is in, she can move her hips forward or back to change the angle of his thrust, and if he doesn’t allow you to do so then he is clearly not the one for you. The “right” man is going to move with you.
* If you got her pregnant because you felt you couldn’t pull out, “that is incredibly selfish”, because his need for his own gratification was grater than his need to protect her well-being. Men can always pull out on time, or be responsible to wear a condom.
* Myth: The more you blow your load, the weaker you become – faults. Course a sex marathon will wear anyone out. You instinctively know when you’ve been having too much sex, because the idea of it feels forced, and it begins to loose it’s luster.
* Phone sex: does not create a sexual bond, it does and can often create an emotional bond. Phone sex is all fantasy, the voice on the other end is real, the personality that they are portraying is not. It is created just for your fantasy. Sorry, there is no sexual energy exchange during phone sex.
* Women don’t date, women have relationships because they are emotional beings. So for a woman to have casual sex with someone they don’t know, don’t trust, and clearly aren’t in-love with… May find themselves in a twisted heap of an emotional mess. Know your emotional boundaries and honor them, and you will have a better sense of how to navigate your happiness.
* For a woman’s first sexual encounter: the man starts slow; kissing, touching, and tasting. Verbal communication: “you are beautifully perfect”, touch or kiss those places that she may feel are imperfect. Move slowly, as in letting her know what your next move is, and be okay with her saying “no, not yet”. When entering her for the very first time, he goes in and out 3 times, each time a little deeper, and only as deep as she allows. On his last thrust, he goes deep and stops, and holds it there for a few moments while kissing her face. Then he pulls all the way out, and stays out for at least three weeks to a month, for her to heal. The quality of her first encounter is going to profoundly effect her following relationships, until she learns how to navigate those emotions. You do have a choice in who you have sex with, choose wisely.
A woman who is sexually yielding is ready to be taken. And there is a huge difference between yielding and flirting. Yielding comes from a trust in that person, where flirting can happen anywhere, and with anyone. There is very little trust in porn, so therefor there’s almost no yielding. Yielding promotes love, trust, and emotional bonding.
* Does porn lower your vibration? Yes. It transforms an awareness of the beautiful personality that you are, into the sexual object of instant gratification, as well as all the dramatized judgement around that. It’s very ugly, NOT a good thing.
* What does porn do to spiritual energy? It transforms from a very high spiritual energy to a very dense low energy. Porn shreds spiritual awareness and has a strong tendency to bring out a sexual greed. As an intuitive relationship consultant: the addiction of porn and sexual greed is by far the darkest, and the most stubborn to transform. Porn is as dark as sacred sex is bright, two opposing sides of the same coin, and the extreme strength being equal in either direction. Choose wisely.
* If you’re someone who takes your spiritual development seriously, hard core porn and the act of loveless hands-off sex will hold you back from becoming an Ascended Master; the realm of Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Master Saint Germain and many others. Cocaine and other hard drugs will pull your spiritual path backwards, and this includes handling it or even handling the used wrappings of it.
* What is the difference between porn and lovemaking? Porn is just hands free-loveless sex, where men rip through the line of trust by taking without asking. Where it’s all about instant gratification for him, and fast. “Get it in, get it done, and get out”. Lovemaking is face to face, full body and eye contact, gentle sensitive touching and tasting, reflecting upon beauty with verbal communication, connected to the needs of each other, and slow. Everything to do with heart-felt emotional connections, and a very empowering experience. Complete night and day difference. It’s completely different when it’s happening with you, instead of just to you. Sex is not the end of the act, it continues with touching, cuddling, and falling asleep entwined in each other.
Lovemaking is a life-statement to your partner, it’s a quality of how we relate to them which goes beyond the bedroom. It’s a commitment in ways that will extend the Velcro experience throughout your life. Being in Tune with Your Partner.
Romance is all chemistry and lust, very loud and un-grounding; we tend to do stupid things, we tend to act without thinking, and we are everything and not ourselves.
Real love is not invisible, however it is quiet and very gentle. It has everything to do with the true personality that you are; good healthy boundaries, yet no walls; no hidden places, simply because trust is SO potent. Lovemaking is about giving, and porn is about taking.
* She looks to you to provide physical protection and the action of emotional support. “Are you warm, does anything hurt, are you still hungry”? Or “you are going to be okay, you are going to make it through this because I am here to walk with you”. He protects and provides.
She provides emotional nurturing because she is an information gatherer, and by this she is the book of his physical and emotional needs. She knows what your needs are before you do (if he thinks he is hiding something from her, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a when, if she doesn’t already know). When these qualities are not provided there is a trade.
* Trades are a very subconscious act, until you become very conscious of your own behavioral attitudes; why you do what you do. Trading sex for protection, or sex for financial support, or trading spiritual healing and emotional clarity for emotional nurturing, or… There are countless ways in which trades function. Know who you are, and more importantly know your emotional behaviors. Life is fluid, embrace the winds of change, and life will move with grace and ease. If you want a deep meaningful relationship, porn is NOT your avenue.
If you are self-aware, and understand the action of self-emotional-care, then the need for trades will move out of your field of awareness.
* “I am absolutely amazed at how many men really know nothing about what women need from sex, or from relationships for that matter”. This vital information needs to be shared/taught to kids between 0 and 13. Shared through verbal communication and a demonstration by responsible parents. Children are full of questions, and responsible parents give clear and unemotional answers.
* Men/boys that are unaware and “asleep” tend to take ques from what they see others doing, like on porn sites, and not by how they feel, or even in reflection by how she feels. A man who hasn’t discovered his self-awareness can tend to be incredibly violent when it comes to the sensitivities of sexuality. In the past millennium, women have absorbed so much pain from men through sex. Each man has the opportunity and obligation to change that, one relationship at a time. Or come back in your next life as a woman, to have that receiving experience over and over again, and learn the value of compassion through physical experience. If you are having an experience that can not be avoided, then it is a karmic experience. Karma describes a situation in which you have done something in the past (past life, and not a good thing), that is provoking this experience in the present. Karmic Relationship?

* In choosing a partner, one person will look at someone and see wonderful physical attributes for fun and games. And another person will see the potential merging of two amazing and powerful personalities. Sex is a bonding agent, a merging of not only two hearts, it also mixes emotions and mixes the personality essence you are… his and hers [you are what you eat]. If you’re in a good emotional place in your personal development, look for someone who is also conscious in theirs, and the relationship will move on silk.
If he’s had a bad day and is now a bit grumpy, you may want to hold back on the sex until he’s processed back into being happy. Otherwise he’ll just be dumping into you, and it’s not yours to process. And yes, this goes both ways.
So remember this: when you merge your body into theirs in the act of sex, you’re doing much more than inserting item A into Slot B. You’re taking in that person’s energy [the quality essence of who they are in that period of their life] and their state of being [their current emotional status]. “Accept into your body only someone you would want to become, because there’s nothing so influential as a person’s energy as transmitted through sexual intercourse, for the quality of life your choosing to lead.

Sex is a wonderful form of release, and a way for the body to reset it’s sense of well being. For people who are in professions of heavy stress, sex is a great nurturing release. These people have sex buddies, and when they want to shift and call it a relationship that shift will require a lot of focus and attention to turn it into a relationship. Relationships that start from raw sex rarely survive this shift, simply because the element of friendship carries so much of the understanding and clarity of what nurtures the relationship. Skipping that lesson and growth removes that “staying power”.

Sexual energy… Lust, drive just for climax is egotistic sex, the ONLY spiritual part is that fleeting moment of the orgasm. Everything about sex is all about physical chemistry and egoistic thinking, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the flip-side to sacred sex, which is what happens when we bring spirituality into sex. It’s a higher quality of relating where there’s no more anticipation of what-if’s or resentments, and the freedom of knowing it’s okay to act from the authentic self. There’s a very distinctive difference, the first has animal energy, and the second has engaging thoughtful connection. Polar opposites of each other, and two sides of the same coin. The first is quick and just in there for the rush and release of the climax. While the second may take hours and is not attached to climax… is only attached to the hearts depth of connection.
The difference between sexual energy and sacred sex is by practicing ego-less relationships which in turn brings forth sexual empowerment, and that has a very distinctive difference once you’ve experienced it. One has you acting from your ego-self, while the other has you acting from your god-self. Your god-self is that part of ourselves that is protecting and governing our well being; that part that tells us how wonderful and important we are. Our god-self doesn’t come from over thinking because it doesn’t come from our mind, it comes from our heart center, and that wisdom that comes forth comes from stillness. The moment when the body is not thinking and all is quiet.
Sexual energy comes from chemistry, that “turned on” feeling we get, that’s chemistry, and that need for the climax release is chemistry. Chemistry is loud so it can get your attention for procreation. Real love comes from clarity of thought or a quiet spirit, and with far less ego in it. Sacred sex springs from that stillness, and from there comes the power of being vulnerable… comfortable with being emotionally transparent creates incredible connection from trust.
* Whats the difference between a spiritual connection and a sexual one? A spiritual connection has you connected to your ethical-self; your higher-self; that part of yourself that governs your good-will. So during sex, sex becomes a co-created loving experience.
The loving relationship with all it’s healthy intimacy, and heart felt connections create emotionally safe sex. This ingredient builds trust and lasting connections. That’s what makes porn so destructive, because it goes so completely the other way. Knowing the contrast between the two, helps to steer us in the desired direction. Emotionally safe sex creates a nurturing and happy home, and needs to be the guiding force in our relationships. When our home life is happy we are happy, and then we are more productive in life; less stress, and more deep meaningful connections with everyone.
[(This gratitude we express to people through these meaningful connections, is the same gratitude we find with the Loving God. Very different from the god we find when we are afraid. Think about this when you’re working with the laws of attraction.)]

When men and women, boys and girls get turned on, how they each experience being horny is very different. What they each need from the sex act is very different. Women need emotional connection, they need to see and feel that he is invested in her emotional well-being. As in asking “does this feel okay”, and making the right changes if it doesn’t. They need this all the way through their lives! In the act of marriage when he says “I do”, he is then agreeing to being that wonderful person she met continuously throughout her life, as she knows she will for him.
Women take much longer to become sexually “ready” than men do. A man just has to get a “woody” and he’s ready. It takes invested interest in her physical sexy details to help her to become ready. In other words “slow down”!
What gives most women sexual pleasure, is when she feels he is emotionally tuned-in with her experience during sex. This is a way to merge your rhythms with each other. You are listening to her motor, to be sure it’s running right. And she finds this incredibly nurturing, and feels emotionally complete. Verbal communication, gentle, trusting… Learn what their love language is, (bottom of the page Relationships)
How a woman recognizes a good man is marked by what she needs/values the most. Women speak the “emotional language”, and when she comes across a man who also speaks it as good or better, she takes notice. Women love men that have that “can do” energy, whether it be intellectual, emotional or physical.
Women are also very aware of men who don’t perform what they promise, and women are also keenly aware of men who don’t make plans and promises for their union. Women are information gathers, “that” is their instinctual behavior. So if you think you can get something by her, think again. They see all, know all (generally speaking). Remember when mom would yell from upstairs, “get your hands out of that cookie jar”! How did she know?

My blessings to you all.
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Notes:   the creative side of spiritual sexuality.
* Spiritual, where do women hold all their energy? It has to do with awareness, belief and focus of where you are. If you’re a mental person, all up in your head, very analytical, then you have a disconnect with the rest of your body. As in “I don’t know what’s wrong with this body, I don’t know why it doesn’t behave itself?”
If you’re a heart centered person, your awareness comes from your chest, and therefor your relationship with the environment is all inclusive. If your highly sexual, the higher awareness of the heart center keeps lines of communication open regardless of condition. So we move with our partner instead of acting out self-gratification, which comes from the lower self and all those tribal issues.
All women don’t hold all their energy in one place, like not all men are acting from one place in their body. It’s a person by person case. Ultimately one wants to have awareness for the entire body; an open awareness for all the chakras, and not just the heart center.
* Friends-with-benefits has that easy-come easy-go expression about it. Where spiritual love simply “is”. Friends-with-benefits was again created by people who are terrified of intimacy and commitment. It was also created by people who have very low self-esteem; who feel this is the ONLY love and affection they will ever get. Feeling stuck in this situation also comes from karma, can a karmic relationship work?
* The orgasm is non-descriptive, in the same sense that God is non-descriptive, however the best way to describe the experience of the orgasm is like “liquid light”, as in the “Light of The Divine God”. The orgasm is a reminder that we are much greater than just our physical self. And the other person is NOT doing this to you, you are allowing yourself to open up to it. The other person is a reminder of what you’re capable of.
*  When we tend to have more fascination in their personality then in their physical form, the relationship has more depth, and more presence…
*  The difference between sexual energy and spiritual energy, is sexual energy comes from chemistry, that sexual super charged magnetism is chemistry, and has that “gotta-have” energy behind it. Spiritual energy comes from stillness and when it’s mixed with self awareness, it becomes sacred sex. Because of the stillness influence, the sacred sexual expression has more presence [ you want to know what presence is, look into the eyes of a one year old.], as in you’re in tune with your partner’s experience, and you’re matching her rhythms. Which opens doors of intimate communications, and creates more lasting bonds. Sacred sex begins when you can begin to see the other person beyond the physical flesh, and into the magical gift that they naturally are. When you’re in there and focused on your experience and therefore focused only on your climax, then that becomes a one-way street. Sacred sex is all about being in-tune with each others rhythms, because it’s a shared experience.
* When we’re having a spiritual practice it doesn’t mean our sex drive is less, or that the love we express is diminished in some way. It just means that our sexual experience and our quality of relating to people is filtered through our God connection, and not through our emotionally wounded places. This helps us to learn how to step out of the victim role.
* The physical need does not fade away with the spiritual advancement. “You still get up in the morning and brush your teeth”, the body will always have physical needs. What changes is the quality of approach to each other. When we ask our Spiritual guardian angels what it is that we are meant to come into alignment with for the day, or moment by moment. Then our connections with people become more rich; more present, because there’s Divine purpose involved in our daily activities. We find deeper reasons to support each other in our personal pursuits. And therefore our sexual encounters also become more creative. More on Intimacy, the life blood.
* Food? A little Nutella smeared in a sensitive place, then licked off… yummy.
* Spiritual love relationship is quiet devotion. It’s something like sex with a best friend in which it happens to work. You both find it easy to be responsible with your emotional needs, as well as the responsibility with one’s own dysfunctional ego.
Spiritual love is open and free, we step into the relationship because the intuition lights up in an unusual and profound way. Not at all like that hot and steamy attraction felt in high school. It’s that nudge from that quiet inner voice, and when we’ve learned what it is that we came to understand, we thank them for the adventure and move on to the next. There’s not all that drama in the separation of parting ways, because spiritual love doesn’t really experience separation. Parting ways is a gratitude for the experience, lessons and adventure of time well spent. Your Ex is someone you remain friends with, because we continue to see the value beyond what doesn’t work. Eyes wide open.
* Sexual energy for most feels like a powerful spiritual experience, however, what separates sexual from spiritual is attachment [attachments are “conditions of love”]. When we have such a strong need to connect to our lover, so we feel all these powerful feelings because of this other person… this is attachment and this is chemistry. There is nothing wrong with this. However, if you’re seeking a spiritual experience through sex it helps to let go of attachment, and practice an ego-less relationship. Ego-less relationship is a love expression in its higher forms. Spiritual love is loving someone in a way that is without judgement and without expectation; without conditions of love. It’s the lost art of acting from your ethical-self. Disconnect from self-gratification, and connect to a higher expression of your inner potential. Understand? Now “stay there”.
*  When we transform sexual energy into spiritual energy we do one of two things: 1) We sit quietly and remove ego by elevating our awareness into the higher self or higher awareness. 2) Slow down, let go of your needs and focus on your partner. What can you do to enhance their experience, as they will with you. This exercise has a far more positive outcome if both participate.
* Sacred sex from a spiritual perspective is a personal journey, anything spiritual is personal. When your off by yourself and you’re reflecting on this powerful energy that sacred sexuality stirs, remember that each understanding is a stepping stone leading to something greater, until you arrive at that place of stillness. Stillness is a place where there are no conditions, no judgements, far less ego, or you’re not pushed or pulled in any direction. It becomes a sacred presence. This journey moves in cycles… understandings, empowerment’s, enlightenment’s.
* Almost EVERYONE wants to know what is it that will give them great sexual power. [Read post “Power and Being Powerful“] The things to remember are: “No one has an effect over you”, has power over you, can make you feel, can take away from you, is the reason you feel, simply because of Free Will. You can’t change another person, although you can change yourself, and the only way another person can change you, is if you on some level allow it… this is Free Will, and a God gift to us all.
* There’s absolutely no difference between men and women in terms of amount of spiritual energy / spiritual awareness. It is however, a personal victory to how much spiritual connection you can bring into the room.
* Young people up to the age of 26 to 28 respond through emotion. Anything that doesn’t work out has a strong emotional response. A new relationship interest and the emotions are very intense. It isn’t until the late 20’s and early 30’s do we learn how to navigate the emotions, and some mature faster through this. So when the emotions are high, it’s difficult to know the difference between sexual and spiritual, and that is okay, there’s a time and a place for everything. It’s when we learn how to navigate the emotions, and be less reactive and more active in our dealings with the world. This quiets the emotions which quiets the mind, and clears the ability to sense the needs of our partner [or the world at large].
* Did you know that women are really horny only 30 hours a month, it has to do with the timing of her ovulation, and in her mid to late 40’s this lets up dramatically. So when your girlfriend/wife comes on to you sexually, take her seriously, because that moment will pass.
Men are on nearly all the time. This is how amazingly different we are.
Men are like fire; they burst into flames, burn up quickly and are out.
Women are like water: they take a while to come to a boil, and once they do, they can stay hot for quite-a-while [generally speaking].
* When a woman has a hysterectomy, a lot of what is taken out are glands for hormones that promote sex drive, and 7 out of 10 women will lose their sex drive because of this. If you love sex, please look for other alternatives than a complete hysterectomy.
* Gay men are learning how to navigate and process sensitivities/emotions.
Gay women are learning how to navigate and process power/emotions.
For couples of gay women the orgasmic energy patterns move differently, they move within the individual as a single circle. However, because they’re bodies are physically close together, the energy exchange is still experienced. During orgasm the Auric field expands 6 to 8 feet, and anyone within that field may experience the bonding. A wall is not a barrier, spiritual energy does not recognize those limitations. Still, intercourse is the best form of energy exchange. Although the emotional bonding is by far the strongest, and longest lasting connection we can have with another person.
* Q: How do I feel spiritual as a gay? You do like everyone else. Spiritual is a personal relationship with God/Spiritual Guardians, religion is an institution that relates to the masses. Nothing Jesus ever said was about separation, as in “us and them”. So if you hear words or statements of separation, then slowly step away, and give them space for their own experience. For they are speaking from separation. So if you step into the arena with them, in trying to teach them as in you being “right”, you too will fall into imbalance. Your relationship with God is yours and only yours, as it is very unique and beautiful.
* Bonding: masturbating with someone and coming to climax behaves the same way, if they’re physically close to you during orgasm, they will experience the bonding. Still, not quite as intense as sex.
* There is no difference between chemistry and just being horny, it’s all chemistry. The body instinctively knows when it’s time to reset “the bodies emotional well-being”, and this is done through the orgasm.
* Without masturbation, the fibers of the bodies sense of well-being begin to pull apart. The orgasm is a release of tension, and stress. Those who said that it’s immoral to touch one’s self in such a way, had the intention of describing where the mind goes to create such a release. So in your fantasy, have love tickle all corners of the experience.
* For some the sexual experience energizes them, and for others the experience calms them enough to just fall asleep. All a part of knowing who you are. If sex energizes you, have sex in the morning, and what a wonderful way to start the day. And if it puts you to sleep, do it before bed.
* Emotional bonding is by far the strongest connection we can have with others, far beyond what sex can create. Because it can last SO much longer, and telepathy can be very intense with those kind of connections.
* Becoming sexually balanced starts as children. The actions of our parents are demonstrations to us of how things work in the world, and they set the stage for healthy mental and emotional patterns for us as adults.
The kiss is a reflection of sexuality, father to son and mother to daughter. For us to have a healthy and mature sex-life in a marriage, we must first be comfortable with our own sex, and that is done as children. People who miss this essential ingredient are never quite comfortable in their own sexual skin. And therefor project their separation and fear on the world around them, instead of embracing the world with love and understanding.
The kiss with parents and their children intuitively stops when the child has had enough. It’s not something you have to think about.

*** For more on challenging relationships, go to Karmic Relationship?


Questions & Answers
* Sex DOSE NOT hurt your spiritual energy, as long as you do it in the environment of Love.
* Psychic sexual encounters… Is an indication of the strength of your telepathy; you are able to tune into the strongest thought forms being directed at you. The way to transcend this experience is to “ask Arch Angel Michael to surround and protect you from this invasion”. Surround yourself with good people and happy times; be proactive in a life that creates and expresses the opposite.
* An orgasm will NOT balance your chakras.
* Do spiritual people love sex?
Of course! We are in a physical body on a physical world, and sex is the highest physical expression with a strong personal lesson to learn. The lesson of ascension while in the physical expression; the continuous navigation of those emotions.
* Does use of condom lower sexual energy in men? Men will say just about anything so they don’t have to be responsible in wearing a condom. If it’s important for her that he wear one, and he says “no”. Then he’s made it clear to you that he is not the one for you. A good man in love will make sure your needs are met.
* Why would your moods effect someone’s spiritually? The reason the bonding takes place is to open the door to the understanding of choice. Without this experience you would not wake up to the realization of the potential of who you truly are, or what you’re capable of creating.
* How to tell if you & your guy’s energies are aligned? When the love you both have becomes so entwined with trust, that you can’t tell them apart. When loving actions become louder than words. When the act of devotion becomes a spiritual quest / a life path. So much more than something you just share. An alignment that goes beyond the bedroom. The sacred masculine is all about Action, providing, lifting… “He creates the canvas for her expressions”.
I watch a couple walk across a parking lot. She is carrying a child in one arm, the groceries in the other, and he is staring at his cellphone. If there is this lack of participation in the relationship, then you need to think carefully as to why you’re in it.
* Why do men leave after having sex (spiritual)? All these men are here to help you to grow into yourself, because all resentment is a Red Flag signaling to you in all the ways that you have crossed your own boundaries. So if you have resentment in him having sex with you, and never calling back. That is you not taking responsibility in speaking your needs in the very beginning, and sticking to those principals until you strongly feel he is ready for that level of commitment. In other words, don’t have sex on the first, second, third date, or… Until you feel confident that he is going to support you in the ways you need. “The right man will wait for you and support your needs, the wrong man will push your emotional buttons or leave you”. Sex is ALL about trust, and if you don’t feel trust in yourself about him, you WILL experience resentment later. More on the page Relationships.
* Can someone on earth stop a spirit from crossing over because of so much love for them? No. when we leave our bodies we separate from ego, and enter the world of spirit. There is a slight hesitation in the very beginning, however separating from ego means we completely detach from conditions, because conditions are based in egoic expressions. They will always love us, and be supportive of our evolutionary growth, this does not change. However, we as spiritual beings become more interested in our own path, and what’s next.
* Does sexual desire lessen after spiritual awakening? No, not at all. What does change is that we become easily more selective in who we choose to sleep with, and the “why” comes from your own inner knowing of yourself, and less of ego’s chemistry because we have more self-loyalty and therefor more self-control.
* Is sex a spiritual act?
No, only the fleeting moment of orgasm is. Sex is powered by the ego-self, spiritual experiences are powered by the god-self. However, when we choose to follow the ego-less love-relationship, we can accelerate the quality of the orgasm and the overall experience. The orgasm is a reminder of what it’s like to be in the presence of God. And when we start having loveless, and hand-free sex, we are withholding from the development of the spiritual self.
* Does sex drive reduce ascension?
Well, is the act one of love expressed from both you and him? Is sex your idea or theirs, and if you’re not in the mood be okay with not giving it. Is the quality time you give to others the same that you give to yourself? It helps when God comes first, and that is an action, and not just a concept.
God has absolutely nothing to do with sex in any context, simply because sex is all about the physical. Jesus talked briefly about sex as a reference to the sacred self. The message of Jesus is all about the sacred self, who we really are and how to ascend no matter what stage of life you’re in. He was all about freeing the mind of suffering, by demonstrating what a guiltless mind creates. It is the church that wants control over the people, and therefor has changed the wording, and created concepts like “sin”. Jesus didn’t talk about sin, because in his language there was no such thing. The closest concept was a person missing the mark, “oh I’m doing it again”, correcting the pattern and returning to balance. This fire and brimstone is the church steeling the power and replacing it with fear as a means of control.
Sex is a beautiful thing regardless of who you’re with, as long as love is the core focused expression. The Christ energy is the expression of love. To have Christ energy is to have obedience to your own higher-self as an expression of love.
* Do spirits have sex with each other?
No. The way in which they express love for each other is far more intense. Because sex is ego-driven and a reaction from the chemistry of the physical body, sex is not the form of heart felt expressions in other realms. Sex is unique to Earth and the physical realm.
* When you have sex with someone do souls connect? No. Because sex is ego-driven, it’s of a very low vibration, and your soul is of a such high vibration that it doesn’t respond to those limiting concepts. The human idea of what “soul” is so incredibly small. What does connect during sex is the shine of your spirit, a space that can be shared like self-awareness. So, because of the sexual bonding, within my self-awareness I see/feel/acknowledge you in my (field) sense of self. The sun shares its radiance and not itself, in the same sense that I share my radiance, my sense of self.
* Can someone direct psychic sexual energy at you?
No. When someone mentions psychic sexual energy, what they’re really talking about is having sex in the Astral Plain [the place of our night-time dreams] while having an out-of-body experience [OBE]. Which by the way has absolutely nothing to do with the psychic self. OBE is a one-sided experience; the receiver of your experience knows nothing of the encounter. Dangerous things happen when we mix dreams with reality.
Someone can look at you with sexual hunger with their mental energy, and you can feel and pick that up. And for most people this reaction is a response from the subconscious mind. Becoming conscious of this requires a person to open their extra sensory perceptions through the higher-self / higher awareness. And the irony of this higher awareness, is that when we arrive we see the dysfunction of psychic sexual energy, the ugliness of it, and therefor completely shift away from it and instead shift into sacred sex. Higher awareness doesn’t allow us to continue to participate in lower concepts. Once you shift up, you’re not going back.
* Does orgasm distance you from God? No, quite the opposite. For that brief moment we step into the radiance of God. It’s the quality of how we relate to the other person that makes the difference. How ethical is your approach? How gentle can you be with both you and them?
Navigating a relationship as a spiritual person simply gives you an extra tool in your toolbox, and that is the lesson of coming back to the emotional clarity of stillness before we act.
* What spiritual gains do you get from sex? If you have some understanding of the chakra system, then the sexual drive will show up in different centers according to your mood. This helps a person to learn to activate different centers as needed, according to the life situation presented. The sensation of being in love can help a person connect more readily with other cosmic forces, such as Masters of Planetary Balance, or other Nature Spirits. Until a person can activate their own inner sense of love, sex is a motivator for the sensation of love. Sexual love and romance is a platform for discovering yourself, first we learn in what ways can romance motivate us, how can we harness and channel that energy? Through art; the craftsmanship of your occupation. Through personal growth, transformation and inner success. Or devotion to God [or whatever that language is for you]. A nurturing and loving relationship opens the heart in such a way that we can begin to experience a love for everyone. This flow; this high connects us to (God), and from there we begin to sense our own self worth as co-creators of our universe. At some point the sexual experience will not take you any higher, where meditation on god-awareness will continue that journey beyond those sexual boarders.
* Can a guy love you on a spiritual level and not on a physical level?
Yes. Physical love is very superficial, “here today, gone tomorrow”. Spiritual love is far deeper, and more consistent. Spiritual love has little to no conditions to it’s expression. Where as with physical love it’s loaded with conditions.
* She gives me physical pleasure but no spiritual connection.
She doesn’t “give” it to you, you open up to it within yourself. You feel and experience it because you’ve done the work to heighten your sensitivities to be able to sense those higher frequencies. She is one of the faces of god, and through that devotion we find that through those intense experiences we can connect to the God-energy. If you don’t understand this concept, then let this one go.
* Why do i feel like sex is sacred with my boyfriend?
Simply because you’re in the perfect alignment for this experience, and if his perceptions of you are the same, then “god bless you”, you are part of the 38% who are getting it right. And it’s okay if this experience doesn’t last forever, because it will carry you up the mountain to the next level; showing you something greater about yourself.
* How to get over someone you have a spiritual connection to:
Take your attention off of them and direct it toward your own welfare, follow what “inspires and energizes you” separate from them. Bless them, and move on. An egoic connection makes it challenging to walk away from. A spiritual connection doesn’t experience separation, so leaving them is just like walking into the other room. Because no bridges were burned, it’s like thanking your best friend for an amazing summer, then going off to collage. You don’t actually cut the cord and say good-by, you do however get on with your life.
* How can i find a spiritual sex partner?
In looking for a spiritual sexual partner, look to connect to someone who is spiritual. The order in which we look for a mate is sex, money, family, and the last to come along is spiritual, when it should be the first. “Do you speak my spiritual language”? If they don’t than simply move on to the next. If you want this kind of quality connection, be patient and give it time to come into alignment. There are many hundreds thousands of people to fill those shoes for you, it’s all in finding a way to connect to them. Use your discernment; as in the art of choosing. Let your intuition / gut feeling guide you. Be clear as to what your personal balanced needs are, and practice healthy boundaries.
* How do you feel about sex before marriage?
There are sensitivities that a lot of men are unaware of when it comes to sexuality, it’s very clear that the woman needs to understand his motivation around sex, and the sex act itself will clear up any questions she may have. Sex is the one act where men can’t hide themselves from a good woman. So yes, I feel strongly that sex needs to be experienced before marriage.
* How do you connect to someone spiritually?
You allow them to trigger your inner god-self, higher power and or good-will. And through the act of boundaries we nest with them in that space. A spiritual connection is where we allow the winds of heaven to dance between us; trust is the air you breathe, love is the space you express. Your spiritual experiences is yours and only yours. Your spiritual path and (his) is similar enough that your shared experiences are understood, and together you learn better ways of healing and growth.
* Is it sacred to have sex with more than one person? If your approach is sacred, then yes. And if you have “many relationships” going on all at once… if you can be honest to each one them about the others, and have them be okay with it all, then yes.
* Sharing men does it mix up your spirit?
No. The essence that you are, and the essence that influences you are 2 very separate things. Nothing can touch your spirit without your permission, this includes God. This is what Free Will is capable of. Only you can change it. When sharing sexual partners, if you’re sensitive to subtle energy and or you live in a very quiet environment. You may be able to sense your friend, in your energy-field, just by sharing the same partner. This experience comes from you both having an orgasm with this person, and the second person feeling the first person. All within a week to week-and-a-half, after that the energy begins to fade. Sexual bonding only lasts for a couple weeks, emotional bonding lasts years. This is why the Masters tell us to only have sex with people we are in-love with.
* So am I spiritually connected to everyone my partner has ever had sex with?
No, only at best everyone they have slept with within the last 3 months, and even that will fade away. A lasting bond happens by renewing that connection. A sexual bond is very potent, even though it may only last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. The emotional bond on-the-other-hand will last years, and emotional bonds are not effected by other people. It’s always a connection, regardless of other peoples involvement.
* I have such strong sexual desires for someone who does not want me.
Karmic Relationship?
* Does sex make telepathy stronger?
Yes. Telepathy is apart of the extra sensory perception [ESP] triggered in our light-body through the act of sexual intercourse, and one of our countless functions of our multidimensional Spirit. Yes, telepathy becomes the strong ingredient in the sexual bond.
* Are there telepathic sexual experiences? No.
* Can you have power over someone through your thoughts? No, not at all. Fear can push us around, and give us the feeling that someone does. In truth and reality, no it’s not possible.
* What is spiritual significance of sexual energies?
* What do you look like through the eyes of Spirit, when engaged with your lover?
* What moves you in becoming whole within yourself, and how would that effect your relationship?
* What does it mean to you to be able to be your true authentic self with your lover?
* Connect to the core of the person you are, if applied how would this change your relationship? If applied how would this change your $job? The reason I ask this question is more-often-than-not we are one person at home, and a very different one at work. It’s when we have the freedom to merge the two, do we discover another level of personal power in outward application.
* How powerful is spiritual energy? The human concept of power is in having power over another person. Spiritual power is consciousness, or the ability to see than act beyond illusion. Spiritual energy is the action part of intuitive thought; there is the intuitive thought of something, then there is the action of the follow-through. Spiritual energy works outside the confines of the laws of men. It’s not something we can give away, have stolen, lose or trade-in, and there’s not a limited amount of it. It’s vast and can exist in mufti-dimensions. How powerful is spiritual energy? Well, how determined is the mind that belongs to it? And you will know where it can take you. Doing our spiritual work is learning to transform anger into joy, hate into love, and this raises the consciousness. This can also trigger your own inner god in action, and from there we start receiving His abundance and His loving protection and that is power.
* What are spiritual attachments to sexual intercourse? Attachments are “conditions” of something. Spiritual is the “clarity of thought” in which there is no attachments.
* Where does a spiritual orgasm come from? The orgasmic climax triggers and lights up our light-body; our spirit, and the merging of the light-bodies during orgasm opens our perception for telepathy. And opens you up to the spiritual cosmic connection, or what I like to call “God connection”. For that brief orgasmic moment, is what it feels like to be in the presence of God. And because God is not physical, we seek that same connect in people.
* Can someone else use your energy if you’re spiritually connected? Yes. There are a lot of people who unknowingly tap in and suck emotional and mental energy from others to fill their own tank. If you feel drained after being around such people, this is why. Spiritual energy [different from emotional and mental energy] is a constant, no one or no thing can take it away from you.  Read my post Energy Shielding.
* Can men obtain power through having sex with a spiritual woman? No. No-one can take away your God-gift. Spiritual power is spiritual awareness. It’s your awareness of your god-self in action in your life, and more importantly it’s your ability to activate your god-self at will. This is your personal spiritual power. A man can’t take from you what you don’t give! And spiritual power is not something you can give away. Spiritual awareness comes from doing you inner work (changing a fear response into love).
* Can energy transfer to a woman by cheating? “Oh yes”, if you cheat on your (wife), she will pick up on it almost immediately, because someone else who is not her will be in your field (the quality about you). She may not put the pieces together right away, and it’s not “if”, it’s “when”. There’s no place in this solar system where you can hide from this truth!!! Our extra sensory perceptions have that reach.
* If I don’t have sex will I have spiritual power? No.
* Is being horny wrong spiritually? No. It’s all apart of the human experience. If you’re following a spiritual practice, you can learn to channel those sexual urges into something creative instead. Masturbation will always be a form of healthy release when following a strict spiritual practice. If you have no release, that need of expression will find an avenue of release, and it may not be a good thing. If we have a need to express something and we don’t give it a voice of some kind, it has a tendency to manifest in the body as stress, and prolonged stress in the body can turn into disease. Direct it in a positive fashion and the outcome will be gentle. Withhold and your dam may burst. Like water in motion, it will always find it’s way. The orgasm is life-affirming, and not something “we have to” get from someone else.
* How to get more spiritual energy. There are many methods, and they all require dedication to practice. Creating more spiritual energy comes from a consistent practice of acting with clarity of compassion with everyone and everything around you. This rising of consciousness enters a space where ego, anger, resentment all falls away, and you connect to bliss, love, gratitude, Spirit. Practice, practice, practice… amp up your energy, blow it up like a balloon, fill the room, fill the house. Meditation can be a form of prayer and can become a very powerful tool for connecting to clarity. Ask your Spiritual Guardians to come in close, ask them to help you raise your consciousness up into god-space. Tool Box.
When a challenge feels impassable, meditation can open one’s clarity of thought. How to get more spiritual energy? Focus on God or whatever your language is. Transform all your anger, hate and need to fight, into love. The more compassion and love you have for EVERYONE, where you see (God) in EVERYTHING and EVERYONE the more spiritual power you’ll gain. Only on earth do we see this as power. In any other realm we see this as “clarity of spiritual awareness”. Power is ego and clarity is love. Power with balance, is power over your own emotional faculties.
* Does sex makes you lose spiritual power? No. If there’s that crazy emotional drama in a relationship, or a third person as in a love triangle, and you’re trying to stay spiritually focused, it may become an issue of holding you back. You can not lose it, give it away or have it stolen. Your spiritual power/energy is a constant, like God is a constant, it’s the energy/vibrational frequency signature of who you are. And that my friend doesn’t change; that is your spiritual finger print.
* Does having sex without condom bring a closer spiritual connection, or effect an emotional connection? No, the spiritual or emotional bonding happens with or without a condom, when your spiritual energy/awareness reaches into those higher fields, it does not recognize those limitations.
* What does spiritual energy feel like? It’s an ego-less high where anger and hate don’t exist. It’s that “falling in love high”, although this love is not for anyone, it’s a hug by Spirit… wrapping you in the warmth of bliss [there are no words for something that has no contrary]. This bliss puts us into a space of clear perception, clarity of understanding, and an ability from love to see into one’s own shady places. Connecting us to spiritual wisdom and creating an avenue of appropriate course of action.
* What is spiritual sex like? It comes from spiritual love and it’s the experience of Oneness, however, because it’s spiritual the energies are subtle and very quiet. You become very aware of the energy movements within and between you both. Everything slows down and you become very present. Creates far less anticipation of feared what-if’s, your not driven by all that “gotta have or can’t live without”. Spiritual love once it’s activated stays lit. You may discover that the orgasmic energy can open psychic centers, and quietly give you the ability to perceive into places not seen before. This experience will be different for each person. Because it’s so quietly spiritual, we may see the changes as in “after-the-fact”.
* How do I know I’m having sacred sex? Do you feel empowered by the entire experience? Do you feel emotionally connected, nurtured and well cared for? Do you feel emotionally satisfied? Do you feel that your partner is connecting to you in the way that is fulfilling to you? Do you feel whole and complete by your experience? And does this experience go beyond the bedroom?
* What is the difference between someone who is spiritual and someone who channels? Spiritual is perception through connection and experience. Channeling is perception through information of spiritual wisdom. One is feeling the experience, and the other is explaining the experience. Healers Light.
* Can a spiritual medium pick up on my sexual thoughts about her? All spiritual mediums are different, and “yes”, honesty is very easy because it’s either on or off. We can’t tell just what those thoughts are, we can tell that you are having them, and if she asks advise her on an appropriate course of action.
* Spiritual sex, can it be one-sided? No, it always takes two. If you masturbate by yourself it can be one-sided, and by doing so you can keep your energies clear; nothing is piled up [backed-up], and nothing is stale.
* Spiritual bond stronger to first person you sleep with? It is because you have cracked the mold, as it is with any first time thing. First child, first car, first house, and yes first sexual encounter. When we identify with our ego-self, then that first encounter is the only big one. When we identify with our god-self, then each one is big and expansive; unique onto itself.
* Where do you feel energies between another person? When your mother walks into the room, how do you know it’s her, and where do you feel that connection? It’s the same thing, except NOT with your mother!
* Can you feel the person spiritually after having sex? Yes. However, the most of us live in the part of the world that can be very busy and very loud. To be able to tune-into those subtle shifts, one has to slow down, quiet the inner chatter in the mind, soften the spirit. Chemistry, that excitement and rush we feel when our eyes meet for the first time, or after that first kiss. That is chemistry, and chemistry is VERY loud. Anything spiritual is very quiet, and to get to that place in which we can tune-into that spiritual essence of them, we will have to wait until the chemistry has worn off. There is a time in all relationships in which it shifts from romance to partnership, and that is when chemistry fades and the intuition becomes louder. Where the vision of that person’s essence of who they are becomes clearer.
* Is there a spiritual connection during intercourse? Yes every time, with or without a condom doesn’t matter. God gave us a multidimensional light-body with countless functions, and we with our great knowledge have just scratched the surface. The spiritual side of intercourse is a reminder of connection and the reality of Oneness. Whether or not sex is beautiful or ugly, through the connection of it we find healing and balance. We seek trust and deep emotional connection, the same kind of connection we see with God. And because God is not physical, we seek that same connection in people. Through the relationship and connection with our Light-body and chakra system, we discover only true validation of deep connection and trust can come from God. So through that connection with God, we validate ourselves stronger than we validate our partner’s, which puts us in a space of living in empowerment of self value. And the birth of the ego-less relationship begins. Without ego we don’t need another person to complete us. And some things are more fun doing them with someone else.
* Is sexual energy spiritual? If you practice the ego-less relationship, or during the orgasm itself. Otherwise, before that when you are sitting across the room from each other and have sexual feelings, that is all chemistry. The feeling and expression of sexual chemistry is loud and wild, so it can get your attention. Spiritual energy is quiet and comes from stillness. To have an emotional connection and spiritual experience in a sexual encounter, it helps to quiet the loud and tame the wild.
* Can a kiss transfer spiritual connections? Not like you want them to. I’m sorry and no. If that where true we’d be scattered all over the place. A kiss maintains emotional bonds. Spiritual bonds are maintained through compassion, and spiritual connections have little to no conditions of love.
* Is there such a thing as feeling someone’s energy through a hug? Yes, however it helps to disconnect from the expectations of what you want that person to be. It takes a clear mind to open the intuitive doors to see what is.
* What do you call a strong sexual connection? Karma. Karmic Relationship?
* Does having sex with someone connect your energies? Yes every time. It’s your spiritual bodies or your light bodies merging… there’s no way around it. If you cheat on your wife and have sex with someone else, depending on her sensitivities, she will pick up on someone else being in your energy field.
* When you have sex and don’t connect with someone? It’s okay, all your intuitive sensitivities are telling you that “they’re not the right one for you”. This is about you, so own it. Bless them and let them go.
* Do people put out sexual energy? Yes, all the time. We pick up on it through our mental field; when you turn and look at someone who is already looking at you, “that” is you picking up on them through your mental field. To know that their attention is sexual, you can either see it in their eyes, or through the stillness of your intuition.
* How to create intense sexual chemistry? Do your inner emotional work; transform your fighting instincts into loving instincts. And become it so much that it becomes your life. Stay humble and watch the chemistry build. Connect to and build your self-confidence: she is looking for his confidence as a provider, he is looking for her confidence as an emotional nurturer.
* Can you send energy that you want sex? No. To send a clear message through telepathy to another person, you must enter the field of Source Energy or God Connection. And the only way sex and God happen in the same space is through the orgasm. If you send a message, the other person also has to be in the field of a strong intuition at that very moment you send it in order to receive it. And if they don’t know who you are, they’ll not have a point of reference to make that connection.
* What type of energy do you get from the one your sexually involved with? It’s the quality of their essence; if they move forward in life with ease and joy, so will you. And if they don’t, that essence will slow you down. “You are what you eat”. What is love to you? Is it where you will take the good with the bad? Or, is it the devoted path of moving forward?
* During sex is spiritual transfer one-sided or does it go both ways? Yes, if Bill is having sex with Lisa and Bill is the only one who comes to climax, they both have the experience… every time. Most people are completely unaware of this exchange of energy, it takes focus and attention to quiet the mind, quiet the spirit, and connect to that inner stillness well enough to feel that subtle energy mix.
* Is there spiritual bonding in anal sex? Yes.
* Can someone use sex energy to watch someone in the spirit? No. Everything you see on TV or in the movies is ALL about fantasy, there’s NO truth in it what-so-ever. It’s ALL about Hollywood selling movies.
* Can one person enter another person’s body through energy? No.
* How does sex connect two persons spiritually? At the moment of climax the orgasmic energy we feel brightens the Auric fields and lights up the chakras, and your light-body vibrates at a much higher frequency. If you could see the energy in light, the orgasmic experience and expression is very bright, and about the size of the average stadium. It’s a pulsating energy, or it can feel like ocean waves. Each person’s experience may be different from the next.
* Do animals spiritually connect when having sex? No, for 98% of animals it’s chemistry and all about instinctual. Animals like dolphins do it for emotional bonding. Animals are not here to grow through their experiences like us, so they don’t have a spiritual life. However on a spiritual level they have agreed to be here to teach us compassion. As the Earth has agreed to be the vessel of our learning. Animals don’t have soul, they do however have a direct line to Source Energy/God, and we don’t. We have mental/emotional walls, boundaries and Free Will, and animals do not. Often what we perceive as spiritual is the influence from the interactions with animals.
* Where does sexual energy come from? Sexual energy comes as a response from our primal reactionary brain, or it comes from instinct, and chemistry is instinct. We get the urge because our chemistry is asking for balance. As our light-bodies awaken, we begin to process more information through centers like the heart, instead of just the mind or just the chemistry. So we are moving into a time in which our focused need for sex will become more balanced between climax and connection. More balanced between masculine and feminine powers in play. However to answer your question directly, sexual energy comes from chemistry. Orgasm is a spiritual energy flowing through the body and lighting up your chakras as it goes. We can choose to ignore it, or feel the rush and excitement of being influenced by it.
* Why does a guy run out of energy during sex? Because he is the motor; he is the one doing the action, and the orgasm calms the emotions, sometimes enough to put them to sleep.
* Is sexual energy a strong force? Not compared to spiritual energy, no. It’s like comparing the flea to the elephant. Sexual energy is like a flash, where spiritual energy once you connect to it… it stays on forever. Sexual chemistry is a very strong force. However the human spirit is stronger, and can overcome those urges. And if you give-in, it’s simply because you’re “wanting to connect” was bigger than “the need to keep it to yourself”. Old spiritual teachings tell us that physical urges are a sign of weakness, and that spiritual awareness is strength. This is no longer truth. Positive balance between the two is strength. The old way is valuable because it teaches connection through practice, loyalty through obedience. However, what triggers complete devotion is self-awareness, self-love and self-loyalty, and sex is also a huge part of that awareness.
* What does love feel like? Love is not just a place for him to put his pecker because he’s bored and you’re looking for something to do. Love is: having the feeling, knowing, hearing that, and seeing them being responsible with the care of your welfare. Love is getting lost in the sexy details of your partner. Love is doing what is right over what is easy. Love is not connected to being “right” in a communication, or its acts being seen, or even being heard by anyone. Love is the presence of your awareness that’s engaged with the clarity of action. Love is you acting from your God-self instead of your Ego-self, so love is not tangible; not something you can grab a-hold of. Love is an experience; a reflection of God, and because God is not physical we seek that similar experience and connection with people.
For her, he is thinking about her physical needs while speaking her language of emotion… are you okay? Are you upset? What can I do to make things right? Are you hungry? Are you warm? Before I leave for work, is there anything you need from me? What do you need from me today? What are your dreams? Give her the freedom to fuss over you.
For him, she is thinking about his emotional needs while connecting to him through his physical world… your behind this morning, let me make your lunch. A touch on his shoulder; an emotional connection helps him to release tension like nothing else. Being touched. Giving him the freedom of space to process his concerns. Giving him the space to build metaphoric castles around you; That being something unusually special just for you.
* What does sexual energy feel like? It is emotionally extremely powerful, even for those of us who are experienced. It’s a feeling and need to curl-up in the arms of the one who triggered the response. Sexual energy to me is all about connection, heart connection, spiritual connection, and for some it’s about release of tension. As a first timer, I would say from experience, choose to have sex with someone you’ve loved for a while. The emotional power that sex changes in a relationship can be a bit overwhelming at times, so this is not to be taken lightheartedly. It’s such a powerful experience that it can easily become addictive. Over all, this experience is unique to the receiver.
* Feeling intense sexual chemistry sitting next to a male friend is the energy mine or his? Is he somebody that turns you on? Then yes it’s yours. In describing telepathy: if you’re minding your own business and fully focused on something completely different from that person, or in this case sexuality, and that thought pops into your head that’s unrelated to what your focus is. Then it’s the other person who is thinking of you. If you become horny and think of someone, then those feelings are yours. Still just because you have those feelings, doesn’t mean they have to experience you.
* What can I do if I have a lot of sexual energy? When sex with another person is not possible, masturbation is a wonderful form of release. If you masturbate just before you go out on a date, you won’t have that sexual drive bothering you, and you can just enjoy your night out and the company of the other person. If you don’t currently have a partner and you don’t satisfy yourself at least once every few days, you will become an angry and bitter person. Part of the essential human experience is sexuality. When we cut that part out of life, we find disharmony and dysfunction, and it can become extreme as in murder. Sexuality is life affirming, whether it be with yourself or with a partner.
* Does masturbation block your psychic powers? No. It keeps the chemistry from ruling the emotions.
* Does masturbation lower your spiritual vibration? No, not at all. However, if you keep your thoughts clean, as in how the story unfolds in your mind; the story that brings you to climax. The reason being: the Chi or the climax energy we all experience in an orgasm, is a very powerful manifesting agent. It doesn’t draw to you the person in the “story”, however, it will draw to your life experiences the flavor of the story. In-other-words, if the story is about taking what you want, then you may have experiences of people running from you. Or if the story is about including heart connection, you may have experiences of people wanting to be close to you. Those qualities begin to manifest into your life experiences. Manifestation goes from thought to emotion to action. Choose wisely. Masturbation with positive thoughts is a good thing, sex with someone your in love with is a good thing. The flow of Chi or Life Force energy is a constant, the orgasm whether it’s triggered by sex or masturbation, opens a door and allows us to experience the physical sensation of that flow.
If you have a strict spiritual practice without a partner. As a person goes through emotional cycles, and finds themselves in a low spot, masturbation restarts the bodies emotional sense of well being. It also keeps our chemistry from running our emotions. Masturbation is emotional and body care, and after the release one will have better attention for continued spiritual care. Monks have learned to move their Chi and balance their emotions without sex. However for the average person the orgasm is essential for emotional balance.
* What’s the best spiritual image to masturbate to? A faceless / nameless person, and as you come to climax release them and step into light. As you are in the moment of orgasm the Light of God is your focus.
* Does masturbating decrease chi energy? No, not at all. This cannot take Chi or spiritual energy away. Chi is a constant, and we are here having the experience of it. We can’t lose it, or even keep it for ourselves. We can however fine-tune the experience of it, as to feel the experience more or less than. It does however keep your Chi clean by resetting your bodies sense of well-being.
* What does masturbation do to your Chi? It keeps it moving, and it keeps it vital and fresh. People who are edgy and tend to be angry a lot are those who don’t have enough orgasms. Withholding from the sexual orgasmic release lowers our vibration and creates drama in our lives. The same goes for having too much sex. Spiritual energy is awareness, awareness of God in action; love in action.
* Can someone feel my sexual energy from a distance? Yes. Only through the mental field.
* Can others sense when you masturbate? No. Not unless you smell like it, or they hear you in the other room. Energetically it’s made to be very private.
* Can people send their sexual energy to other people while masturbating?
* Can I connect with someone I masturbate to spiritually? They may only sense you if you ARE currently in a sexual relationship with them, or if you’re highly clairvoyant. If you masturbate to someone where they don’t have an emotional sexual bond to you, then they will NOT sense you.
* Can we pick up on sexual energy of others? Or can you feel when someone is thinking of you sexually? Not like you want them to. If you’re a sensitive empathy, while meditating daily on the high frequencies of love/god connection, and they are someone you intimately know… then yes, through telepathy it’s possible. If your out in nature and your in-tune with your own inner rhythms, where you feel open and free. If you get the sense that someone or something is watching you, that person or animal is within your mental-field. At best your mental-field is about the size of a large stadium if you’re standing in the middle. The sense of someone watching you comes through your mental-field, the sense of it being sexual comes through your telepathic field. Both can come through as an uneasy feeling, if the person watching has inappropriate intentions.
So if you’re masturbating while watching the person you’re passionate about, and they have no knowledge of this. If your sexual urge gives you the feeling of “gotta have” or “can’t live without”, then the person receiving will feel the urge of “warning”. To turn this around, hold them in the open space of love and gratitude. No story, no conditions, just hold them in that open space.
* Does Reiki make sex incredible? No. Reiki has nothing to do with sex.
* Can a ghost influence a person’s sexuality? No.
* Love is spiritual energy? YES!!! 😉

Spiritual energy; awareness by itself is many 1000 times stronger than when we add sexuality to it. Spiritual awareness through meditation can take you to far more places. Alternative healing without sex will always be the stronger way to go. Spiritual sex or sacred sex is a way of relating to our partner from our god-self. Spiritual sex is a way for us to explore our multidimensional light-bodies, and the experiences from the unity of that bond.

I know there are many questions that are the same, however the answers can be very different, because I tune into the intention of the question at the time it was asked.

Gentle blessings from the sweet essence of the rose.

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Power and being Powerful


???????????????????????????????There are SO many people out there who have the need to have power or be powerful. Sexual power, personal power, healing power, spiritual power, financial power, controlling power, and for some the need is all consuming.
There is a video blog going around about a guy explaining how guys can have sexual power over women, because most men want to be able to turn on women at will. However, what he’s describing is subliminal sexual manipulation over women, which is very different from sexual power and that has a very distinctive difference once you’ve experienced it. Subliminal sexual manipulation gives the receiver an icky feeling, because he has the energy of taking without permission. Especially if she knows the difference between that and sexual empowerment… Huge night and day difference. Some of sexual power comes from a persons inner charm, however, most of it comes from the people around them. By giving that person our awareness of their sexual charm and sexual attention we make them powerful, take away that attention and they are no longer powerful.
So how do we connect to true power? Sexual power, healing power, spiritual power, personal power and financial power are all the result of doing inner emotional work. Learning to tone down the ego, learning to love instead of fight with people, learning constructive instead of destructive confrontation, learning how to be active instead of reactive, facing our fears, confronting our demons, and actively working through our issues. Allowing our integrity to build and manifest our inner potential. This inner discipline creates a clear and open channel to Source Energy, or spiritual abundance. Putting love and faith into The Loving God, which in itself brings out a sweet richness into the quality of our personality, that is comparable to nothing else. Because it heightens our vibrational frequency, as in closer to the frequency of pure love. Hence, being emotionally attractive. It’s that gooey feeling people get when they look at you.
Having trust in The Spiritual Guardians brings forth amazing abundance, luck and good fortune. It becomes the “genie in the bottle” experience, it’s us stepping into that flow of love and abundance in vibrational frequency, which happens because of our inner power to transform into those higher fields of awareness. Abundance; financial abundance; financial power is of a high vibrational frequency, and as we raise our vibration we attract that richness. This power/awareness comes from overcoming the ego’s limiting emotions; power over oneself so we’re no longer held back by what’s restricting life-giving. And this light makes visible the brilliant gift that you are, and that my friends is true power. Life unfolds with grace and beautiful things just happen to us when we are walking this path, and when we aren’t walking this path life resembles a mess. This is a signpost showing us when we’re on the path, and when we’re not. So we find by removing anger, resentment, guilt and shame people are drawn to that light you’ve become, which in turn makes you powerful. There’s nothing more powerful than someone walking with empowerment, or someone so bright.
However, if we abuse that power, we loose it all, and have to start over which may be years in the making. Practicing power through fear and manipulation creates a life and outer environment of fear and manipulation, anger, resentment, guilt and shame. By choosing to walk the path in the presents of Source Energy, we find this light so bright that it in itself ignites our own inner light, and this light is the power people respond to with joy and gratitude. Alignment made manifest, and so it is.

The world with it’s loud unrest, we are learning what power from fear looks and behaves like. However, when we deliberately move in the opposite direction and create power from love, we find profound connections and avenues that lead to personal truth, and by that we find grace and life-affirming abundance. By doing the inner work and maintaining this level of empowerment, people are drawn to us and respond in profound ways. Spiritual Guardians also respond with gifts of joy, these gifts come through the fields of prosperity, or what some would see as luck and good fortune. And amazingly enough this has nothing to do with religion, although if it helps you to get there by-all-means use it.

My blessings to you…

Intimacy; the life blood


June 2014 009There’s an amazing amount of people out there that see sex and intimacy as one in the same. Sexual intimacy to me is where love-making is a quality of relating to another person, more so than just sex. Intimacy without sex has a life of its own, and can be woven into the fabric of relating on any subject. When we get our wires crossed, we have sex thinking that we’re fulfilling our need for intimacy, when in fact there’s so much more. “When I know she’s had a long day, so I draw her a bath and insist on cooking dinner. That’s me being intimate with her”. Dressing someone, feeding someone spoonful by spoonful, being thoughtful, being present, cuddling, openly expressing gratitude, having a heart to heart, sharing hopes and dreams, love with focus, or holding hands while walking. Women express themselves through intimacy and face to face. Men express themselves through independence and shoulder to shoulder. Intimacy is essential in our growth and development, and is a major ingredient in our overall well-being. And if you don’t have it, find it or create it.
[This is not an “ideal”, this is a level of devotion that can be expressed in every relationship.]

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