Making Space

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With all our crazy scheduling, running around to one appointment after another, where do we have time for a relationship? America’s work ethic is right next to China in terms of how much time we spend working, and our pursuit of happiness comes second. We think if we work hard happiness will come of it. That’s not so, if you have the joyful laughter inside you from the start, then it won’t matter how much money you make, you will always have a happy experience.
When choosing to get involved in a relationship in this crazy hectic world of ours, it’s very important to make space for that person. Unless of course you’re just interested in a date; a dinner party with friends and you need a date, or dinner, movie and sex with no real commitment. The moment commitment becomes the issue it’s SO important to make space: physical space, half the room is his. Emotional space, you check in with them about your plans with your coming’s and going’s. And spiritual space, freedom of expression.
So often we fill our time with activities, and think our lover is just going to magically fold into our scheduling, or be there when ever we need them. A healthy relationship needs us to slow down, and give it the nurturing support, so it has the space to become a joyful experience.


The Right Direction


June 2014 008There’s a flow to balance: when we’re walking on a path at night, we can feel when we’re on it and when we’re not. Life has that same similar feeling. When we’re off the path we’re meant to follow, life feels like it’s falling apart, and it’s a direction that’s difficult to walk. Everything becomes difficult, as in the feeling of every step being wrong. When we’re on the path we’re meant to be on, life moves easily and effortlessly. I notice when I’m on the right path, abundance flows easily and effortlessly. Abundance of love, of money, of gentle interactions with others, of happy adventures…
For the same way in training animals, “make the right thing easy, and the wrong thing hard”. This is how our Spiritual Guardians guide us through life. “The right direction is made easy, and the wrong direction is made hard”. The trick is in knowing how much difficulty can be tolerated before it becomes the wrong direction. This closer connection brings forth joyful experiences and abundance, when our personal direction is honored by our ethical self / the inner “God in action” / higher self and or higher power, life moves easily and effortlessly.
Now if you’ve been off the path for a while, it may be fun finding it. What are your passions; what turns you on about life, and follow it. And pay attention to how happy you are, and follow “that”. Surround yourself with what empowers YOU. Your life is your design, that’s what makes us all so unique, what’s right for you may be different for someone else.
Something that is easy is different from what falls into alignment with ease; sitting in front of the TV all day is easy, or having a relationship “click” is one that falls into alignment. The right direction is in knowing this difference, and having that feeling of knowing when we’re on that path can be very liberating and empowering.
My blessings to you…

A Walk of Life is the Riddle of Light


June 2014 011To speak of the love of dedication and devotion is easy, for words are easily preached. However, the life of a spiritual warrior is one who goes beyond words, deep into the depths to live his life as an outpouring of gratitude, love and respect. A space that creates support for the steps that are followed. The spiritual warrior is completely convinced of the one simple fact of life… that he is a spiritual being and a reflection of the Divine wellspring, and life to him is the supreme opportunity to unfold his spiritual wings in every situation of life, not only in a church, temple or Energy Wheel, yet everywhere and in all times. Because life to a spiritual warrior is a continuous unshakeable trust in the truth of his divine heritage, and the joy of his ability to share in his realization. His demonstration comes moment by moment, as he lives a life of sturdy determination to his utmost to rise higher into the light within him. It is a pledge of sincerity to himself, through purity of thought and strength of action.

To me every life on the planet is a unique “Riddle of Light”.

Heaven on Earth


028My truth of enlightenment, is when we have pushed through years of our personal growth, and arrived at that place where the imperfections of the world no longer affect us. Where we are in Our alignment with Source Energy or God. “Our alignment” meaning: surrounding one’s self with good feelings, happy people, where love is an expression of a lasting stream of joy and stimulating situations… Where heaven on earth is a state of mind, and you’ve entered it. Everything perceived, comes through that lens. This to me is enlightenment. Seeing the illusions, and being unaffected by them.

Connections of the Self

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Sitting in quiet meditation here in the morning sun, I touch upon my essence and connect to the mystical me. Keeping present with the self, I connect to the master within. Without judgement and without story, I observe the workings of the energy flow through the body. I tap into the knowing that the energy field of where prayer happens, where hands on healing is plugged into, the field where a clairvoyant reading comes through, where miracles transform, and where the flow of manifestation with abundance comes from… is all the same field. It’s all tapping into Source Energy.

Living this blessed life


June 2014 002I am constantly in awe of living this blessed life that is unfolding before me, everything just seems to fall into place, and in almost any direction I choose. Jobs that reflect the sacred me; being payed for what I love to do. Having an amazing relationship with spirit guardians, and the sacred gifts that pour forth from that trust. Other blessings have been gentle encounters with wild animals. My car choosing to break down in the front yard, and not out along the open road. Connecting with very unique people, such as yourself, and feeling honored by that exchange. Life presenting one opportunity after another for spiritual growth, and quiet space for exploring inner healing. This blessed love I feel, pouring from my joyful experiences I put into the world… I put into you.
Blessings of gratitude…

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