Looking Ahead

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The governments of the world have some growing pains to go through, and as they do so it may be wise to learn some off grid skills. Growing your own food, creating a warm, dry shelter. Those who are turning their lawns into gardens, intuitively know that something is coming forward.

Tuning out the negative in the world, being very selective in what we expose ourselves to if anything at all. Each day that we focus on happiness prepaves the emotional adventures for the following day. Looking ahead and prepaving today for the blessings of tomorrow. This closer connection to our personal environment promotes good will and life affirming awareness.

Meditate on god awareness whatever that is for you. Meditation changes the way our bodies deal with disease and injury, because as the bodies frequencies shift into a higher field it heals easier. The governments of the world know this, and work hard at keeping our vibration low through anger and aggression, highly processed food, and pollution of all sorts. Meditation that raises us into a higher awareness grants us intuitive navigation to what is healthy, as well as a body that can handle some of that junk.
A higher awareness shifts our vibrational field into something that spins faster, and therefore collects less dirt; for there’s nothing there for it to stick to. This higher awareness also creates room for problem solving where it becomes a win-win; opens that door into intuitive thought.

The world is shifting away from the 3rd Density awareness into the 4th Density awareness. Away from karmic fueled interactions, and into love awareness; ways in which we are the same and not different, ways in which we can connect instead of only seeing separation. Know there will always be conflict, the difference being the volume in its angry direction, and the change coming from a higher awareness. The momentum of this wave has already started, whether we peacefully march in the streets, or meditate on higher awareness, they both add to this wave. Doing nothing, or acting out of anger slows it down, however this wave will continue, and it will effect everyone. Moving with this change opens a profound awakening within each of us. Fighting against it sinks us deeper into our grief.
All this stems from what we feed our thoughts with, what we color our environments with, find a peaceful rhythm, and your life will be happy and productive.


Planets Coming Into Alignment


This is the time of the planets coming into alignment, and bringing with it opportunities and possibilities. This is also a time to be aware of our reactions around love and fear, creating very real consequences from these choices. This alignment is asking us to pay close attention to the quality of our emotions. Responding to the instant gratification of the lower-self may sink us deeper into that mud. While a response from a higher awareness will bounce us out of that lesson, and enjoy smooth sailing.
For the next two months our emotions may be stretched a little, as this opportunity is asking us to look at life from a higher perception. Because from this seed of our desire is everything necessary for it to bloom into fulfillment.
Also be mindful of the other people around us, and give them a little extra space, because not all of us have our emotions in check.
This is not a time to look at what the world in not doing “right”. This is a time to be mindful of who you are, and where you stand, even if you stand together with yourself. The reasons for doing so will set the stage for future events. The story that you tell when you are describing yourself needs to be in alignment with who you want to become. Breath in the blessings around you, let the influence of life love you, and come into alignment with the precious gift you know you are.

Not only our solar system, yet everything we experience is expanding it’s vibrational field; the earth is growing up. She is shifting from a third dimensional awareness, and into the fourth.
So we are discovering that our old-school thinking no longer creates the joy that it once did, it instead creates even more chaos. Parents that want to control change in the family dynamics through anger. Or governments that govern by fear will fail miserably, simply because love is now the new guiding force that seeds our good will, and if they shift their awareness to love they will profit a thousand times grater than before. This old-school approach no longer works simply because this world is resonating from a much higher perception. This alignment of the planets is sealing this deal; the awareness in the collective mind has accumulated to this final step, and the alignment of the planets is bringing this awareness out of the either and into the physical expression. The earth expression is an accumulation of that influence of everything that makes up Earth, and this influence supports the driving desire of the collective mind. So it is not possible to go back to our old understanding of how the older world worked, that time has passed.
A lot of people who aren’t able to make that vibrational shift are leaving, and will be reincarnated into a body that is made for that frequency.
However those who focus on love, will have a smoother transition.

Go in peace.

The Here and Now

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Part of the shift of 2012 changed how we perceive time. Instead of the perception of time as with a face clock, where we had a wide sense of time. Our perception is more like a digital clock, where everything happens here and now. Our emotions are also stacked in the present moment, where before we felt we had time to pull ourselves together to comfortably say it clearly. So now when something happens to us, we react instantly because all of our emotions are stacked here in the present moment. All this comes from our instinctual behavior. It’s when our emotions aren’t squeezed that we have the time to respond from clarity.
A fear response is very explosive in this immediate space, and a love expression is oh so powerful in this immediate space.
So be gentle to those around us as we learn to navigate this new environment.

The next five years is going to be a little testy, so strap on your boots it’s about to get western.
The polarization between those who respond from fear, and those who respond from love is nearly complete. So it’s absolutely important for those lovers out there to protect your precious heart from the intensity of fear.
So continue with what ever you do that recharges your batteries, yoga, meditation, walk in the park, wilderness time, or an evening with good friends. These are challenging times, and it’s so important to surround yourself with friends that nurture and support the unique you. Be mindful of the emotional reactions of both yourself and those around you. Deliberately avoid negativity, and follow your happiness. Meditate on opening the heart, because a full open heart may equal ten or twenty unopened hearts, and help to tip the scales.
It’s not about having God/Love in your life, it’s about allowing Love to act through you. First for yourself, and then the overflow from that to those around you.

My blessings be with you…

Plans and Promises


100_1392Something all men need to remember: women hear everything you plan to do and file it away in their minds. So as the relationship continues, they are looking for you to fulfill that promise, even though to you it doesn’t seem to be a promise, and when it’s not fulfilled she begins to loose faith in you as a provider. This is an automatic emotional response, as part of her instinctual behavior, and part of how women process information in relationships, and NOT something she can change.
Part of how a man pulls in a woman on a date, is by sharing his ideas and plans for their union. Everything that is spoken out loud with her, needs to be produced. This includes all ideas of doing things, going places or owning things. A man who is a good provider will always perform the plans he speaks of, and this in turn will build a closer connection with her.
When a man shares plans and promises without truly having the intention of actually doing it, he will find himself in the bewilderment of his woman’s wrath, and not understanding where all this resentment came from!? “Well buddy, this is it”.
It is exceptionally important for a man to do what he says he will, or ONLY keep those ideas in his thoughts. This needs to be an active practice for most men, or get used to the idea of living in the doghouse.
However to those in which this action comes naturally, you can skip over this exam, for you have already passed this class.


The Flowing Chi


Chi is the ever flowing, ever changing life-force energy moving through everything. It’s in animals and plants, it’s even in water, stones and metals. Chi flows through the Earth and dances in the wind. Chi flows into our bodies on the left side and out on the right. As Chi moves through the spiritual body, we have the ability to harness this energy, focus it for the healing of the physical self, other people, animals and the planets.
Chi does not belong to us, it is constantly flowing through us, like an endless river, and as it moves through we can play with it.
We can have blocks, which keep Chi from flowing freely. These blocks come from the resistance to life. From fear of receiving life (abundance), from the feeling of not being good enough, and so on. Once we overcome the issue, the block turns to smoke, then clears. These blocks can tell us where our learning curve is, and overall give us better tools for navigating life. Releasing one of these blocks can only be done through Alternative (natural) Medicine and Healing, this in not something you can take a pill for.
Chi is apart of the spiritual experience, while also on earth, because Chi can be physically felt. Like when doing a healing and channeling Chi. Or the sexual orgasm, which is where we can physically feel the life-force energy or Chi, rushing through the body. Chi gives us that visual demonstration of God. Like the flame of a candle, we can see it and feel it, although we can’t grab a-hold of it.
Chi is neutral energy, it’s neither positive or negative. Healing shows us how to use it positively, to protect life, and martial arts shows us how to use it to take away life.
Reiki is a form of modified Chi, or accelerated Chi, because they both come from the same field, the field of Source Energy. And like Reiki, Chi can be used in a million ways.
We can learn how to channel it through every part of the body. I’ve developed a very unique talent of channeling Chi behind my knees… this blesses the Earth’s core and works to balance ozone.
The beginner may experience this as “The Holy Spirit” moving through them. While the master will transform Chi into physical matter, as in the art of alchemy and manifestation. We are only limited by the depth of our own belief systems.

May your Chi move with ease and joy…


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When the work that we do 5 days a week has nothing to do with our inner passions, then life flows at a trickle.
Following our inner sense of happiness, that inner self-worth and tickle that shines through our personal passions when we’re alone, and becomes an amazing gift when we have the opportunity to express it in our outer life. This closer connection we have with ourselves heals and nurtures our expressiveness, and it flows better when there is some part of it that is also in what we do for work.
“Do what you love and the life will follow”, and abundance will roar over the falls.


The Kiss


The kiss has been a form of greeting for many thousands of years, the human connection that is woven into the fabric of our lives, and throughout all cultures. This warm gentle embrace that is the nurturing kiss.
The mouth is where we take in sustenance for nurturing the body,  where we breathe in life, and where we express the finer details of our desires. Face to face we embrace.
Nothing fills our love-tank quite so nurturing as the kiss. A sensational connection that turns on our extra sensory perceptions, that fills us with such joy and amazing gratitude. For it is an energy port for the Light-body. When we kiss there is a connection that is made from spirit to spirit, and that connection begins to light-up the chakra system. Which in turn leaves an imprint on our spiritual psyche.
As sweet as the dew kissed by the morning sun. The empowerment of a kiss is given, not taken. This kiss that is freely given, opens the heart to all possibilities, yet is completely content in the now.
It’s an active expression that speaks volumes of the feelings that arise, “understand the heart behind this kiss”.


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