Why Fight It

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When we “fight” against anything, we loose. We get exactly what it is that we are fighting (we have that genie in the bottle experience). We fight against drugs, we become addicted to pharmaceutical drugs. We fight for our freedoms, we lose our freedoms at a staggering rate.
When we fight against something, then we are reacting from a place of fear, and therefor we set ourselves up for an experience of restriction. In the law of attraction the word “fight” is just as powerful as the word “love”, as in creating one’s direction.
So, why fight it, instead “create” what it is that we do want, and we’ll have a far more positive outcome.
In the world of ranching: if you have the belief that if you keep spraying weeds eventually they will all die off. In truth this is not so. By spraying, the growth of the succession rate of the plants is withheld; by killing one weed another simply takes its place.
In truth, if we plant the grasses that we “do want”, then “that” will choke out the weeds. The creation supplies more of what we want to see. By only seeing the weed, we only see the problem, and therefor we only react. If we look beyond the problem of the weeds to the grasses that want to grow, and support them, we get a win win.


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Words That Empower

The Flowing Chi


Chi is the ever flowing, ever changing life-force energy moving through everything. It’s in animals and plants, it’s even in water, stones and metals. Chi flows through the Earth and dances in the wind. Chi flows into our bodies on the left side and out on the right. As Chi moves through the spiritual body, we have the ability to harness this energy, focus it for the healing of the physical self, other people, animals and the planets.
Chi does not belong to us, it is constantly flowing through us, like an endless river, and as it moves through we can play with it.
We can have blocks, which keep Chi from flowing freely. These blocks come from the resistance to life. From fear of receiving life (abundance), from the feeling of not being good enough, and so on. Once we overcome the issue, the block turns to smoke, then clears. These blocks can tell us where our learning curve is, and overall give us better tools for navigating life. Releasing one of these blocks can only be done through Alternative (natural) Medicine and Healing, this in not something you can take a pill for.
Chi is apart of the spiritual experience, while also on earth, because Chi can be physically felt. Like when doing a healing and channeling Chi. Or the sexual orgasm, which is where we can physically feel the life-force energy or Chi, rushing through the body. Chi gives us that visual demonstration of God. Like the flame of a candle, we can see it and feel it, although we can’t grab a-hold of it.
Chi is neutral energy, it’s neither positive or negative. Healing shows us how to use it positively, to protect life, and martial arts shows us how to use it to take away life.
Reiki is a form of modified Chi, or accelerated Chi, because they both come from the same field, the field of Source Energy. And like Reiki, Chi can be used in a million ways.
We can learn how to channel it through every part of the body. I’ve developed a very unique talent of channeling Chi behind my knees… this blesses the Earth’s core and works to balance ozone.
The beginner may experience this as “The Holy Spirit” moving through them. While the master will transform Chi into physical matter, as in the art of alchemy and manifestation. We are only limited by the depth of our own belief systems.

May your Chi move with ease and joy…

The Path of the Healing


048When we’ve had a trauma in the past that was not dealt with; troubled feelings from long ago. We have been taught by conventional medicine and therapy, to reach back into the past to get in-touch with those feelings. Which may take a year or more to dig up those feelings and deal with them. This is a process of old thinking, and serves the therapist more than anybody. When we go back into the past, back into memory. As we go into this process, the cells begin to change back into the vibrational frequency of how you were in that time. So the body is distorting itself to go back to an old frequency that no longer serves, all in the name of memory. This is very hard on the body, and another reason for the body to age so fast.
The best way to deal with these emotions is in this present moment, to deal with feelings as they arise. If we deal with emotions as they happen even when dealing with memories of the past, it’s still 1000 times better for you than trying to recapture something that happened long ago. True power to change anything, is in the gift of the present.
Not all will agree with this, and that is okay too.

Learning Curve

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Things are coming off the hook, with people shooting at each other, and coming emotionally unglued. We’ll go through distress just before we have emotional growth; we have an emotional pinch just before we learn the lesson, so this is what’s happening all around us. 2012 marks the center of this growth curve for us, now we have another 200 years for the pieces to fall into place, before things settle down into the new world. And for each person, this growth curve will be different… we won’t all arrive at the same time.
The expression of love to yourself, or another, and or God is going to be what gets you through this change… emotionally. This practice of reacting from love and gratitude, is just that, a practice. And there’s always something to be found that is loving and gentle, that will ease your transition. This world needs you to be focused and balanced, for as you do your inner emotional work and come into clarity, so too does the world. “The wave”. When you stay emotionally balanced, you make it easy for the next person to do so, and so on. It’s like walking into a store smiling from ear to ear, it’s contagious. We humans naturally strive for peace in our lives. It’s when we’re cornered and pushed do we react with violence.
When we care deeply enough, we will always find a peaceful avenue in our dealings with other people.
Heads-up, this next year [2013] we’re going to see a lot of instant karma, in other words, “what we put out to the world, comes back to us almost instantly”. Issues reflecting accountability and empathy. So be wise in the steps you take, when dealing with people.

Words that Empower


Along the path of my journey, I’ve come across situations that require strong words of empowerment in getting me out of those dysfunctional places. I will be adding to this list as my journey continues. I hope you all find courage and empowerment through these words.

This is something I would say when cutting cords of emotional attachment, or simply declaring my freedom. “The person’s name, OUT NOW you don’t belong in my heart [or what ever chakra they’re in], I’m not allowing you to stay. You will have no further control or power over my areas of physical joys of happiness [or what ever properties are represented by that chakra, or needs of empowerment] . I release you now. I accept and receive the lessons and learning’s from you, but I am done now”! To make this a powerful statement, follow it with action, and step out of that situation.

To be continued…


Coming full cycle

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It’s amazing to me that in the beginning of life Spirit presents gifts, and in time we learn how to use them; how that path moves and sparkles. What’s amazing about it, is when we think we’ve gotten it all worked out. Understanding it’s rhythms, feeling good about the flow, and seeing the wrinkles get ironed out. Then Spirit steps in and presents new gifts, in a whole new environment, with new rules, with a different flow, and the cycle begins all over again. Coming full cycle is when each gift is a stepping stone leading to the next.

The 2012 shift is an opportunity for a new perspective, and for gifts to come baring fruit. The key is: when your sky is falling, and your world is turned upside down… are you paying attention? Gifts happen when we are on course, sky falls when we are not. 2012 and the 5 years that follow will push us in moving forward. For those who are on course, it will be an exciting time indeed.

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