Guilt is an emotion that is over used, we use it to get what we want more then how we use the term love.
We feel guilty for not doing enough, or guilty for doing too much. We are pushed into guilt as a form of manipulation to act for someone else, and their insecurities.
Parents use guilt as a bribe with children to get them to behave.
All the commercials asking for money from you do so through guilt; they play on your guilt to get you to open your wallet. If you didn’t act on guilt then you wouldn’t give at all, because you’d see the dishonesty in it, and steer around it.

Guilt is rarely supported in such a way as to release us from it.
All guilt comes from the insecurities of others, and it is not ours to take on.

When (she) says that she feels guilty for not providing something, and he says “please don’t, I feel excited about where I am, and you have nothing to feel guilty for”. This releases her from a burden that would normally fester, and often come out sideways later.
Guilt is best released from present-time support; real-time reassurance communications.

What gets us out of the response of guilt is to act on our highest inspiration and integrity; our highest ethical self. This action plants us firmly in an atmosphere that recognizes guilt as a foreign expression, and how much the action of love is who we really are.

My blessings to you…

A Reason to be Light

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I’ve been listening to David Wilcock ever since he stepped out onto the world stage. I admire this man for discovering the truth of what Earth’s history is really all about, and the courage and passion to bring this truth to light. If this is your first time with this information, please remember: “this time of transition is not the end, it is just the beginning”. Because once we go through the last big solar flair, and the sun changes our whole solar system into the 4th dimensional frequency, systems like the Illuminati will not be able to continue in that higher vibrational frequency.
This is transparency, even though we may not hear it from our leaders. I feel relieved to hear someone else describing some of what I encounter, when bringing light into those dark systems. I’ve known long before I heard of David Wilcock that the true way to combat fear and hate is with love and forgiveness. In this video David makes a similar point, and for me it’s a good validation. He’s been a great inspiration to me.
Out of all of his hundreds of videos, this is one of my favorites. I know this is a long one, however it is very well worth it.
I’m sorry, the powers-that-be are deleting some of the good videos of David’s. So just get on Youtube, and type in David Wilcock, then start listening.
My blessings to you…


My blessings to you…

Why is Youth Today not asking for Advice?

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It’s darker just before the light. Today’s technology has us asking advice from it, and creating a leadership void. Giving way to the separation of advice from those who came before us. Ego’s perception of knowledge is to run off everyone else, and operate under one’s own accord, “I don’t need any direction, I know what I’m doing”! The complete opposite of community.
We are taught independence from a very young age, and this independence separates us from the wisdom of our elders. So we are seeing huge volumes of lost knowledge because of this. Ego-driven mechanized countries with cities and huge urban areas, where the expression of community is loosing it’s grip. Most third world countries and cultures don’t have this practice. City living and values are no longer practicing the art of community, and this cycle of knowledge from elder to youth repeats down through the generations. In ancient times we would call this “the time of forgetting”. This is why the knowledge of ancient cultures just stop, they are just gone, it was no longer being received. At least today we have the privilege of putting together books of knowledge, that will be received when this time passes. Still, it’s not the same thing as in learning from the original master.
This is not something we can fix, it just needs to run it’s course. For the rest of us, we either find those interested in listening or like me, put it in print.

My blessings be with you…

The Tipping Point


When we think of the tipping point between positive and indifference, in our crazy world today. It’s not about the head count that makes the difference, it’s about the expressive use of love instead of fear, and it’s about God awareness. If your God-awareness equals the awareness of ten people, then the balance tips. The idea of “the tipping point” came from spiritual awareness, so you would think it would stay out of the realm of human concepts.
God-awareness is the ability to see and understand the inclusion of many possibilities, this awareness also feels compassion instead of judgement to all things of indifference.
What’s going to peacefully carry us through this time of unrest in the world is this God-awareness. To deliberately remove oneself from situations that create over-the-top judgements.
Keeping the thoughts in the present moment will reduce stress and suffering. And the other guy can act as crazy as they want, until the moment they physically slam into you… Meanwhile, nothing is happening to you. In the same way that fearful expressions bring on more fearful experiences, loving expressions bring on more loving experiences.

It’s so fascinating to watch the polarizing responses from those who react from fear and those who act from love.
Example: Social media, when there’s a topic, and those who get caught up in bickering and wonder off-topic, are those who are responding from fear. The ones who are able to stay on topic, are acting from love while expressing anger, and are going to be the ones who solve the problems.
If you find yourself acting just from fear, you can change that. Behavior can be altered, and that has to come from you. Notice, “oh I’m doing it again”, and change the pattern. The way out of fear is through trust.

Be happy-be well.
My blessings to you… All.

Rain Drops…

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Looking at this Earth from the world of Spirit, this earth is a creation for the spiritual lessons and growth of the human race. As ugly as it can be out there, what makes it different, is how you live your life.
My gift to this world is the ability to go into world systems with the Light of Truth and promote change. What I see in there can be very ugly. The point I’m making is, the life I create for myself in this quiet corner of the universe is unaffected by that ugliness out there. I have a roof over my head, food on the table, transportation parked outside, and an amazing woman that stands by me. Life is good. In this moment in time I’m unaffected by that ugliness out there, and in this moment, then this moment, or this moment… The world is always going to have it’s crazy moments, and you can choose to stand in-the-line-of-fire, or not.
Or you can choose to get all emotionally twisted by what’s not going “right” in this world, or you can see the beauty created by you in your sanctuary nestled in this quiet corner of the universe. People complain an awful lot about things that really don’t directly effect them. Being angry consumes time and energy, and what for? Does it enhance the quality of your life?
The beauty that you are, your gift that you bring to this table’s feast, is just as powerful to this Earth when you live your creative passions quietly, then if you were to be out spoken during a demonstration. In truth, it’s the conscious heart in action that creates the real power of change. You see that by opening that big heart of yours in something as simple as meditation, you are actively shifting the awareness of the collective mind, and therefor changing the direction of the world.
My blessings to you…

True Love


True Love is something in you to express, it’s earned by the practice of devotion. It doesn’t happen between two people, it happens within you and therefore it flows out of you.
Within the human heart is the god seed, which has multipal functions. Intuition is one; the knowing of love to be true. Then when you find another person who is as passionate about this as you are, then you have bliss.

If the love and fascination of the other person has the momentum to carry you beyond romance, then it has a profound chance of becoming love. Romance will last about nine months, then it transforms into partnership, and in partnership is where we find staying power.
If you can joyfully get beyond 4 years your chances are better than most for a long term relationship. Unfortunately most people see romance and chemistry as being complete compatibility, when in fact your compatibility happens when you can stay steady while the other person is showing their disagreeable side, as they will with you. If his anger is more than you can tolerate, than it would be said that you’re not compatible.
Everyone has a disagreeable side, and for some reason most people completely avoid it. When in fact that is what you want to see and experience before committing your life to them.

Take the time to “know thy self”. Know where your tolerances are, the quality of relationships you desire, and have the integrity to hold steady to what you want to accomplish in the course of your own life.

True love happens when we know, understand and honestly take responsibility for our own dysfunctional ego. Love is the polar opposite of ego. So if we are expressing love, and we call it true, it simply means we clearly understand that we are not expressing anything associated with ego. Ego is described on the Page Boundaries and Personal Power.


Valentine’s Day is “Romance on Demand”


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On Valentines day you would think that love’s expressions would be in abundance, and for some reason it’s not. Valentines has become a day of high expectations of receiving gifts not in the privacy of your home, yet out in the view of the public eye. In the 1800’s it all started off simple as in a note of appreciation, something as simple as in a symbol of affection, and today it may take many hundreds of dollars to express that symbol. And this has become a one way street that men have to perform.
It’s men’s least favorite holiday of the year over all. Men by nature are very romantic beings. However, to be romantic we have to be given the space and freedom to be spontaneous in our own timely fashion. Valentines day is “romance on demand”, and when all the men in the world are doing the very same thing on that same day, how is it to be special?! If you communicate to your man that Valentines Day is important to you and why, and you give him the freedom of choosing what day of the year that falls on. You may be surprised at how much more creative he can be, or how the year fills up with lots of little Valentines.
Celebrate Valentines and Christmas every day of the year; become the essence those days teach.

The secret thing women want from men, is they want a hero, and the secret thing men want to be for women… Is a hero. This inner nature can only flow through spontaneity, nurture this natural flow. When we open up to the truth that is hidden behind the veil of secrets, we find common ground and deeper intimacy.
So as Valentines day draws near, drop the symbols of affection, and express the real thing.
{Thank you to Alison for your encouragements}

The Five Languages of Love
* Words of affirmation
* Acts of service
* Affection
* Quality time
* Gifts
Take the time to talk with your lover about your love-language, so they have a clear view of what tickles your happy bone. If you can perform their love language with ease and joy, then your relationship will have a strong foundation.

There are so many places where we fight against who we are, and get less than perfect results. Where we think we know how the world works, yet we couldn’t be further from the truth.
This is one of them, where we’ve let our heads believe in something that only the heart knows the truth of.
Let the quiet waters of our heart’s inner stillness, speak the wisdom of our colorful direction, and create a smooth roadway along the mountainous landscape of your relationships.

My blessing to you… and may your Valentines be a daily experience.

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