“Slow down, we’ll have a more harmonious outcome”.
When we are feeling hyper or hyper sensitive it is a good observation to slow down “before” stepping out into the world. Reminding ourselves of our limitations, and re-calibrating our temperament to match our desired outcome. What ever has us running wild also has the potential of pushing us over the edge and into traffic.
So please trust in that inner voice, as we go to step out, that’s asking us to take a moment to check into one’s own temperament… Breath deep, and choose that harmonious outcome.

My blessings to you…

Telepathic and Empathic


We’ve all had those experiences in which we’re thinking of someone, then the phone rings and it’s them. Or you’re driving down the road, and you decide not to pass the person in front of you, because you get the sense they are about to turn. Telepathy can also be in finishing their sentences, or having the feeling that you’re needed by a friend. Having a well developed telepathy can replace the telephone. Telepathy is a person to person communication, without the face to face conversation. Because telepathy is part of our extra sensory perceptions, and one of the characteristics of our Light-body/Spirit. For the most of us it operates through the subconscious and very automatic, without us having to think about it. This ability may come in many forms: sensing that something isn’t quite right, a simple knowing of it to be true or not, a quiet warning, or a warm and fuzzy feeling that it’s going to be okay, and so much more. Because telepathy is part of our internal processing of the world, the most of us pick up messages through it without ever knowing that, that’s what’s going on.
Few of us want to become more conscious and fine tune the actions of it, simply because it requires us to slow down, quiet the mind, and learn to trust.
Some women have it slightly stronger than men, simply because of children, it’s part of the mothering instinct. Men have it with business; where and when to get involved, and the ability to look into systems of business.

* Telepathy is: If you’re doing something that requires focus and attention, and someone just pops into your mind, then they are thinking of you. Where as if a smell or picture reminds you of them, then those thoughts of them are your own.
* Empathy is an action for or towards someone.
* Empathic is an awareness of another person’s emotions or intentions.
As our empathic awareness awakens, we discover another level of emotions to learn how to navigate. Both empathy and compassion can be one of the toughest lessons to bring into Divine balance. Because of earth’s lessons of duality, first we learn how to be empathic and compassionate for other people. As in learning the needs of others. Then we learn how to use empathy and compassion as tools to navigate self-awareness, self-love and self-loyalty. And boundaries is a tool that gives us permission to create healthy space between giving too much to others, and bring forward enough attention to ourselves for our own sense of personal balance.
By learning compassion with people we learn to open ourselves up to experiencing emotions of those around us without verbal communication. Being empathic is an extra sensory perceptional tool that gives us the ability to navigate emotions of both people and animals, and promotes a choice of whether or not to get involved.
Unfortunately most people don’t want other people to know their feelings, as in they don’t want to be seen all the time. So if telepathy and empathic abilities are too loud for you and it’s creating waves in your relationships, then learn how to shift your awareness from your intuitive sight (3rd eye), and move into and learn to think and process with your heart center.
Because humans have the “God Spark” everything is filtered through that, making telepathy apart of our extra sensory perception (ESP). Because when telepathy is mixed with the intuition and clairvoyance, we tend to see SO much more than what the other person needs to say. (When we start talking about aliens with telepathy like the Gray’s, they have telepathy however they don’t have the “God Spark”, and all that comes with it.)
If you want to fine tune it and open that channel, and start to have the sense of to-whom it’s coming from. It’s done through the intuition and those higher fields of the perception of “God connection”. So take the feeling of love, and elevate into those higher fields of perception where that love is no longer for someone or something. You’re just immersed in the empowerment of love and gratitude, and that is “God connection”.

* If you’re interested in sexual power, then read Power and being Powerful.
* Telepathy comes into our “thinking centers”, while empathy comes into our “emotional centers”, a sexual experience is through our “physical sensations”, and astral sex is experienced through our “feeling centers”. So it’s not telepathic sex it’s astral sex. So please learn the correct terminology. If you’re interested in protecting yourself from the invasion of remote-viewing and astral sex, go to Energy Shielding.
* Sending a message is done in a “one phrase” sentence. “Call me”, the image in your mind is pulling them in close to you, and with and gentle emotion of “need”. Or “I’m thinking fondly of you”, where the image in your mind is seeing only them, as in a warm embrace… Or. Too much information becomes confusing, and the receiver won’t pick it up. Allow the emotion of this statement to fill your body, while thinking only of them.
* Receiving a message is done through the intuitive space; open the heart, step into “God-space”, and trust in your impressions. These messages will be quiet and in the back of your thoughts. The more that you are self-aware, the more that you will know the difference between “your thoughts” and those of someone else coming in. This takes practice; see if you can know who is calling you before you answer the phone.

* Understanding the difference between telepathy from astral sex or remote viewing are completely different, and most people get that terminology mixed up. Astral sex: is in having a need to connect to someone, a specific someone. When you have a dream of having sex with someone you know, or someone you’ve never met as an out-of-body experience (OBE) or remote-viewing, and that is done on the Astral plain. This experience can be taught.
* Sensing someone’s sexual energy from across the room is done through the Mental Field. When we are out-and-about in the world, and get that sense that we are being watched, that means simply that someone or something has entered our mental field. Our mental field is a part of our ESP. It’s apart of the spirit and not of the physical body. Through this awareness we can tune-in and get the sense if it’s a man or woman, person or animal, kind or warning, sexual or neutral, or… Depending upon your sensitivities and your environment, your mental field can have the reach of about 300 yards. Heighten your awareness, and you can reach out a bit further.
The other is our Emotional Body, this is also a part of our ESP. To be empathic is to feel and connect to the emotions of others, while the emotional body is a field of not only perception; it’s also a field of understanding that guides us through the emotional navigation of those around us. Understanding emotional boundaries, or being able to anticipate emotional needs. The emotional body is where we process our emotional perceptions, and a healthy emotional body stays within the boundaries of one’s own personal space (she’s not telling him how to live his life).
* Tuning into your sexual partner through the art of telepathy isn’t quite like reading their mind, it’s more like reading their intentions [intention is focus of thought], and gives you a strong sense of what their most likely to do next.
* The person you’re sending messages to also needs to be in a quiet space to receive. If they are in a war torn environment, all of their senses will be on survival, and quite the opposite of being quiet. However, your quiet hope filled and agenda free persona will give them peace when they slow down enough to pick it up from you. “It’s the feeling they get when they think of you”. If you’re angry with the world, they will pick up on that, and it will compound with what they are already feeling.
* Unfortunately those interested in telepathic sex, are lacking in responsible emotional boundaries. They have forgotten how to use their words. When healing these wounds, one will realize that trust is more powerful than control.
* Sending telepathic messages are best sent by images with emotion, not by words spoken in the mind.
* Communicating to animals using telepathy is done through images. When you give a command to a dog using words or hand signals while also having images in your mind, they will be more responsive. An image attached to an emotion… So in your mind it becomes almost like a solid object, and the animal responds quickly.
* If you’re ingesting fluoride in any volume, it can slow your telepathic responses.

Telepathy is answered prayers.
When we mix our intuition and your telepathy while looking at the people around you, there is nothing they can do to hide from you. Telepathy is a God-given talent that gives the (seer/listening/sensing/knowing…) the ability to see what is hidden more easily, “no more lies”. If you remain quiet, then the truth remains hidden. However, the moment a story is spoken to divert you, and in that moment the truth comes forward. If the seer is not looking, then it remains hidden. If the seer chooses not to look, then it will remain hidden, and all it takes is a peek and it all pops out into the open. Any form of lie or diversion brings it all out into the open.
There are other forms of bringing hidden information to light, all technology, all wisdom, all experience, and yes all hidden secrets are cataloged in the Akashic records. And there are methods that can be taught on how to get into those files.
“God has had enough! Parties over! Everyone out of the pool”! What was once hidden is no longer. Everyone has the ability for telepathy, because it lifts the veil of lies. However, not everyone has the ability for empathy, and the ones that do, have it at different degrees of it. We are here to have very specific experiences, and the ingredient within the personality molds the experience.

My blessings to you…

Still the best form of communication is a verbal face to face. Shoot from the hip, and tell it like it is.


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055There’s great power of trust, which leads to devotion in showing vulnerability in a relationship, and this becomes a blissful experience when the two of you are participating together. This is not something you want to show at a bar or pub, and this is not the kind of vulnerability that comes when we’re in the middle of the road. This is when we share our tender side to our lover. This activity has a completely new landscape when we learn to tone down the ego [I can’t begin to describe how destructive the ego can be in relationships]. Practicing this level of sharing becomes second nature when we learn to tone down the ego. Part of living in empowerment is to allow yourself to be vulnerable, to be willing to show and share your mental/emotional tenderness. It’s about sharing your inner truth… About what really turns you on. It’s about diving deep into our passions, and sharing what we think makes our lives tick. And sometimes sharing our vulnerability can be about revealing our imperfections. However, what deepens the connection is a willingness to learn the value of honesty, and how being transparent leaves no holes for miss-communications. Relationships that fall apart are ones that lack this essential ingredient, as an ongoing practice. When we fall into the rut of routine, of thinking with that “faults sense of security”, as in thinking a relationship is solid. That you think you know each other well enough to let go of the reins. When in truth relationships are fluid, they change and evolve as you grow, heal and become. So if we have the practice of being transparent moment by moment we become fluid as well. It’s when we lose touch with this flow and drift apart, and before you know it there’s nothing to connect with. We invest so much of our lives hiding from our feelings and our emotions, and where has it gotten us? Showing tender, sensitive places with your partner, and allowing yourself to be transparent can be a very powerful experience for the both of you, because it creates such warm trust. This action also creates a wonderful stage for self-discovery and self-realization. Which that in itself open doors of trust.

If we shut down vulnerability because we don’t want to experience fear, anger or guilt, we will also shut down love, joy and gratitude. Because they are all part of the wholeness that we are. By embracing the wholeness that we are, we are acknowledging a willingness to express what’s under the surface. That place where original wisdom emerges. When both lovers have this level of trust in sharing and supporting each other, and we learn how to tone down the ego, the relationship begins to loose its defining edges. Because trust becomes automatic [trusting completely, we show no feelings of jealously]. When we connect to this early in a relationship, we set the stage for knowing what’s to come in life’s quiet moments.
When men are able to walk this path they discover devoted women beside them, and women following this path find men that want to build *metaphoric castles around them. This path requires both to participate, so this takes two when expecting to find that deep rich connection that we’re told exists in long-term relationships. How important is it to be transparent in a relationship, well how far and how expansive do you want your relationship to be? Every step we take in opening to each other we find deeper levels of connection and intimacy.
Good communication is when we dive deep into emotional support and reassurance as the emotion occurs. Being present while processing what we feel in our core, and at the same time our partner is forgiving us lending reassurance that we no longer need to feel that way. Because they themselves see the value of this partnership, and choose to grow forward. Daring to become one’s highest integrity for our own inner growth, and for the support and nourishment of our partners growth.
The masculine isn’t strong unless he is also vulnerable. This means he can tell you what he wants, when he’s afraid, how you make him feel, what he did that he’s made amends for, what he’s overcome, or what brings him to his knees. And from this acknowledgement she learns the value of giving him space.
Without transparency, there can be no genuine intimacy, that ingredient that makes sex remain sexy when the initial high of infatuation dissipates.
The feminine shows her vulnerability by admitting her rough sharp edges, and from this reveal he learns where to be gentle.

Practicing and sharing a healthy vulnerability is one of those things that require focus and attention. In my journey through this, I discovered when I had the focus of toning down the ego. Therefore practicing an ego-less relationship my tender side had more freedom, and being transparent was no longer scary. Because when we overly identify with the ego everything is scary, even though we wouldn’t show it on the surface. It’s still the reason to hide. Remove the ego and the dance of transparent intimacy empowers your relationship into the infinite realms of light.

* Metaphoric castles: is intimate emotional support, or intimate spiritual support. Something intimate your lover does for you that no one else does. It’s something that is built upon, and becomes a quality of relating, a side dish or added ingredient in the relationship that is carefully constructed just for you by your partner.

My blessings to you…

I need to be very clear: Self empowerment happens because it’s coming from your choices; your self-awareness. When someone else needs you to behave a certain way to complete their needs, and you have to act outside of your comfort zone to make that possible. Then you need to know that, that kind of vulnerability comes from their control, and you’re stepping into their realm of domination if it serves you, or manipulation if it doesn’t serve you.
Out of this, I want you to act as if this is the only life you get to live. This is how we find empowerment.

Ego-less Relationship


Spring 2014 001
Practicing boundaries with anyone, will show you in a very short time, if and where a relationship / partnership is sturdy, and what the two of you truly have in common as in personal values. The intensity of the union in romantic love, gives little room to find and act from your separate self. We give up our trust and look to them to make us happy, then we become lost in the other person all so easily. Or to become enmeshed in the other person; moving as one.
Healthy boundaries creates room to breath, enough-so to allow your own individual passions and interests separate from them to flourish. By removing the ego, we find a love for our partner that has soft edges. As in wanting to do special things with this person because they’re fun, and not “needing” them to complete us.

Relationship is to romance, as partnership is to companionship. Romance has a shelf-life, and that life may last up to two years or until you finally let your guard down, then it all matures into partnership. A lot of changes happen during that shift. Our chemistry quiets and softens, and the authentic self comes out to shine. The practice of the ego-less relationship creates incredible meaning and depth, however for it to do so we must show up, pay attention and participate.

When confronted with an issue men have a tendency to pound it into the ground, and women have a tendency to be submissive. Neither one is being emotionally responsible.
Mature responsibility comes from your inner conviction or integrity; where you state your direction in a “matter of fact” manner. There’s no need to be aggressive or submissive, it’s an action, and not a reaction from an opinion. Your acting from your inner declaration, which is independent from anyone outside of yourself.

Following our own happiness/excitement while practicing the ego-less relationship transforms our awareness, gives our life more permission to want to remove the dysfunctional ego, which in itself clears our perceptions. By being realistic about who’s in control of our happiness, and keeping our ego in check we’re not getting lost in the other person. So the other person is not responsible for making us happy, we are, and when we follow and stay in control of our own happiness, then our life is empowered. We’re following our own happiness and our lover is along for the fun, as we are for them. If at any time we step into and be apart of the decision of another person or our lover (just because you’re now lovers, doesn’t mean you stop thinking for yourself), we ask ourselves “does this inspire and energize me”? A simple yes or no, and by following that “yes” we surround ourselves with empowerment, which fills our self-love tank, and that keeps us clear of drama! For this to work for us, we have to show up and pay attention, and truly be honest to ourselves as we hold “that” which keeps ourselves in balance.

The ego-less relationship is one in which you have become aware of the incredible drama, that an unbalanced ego can create. As we pull away from the dysfunctional ego, we find support in the nurturing of the wholeness with one’s self. Taking time to learn what a dark ego looks like, then what wholeness looks like, is time well spent (ego is described in detail on the page Boundaries and Personal Power). Because there’s no space like free space in a drama-free relationship. Each person’s sense of “wholeness” is different from the next. It’s that inner feeling of completion, where the inner balance is fed by self-awareness / self-love / self-loyalty, and we no longer need another person to fill that void. Spirit/God connection is another place that can fill that void better than a person can, because there’s not all that failed expectations, and drama around conditions of love.
Unfortunately most people don’t understand what balance without drama even looks like, because drama is such a natural way of relating for them.
Drama: is attaching emotional story to any situation. Pointing fingers, as in “he said… she said…”. An excuse is a story. Or what the other person is not doing “right”, is a story.
Without drama: the past is gone and the future’s not here yet. All that’s worth living for, happens right now, and the only person in control of that moment is you.
* Ego is you jumping into my face about issues you want me to change, when in fact the only thing you have control over is “you”.

The ego is apart of the Self; very much apart of the physical experience. When the human body dies, the ego stays with the body. Because the ego is the personality of the mind, in the same sense that your heart’s character is the personality of your Spirit.
The ego and the heart both want to be in control of the body, and the ego will manipulate your feelings to do so. The ego and the heart cannot control the body at the same time, you have to consciously choose who is going to run the show. The one you give the most attention to-love or fear, is the one that unfolds the circumstances of your life.
Ego is not something we can turn off completely, we can however learn how to tone it down, and this is done by turning and facing it. “I see you and understand you. I have received and learned the lessons from you, but I am done now. You are no longer in control of this body. I release you now”. Then open the heart to yourself, and learn how to think and process life through the heart center. The lessons of the heart may start with self-love, however over-all it teaches self-value. How wonderful you are, and that you deserve…
With your finger: draw a lite center line across the skin from the top of the rib cage to the bottom of the rib cage, and where you feel the most sensitive is where your heart chakra is. Sometimes putting a small piece of tape on that location will draw your attention to that location when doing heart meditations, or when you want to shift the thinking to the heart instead of the mind.

When looking at this for the first time we think it’s completely crazy! “At what point does the other person take responsibility for what hurts me”?! Anything that hurts me: “This is a boundary of mine, please don’t do that again”. If it continues, you give them space, and you let them know your giving them space by consequences of your happiness. If telling them is not enough, then more space is given. Even if you end up moving out of the house. It’s not about you teaching them to be responsible for their own emotions, it’s about you following your own happiness. Otherwise you become their emotional doormat and babysitter. [If someone says they’re going to change for you, that is not possible. It takes a huge amount of energy to hold the line of change for someone else, and we tend to change back to our old self easily and effortlessly because it is for someone else. It takes little to no effort when changing for yourself.]
This also goes both ways as you are responsible for your emotions, by which they are to theirs. Your emotions came from you, you created them, and through responsibility you get to decide what to do with them. If you have a “feeling” that the world is out to get you, it is still “your” feeling, your creation, and your opportunity for change. “This is what I mean by inner work”.
“The healing power of positive thoughts, stimulates motivating words, sprouts persistent actions, and therefore creates the amazing environment around you”.

Living with ego is addictive, because it’s very easy to point fingers and say “you’re the reason why my life is a living hell”!!! To point fingers is instant emotional gratification. However this does not build trust, it shreds it, and the relationship begins to unravel. Your partner is no longer someone you share love with, they’re someone you share complaints with, and the fun goes right out the window!
If I want different results in myself or in a relationship, I know I have to be different to get something different. I can’t behave the same way and get different results.
Looking at this with eyes wide open is time well spent. [The same goes for running a business.]

When we’re dumping our hurt feelings on someone, because we’re in denial of our own responsibility for our own feelings. All this comes because we have dropped our guard and our boundaries, and from this have given up our power. By taking back our power and our responsibility for these feelings, we discover that our lives go back to a form that brings us meaning and depth.
Anger, resentment, guilt, shame… Come because we have crossed a boundary in ourselves that should have been there to protect us. Now we can choose to either dump those feelings on them, and chance losing them. Or own those feelings, and take a little time to understand why we’re having those feelings. Then heal that place, and create a boundary so this doesn’t happen again.
Choosing this path, and acting from healthy boundaries restructures the relationship a bit. Because now we have to act from real honesty, as in being verbally clear about what our needs are, and not just guessing what that grunt means.
When we discover that our own fear and hurt IS our own creation, then the relationship with the other person changes. Because self-discipline on personal issues is what gives depth to the relationship. It’s self-discipline in the beginning, and turns into self-acceptance with this practice.

Acting out control is a fear response, and many haven’t quite learned the difference between that and boundaries. Control is something that I do to another person outside of myself. A boundary is something that comes from my inner conviction, as a way of protecting myself from the ill will of others. A boundary may or may not be something that is spoken out loud. Most of the time it’s simply something we act out without discussing it with the other person. It becomes apart of the character of our integrity.

The ego-less relationship is one of transparency; nothing is hidden, nothing is secret, and their business becomes your concern. The only thing you may keep to yourself is your inner relationship with (God); prayer and the way in which you pull in ($) abundance into your life.
Hiding daily details from our partner has a tendency to breakdown trust and creates walls of anxiety and dread. The ego-less relationship shatters all those walls, and the empowerment of transparency shines through. Honesty has to be open; honest actions, different from telling them every single little detail about one’s life. It’s when honesty partners with loyalty; it’s more in “the action of it” than in the word of it. As in, “from this moment forward my actions with her will reflect the integrity I am”. If I tell you I’m having a good day when I’m really not, then it’s my discretion, and not a lie. Different from the action of being considerate about all your coming’s and going’s, which creates strong bonds. Or having the courage to work through with them what hurts. This level of transparency gives permission for love to penetrate all corners of this relationship.
Sharing the details of cheating with our partner is where we have crossed a line into too much sharing. Confessing such darkness creates such darkness. The Cave of Darkness

* When we are sharing or talking to our partner about what hurts us, we have to be coming from the place of ourselves. We cannot be pointing our fingers at them; we cannot be yelling about what they are doing wrong! Instead, “I” discuss what it is that I am feeling, and there for I’m discovering more of what my needs are. So I’m changing myself, clearly staying on my own side of the street, and asking myself what it is that “I” can do to bring peace and balance to this situation? Or what do I need to do to protect myself if this happens again? It’s my feelings; my need for change, and my opportunity for growth. My partner is simply here as a mirror to reflect back to me “what line my healing needs to follow”.

* The ego-less relationship puts us in the driver’s seat, so-much-so that we become completely comfortable in being responsible for the direction and well-being of our own life, love, financial wealth, and emotional freedoms. We find joy in the responsibility because for the first time we are experiencing an emotional freedom with another person.
* Our responsibility extends well into every emotional reaction that can possibly be thought of, or even something that happens to you by the consequences of what another person is doing. It’s your responsibility to pick and choose your interactions with others, or your level of involvement-how much of your precious attention you give. If someone is mistreating you, it’s your responsibility to state a boundary, or step away from them. Because only you know how much you can handle. Stepping away from them is a way of announcing a physical boundary. It’s not important to always say out loud your boundaries, instead you can keep them to yourself, and just act them out.
* When you have an emotional reaction towards someone or a situation, and you process those emotions on your own through exercise, or an unemotional activity. Then you don’t engage in the drama with your partner, while stumbling through in trying to navigate your own happiness. (Boundaries and Personal Power, the section on Processing)
Say (he) is yelling at you about what you did that made him angry, he is talking about his anger, and because he’s not being responsible with his emotions he’s dumping it on you. Truth is, all that stuff is his. Out of many, he chose “this” response. So you have a choice to either take on what they are dumping, or simply create a boundary for them to process somewhere else other than on you. This keeps the relationship clean of all ego distortions. If you are blaming the other person for your unhappiness, either change your ways or chance loosing what you have. Instead of blaming the other person for our unhappiness, we take ownership of those feelings, and therefore what is expressed to our partner is always clean.

If we took time at the end of the day to process all the feelings, of all the experiences of the day’s events, without dumping it on each other, we would have a much better sleep. A bad night’s sleep happens simply because the subconscious is processing all of the day’s emotions in the dreamscape, and sometimes those wild emotions can keep us awake. A 20 minute walk will clear out of the body an entire day of stress, while disconnecting from story, so walk it off, and as you do so let go of that story. So by getting to the end of that walk you feel clear and refreshed. Everyone especially teenagers need a daily event of physical activity.
“I had a woodpile to get me through my emotions. Cut, spit and stacked 14 cord of firewood a year, and that got me through the emotional chaos of high school”.   

* Friends are here to help with the processing of life’s emotions, or we process while exercising, yoga or meditation. Anything that feeds our quality of life that doesn’t require another person or too much heavy thinking is a healthy avenue for processing.
When processing life: our lover is not an emotional dumping ground. Your partner maybe there to hold the metaphysical garbage bucket for you to dump the day’s stress into, they are however, not there to become the bucket (it’s one thing to hold the bucket they are throwing-up into, and another for them to throw-up on you). Those charged emotions are dealt with someplace else other than face to face with them. If for some reason we can’t get past an issue with somebody or any given situation, then we go off by ourselves for a walk or anything that keeps the mind idle and the hands busy. Then give that person or situation a little space so we can process through it, and come back to clarity. Processing back to clarity effectively happens mostly through the subconscious mind. To do this it helps to turn off the emotional story; disconnect from the story, and stay connected to feelings. When we mentally turn off the story, we also mentally tone down the ego, because story is the ego’s emotional justification, and or judgemental dumping ground.
That’s why we “walk it off”, or any activity that gives that emotion a constructive instead of destructive expression. This direction really does keep the relationship clean.
If you need help in understanding an approach to a situation, it’s appropriate to talk about it, without emotion. As in talking about the facts about how “you feel”, different from what the other person is doing or not doing. Talk about the situation from your side and ask “what can I do today that is positively different from yesterday”. The moment emotion comes into it, it becomes an emotional dumping ground, and that is drama and very destructive on relationships. By taking drama out of a relationship, what is naturally replaced, is support that comes from your god-self instead of your ego-self.

Self-love is enriched by the ownership of the clarity in understanding that your bad feelings about someone else are still your feelings, and therefore your responsibility to control. They don’t do it to you. You allow it to happen to yourself. The art of boundaries allows a person to create a protective shield around one’s self, that gives the other person space for expressing themselves without it effecting you. Your self-love tank becomes full with self-worth, and “that” is what keeps you from being emotionally effected by others. This boundary is a statement that you make to yourself: if someone is mistreating you, this inner need; this emotional boundary, this physical boundary… Is created by you to protect yourself from the ill will of others.

All your feelings belong to you, they are your responsibility to manage, and all his feelings belong to him. A boundary is created to protect yourself from the ill will of others. If he is angry with you and dumping his ill will on you, you create a boundary that says “stop, you go deal with those feelings through a different avenue than through me”. Even if you were wrong, he doesn’t have the right to dump on you. He is upset about something you did, and it is up to him to create a boundary so that doesn’t happen to him again. Besides, if he is making demands upon you, it is really his need for change within himself that needs action, and in his emotional discharge (anger) he is not able to see this in himself. Again this is all because it’s so easy to dump our emotional discord on someone else than it is to be responsible.
Through this process we either end the relationship or we look closely at the ego, and learn to park our pride. When choosing to own and manage our dysfunctional ego, we open the door to the trust of transparency and the ego-less relationship begins.
We find that when we spend more time in the focus of being responsible with our emotions, and acting out of love instead of anger we discover just how much energy it takes to stay angry. Love is our natural state of being, and it’s what keeps us young. Ego’s anger, aggression, fear, regret, shame, guilt… All this makes us age faster.

The action of boundaries pulls up our shields; our emotional shields that keeps out the angry and emotionally dysfunctional issues of others. This action of holding this space is the personal power that we experience as part of the action of boundaries. This action grants us the ability to stand steady while someone like our partner crashes emotionally, and we don’t fall with them. Then we are in a better place to process our way into resolve more quickly.

This kind of communication only works if the both of you play together, because if this practice is one sided the both of you will grow apart very quickly. An ego-less relationship requires a willingness for inner growth, along with a persistence for follow-through. And the rewards are very liberating and have everything to do with living in empowerment. Because by empowering yourself, you also empower your partner with the same enthusiasm, and life affirming affirmations.
In stripping away the responses of the ego, we rekindle an expressive connection with the heart. The qualities of this freedom will be slightly different for each person, and the quality of relationship you choose to lead. Making the defining edges of the relationship fuzzy, because trust becomes automatic. Where love and trust become so entwined that we can’t tell them apart.

Most relationships operate with love through love, which becomes almost unbearably sweet, and it’s loaded with conditions. An ego-less relationship operates with love through trust, where trust becomes the pivot point. When trust becomes automatic, then there’s no jealously, and no withholding in anticipation of something falling apart. Then the relationship supports an environment where it’s safe for expressing vulnerability. And because of trust, love now has space to breathe, and room for deeper expressions.
The ego-less relationship and spiritual love are one in the same thing. Spiritual love is a breath of fresh air, we step into the relationship because it feels right, true and important. Not at all like that uncontrollable hot and steamy attraction felt in high school. And if for any reason we need to change course with that person, we thank them for the adventure and move on to the next. There’s not all that drama in the separation of parting ways, because spiritual love really doesn’t experience separation. Parting ways is a gratitude for the experience, lessons and adventure of time well spent. (Besides, our high school definition of love is one in which “I will back you up even if you where the one who messed up. True love will not enable you to stay stuck, true love will hold your balls to the fire, and will insist on healthy change.)
When expressing spiritual love to everyone, then people like your Ex is someone you remain friends with, because we can continue to see the value beyond what doesn’t work. And the same goes for a failed proposal. If he stays with her beyond a failed proposal, he is well on his way to understanding the ego-less relationship.
The quality of communication with a couple who practice the ego-less relationship is very transparent, creating no loopholes for miss-communications. It naturally removes 98% of the emotional pain that drama drags into relationships. Because healing your past hurt is your responsibility, and not theirs.

If we start boundaries part way into a relationship, it helps to have a good foundation of trust and communication, because the dynamics of the relationship are about to change. (When we are young we are more flexible to change behavioral patterns. Because (if we’re not in the healing process) when we get older we tend to allow hurt to harden our edges.)When (he) is use to having the final decision for the family’s direction, it will be quite a change for him to shift into a co-created relationship. Sharing that control may bring up all sorts of push-me pull-you’s in the dynamics of an established relationship, especially in a relationship where one is more dominate than the other. So tread softly, work into it slowly, persistently talking about your needs, and what brings you happiness.
It’s not the fault of anyone for wanting more. Disrupting the dynamics of an established relationship every now and again is a good thing. For it keeps the relationship from going stale, and getting lost in those routines. It reminds us that relationships without trust are rigid, and ones with trust are very fluid and transforming.

Most people live on the edge of trust. As in using the word “trust”, without  fully understanding what it’s like to actually do it. When we express jealousy, we are showing to the world that we don’t trust, and how fragile our love really is. How many people do you know who talk about trust-and express jealousy? Trust is the backbone in an ego-less relationship; it’s the keystone that holds it all together. Jealousy is a red flag telling us that they don’t fully understand how to remove ego’s (fear) control, and replace it with trust.

When something comes to us easily and effortlessly, then we’re in alignment for it. Or if we’re fighting for that connection, then we’re out of alignment with it. Misalignment should be a Red Flag as to the appropriate timing of something, or simply a step in the wrong direction.
So when a person takes the time to understand what a dysfunctional ego looks like through the practice of boundaries, and the patience to come into that alignment. This person will then gain a better insight into who they are, and therefor the more they’ll know what partner will fit them better. We gain the clarity of eyes that see and a mind that understands, and from that a standard is born. By which our reactions with others have more meaningful depth, “it’s no longer just because they’re cute”.
* Understanding alignment, and how it feels when it’s correct will teach us volumes about living in empowerment. Most people don’t wait for that alignment to come into play, they just pounce on an idea. It’s when we have that sense of timing, does that alignment pay off in such a way that is golden; in other words it will not need to be fixed, for it will not break. When pouncing on an idea before it’s time, we find we often have to go back and re-tune it. So by waiting for the alignment where all the pieces all come together smoothly, then there’s nothing to fix.

The ego-less relationship brightens the path by reminding us of what it is that we are bringing to the table in this relationship. It becomes the depth and breath of our own presence, and from that we find something deeper like the ability to hear, and understand what one’s partner’s needs are moment by moment to grow and blossom, without loosing that sense of our own self. It becomes a win-win. “This is the path less traveled”.

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My blessings to you…

If you’re interested in this post, then my page on Relationships will be equally a good read.

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Sexual Energy in Spiritual life


100_1394* When we start to combine the many different practices of spiritual healing, and moving subtle energy in the body, our partner’s experience of us begins to expand. Everything to do with spiritual healing happens through the atmosphere of love, and when we include spiritual guidance into that practice, the expression of love expands 1000 fold. Then the sexual experience is no longer just physical. You become aware of his Chi, he may become aware of her energy palpitations moving like waves. Sex is a format that allows us the space to discover the deeper mysteries of who we are and how we can be. Yoga, even walking is a practice that expands our sense of self-awareness, self-love and self-loyalty. So if you both have a similar practice, then the sexual experience becomes so much more. Pushing the boundaries of love, and the full scope of potential expressions to bring to fruition beyond the bedroom.
Open your listening ear to their needs, then provide that healing space. Become more of the nurturer you are.
When the masculine and feminine are in balance in supporting each other, that trust turns into bliss… Harmony of the Sexes.
All of this and others like it help to expand the sexual experience and the couples bond.

*  Sacred sex is one that slows down, where he is guided by the rhythm of her breathe. His excitement is stimulated by what brings her to climax. She is stimulated by his desire for rediscovery of her sexy details.
Slow down, talk to each other about what you like. For there to be a stimulating experience for the both of you, it helps for you both to slightly step outside of your comfort zone… For her to be clear about her needs, for him to actively listen, and for the both of you to be present for each other.

* What gets her excited takes a Lot more than what it does for him. And what stimulates her is Far more gentle, then how he would be for himself. If he is a 10 for himself, then she needs a 4 or less from him.

* Women need a lot of interest from men, and they need it all the way through their lives.
What ever their love-language is, needs to be consistently expressed, and that expression coming from you for them, needs to be an expression of your presence of light; your inner potential shining bright as you perform their love language.
Whatever he did to win her heart, he must continue to keep it. When we get caught up by routine and lost in life’s details, we often forget all so easily the emotional health and well-fair of those closest to us.

* There are two different kinds of people to be mindful of when attracting a mate. Those who are the married type [regardless of relationship status] and those who are the bachelor / bachelorette. Someone with the bachelor energy will last in a relationship about 6 months, Where with the energy of the married-one, their high level of contentment through easy commitment is on all the time.
A break-up with a bachelor is one that you see coming. Or if they don’t want to be seen as the “bad guy”, they will make the situation impossible for you to stay with. In any case, those relationships are short.
A break-up with a married-one comes as a surprise, because it’s so unlike them.

* People who find it easy to say “I love you”, are people who really know themselves, and where trust is not an issue. They will also say it consistently at times when you’re doing something in which they feel valued by. So if you’re someone who clearly needs trust in your relationship, this is how you can spot it. Still, use your sense of discernment. Ask yourself “does this relationship / decision inspire and energize me”, and following that yes we surround ourselves with empowerment.

* How to sense the next person: When we are between relationships, and we’re eager about the next person. How do we sense when they are near. A strong indicator is in your night-time dreams. The dreamscape is a reflection of the mental and emotional work that we work through during the day. The dreamscape will also reveal hidden tendencies. So if you’re conscious about pulling into your life a prosperous relationship, and start to put together a picture in your mind of what that means for you. As you move through this process, the dreamscape will show you how close or far off they are by presenting a faceless person in your dreams. More or less interaction with this person will reflect how close they are to finding you.

Intimacy and sex:
Most people have sex thinking they’re getting their intimacy issues fulfilled. Cuddling and verbal communications: “you’re going to be okay”, and helping to talk it through is much more effective than sex alone. Separate from intimacy, sex is always a two-way street. If he is there to complete his emotions for the day, and not there for her emotional reassurance. Then he is telling her that she’s not worth the effort.
Intimacy is not sex alone, intimacy is verbal and nonverbal communication, that part that is only transparent to your partner. It’s only shared to others in confidence, and only with permission. For intimacy comes with great trust and from a deeper level in the relationship.

* Anal sex for most men is a belief that they need something tight to come to climax. This belief comes from people who live in their minds instead of their feeling centers. When we live in our minds, we often get caught up in performance, and that creates issues around getting-it-up, or ejaculation issues.

* Childhood Sexual Development
Between the ages of 0 to 13 there are many behavioral demonstrations that are presented, that make or break healthy adult relationships of all kinds. It’s all about self-discovery, just like how we use toys for the practice of friendship (Teddy bear).
What creates healthy emotional interactions between couples and a good sex-life, is first being comfortable with our own sex, and this discovery happens as a young child. For the dad to kiss his boy on the lips is very natural, and the son will naturally shift away from this when the processing of this need is fulfilled, which is very subconscious. First we process these emotions in the safety of our own sex, then we cross the street. All this is very natural. It’s when we disrupt it does it create chaos all the way down the line.
As children our first sexual encounter is with ourselves, and then with our own sex as with a best friend. Kissing and touching. This experience is a one time thing, something that is sought out by the individual, and very instinctual. A very gentle one time experience is all that is needed to have a lifetime of healthy relationships with the opposite sex. However if a child is exposed to porn at that age, they will be seeking that similar experience which is not one of balance.
This vital part of a positive sexual development that is rarely experienced, is largely do to either lack of opportunity, exposure to porn or parental interference.
When parents shame us to the core, it has a tendency of having us questioning our own sense of sexual self-worth when entering healthy adult relationships. Sexual shame is an emotional projection; a way for the parent / friend / sibling to pass on their emotional guilt, and something that has absolutely nothing to do with you.

* If we put a masculine man (he-man) and a feminine woman (girlie-girl) in the same room together, what happens in terms of relating is he will relate to her as the weaker sex, because to him she is a weak man. The woman will try to retrain him to be more like a woman, so she can better understand him. When applying this pattern of relating to the single parent, what we get is a one-sided child. It takes both the masculine and feminine guidance to get a well rounded child. All relationships require focus and attention. So by learning about him, and listening to her, then acting responsibly in the relationship that child’s emotional education will flourish.

Questions and Answers:
* What makes someone lose power when making love? The concept of “losing power”, comes from the limitations of the human mind. In truth there’s not a limited amount of energy or power/conscious awareness. If someone gets sleepy after sex, then “that” is just what they need to relax and let go, and they will wake up refreshed and renewed. Getting sleepy or being energized by sex, is a way the emotions get processed, and very natural.
* How does a psychic woman tune out messages about her boyfriend when they sleep next to each other? Don’t sleep in the same bed with him “every” night. Honor your psychic boundaries. My beloved and I are both psychics, and we don’t sleep in the same house together. Otherwise we’re on all the time; it takes a lot of energy to be clairvoyantly on all the time. So we value time together and time apart.
Transforming love to spiritual energy? Raise your awareness, and just become your highest ethical value. Stay in this space regardless of where you find yourself. Be mindful of how we are for ourselves, and not pushing those ideals on other people.
* How do I protect myself energetically during sex? Read my post on Energy Shielding.
* Cleansing sexual energy from a partner who sleeps with other woman. This is not something one person can do for another without their permission. You’re at a “crossroads” lesson. Either you accept that you are sharing your partner with another, or you gather up and step out.
Healing another person of their misconduct because it makes you feel uncomfortable, that’s an emotional projection. You want them to change so you can be happy, when in truth “you need to change for you” so you can be happy. So either accept what’s going on, or leave the relationship. We can hold the space and provide a nurturing environment for them to heal. However in this situation, this is their threshold of healing to cross. They either accept your care, and use that environment to heal or you move on. We can’t do this for them.
If they accept your support: then look for someone who can “cut cords of emotional attachment” or someone familiar with psychic surgery, for the maintenance of your own emotional welfare.
* How to make sex more spiritual? What makes sex more spiritual is when we focus on what couples find sexy beyond the bedroom.
What she finds sexy is when he has that “can do, want to do” attitude. It’s his confidence in knowing his strengths, and acting on them, because she will know instinctively when he’s being real or not.
What he finds sexy in her, is when she gives him the space to provide; the space to create *metaphoric castles around her.
When it’s natural and easy for him to act out her love language, as it is for her then the relationship moves on silk.
When we click in this fashion we will have a stronger bond as a married couple, because what he does naturally feeds her,  as she does for him. For couples who don’t have this, they can shift their behavior into this action. Because this action feeds you in such a way that has you wanting more.
However if you’re in a relationship with someone who is very controlling, or someone with a big ego, or someone with very low confidence issues, it may take more energy to shift them out of that then you want to give. These are qualities to look for before saying “I do”.

*Metaphoric castles: is intimate emotional support, or intimate spiritual support. Something intimate your lover does for you that no one else does. It’s something that is built upon, and becomes a quality of relating, a side dish or added ingredient in the relationship that is carefully constructed just for you.

May your blessings be the tender experience of touch.

Karmic Relationship?


ranch 1_08008#9542How do you know if you’re in a karmic relationship?
* Well if the attraction in the beginning was very Hot, so hot in fact that you forgot who you were and what your hopes and dreams were.
* If no matter what you do or they do, you can’t help it, and you keep going back for more.
* Impassable conflicts. Where things never really become resolved, and just become swept under the rug.
* One sided relationship, you love him even though he doesn’t see you. Or no matter how much you love them the connection just isn’t there.
* When he spends more money then he has, in trying to capture the attention of her eye. It’s a karmic attraction that drives you crazy in trying to get their attention.
* When she turns herself into an emotional pretzel, in trying to please him anyway she can. Obligation and intense “here we go again” dread.
* All the relationships that have heavy karma don’t have breathable space between the two of you.
* Karma can be those relationships in which we put that person so high on that pedestal, that if they fall they’ll never land. Where their needs matter much more than you do, and where it’s so far out of balance that you call it devotion. Dripping with sticky conditions.
* Your unending devotion for his love… As powerful as it is, is not seen by him, or is not as deeply expressed as yours is. And you know this, but you keep going back, hoping things will change… Yet they don’t.

You will cut off an arm to get his attention… Now how dysfunctional is that!!! So do you want out of this co-dependent mess?!
Karmic lessons are presented by Spirit from the light of Grace, and no two karmic relationships are quite the same. A karmic relationship is past life emotional history [cause and effect], that you are now at a crossroads with, and a choice for opportunities to bring it back into balance. These relationships are resulting from our inappropriate actions with people past and present. As we search for balance and learn to correct the pattern, we discover an opportunity to look at it differently. We have the choice now, to either respond from love or continue with anger.
Dharma or good karma is when we have acted from balance, and that beautiful energy going out comes back to us bringing prosperity’s abundance. When we’re in balance we’re in alignment with our true self, and therefore in alignment with God/Love/Gratitude/Wholeness. Both karma and dharma, are completely out of our control, as to how the lesson comes at us, this my friend is up to The Spirits. However, I can look at a situation and say “that will create karma”, and choose to avoid it all together. Deliberately hurting someone for personal gain creates steep karma. Like sexual drama, and or sexual trauma.

In a relationship, the stronger the physical attraction is, the stronger the karmic lesson will be. The physical attraction [chemistry] was designed by God to keep us with that person, so they could help us push through our issues. Because if I truly knew of the pain I’d go through with this person, then I’d run from the room screaming!!! Yet the strong physical attraction holds me steady, so the lesson can unfold. By having this experience and learning this lesson with this person, we’ve come out of this relationship a better person.

Karma, not always yet can be those sticky, bumpy, challenging and disagreeable places in a relationship. So karma shows us where in the relationship we need to be more responsible with our emotions, as in where we need to transform anger, resentment and shame, into love, gratitude and joy. It also shows us where our boundaries need to be, and why.
Karma creates a drive in us, that we don’t have much control over as in how our emotions flutter. It’s not something we can hide from, and to tell the truth, the only short cut is to turn and face it. What is it that will bring you back into balance, and back into alignment with your true authentic self? Returning to balance has some variation to do with taking back your power, or practicing forgiveness [for self and others], standing in your power and taking charge of your own life… Without controlling the other person. And it’s one thing to have in your mind the concept of Self empowerment, although the real work begins when we follow that thought with action, and put all that wonderful knowledge into practice. Every positive step you take, brings you closer to your true authentic Self, and freedom from karma with that person. Karma can be seen as the chains that hold us back from self empowerment in expression. The heavier the karma, the less freedom of authentic self-expression.

Resolving karma asks us to be responsible with our own personal balance. So it’s not what the other person is doing wrong. Stepping into empowerment is about what you are doing for yourself that keeps you healthy and whole. Karma reminds us of the incredible gift that we are as individuals, by showing us the dysfunction it’s also pointing back to balance, and if the relationship you’re in doesn’t reflect heart, then change it!
When Karma is resolved with another person, the heat of the attraction melts and softens, or it feels like you’re done or like the page has been turned. A weight has been lifted and it’s now easy to step away. The love is still there, it’s just not as sticky with damaging conditions. It’s transformed and has risen into those higher fields of spiritual love and deep compassion.
In removing yourself from a painful relationship, we do so for the reasons of self empowerment, as to keep from repeating painful situations.
When Karma is resolved with the self, life moves freely with little resistance.
The finer points of karma is to learn to overcome the obstacles of illusion, to break down the understanding that the physical realm is only illusion [this does not mean we stop caring for the physical body], and through compassion of all things we find “there is only God”.

For the extended version of this page go to: Can a Karmic Relationship Work?

* The meaning of life is “to grow into God”; to act freely from a guiltless mind.
* Karma comes from God’s law, it’s what keeps us accountable. Karma is everywhere and in everything, it’s about how to stand in Love while we’re in the midst of adversity. As White Eagle would put it, “keep on, keeping on”. As well as learning to identify what is sticky karma, well for starters it’s unnecessary drama with people, and then what is empowerment and how can we apply it to our every step? Well does this relationship / decision inspire and energize me”? And by following that “yes” we keep ourselves out of karma’s drama.
* The goal is to connect to your true authentic self through boundaries, and step into personal power. Which in itself puts you into self empowerment, far beyond what your partner can do for you.
Walking on emotional eggshells, and not being free to be yourself, is the opposite of being authentic. Being authentic [to speak and act from the guiltless mind] in your relationships is a sign that your on track. Again, being authentic is an important ingredient, so if you don’t have it… Find it. Being authentic is not about being a bully and getting your own way, it’s about having the space and freedom to breath, or freedom for self-expression through the well-spring of your own calling.
* The way out of a karmic relationships is forgiveness, both to the other person and to yourself.
* Quantum Forgiveness
To Self: I am spirit, my body is only an illusion, it has nothing to do with what I really am.
To Other: You are spirit, whole and innocent, all is forgiven and released.
–The book set * Course in Miracles. Repeat this every time you have unsettled feelings for yourself or others.
* Taking back your power is standing up for yourself, it’s identifying dysfunctional behaviors in others, and not engaging with them along those lines [if you can identify dysfunctional behaviors in others, you may also be able to see it in yourself as well]. It’s setting a high standard within yourself for your quality of life, and only allowing those who nurture and support this quality to come into your inner circle. To empower ourselves is to stand strong in our own conviction, without pushing those ideals on someone else. An inward declaration, for the self by the self… This is self empowerment.

If you’ve just discovered abuse 10 years into the marriage, it’s still important in that moment to stand strong in your empowerment, and without thinking, let them know that they have just crossed a line. History or no history… Your self-worth is greater than this!!! And it’s up to them to find their way back or chance loosing what they have. And if you cave-in, then your telling yourself you’re not worthy of love’s empowerment. Be the wisdom!!! And step out of karma and into empowerment.
Think of karma and incarnations like going to college… Going to class, learning the lessons and passing the course. “A soul mate is a classmate in the school of soul”. There’s a lot of unsettled emotions expressed, as you find yourself in your own dark corners. Then your pushed by your soulmate to overcome those issues, and you move beyond the issue as a more refined and better person.
And those of us who identify the intensity these karmic relationships bring, have great compassion for those going through it.
By perspective, this does not need to be a bad experience. Love is a state of mind, and karma is another adventure in this amazing life unfolding. Embrace personal growth, and the lesson won’t feel so scary.
Anything in a relationship that is difficult to push through is karmic. So each relationship has something that will push us to grow, and karma is a way of describing that growth. Karma is “that” part of the situation that you resist. So in looking at all the parts, remember to look at yourself, carefully.
However karma comes in ways other than just relationships. Many diseases like cancer is karmic, anytime there is something that can’t be avoided, and you have to go through the experience of it, is karmic.
Thinking you can run from a situation by entering a new relationship or moving to a new town, think again. We can’t hide from karma. The short-cut out of karma is to turn and face the issue, with ownership and forgiveness without judgement.

Questions and Answers:
* How do you know when a karmic relationship is bad for you? It’s when the attraction pulls you out of balance and away from yourself. Or on a darker note: it’s when the relationship turns toxic, and is no longer productive. It’s when it’s all about them and your feelings don’t count, and it’s when you become their emotional doormat. It’s when you’ve extended your personal growth as far as you can, and still the issue is unresolved. Then you own the freedom of stepping away from them.
* What creates a karmic relationship? Any time we hurt another for personal gain. Because we don’t want to be responsible for our own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual welfare and instead make someone else responsible for it. Bullying, forcing, killing…
* A karmic relationship by definition is not a bad thing? No it’s not. It is an opportunity to learn and overcome something new about yourself, and learning to look at life in a different way. If you can see what is broken, then you can express how to heal. Your healing is an action by you and for you. Another person can support you, they however can not do it for you. Your karma is your creation, by your design, therefor it’s yours to heal.
* What if we don’t learn from a karmic relationship? We don’t have the choice not to. Conscious or unconscious, big steps or little steps, in this life or the next… “We are always moving forward”. Conscious steps just insures not repeating it.
* When we have heart-ache or feel a heavy heart, that’s you not honoring yourself and not having healthy boundaries. The heavy feeling we call heart-break is the one time when we can physically feel the ego; ego that loud and obnoxious voice that creates separation between us and anything good in our lives. It’s that nagging voice in the back of the head that says: “you don’t deserve happiness”. To move out of this situation, we start by looking carefully at what is the dysfunctional ego; how does it rain chaos in our relationships. Then from there we begin to take ownership of that chaos and start the practice of boundaries, and from there the clarity of the ego-less relationship begins.
* How do you know if your attraction is karmic? If you have an attraction, passion and even devotion for someone other than God, then yes it is karmic in some fashion. It’s when we see more of God in the world then ego. Then from this action we find that we are with our partner simply because they are fun to be with, and not because we feel that they complete us. Karma is simply the journey of coming back to center; back to mental, emotional and spiritual balance, and when we arrive at that very center we then come into alignment with our god-self instead of our ego-self. And like the rose bud, we can’t force it. Each person’s journey of healing is completely unique onto them.
* How do karmic relationships end? It has that distinctive feeling of coming full cycle, as it becomes complete. It ends by you practicing forgiveness everyday until you no longer have the need to be in control of the situation; be the one who is right, have the need to be heard by them, or even have the need to be seen by them in any form. The intense attraction you had for them in the beginning has transformed into compassion. You’re no longer pulled and tugged at by the conditions of the relationship. You’ve found your wings.
* Do karmic relationships ever work? Sure they do, you just have to know which one you’re in. Do you have resentment more than 50% of the time? Do you have a difficult time being your authentic self. Do you have a love–hate relationship with this person? If so then I would say you’re in a challenging karmic relationship. If you have none of this, then you have been kissed by grace, and your karma comes through devotional service.
* Do karmic relationships ever end in love? Yes, when you have a loving heart toward your partner, even though you may have to go in separate ways. Karma ultimately teaches us to see and connect to “that of God in each of us”, including one’s self, and by doing so touch upon the essence of spiritual love and deep compassion for every one we meet.
Karma ends in love when the both of you are able to see, and speak out loud to each other about the space between you. That space being: time together, and time apart. As in knowing when your emotional needs are asking you for time apart, and this short gentle time apart is seen as something that nurtures the relationship. Because what ever bad feelings you may have, you will have processed out by the time you return.
* Karmic relationship! Now what?! Practice boundaries. Learn how to remove the dysfunctional ego, and by this we surround ourselves with self empowerment. Stand strong in the beautiful person you are, and when you fall out of balance learn what it was that tipped you over. Then correct it, and return to balance. When we learn to live in empowerment each relationship becomes rich and more vibrant than the last. “Especially when we match our new lover with the vibration of the empowerment that we are living”.
* Can karmic relationships improve?
Yes, when we learn to stay in balance within one’s self, and stay out of co-dependent behaviors. Then yes the relationship can improve. Whether we are conscious or unconscious about the lessons of the relationship, we are on some level working through to resolve. This is the nature of life, whether we like it or not, we are always moving forward.

*** What is Karma? it’s all those feelings and emotions that get stirred-up by people we love or hate. Karma is simply a way of describing unlearned lessons resulting from our own actions of cause and effect finding balance. It’s the soul’s journey of learning lessons that returns us home to The Loving God.
So why did the soul separate from God. Well, simply because for a moment it asked the question, “is there more than God”? And from that question the physical realm was created, and the long cycles of incarnations of karma. Earth is a class room, a training ground to teach and remind us that “there is only God”, and everything else is just an illusion.

My blessings to you…

Dancing Light


001 (15)
Each breath that fills the heart, each step that is followed by the heart, and each expression that comes from the heart… Is the dance of your Spirit’s gift to the world.
The captivating beauty of your physical self, your engagement of the world around you, and the enchanted enlightenment of the quality you’re becoming is such a gift to the world… and all those lives you touch. No matter how great or small you “think” you are, we all bring glory to the table’s feast of life.


The Kiss


The kiss has been a form of greeting for many thousands of years, the human connection that is woven into the fabric of our lives, and throughout all cultures. This warm gentle embrace that is the nurturing kiss.
The mouth is where we take in sustenance for nurturing the body,  where we breathe in life, and where we express the finer details of our desires. Face to face we embrace.
Nothing fills our love-tank quite so nurturing as the kiss. A sensational connection that turns on our extra sensory perceptions, that fills us with such joy and amazing gratitude. For it is an energy port for the Light-body. When we kiss there is a connection that is made from spirit to spirit, and that connection begins to light-up the chakra system. Which in turn leaves an imprint on our spiritual psyche.
As sweet as the dew kissed by the morning sun. The empowerment of a kiss is given, not taken. This kiss that is freely given, opens the heart to all possibilities, yet is completely content in the now.
It’s an active expression that speaks volumes of the feelings that arise, “understand the heart behind this kiss”.


The Wall of Sacrifice


005 (5)Sacrifice is a man-made concept, God intended no one to sacrifice anything ever [except with children]. Human created it because it’s a helpful tool in teaching obedience and practice. However, as we step into those more refined details of a deeper relationship with Spirit and life, and enter that world of abundance, we no longer need that practice. It takes focus and attention to know when it’s time to shift. Life has an easy natural flow, and when we step off that path life begins to look like a mess. Sacrifice and God don’t belong in the same sentence together.

Human sacrifice comes from an extreme. All religions have their extremes, or where the practice has gone so far that it is now out-of-balance. Human sacrifice DOES NOT please the Gods, it does nothing and creates more chaos.
Hollywood loves the term, because it sells movies. Hollywood and the movie industry doesn’t care about what is truth. For Hollywood everything is taken out of context; out-of-order.

Sacrifice is a term that we use when describing survival. However, “survival” and “a deep meaningful relationship” don’t mix, to have one you have to let go of the other.
If we take the time to look closely at the details, and choose love as the lens of our vision. We can see beyond sacrifice and into a co-creating environment. To accelerate into higher learning / higher living we will have to be okay with seeing beyond sacrifice, and step into the world of abundance.

Men Be Aware…

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038For every man that has promised the sun and moon, and has delivered nothing has been loosing ground in his relationship. Always follow through on things that have been planed or promised… a woman’s greatest pet-peeve, and from this she has the memory of an elephant.

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