Manifesting One’s World

Chris and hawk #1Ever find yourself dancing down the road of life, then all of a sudden the road takes a sharp corner, and you find yourself out in the corn field not knowing just how you got there? Where suddenly we’ve just lost our job, our partner leaves us, or the sky feels like its falling. This is simply where change takes us by surprise. The question is “how do we get back to the path”? Change is a constant and when we choose to drift in life, sometimes it can come up and bite us in the butt. If we’ve lost our job, it’s time for a better one… Or a different one. Nothing stays the same. A change in career, or a shift in one’s awareness. Real change is not outside of the self, “it’s change within the self, healing, growth, following the path of becoming your inner potential… All this leads to real change”.
What is it that I want my world to be? Who do I want to become, and who do I want beside me? What are my wildest dreams, and what’s keeping me from them? My belief systems and ego is keeping me from them. “Belief systems that tell us this is all that I am, I was born this way, and this is how the world is”. Belief is one of the greatest illusions of this world, and can be one of the deepest… Darkest… Pits we can find ourselves in. Belief is a concept in one’s mind, yet, knowing is the truth in one’s heart. We can tell when we’re moving in the right direction, things move freely without resistance. Here are a few ideas that will get us out of the corn field, and back on the path.

Discernment: The ability to think and process your own emotional ideas of how the world works, different from the opinions of others, then from there make the appropriate choices. The art of discernment anchors me in my good will, for the choices I make come from my own design; my own idea of happiness. “How I feel, different from what you think”. This is empowerment of emotional navigation.

The Power within Words: If I say what “I don’t want”, Spirit sends it anyway, because God/Spirit/Source doesn’t hear the negative words, just hears “the need”. Keep the “asking” in the positive, and the truth in the “asking” is every time we open our mouth to speak of what we want to “anyone”, WE ARE ASKING AND SPIRIT IS GIFTING. Or the “genie in the bottle” experience. If you really want positive change, the only place you can process the negative is in your mind. If you are complaining to a friend about what you don’t want, “you are still asking”, this spreads out into every corner of the way we use our words. Spoken words are sounds, sound is vibrational frequency, and love is frequency… This is the law of manifestation.
Something comes to me imperfect and flawed, yet it has some redeeming qualities. Do I take what is before me, or do I ask again? If I’ve settled for something that is convenient and not all of what I’m looking for, then I’m declaring to myself that I’m undeserving of something better. Belief of undeserving and living from lack is the quality that keeps us from winning the lottery. When we ask for something better, we do so from our happy place to insure a more harmonious outcome.

Intention: Focus is intention (a tool of manifestation). When the over-all attention of our thoughts is so focused on one item, manifestation moves in that direction. Intention is thought intended; setting the intention for something to come forth. Manifestation is a constant unfolding, and intention brightens and defines that path. The thought of one thing is not enough for manifestation, one must meet it half way by elevating the awareness into the vibration of creation, and who or what is creation? Source Energy.

The Higher Self: Through meditation one can raise one’s vibrational awareness into the higher self/higher clarity of consciousness. In this place anger does not exist, and through this place one can tap into the higher plains of love, intuition and intention… Then work with manifestation. Amp up your energy into that space of gratitude, rise up, rise up. Patience and persistence with practice is the key.

Forgiveness: It’s important to forgive yourself for ending up in the cornfield, it’s important to let yourself off that hook, for this happens to all of us. In the process of forgiving ourselves, it’s VERY important to be non-judgmental. For every time we judge ourselves, we hold ourselves back, and stay stuck in that destructive pattern. Instead, catch yourself, “oh I’m doing it again”, and change the pattern. Forgiveness can only be achieved through compassion.
Forgiveness is giving ourselves / that other person, the change of new beginnings.
“When you no longer have the need to be seen or heard, to be right or to be in control, then you’ve moved past the issue”.
*Quantum Forgiveness
To Self: I am spirit, my body is only an illusion, it has nothing to do with what I really am.
To Other: You are spirit, whole and innocent, all is forgiven and released.
Repeat this as often as the feelings arise. From the book series -“Course in Miracles”

Being Present: To be fully conscious in present time, and out of the imagination. Not in the resentments of the past, or the “what ifs” of the future. When one is present, one is self-aware of one’s environment and one’s place in it; mindfulness.
A healthy relationship needs one to: show up, be present, and pay attention.
Suffering takes place in the past or the future, and when suffering happens in the present, it’s short-lived. If we find ourselves in a dangerous situation and we freak-out, it’s because we’re in the “what ifs” of what might happen. By returning to the present, we then find that we can act accordingly. Being present is a powerful place to be in, in any situation.
True presence is a place without thought, and the action that follows is intuitive. Presence of heart, or the mindful presence of God.

Empowerment: when we see the wisdom and strength in others, and then openly share this with them. True empowerment is followed by or combined with action that supports it. When I empower people they want to stand beside me, and when I dis-empower people they want to run from me. When we empower others, we ourselves become powerful. Living with love is an enlightening experience.
To empower ourselves is to stand strong in our conviction, without pushing those ideals on someone else. An inward declaration, for the self by the self… This is self empowerment.
When we take the intense love we have for others, and turn it in on ourselves on a daily basis, as in connecting to the precious gift that you are, so you honor and protect that “unique you” before you care for others. By that, we step into self empowerment.
Ego says: you’re not worth anything, and those people over there are worth more than you can give. This attitude is self-sabotage, and very destructive.
Spirit says: you are a most precious gift, and it is in our best interest to turn away from the darkness of ego’s illusions. From the lessons of Light, we find our own connection to our inner “God in Action”, and from there we discover the abundance that comes with living in self empowerment. So make yourself the center of your attention [children are the exception]. It’s not about self-righteousness, it’s about ownership of your own inner balance.

Environment: How we feed our minds, has everything to do with the way our world unfolds before us. The books we read, the movies/TV we watch, the people we surround ourselves with… Love or fear. To choose to surround ourselves with loving people, and feed the mind with positive thoughts, then one’s life moves in balance. State of mind gives direction and flavor to the unfolding of manifestation. If you laugh a lot, are happy most of the time, or embrace love and gratitude when engaging in relations with others. A positive state of mind and a child-like innocence, brings us into alignment with Source energy, then drops us into the flow of abundance. Every moment carries the fundamentals of manifestation. If you have a desire to manifest from thin air, then a life style of a “happy-go-lucky attitude” is the first step.

Vibrational tone… when we match our vibration with the ownership of $1000 dollars, then we receive from our being. “We are what we eat”. Beyond practice and into quality-of-life, knowingly deserving of higher living, and joyfully aligning to the vibrational match of what’s desired.
* Manifesting one’s World was first written as a reminder of the power of thought. Example: If your thinking a lot about, and concerned about the end of the world, you are [without knowing it] pulling the energy of “end” into your experiences… The end of a good job, or the end of a relationship. Thought with emotion creates action, this is manifestation, and this is how we create our own experiences and how our world unfolds before us. So we do have a choice in the quality of experiences we land in, chose wisely.

My blessings to you…

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