Love’s Winding Road

ranch 1_08012#A293This is a tapestry of writings I’ve put together over the course of my early life.
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* The potency of your presence has a fascinating influence upon my soul. I give to you the heart of my soul; the devotion of my trust; the all loving colorful ray of light my spirit has to show.

* Coming zipping through in a flash of white light, an extravagantly romantic energy empowers everything in its path!!!

* Together we stand in the warmth of the sun, in the love of the Great Spirit, in the light of reality, together our power is strong.
Our love together is carved in stone, designed to last and destined to survive. In oneness we entwine, knowing the inner power that lives in our hearts.

* Love is a timeless wonder, and it is with this love that I touch you with.

* Being true to my ideals I must also be true to you, for relating to you through truth is my ideal.

* The knowledge of our friendship pushes our song into infinity, as we remember the fun of the flow.
The uniqueness of the color within each of us, has a special place within the group.
The memory of a song brings us back to Rock-n-Roll, and the beat of our own reality.

* Honor in relations is most important, honor to myself, honor to my friend.
It can be real difficult to stick firm to the principles of honor, yet in the long run the universes rewards are very fulfilling, rewarding on a personal level.
The many colors of honor ripples across the horizon of my mind, bringing understanding of action to light.
I trust in my feelings of honor, because I know it can do me no harm. To honor the self, to honor life, to honor you.

* May love bloom like the rose, in the springtime garden within the temple of your heart.

* The universe is alive with creation and within you is the source of it’s being.

* In love there is no separation. Once the connection is made there’s no turning back. We will meet once again after death, and we will recognize that flair.

* Two people spend half their lives looking for each other, and when they do, sparks fly and colors ripple.

* To seek the knowledge within every answer and to express its wisdom. To be open for any possibility, and to be honest to myself in choice of direction. To honestly express this powerful energy, that flows freely through the chambers of my body.

* The lush greenery of ferns and moss cover this small opening, scattered tall white birch trees shed light shade. A small stream flows lazily through. Flutes and bells fill the warm early evening air.
I sit still upon a large flat stone by the stream. A compassionate love sweeps over me, as I think of you. My heart sings like the smell of the rose. My spirit sparkles like the light that dances on the water…

* I honor love with strong sensitivity, I touch without touching. Delicate threads of pure light streams out of my heart, out through my fingers, as I touch your cheek.
To be aware of these energies and to allow them to guide me onto the appropriate path. My life is enriched and my spirit is fed by this awareness of energy.

* The space in which we move through together or to ourselves is sacred. By being in it we make it that way. The power of creating through love leaves colors rippling throughout the Cosmos, filling darkness with waves of color, and touching objects with high vibration.

* A long time ago through my relationship with the Divine, I made a choice… A choice of what is right over what is easy. These certain principles and values where set in place, like stepping-stones to follow. Along this path I find my love is not governed by financial wealth, possessions, race, education, age or physical fitness. This love is drawn to inner beauty and anchored to quality of heart.
I hold this love in the light of the Divine. With this perspective, I stand strong against the North wind, and what does not stand up in this light, I release back into the shadows from which it has come.

* Energies and feelings are being refined and expanded into the potential of whom I choose to be. Refining my experiences to insure a long-lasting relationship. Poetry in motion as I skip to the beat of my own reality.

* I understand what is true art… Love transported me beyond ordinary place and time into a higher vibrational space, where I felt my connection to all that Is. Love provided me a feminine look at my masculine sexuality, and hauntingly, lovingly touched me with that which is mystic.

* Some of the gold that I have unearthed within myself: loving what I see, excited about how I feel and motivated to follow on my own best ideas.
Being at peace with myself, being free to express my deepest desires, through an environment of healing love. Feeding my growth with positive actions, pushing my experiences outward to acquire knowledge, and to close the gap on my wildest dreams.

* Through the guidance of the heart I have learned: How to get in touch with the strength and power of being gentle. Embraced the importance of acting through spiritual love. Has opened me to a free flow of trust to all. Keeps reminding of the balance of giving to others and giving to myself. Gives me clear perspective when I’m honest to myself in choice of direction. Strongly connects me to my higher power, and grants me a potential that just won’t quit.

* This kind of knowledge is a thing that comes in a moment, like a light kindled from a leaping spark. Which once it has reached the soul, finds its own fuel.

* My heart that encompasses all that is, sees only one. Whether she is a million miles away or in the room, she has the devotion of this light.

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