June 2014 006When we pass from this world to the next, there is a place we often go called Summerland. Summerland is a place that is nearly identical to Earth, without the violence, pain or mistakes. It’s where we go to practice creation; the art of engaging your inner creator. It’s a reminder where our true home is, as in a reality check that Earth is not our home. And being there is a time for renewal, like a spiritual vacation.
All people jumping snowmobiles, motocross, mountain bikes, base jumping and so on. Flying through the air with the greatest of ease. In Summerland we are able to jump from ridge top, over the valley to ridge top with not a care in the world, just an ear to ear grin. All those wild and crazy sports created by our youth comes from the spiritual memory of being in Summerland.
All people who have a strong connection to nature, or even a fatal attraction to animals. Are the ones who have gone to Summerland and stepped into the form of an animal to experience what it’s like, and learn why it behaves the way it does. Or you may go to learn how to create something like lightning or play with physics or whatever. So when you come back to earth you not only have a passion for it, your intuitive nature is very focused with it.
In Summerland we can experience it all. What it’s like to be a stone in the middle of the river. What it’s like to be a tree of any kind. What it’s like to be the weather, how weather moves. What it’s like to be metal and how it reacts to other metals, and so on. For every passion we have expressed comes from time spent at Summerland.