Pearls of Wisdom

“With eyes that see and a mind that understands”…

* The cosmic conscious being that is your spiritual self, is far more magnificent than anything this physical realm can produce, and this conscious awareness that you experience will infinitely continue regardless of the form it inhabits.

* Your conscious intuitive awareness is your salvation, no matter what religion you’re looking at. Intuition is the awareness of the subtle stuff, which lies outside the focus of the conscious attention.

* We’ve been given five senses because we are intended to have multipal views of the world all at once, and consistently all the time. Each one having it’s place and playing it’s part.

* Time: is the Holy Spirit’s tool to teach.
* Gold: is the representation of God on Earth.

* Gin: out of all the things that can be eaten, Gin has the lowest vibrational frequency out of all the food world wide.

* High integrity equals God’s protection and abundance.
When we are paying attention and doing our inner work; forgiving those angry places, God rewards us by presenting a smooth life.

* No matter what spiritual language is lead,
the Divine protective shielding is the same.

* When making decisions where is the attention the most? Starting with God brings that awareness and trust into the creation and solution of that decision.

* What you are asking of other people, your spiritual guardians are asking of you.
(That’s why the topic is in your awareness.)

* A soul-mate is a class-mate in the school of soul.

* Accidents: is your spirit self trying to get your physical self to change direction. There’s something as simple as shifting the perspective of one’s mental attention, then all the many shades leading up to altering one’s lifestyle.

* One of God’s favorite miracles is “that” movement of us changing our minds, enough so to profoundly effect our lives in a positive way, and directly from that moment forward.

* Failure happens simply because it doesn’t have the creation of God in it. Look at everything that is automatically successful. When we bring God [or whatever your language is] into the decision making of our goals, we get alignment made manifest.
When we obey the higher self we come into a thoughtful intuitive alignment. Which in itself brings us into alignment with the vibrational frequency of The Loving God, and therefore we become successful in whatever we touch.
If money is the focus, it’s easy to get lost in counting the eggs before they hatch. So stay focused on the journey, and only glance at the destination.

* To be inspired is to be in-spirit, or to have inspiration is to be communicating from in-spirit, and the action from your god-self.
This is one way wisdom, through yourself-to yourself.

* When we pass from this physical world and into the spiritual world, our first stop is into the reviewing room. Where we get to take a close look at all the actions and reactions that are not in alignment with God, and how those choices effected both ourselves and other people.

* The moment you find yourself in a hole… stop digging!!! Before life becomes a real mess.

* The earth mother is the symbol of this generous womb that gives nourishment, life and vitality to all that live in it. Nature is actually the silent witness of intuition.
Nature is interested in teaching us about the inner eye, the inner ear, the inner capacity to make sense out of something which external consciousness might consider chaotic.
Our disrespect of earth translates into a kind of disrespect of the feminine.
What is blocking our intuitive connection in this world, is a LOT of noise. Distraction from the practice of intuition… Humans call that entertainment.

* When we choose to listen to the voice of the ego, we can learn to be a very successful victim. And when we choose to listen to the voice of love, we will learn what it’s like to live in the empowerment of abundance.

* Some live in lack while surrounded in abundance, and from this lesson, once you get it “that abundance is everywhere”, you will no longer see lack.

* The more complicated we make any system, the more fragile it becomes.

* The flu is the body’s way of processing vacation management; making sure you have time off from every thing and every one.

* The human concept of caring, is Spirit’s concept of carrying.

* Where there are secrets to hide,
there are lies to tell.

* I will no longer see people as puzzles to be solved, yet as works of art to be appreciated.–Unknown.
(However as I teach you balance, I want you to connect to this art within yourself.)

* Discipline is to work, as dedication is to play.

* The guiltless mind can not suffer.
—-A Course in Miracles

* Our soul does not belong to us, we belong to it. The soul contains all of the knowledge we have gathered from every lifetime, and all this experience moves it forward. Each soul is about as vast as the Earth itself, even though in the dimension of soul there is no size.

* Compassion is the ability to see that when someone is having their worst day, they are with God and on the cusp of learning their lesson. So we love them from a distance, unless they are asking for help directly. Helping someone who is not asking for it, is interference. Our ego wants to get involved, and be seen as the hero.

* Ethics is a concept and morals is an action.

* The mere mention of “power” suggests a need to hurt.
Change the word Power with the word Consciousness.

* Our deepest fears are always our greatest illusions. Persist with the fantasies of these fears, and we will pull forward those experiences.

* When I match my happiness with God’s plans for me, I win the lottery.

* The action of true trust has no jealously.

* Try not. Do, or do not. For there is no try. —Yoda

* OCD, everyone has it. It’s the god-self reaching for perfection.

* The number 13 is not a bad number, it’s a number of opportunity.

* It’s interesting to Note that when we think we have it all figured out, we’re at the beginning of all that is to be learned. And when we can’t find anymore of what is to be learned to pass on, we have it all figured out. And by that time we’re in the process of letting it go and moving on.

* Take my lead, and keep to yourself how it is that you do it as in bringing life to you when it comes to financial abundance. Keep to yourself how you draw in money; how you attract abundance, and the quality of abundance you attract.
When we share this inner sacred secret our abundance dwindles.
My personal step by step methods of my cores inner direction, are tucked neatly into the folds of my robe, and kept as a sacred mystery to all I meet.

* God dropped you off on this corner of this block, to give you the opportunity to cross the street, and become something more.

* Love does not come from that person over there, love comes from you. It’s an outward expression to the world, and it is from the unrefined experiences of the world that we find a deeper expression of love; it’s from all those lessons of maturity that we find our true self. Then it won’t matter who stands before us, we will always have that radiant spiritual love coming from within us, and “that” quality of love to give.

* The spiritual awakening is the turning point in one’s accumulated experiences, at which we shift our attention from the ego-self to the god-self. A natural transition like changing one’s mind.

* The way I view life:
I’m in a car traveling at night, the headlights only show 70 feet at a time. This is life, reveling itself 70 feet at a time. What’s behind me is gone. What’s way ahead of me isn’t in sight yet. All I can see and all that has my attention is here right-here, 70 feet at a time.

* Giving up on life, and quitting is the language of the victim. Giving attention to, and pacing yourself through challenges is the language of the spirit.

* Everything you need to know to have the most profound, empowering and abundant life came with you. All the components for understanding and clarity, for any positive or indifferent situation your path is in alignment for… Is already within you to overcome.

* The language of women is one of emotion. It’s not the words themselves that are spoken, as it is that language which is implied by emotion.

* Hatred is transformed by the observer who acknowledges: I would not fully comprehend love’s amazing abundance, without first experiencing hate’s restrictive consequences.

* The closer we are to God, the less we have room in our personal sanctuary for those still stumbling in the dark. So therefor, “the closer we are to Truth, the more we sound like an idiot to those still stumbling in the dark”. The closer to God, the more we retreat.

* The law of God is that everyone is to be happy and healthy. So to fulfill God’s law we focus on that positive environment that brings forth health and happiness that encompasses all.

* The only ones who are broken are those who kill without reason. All the others are on the path, just not yet where you are. “Forgive the ignorant for they know not what they do”, this allows them to one day stand where you are.

* When you know what you love about yourself, you’ll know what to promote in a relationship.

* When a man relates to a woman with the intelligence that she understands, then he has the possibility of having a profound relationship with her. It’s when (he) acts stupid to an intelligent woman does she walk away in total disgust.

* When a person writes a statement, and there is a hint of an emotional charge while putting pen to paper, then it’s coming from our ego-self.
When a statement is written from the clarity of a higher awareness, where the subject line does not reflect separation, then we are acting from our god-self.

* A thought in the mind is just a thought until it sparks an emotion. This emotion is just a memory until it stirs the imagination. And when the inspiration moves the emotion, we get in-spirit E-motion, or wisdom. And wisdom is knowledge in motion inspired by a whisper into your ear by your guardian angel.


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