Looking at this Earth from the world of Spirit, this earth is a creation for the spiritual lessons and growth of the human race. As ugly as it can be out there, what makes it different, is how you live your life.
My gift to this world is the ability to go into world systems with the Light of Truth and promote change. What I see in there can be very ugly. The point I’m making is, the life I create for myself in this quiet corner of the universe is unaffected by that ugliness out there. I have a roof over my head, food on the table, transportation parked outside, and an amazing woman that stands by me. Life is good. In this moment in time I’m unaffected by that ugliness out there, and in this moment, then this moment, or this moment… The world is always going to have it’s crazy moments, and you can choose to stand in-the-line-of-fire, or not.
Or you can choose to get all emotionally twisted by what’s not going “right” in this world, or you can see the beauty created by you in your sanctuary nestled in this quiet corner of the universe. People complain an awful lot about things that really don’t directly effect them. Being angry consumes time and energy, and what for? Does it enhance the quality of your life?
The beauty that you are, your gift that you bring to this table’s feast, is just as powerful to this Earth when you live your creative passions quietly, then if you were to be out spoken during a demonstration. In truth, it’s the conscious heart in action that creates the real power of change. You see that by opening that big heart of yours in something as simple as meditation, you are actively shifting the awareness of the collective mind, and therefor changing the direction of the world.
My blessings to you…