023There’s a great story about a guy who was able to acquire a small hand-held device that measures a person’s Auric fields, and at about the same time when his daughter was born. So he wants to measure his newborn’s Auric field. He places her in the middle of the living room floor, and stands over her. He discovers that he’s not far enough away. So he places her on the lawn in the front yard, then sets up a step-ladder, and he’s still not far enough away. He then stands on top of his 3 story house, and finds to his amazement that he is still not far enough away to find the edge of her aura.
The magnificence of the unconditioned spiritual light as it enters the world in a newborn is so yummy and bright, untamed and complete in its presences.
As the child grows up, every time that child is told “No” their Auric field gets smaller. It’s not that it goes somewhere, it just shrinks in size.
If you live in a loud busy place, where thoughts of survival are nearly a constant, your Auric field will extend to about 6 inches from the body. If you travel out of the city and into the country, surround yourself with living plants and free space. Your Auric fields will expand to the ends of your fingertips of your out stretched arms. Or if you’re in the wilderness and do an exercise that quiets the mind and opens the heart, you can push it out a bit farther.
The human conditioning from the perspective of the all-encompassing spirit is so violent, even though we tend to see it as normal. Expanding the Auric fields brings forth inspiration in all relations, sprouts deep meaningful relationships, and brings us much closer to God.
Find a way to say “yes” more than you say “no”. Make it part of your day to be around something of nature: a waterfall or fountain, flower gardens, a walk in the woods, anything that takes you away from the survival of the moment. And staying focused with inner joy will bring you into alignment with greater possibilities.

My blessings to you…