Awakening Part 2

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Awakening to a world of control means seeing what controls. Television has been a tool of brainwashing since the begining. Subliminal technology was ban from TV until these last 10+ years. TV is getting more and more violent, and it’s a way of programming us to accept a more violent world. Those of us who are going to grow past this are the ones awakening to this fact, and learning to change that channel. Know what your emotional needs are, and carefully nurturing those branches so we grow straight and true.
Navigating the realm of cell phones is a strong lesson of navigating addiction. The inventors of the smartphone knew this, and carefully crafted all the apps to have that additive edge. How else would they get a cellphone into every hand as young as 8.

Awakening has a strong lesson that comes with it, and that is the fact that you maybe the one awakening, and the one standing next to you may not. Spiritual love and compassion teaches me to support my loved ones in any direction they choose. Especially if it’s not my direction, and WOW what a lesson!
Following the path of the soul; the dance of my spirit means intimately knowing myself, and obeying the higher-self as if my life depended upon it!


P.S. The world is just about to change, as in stepping into the Golden Age, and becoming a more positive environment… As it should be.

Life’s Obstacle Course


When it comes to emotional navigation, those who tend to be angry most of the time are getting angrier, and those that want peace are getting better at navigating their happiness. Anger is an emotion that paints itself in a corner, in which it can’t see out. There’s no compromise or discussion about change, because they can’t separate out the difference between who they are, and their behavior.
When dealing with someone who is expressing anger, we have to remember that everything that comes out of them is all about them, and everything that comes out of us is all about us. And the second most important thing is after such an encounter, to process this experience out of our field completely, and as soon as possible. So it doesn’t run our lives; it isn’t what makes those life decisions for us.
If you live with someone who loves the expressions of anger, and you don’t. You need to carefully reconsider why you’re in this relationship. The polarity in this world between love and fear is becoming more abundantly clear. Some of these angry people are in the mode of self-destruction, this is something they can’t see past, and it may not be such a wise choice to be standing next to them when they do.
Our spiritual love and compassion for them gives us the insight to see that when they are at their worst, they are with God, and that there is no guilt or shame in having the need to step out of their environment to protect ourselves.

For those of us who are sensitive to the world of aggression, need to stay focused with our own immediate environments, and the quality there of. Stay out of discussions with aggressive people, unless you want to be in harms way. Keep your friends close to you, share your deepest feelings in those safe environments.

This aggressive world is how it’s going to be for a while, there’s nothing we can do to change it now, it has to play itself out. Our solar system is accelerating from the 3rd, through the 4th density and into the 5th vibrational density, which is vibrationally the beginning of the Angelic Realm. So all this low dense aggression won’t be able to exist in those higher fields of expression, it will either transform or die. To help us from being effected by it, we will have to manage our own immediate environments; follow our own happiness. This is a personal journey (less confrontation with others, and more follow through on your own best ideas-from yourself for yourself-happiness).
The 3rd density which we are currently in is about cause and effect. The 4th density which we are moving into is about spiritual lessons of love; situations of win-win. 

Know that all TVs, cell phones, laptops… All devices have cameras and microphones that are recording and cataloging… Spying on everything about our daily lives. I gave up my cell phone and went back to a landline, and I built a cabinet for my TV. So when it’s not in use, I close the cabinet, and it becomes a sound proof box. (Please watch what you say in front of your TV, for it is listening) If you can remotely turn on and off something, so can someone else. So when we walk in this world with eyes wide open, we will be less surprised by the shenanigans of others, by guarding the sanctuary of our happiness.

Go in peace.

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