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The Mighty all Consuming Violet Flame
* If you’re anxious, uncertain, angry, or anything of the sort: Take a moment in meditation, call forth your Spirit Guides and ask for them to gather around you. After a few minutes of centering yourself, open your heart and make it as big as possible. Then ask for the Violet Flame to fill you and clear out everything that is not of God. Do this in preparation of prayer. Do this after a disagreement with someone, to remove all distortions, and to clear and brighten the way into new beginnings.
* To cleanse your home and environment: Repeat the meditation as before. Then ask the Violet Flame to fill your entire home, starting with the ground it sits on, the basement, and on up… and expand to fill the grounds. If your in an apartment building, you can do the entire building or just your apartment. As you call in this Light, feel your connection to The Mighty Presence [what ever that is for you], and over just a few days you’ll notice a change in the vibrational frequency of that space.

Death by Light
There’s an activity a person can do when we come across a situation that feels bigger than us: like 911.
Bring the full scope of the story into your thoughts; like the story is made of snow, and you’re making a snowball of it. Then take that ball and raise it over your head, through the imagination raise it above the clouds, out of the darkness, and into the light for all to see. Into a place where it is always shining, where God’s eternal love begins to melt and evaporate it, and where it can no longer harm any one. Apply this to any event that stirs unwanted emotion.
When raising it over the head, release all the emotions to God, and step into trust which can also be described as a neutral space. This is very important because it creates the space of clarity to be manifested, in other words, the negativity of the situation is given the direction of being replaced with spiritual Truth.
In this activity we can also involve angels, archangels and spiritual guardians in transforming this into the Light of Truth.

* Cutting cords of Emotional Attachment
* Energy Shielding

* Building and activating Energy Wheels : to bring in a specific desired influence into an environment where there was nothing there before, by which it changes and heightens the vibrational frequency within that environment, whether it be indoors or out.

* Painting with Light : turning your home into a place of peace; simple ideas that will create a retreat from the world.

Tool Box can be all those things you know about yourself, that you bring out and use to move around the obstacles of life. Like “sleeping on it” before making a big decision, or walking it off, as in not making a decision when you’re emotional. These are tools that are used to keep one’s self in balance.

and to be continued…

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  1. gohomejw
    Dec 11, 2016 @ 02:52:29

    Always look forward to your wisdom…and it all helps me navigate through this life!



  2. Notes on Pretty
    May 01, 2017 @ 03:34:24

    This is a very helpful meditation. We definitely have a negative energy in our house that does not want to leave. I’ve burned sage a few times the past few months and it’s still hanging out, flickering lights and making weird sounds. Hopefully this meditation will help it move on.

    Liked by 1 person


    • Christopher Snell
      May 02, 2017 @ 13:32:10

      Often we mistaken anger for confusion, especially when it comes to ghosts, and that which we can’t see.
      If meditation is familiar to you, then do the opening of bringing The Violet Flame into your home. Also ask your Guides and Guardians to surround and protect you as you go through this process. Do The Violet Flame meditation 3 times in a day; morning, noon and evening. During the evening meditation when you’re feeling high, ask Jesus to come join you, and help this confused individual to cross over.
      Your only focus is on The Violet Flame, and allow Jesus to do his work. Remember: Jesus in not here for you at this time, so don’t look for that connection. And between the two of you this task will become complete.
      Guides, Guardians, Angels, Archangels and Spiritual Master Teachers are here for us, and all they need is for us to ask from a quiet centered place for their help.
      My blessings to you…



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