ranch '14 003Loving what is, is a practice of bringing light into our dark corners, and choosing to see life in a different way. Dropping old beliefs that no longer serve, and stepping into new beginnings can be very liberating, even though it maybe the scariest thing we’ll ever do. Loving what is gives our life permission to change in a direction that’s for our highest good.

For me it has been a life-long personal devotion to love what is and move me beyond where it all started. Heal the wounds and strengthen the heart. And not only do I heal the wounds of past hurt, I also want to see beyond the mental, emotional limitations and conditioning that where set upon me by family and society. I want to wonder through God’s wilderness, and experience the freedom of the guiltless mind. Where magic and the supernatural become natural. To do this I will need to rewrite everything I’ve been taught, and step into an environment that supports this clarity of thought.
In loving what is, I find it important to get past the things that I see as impassible  imperfections, and the only way to move around it is to find that place within me where it no longer pushes me in disagreeable ways. As a pursuit of happiness loving what is creates a practice of turning off the conditions of the world, so I can enjoy the freedoms of personal happiness. Loving what is helps me around the imperfections of myself, while the pursuit of happiness has me customizing the way the outside world influences me. The paths less traveled are the landscapes I venture for.

What stands between you and your sense of personal happiness, and how far will you go to acquire it?