A Reason to be Light

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I’ve been listening to David Wilcock ever since he stepped out onto the world stage. I admire this man for discovering the truth of what Earth’s history is really all about, and the courage and passion to bring this truth to light. If this is your first time with this information, please remember: “this time of transition is not the end, it is just the beginning”.┬áBecause once we go through the last big solar flair, and the sun changes our whole solar system into the 4th dimensional frequency, systems like the Illuminati will not be able to continue in that higher vibrational frequency.
This is transparency, even though we may not hear it from our leaders. I feel relieved to hear someone else describing some of what I encounter, when bringing light into those dark systems. I’ve known long before I heard of David Wilcock that the true way to combat fear and hate is with love and forgiveness. In this video David makes a similar point, and for me it’s a good validation. He’s been a great inspiration to me.
Out of all of his hundreds of videos, this is one of my favorites. I know this is a long one, however it is very well worth it.
I’m sorry, the powers-that-be are deleting some of the good videos of David’s. So just get on Youtube, and type in David Wilcock, then start listening.

My blessings to you…

I’m sorry, this is not my doing. This┬ávideo had been deleted due to the fact that this information is too honest for those who feel the need to hide from truth.

Undeniable Truth


Deep in my meditation an undeniable truth comes forward: throughout all the challenges this life is producing: “we are curled up in the lap of God, while having an earth bound dream of the human experience“.


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