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This virus is a strain of the flu virus, and commonsense dictates that it’s wise to be proactive in our approach with the immune system.

* Physical rest
* Stress management
* Constant vitamins and immune building supplements
* Washing hands and face

This virus has little hold on people who are happy, and with a healthy faith they love their fellow humans. Because that high excitement supports a strong immunity.

Be happy, be well, and my love and blessings to you all.

Heart Wide Open

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The earth mother is the symbol of this generous womb that gives nourishment, life and vitality to all that live in it. Nature is actually the silent witness of intuition.
Nature is interested in teaching us about the inner eye, the inner ear, the inner capacity to make sense out of something which external consciousness might consider chaotic.
Our disrespect of earth translates into a kind of disrespect of the feminine.
What is blocking our intuitive connection in this world, is a LOT of noise. Distraction from the practice of intuition… The egoic mind calls that entertainment.

The average time a person spends close to running water or surrounded by green is just a sliver against the time immersed in concrete and steel, and constantly confronted by sharp (physical, mental and emotional) edges.
Heart wide open is a practice that brings rhythmic balance to this sharpness of life. Lets get together and reshape this world.

Around about the 27th of this May 2017 we will be experiencing another big shift toward the movement into the 4th dimension (the 5th dimension is the beginning of the Angelic realm). Moving away from ego’s chaos, and into union and harmony.
The more time we give to love and gratitude, the easier this transition will become. The more that we have a connection with heart-full intuition, the less of our outside world can effect our inner happiness. The big solar flair coming from the sun in the next 8 to 10 years will knock out most of our communications, and force us back into nature. For it is only nature that can rescue the intuition.


Unconditional Love


001 (3)
People talk about unconditional love ALL the time, because it’s about as high as you can go in expressing the value of love to another person. However the notion of unconditional love is a concept and only a concept, it is NOT possible to express pure unconditional love. The moment the thought of love becomes an action, it becomes a condition. Love is a state of being. When you express what it is that love is for you, you are describing your conditions of love. Because we are talking about how we want to be treated. When we talk about deal-breakers in relationships, what we’re really doing is bringing into alignment our conditions, “are we a match”? The only place where we will find the expression of unconditional love is in the emotion of our heart, or the God realm, an environment without contrary. When we are in the Spirit world we are Gods, and when we are on Earth we are humans with very conditioned expressions. We don’t do something without a reason. So why promise something you know you can’t perform?!
To describe unconditional love: You are a stone, and your partner is the wind. The act of unconditional love sets your partner free to dance across the open field and over the hill never to be seen again, and your only thought is to bless them on their way. That is unconditional love. [A one-night-stand is not love, it’s just sex.] To keep someone close to you is conditioned love, because you’re asking them to stay in the box. “I want you to love me like…”, or “I will love you if…” that is a box.
If I love you unconditionally then I love you without boundaries, and that without boundaries and defining edges in this physical realm is chaos. We call this love? Love in the physical realm needs definition and boundaries. Then from there the ego-less relationship has permission to flourish.
Conditioned love has me backing you up especially if you are the one who stepped out of line. Unconditional love has me calling you on your issues; I don’t back you up if you’re the one who stepped out of line, because I want you to be a better person. I want you to grow from your mistakes; I don’t want to keep you stuck in them.
It’s all because of ego that we’re not able to fully express unconditional love. Animals don’t have ego, and their ability to act out unconditional love is finer tuned simply because they are fully present. Still it’s not complete unconditional love, because you can break an animal’s spirit and have them turn on you. Unconditional love won’t break; it is constant and an unlimited amount of it. And in the human experience everything has a contrary; an opposite. So in expressing unconditional love without its contrary sneaking up on you is quite impossible.
Say your partner is leaving you, so as they are going out the door, you are blessing them on their way because you are excited for their journey. You have always been excited about the success of their journey, as it takes them away from you. THAT is unconditional love!!! That is spiritual love or compassion. Spiritual love is more concerned with the inner personal development and growth as a spiritual being, then how we can stay together. Deeper than flesh and bone. God loves us unconditional, and the only reason you’ll say it’s not, is by your perception of what that definition is. Which again is all about conditions. Jesus was the only one who really mastered the art of unconditional love while in the physical body. No one was outside of his box, simply because he didn’t have a box. The closer we are to God the less conditions we hold. The less conditions we hold the further we remove ourselves from those who do. So, while outside of their physical space, the more we can love them unconditionally, or love them through compassion. (To be in their physical space, and love them unconditionally means participating in their karma with them, something compassion allows us to remove ourselves from.)
When we use the term unconditional love as an action, we are using it simply because we know of no higher expression for this immense feeling exploding inside us. The practice of selfless devotion brings us that much closer to the clarity of spiritual love or compassion. Compassion is unconditional love in this physical realm/reality.
So with all honesty, speak truth to power; know the weight of your words, and act responsibly.


When we are unable to be honest in the moment about love, our character begins to wonder way out into left-field; when we describe our passionate love to our partner, and we do so by what we “think” the other person needs to hear. In so doing we create unusually dysfunctional situations. So when we are able to acknowledge the limitations of relationships, we can better talk about the things that are difficult to speak about, and forgive the inconsistencies that come with the egoic human experiences.
Love is creation, and when we speak truth to love we tap into it’s wellspring of prosperity’s abundance on multipal levels.
Understanding limitations gives us a clear perceptions of what we can do, and this is one of them. Passions of the Heart.

As friends we share without holding back, however as lovers it’s quite the opposite. After marriage it becomes so clear that we need to be able to be open with each other as we once did as friends. To be able to move through issues easily and effortlessly. How we were as friends, and what we did to move into the stage of lovers, needs to continue through a marriage. Or you end up being two people living in the same house together, emotionally wandering away from each other.
Getting married does not mean that “you’ve made it, and have finely arrived”. Quite the opposite, it means that you have enough love and trust in this person, to continue this journey of growth out of ego, and toward our god-self as a couple. Most marriages fall apart do to this unaccountably. Because everything was going nice and smooth before the marriage. Then shortly after it seemed to just go away. All stages of relationships require focus and attention. EVERYTHING about this physical realm requires focus and attention if you want the best results.

“I Love You”


The phrase “I love you” can create both positive and indifferent qualities, depending upon the emotion behind it. The term “I love you” is used nearly everywhere, and not always in a nice way. She says it, so he feels obligated to say it back, and if he doesn’t say it she feels rejected. Or when he says “you know I love you”, and the words and the look in his eyes tell two different stories. When we use the term loosely it begins to lose it’s luster.
Part of knowing how to provide a nurturing relationship is knowing when it’s the perfect time to say “I love you”. The best time is when the other person is doing, or saying something that nurtures and supports the gift that you are. When our actions are in alignment with our words, we come face to face with purpose. “And like a light kindled from a leaping spark, finds it’s way into the heart, and the world starts making sense”. This becomes god in action in you, because this gives the relationship / marriage shape.

* While he is taking out the garbage, shoveling the driveway, hauling firewood, fixing that squeaky door,  she says “I love you”, because she values that “can do”, “want to do” energy about him.
Or when he stops what he is doing, and gives her his undivided attention. Or he helps her to process through an emotional issue, without he himself engaging in emotion…
We only need to say it when we feel valued in that moment. By saying it every time, it loses that sparkle.
* While she is cooking an amazing meal, when he returns to a warm inviting home, knows his needs before he does, has the clarity and understanding to help him to navigate his emotional world…
This is apart of the action of sacred sex; giving purpose which sculptures the landscape of the wisdom that is performed.

Saying “I love you” can be a very powerful thing, especially when it’s said from the response of the action that produced it. You’re no longer just wondering through life, and trying to guess what your partner’s needs are. They are giving you direct feedback, and a great sense of what it is that they love about you. This in turn gives you direction and purpose. Providing grace and ease in an otherwise unpredictable environment.

My blessings to you…

* Sometimes explaining what an “I love you” means can be helpful as well, because what it means to you, and how they may be perceiving it maybe two very different things. Especially in the beginning of relationships where you’re getting to know each other.

To Be or Not To Be

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We need to stop using the word or term “fight”. For every time we use that term we attract to ourselves that which we are fighting against. “We can’t attract love and balance when we are in the mode of fighting”.

The Here and Now

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Part of the shift of 2012 changed how we perceive time. Instead of the perception of time as with a face clock, where we had a wide sense of time. Our perception is more like a digital clock, where everything happens here and now. Our emotions are also stacked in the present moment, where before we felt we had time to pull ourselves together to comfortably say it clearly. So now when something happens to us, we react instantly because all of our emotions are stacked here in the present moment. All this comes from our instinctual behavior. It’s when our emotions aren’t squeezed that we have the time to respond from clarity.
A fear response is very explosive in this immediate space, and a love expression is oh so powerful in this immediate space.
So be gentle to those around us as we learn to navigate this new environment.

The next five years is going to be a little testy, so strap on your boots it’s about to get western.
The polarization between those who respond from fear, and those who respond from love is nearly complete. So it’s absolutely important for those lovers out there to protect your precious heart from the intensity of fear.
So continue with what ever you do that recharges your batteries, yoga, meditation, walk in the park, wilderness time, or an evening with good friends. These are challenging times, and it’s so important to surround yourself with friends that nurture and support the unique you. Be mindful of the emotional reactions of both yourself and those around you. Deliberately avoid negativity, and follow your happiness. Meditate on opening the heart, because a full open heart may equal ten or twenty unopened hearts, and help to tip the scales.
It’s not about having God/Love in your life, it’s about allowing Love to act through you. First for yourself, and then the overflow from that to those around you.

My blessings be with you…

Love, to me is…


“Love”, to me is not hard work. It is where I have done the inner work of disengaging with the ego, and from that void bubbles up the joy of love. Without ego, I find love has given me permission to flourish in my own potential, by the act of trust’s clear and precise boundaries. Beyond the stage of romance, love and trust become one, and not before then. Real love is sown together with trust in a way that you can’t tell them apart. And real trust is “that” without jealousy. Even when you’re angry with each other, you don’t loose that sense of being in love. This love has gifted to me the clarity of balance between time together and time apart, as well as the gift of honesty.
From the discipline of inner work I find it easy not to be governed by the will of the physical body. Making it easier to navigate what “needs” to be done over what “wants” to be done. Granting no locks, no bars, and no holes for miss communications.

True Love


True Love is something in you to express, it’s earned by the practice of devotion. It doesn’t happen between two people, it happens within you and therefore it flows out of you.
Within the human heart is the god seed, which has multipal functions. Intuition is one; the knowing of love to be true. Then when you find another person who is as passionate about this as you are, then you have bliss.

If the love and fascination of the other person has the momentum to carry you beyond romance, then it has a profound chance of becoming love. Romance will last about nine months, then it transforms into partnership, and in partnership is where we find staying power.
If you can joyfully get beyond 4 years your chances are better than most for a long term relationship. Unfortunately most people see romance and chemistry as being complete compatibility, when in fact your compatibility happens when you can stay steady while the other person is showing their disagreeable side, as they will with you. If his anger is more than you can tolerate, than it would be said that you’re not compatible.
Everyone has a disagreeable side, and for some reason most people completely avoid it. When in fact that is what you want to see and experience before committing your life to them.

Take the time to “know thy self”. Know where your tolerances are, the quality of relationships you desire, and have the integrity to hold steady to what you want to accomplish in the course of your own life.

True love happens when we know, understand and honestly take responsibility for our own dysfunctional ego. Love is the polar opposite of ego. So if we are expressing love, and we call it true, it simply means we clearly understand that we are not expressing anything associated with ego. Ego is described on the Page Boundaries and Personal Power.


Passions of the Heart


000_0006In the beginning of a relationship we give up our heart so easily, “here take my heart, do with it as you wish”. How easily we give up our trust, how easily we forget who we are and get so completely lost in the other person. Romantic love is so bright, and so blinding. The contrast is so great between the beginning, where we give it up freely in the eyes of the world, and the end, where we are so mad that we are shredding the other person’s character in the eyes of the world.
As friends we can tell each other ANYTHING, talk about all the little secrets that turn us on, and those that turn us off. What kind of people make the best relationships and why. However, the moment sex crosses that line, and we go from friends into lovers ALL that changes. All of a sudden we don’t want to say anything that might imply rejection of any kind. And what was something as solid as a rock, is now more fragile than an egg. And that is why we suffer!!!
Love is such a primal reaction, it’s that need for security, and the other end of that is the complete fear of rejection. Which can be heavier in women than men, simply because of children.
When we give it up so easily, and have those feelings of “forever”. All that comes from spiritual memory, of the time spent in the Spirit World. Where that memory is so potent, that’s why it’s so easy to have those feelings of “happiness forever”. However, that’s also the reason why we clash so hard during the difficult times or at the end of relationships. We are here on earth in the physical realm, which deals with the lessons of duality. So if we were smart, we would go into a relationship with the clarity of knowing that all relationships are limited. Everything in this realm has a beginning, middle and an end. “Forever” does not exist on earth, even though we would like it to. The sexual orgasm is a physical reminder of the Spirit World, because the feeling of being in the presences of God is just like a continuous orgasm. And as much as we would love for that depth of connection with our lover, it’s just not possible because of duality and ego.

So if we have the clarity when entering a relationship of the limitations of it, the heart-break at the end will be much, much less. Especially if it’s spoken of often throughout the relationship. Strength of character always comes through when life gets pinched. Take away something of value and you find yourself in the midst of adversity, and still your response is of love. How to find someone who also has that, means walking into it with “eyes wide open“. There will be times when love can sweep you away, and there will be times when it’s important to be awake, alert and paying attention. The lessons of duality can be quite harsh when we’re not paying attention. So be honest about limitations, and embrace the sexy details of the present moment.
“Forever does exist in the ego-less relationship“. If we want loving balance in our intimate relationships, it will require inner work. Toning down the ego is on-going inner emotional work. However, it is what creates harmony… Having courage to own your egoic emotions, taking ownership of all your own feelings, and changing your perceptions to look at it in a new light requires on-going focus. The more practice the better you get at it, however the moment you let go, it’ll come up and bite you in the butt. It is an on-going thing. This is the path less traveled, because less than one percent of the world population will understand this well enough to put it into action. Most will think this is too big and too scary to confront. They love it when it’s words on a page, however that’s as far as they go.
Be one of those that has passions of the heart, and the courage to act from a new direction. For every step we take in a new direction, we change the world.

The Genie in the Bottle

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Understanding the genie in the bottle, more importantly understanding the right questions to tickle the genie out of the bottle. The book/movie “The Secret” really doesn’t explain what you have to become to get the genie out of that bottle.
We are spiritual beings first, the human experience is just a sliver of this total experience. When we follow God’s law we have incredible influence over physical matter and how life unfolds. When we choose to follow human laws of attraction we find ourselves dodging the lessons of duality.
God’s law is the lesson that opens the expression of absolute love or “that excitement of happiness”, its learning to love instead of fight, and it’s about having the practice of forgiveness to the point of see innocence in that person. This in turn opens a happiness and excitement in us that brings us directly into alignment with the flow of abundance. Not only is this the essence you become, it also becomes your outward expressions. So what we’re doing here is transforming the awareness, and we’re transforming our vibrational frequency to match the goodness we’re asking for. Anything that is asked from the genie/God has to rise up in frequency to meet the occasion. “Can’t behave the same way and get different results”.
Which means stepping away from anything that creates drama, because drama pulls us out of this connection, and creates incredible discord. Like a lost language. Some would see it as magic, yet the truth of it is it’s our Divine heritage, hidden in plain sight.

When we have a goal, a hope, or even a desire, from there we connect to emotion that the desire stirs, and finally we fill the body with a feeling of completion as if the desire has been fulfilled.
So, a desire created first in the mind as a thought, then that desire slides down to the belly where we find the emotion of what’s it like to have that desire. After connecting with the emotion, we then allow that emotion to fill the entire body with the feeling of having the desire fulfilled.
This exercise is accelerated when one is also in the Alpha state of mind. Which is what happens when we quiet the mind, spirit and environment. All while gazing at the flame of a candle. [More on the page Spiritual Earth Connections under the section of Manifestation]
This way of prayer is a way of asking to fulfill our desires. The asking of God is to connect to the emotion of who God is, as in raising our awareness and vibrational frequency into those higher forms of emotional love and gratitude. Then the piece that brings it all together, allow this feeling of completion [as the need has been fulfilled] to fill the body.

The physical piece of this: is to meet this desire half way; going from thought to emotion then to feeling is the first part. Meeting this desire half way is to accept this gift you’re asking for in small steps. Say I’m asking for $millions, and then I find a $20 in the street. If I try to find out who it belongs to, then I’m telling the Genie that I don’t deserve what’s being given to me. (However, if it’s in a wallet then it does go back to it’s owner.) The gift that has been asked for will always start small, as a test to see if this is what you want, and practice in the gratitude of receiving.
If you are asking for a new car. Then meet that request half way by test driving a new car once or twice a month. By doing that physical research on that new car, you are bringing into your field of thought, feeling and emotion the sensation of that new car. Which is SO much more powerful than just dreaming about it.

The governments of the world are terrified of us connecting to this level of manifestation, because they would no longer be able to control us. Any act of connecting to spiritual guardians opens our psychic centers, and gives us the ability to see what is hidden. 2012 is the center point of our light-bodies awakening, and our governments are terrified of us seeing them, because they are no longer working in our best interests. This path and connection to The Spirits is a counterbalance to governments playground, because it opens our third eye. Sometimes we need more than two eyes to see what is important.


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