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This site was put together after a bit of poking and prodding by friends, who knew my wisdom had gone from the barn yard to the coffee shop, yet they felt I needed to go a step further. So this site was put together as a means of reflection… “food for thought from a unique prospective”, and a way to bring empowerment into the dark corners of life, enjoy. And if it’s over your head, just let that one go.
The first 25 years of my life was in observing those around me stumbling in the darkness of ego’s emotional dysfunctions, and the frustrations I had in watching friends go through it while knowing a better way. This site comes as a reflection of those experiences; a way to bring light into those dark corners.

My soul expression is the Priest. Cancer is my sign…

I grew up in the country away from hi-tech. The wisdom that unravels on these pages, comes from the reflections of my own inner stillness; my own thoughts and words. Because I have the training of finding the answers in that stillness, means I don’t surf the internet for answers. I am at one with my spiritual guardians, and it is their teachings that I follow.
100_1537Choosing a bountiful and love filled experience with life requires us to participate.
The earth realm and the spiritual realm are both interactive environments, and when we choose to blend them together we become an unstoppable force. This site gives perspective and avenues for this compassionate clarity, and from this practice we discover the connection to the beautiful and unique you. A treasure that will give you guidance and reassurance for life’s challenging moments.
This site is designed for those who have a desire to move forward; to confront their emotional dragons head-on.
The wisdom on these pages come from intuitive and clairvoyant knowledge, very different from the intellectual Will driven knowledge of mainstream science of thought.

90% of what’s written here is in support of women. The feminine is all about the gathering of information for a successful relationship, and because I have a well-developed emotional body; the understanding and clarity about the environments of relationships come easily and effortlessly to me. So by this I am able to understand and connect to the emotional burdens women carry in relationships, and choose to be supportive in helping to create connections that lead to empowerment.
Having a well-developed emotional body gives me a sharp intuition which in itself makes me a good sexual healer [understanding the path of their sexual healing as their facilitator].
This is something that also shows up in my personal relationships, because sexual healing is best validated through the consistency of a loving partner.

Yes, I do say “I love you” often and in many different ways to everyone I meet. Life is too damn short and too fragile not to share that most precious gift. “Be the light your cultivating, and express it often”.

willow gate“I see the total accumulation of all that is, wrapped up in the consciousness of the journey that carries me”.
I’ve always known why I’m on this earth, what I’m here to do. Even though the line has been fuzzy at times, I’ve always known the answer would come, and the road would straighten out.
This life continues to move me beyond the crazy circumstances of which it started. To have a positive life one has to choose it, follow it and breathe it in.
I had a life-threatening illness as a child, followed by a rocky family life, and all this projected into my adulthood creating some dysfunctional situations. So I no longer talk about my past life’s dysfunctional story, because I’ve learned through my healing that those stories of the past will hold us stuck from embracing the richness of the present. So I learned to forgive, and released the burdens of that past. Today I use the art of energy shielding, practicing boundaries and personal power, and other forms of emotional cleansing to keep stress and trauma out of my life.
I was taught from a very young age that God is love and forgiveness, and that sin is just a simple description of a person missing the mark. I also learned in my mid teens, that when I’m on and following the path god intended for me, abundance flows easily and effortlessly to me. So this path that I now follow is one of my own choosing. A life in service to God, a creation continuously stepping into that light, and that abundance in itself is the richness worth following. (Abundance; as in bountiful bliss; the environment of The Spirits)
For me I am enriched by the lesson of light; any experience that brings forth clarity of one’s self, or any experience that explores the space for my inner truth to shine, and freedom to create an outer life that reflects that heart.
Follow your inner happiness, give into the passions of your own calling, step freely into that richness that life can be.
ranch 1_08015#1338
Welcome to my gardens, the gates are rusted open, the tea is generously hot, as the eternal bench beckons. So come for a visit or stay awhile, if you have any questions I am here, harvesting the fruits of this amazing life.
I live in the world of spiritual metaphysics, where I see actions as reflections from spiritual guidance in every corner of existence. Where I spend more time behind the veil following the line of “Truth”. A spiritual teaching that comes from the core expression of love. The more that I immerse myself into this space, the less I believe in the environment of fear, or want to participate in those illusions.
I don’t give readings about your past lives, my channel is an at-one-ment to my spiritual guidance or God-self. It is a modality for receiving insight and information which is beyond the reach of the conscious mind. This way of seeing the world is “on” nearly all the time.
When intuitively answering a question for you, I will say what “needs to be said”, and not what “wants to be heard”.
Chris and hawk #1
I’m a Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Environmental Healer, Graduated with Honors from Many Incarnations of Sacred Teachings. However my level of success is measured by how happy I am. I’m in the world, and happy not to be of it. I’m okay with the fact that this information isn’t for everyone. The right people are drawn here, at the perfect time, for their growth and understanding. It is as it should be.
I came into this world to live a simple life… A deep spiritual life. I’m not here to make a big splash. This site is a creative outlet for me to share my deepest passions, and to pass on my spiritually guided wisdom.
I’m sorry I don’t write every day. I’m not in front of a computer screen a lot of the time, because I live in Montana my adventures take place outside. I also spend a lot of my time teaching technique to small groups, or coaching one on one. Or personally doing work to keep the world positive and in balance. Unfortunately this site just picks-up the edges of my experiences.
I’m not interested in WordPress awards. I’m interested in showing a path that leads into the light, and I’m interested in giving away some inside secrets about the mysteries of life… Lighting a path that leads away from suffering and unnecessary drama, and into the arms of empowerment.
road grading
I was born in New England USA, raised in an inner racial Quaker family. Grew-up at The Meeting School, a Quaker boarding, coed high school centered around a farm and the art of sustainable living, where my parents taught. I spent my first 14 years there, and for me it was a very enriched and love-filled experience. Unfortunately this school is no longer.
In high school one of the things I did to keep myself out of trouble was maple sugaring. The first year I tapped 75 trees and the second year 175 trees, all done on snowshoes and the most of the boiling was done outside.
I lived in Vermont for a spell. I deliberately stepped into the experience of living in a cabin by myself for 4 years with no electrical, no phone and no running water, and Loved it. During my time there I filled 7 journals, and from that emerged the pages Earth Walk, Loves Winding Road and Sacred Circle. The cabin sat on 26 acres, with a 2,000 acre farm behind me, and 3,000 acres of State land across the road from me, including Miller Pond which is 38 acres and just a 10 minute walk away. My closest neighbor was half mile in either direction… Very quiet and very to my self. A very heart-felt rich experience and a warm “hello” from Spiritual Guardians.
VT cabin 012
I worked nights at the local mill making contemporary wooden furniture. Also had the privileged to build things of my own after work. And during week days I went to vocational school for residential wiring and electronics.
I traveled the country learning how the other-half lives.
At one point I worked at a therapeutic retreat in northern California for a summer as grounds keeper, flowerbeds, gardens, fencing, road repair, dealing with rattle snakes… Built my first Energy wheel there and right on an earth meridian line. “What an experience that was”.
I came to the Northwest in the spring of ’90 to work and be apart of the ranch my mother grew up on, and after 12 years of blood, sweat and tears I realized I was a round peg trying to fit into a square hole. So I cut-a-trail off in my own direction.
I did live-in home health care on and off for about 6 years, something that I’m a natural at, and now I haven’t been able to sleep without one eye open.
Montana has both open prairies and mountain forested wilderness with abundant wildlife. Arriving in Montana my spiritual life raised to a new level, and continues to be “a very profound experience”.
For me Montana gives my heart the expressions and space to breathe deep.
ME017I was married for almost 5 years and no kids. Not being able to have children of my own, gives this life permission to focus on the quality of what nurtures me. I’m here to reconnect to Spirit, and in-so-doing have complete freedom of time and space to explore those more refined details of relationships, like intimacy. Those places that can be hidden when children fill in the space.
When I learned that I’m not here to be a financial provider, I stepped out of the marriage arena, and the stress went right out the window.
chris and 4 wheelerI’m a holistic thinker, and it took me most of my life to step out of the paradox of others. Where others were trying to fit me into a system that was all about conforming to them, and something to me that was a complete nightmare. The moment I connected to the “unique me” and my inner beauty that is the “gift of I AM”, I found myself surrounded by people and situations that brought forth clarity, and my world started making sense. Now I have carefully crafted an environment suited to me, and through the practice of boundaries I am able to keep myself shielded and nurtured to live a very full and enriched life.
new 4wheeler 001
I spend some of my off time on my mother’s family ranch. A place that’s large enough to get lost in. On a 4 wheeler roaming the hills, and-or collecting Diamond Willow for woodcarving, or collecting stones to create my next Energy Wheel, or just finding a quiet corner of the universe. The ranch squares up to The Beartooth Mountain Range, and has been with my mother’s side of the family for 116 years. I’m apart of the fifth generation.
Out of the family members who are interested in being apart of the ranch, we have adopted the practice of HRM [Holistic Range Management or Holistic Resource Management]. It’s where we take on the responsibility of stewardship of the land. HRM is a relationship between livestock and land, where the livestock become a tool for enhancing the quality of the land for ranching. As in changing shrubs and sage into rolling hills of grass. Also when planing the grazing rotation for livestock of any given year, we taking into consideration the deer and elk who also graze year-round, and make sure there’s enough for all, without over grazing.
Our latest adventure has been to find ways in which livestock and wetlands wildlife can thrive in the same space. Like fencing out wetlands, giving livestock access to water without giving run of the whole marsh. This also goes for waterways that fish follow, creating healthy habitats. at home on the rangeThe ranch is where I teach my Spiritual Earth Connections classes, and where most of my pictures on this site are taken. Currently I live in Billings, just 70 miles down the road from there.
Yellowstone National Park is my back yard-so to speak. The edge of the ranch and the edge of Yellowstone, the way the crow fly’s is just 13 miles apart, and 150 miles if we drive. However, I’m close enough to visit once or twice a year. It is truly a magical place, I get off the people trails and follow game trails, and tend to see things most people missed.
I also venture around the State a bit. I’ll go up by Wise River, and dig for crystals, as seen here.
chris in hole
Or most often I’ll be wondering along rivers collecting stones. I also like to do small landscaping projects, and I like to go out into the wilderness to collect materials for these creations. So most of the time I’m quiet and by myself. I enjoy planting things and creating outside environments. I enjoy small interior decorating projects, choosing colors and painting. My resume is a checkerboard of many adventures.

Living a very quiet, very spiritual life is where you’ll find me. Recharging my batteries in the wilderness, and seeing the sacred in everything, as I follow the heart off the map. My spiritual guidance has planted me firmly on a mystical path, and along this journey sacred gifts have been revealed. That I have discovered to be truly empowering to put into practice. Opening my channel to Spirit, and watching to see where that will take me, are the adventures I find amazing. “To the sacred gardens of the inner temples of light… I go”. ranch 1_08018#4D0B

In finding a way out of life’s maze of drama, I follow my intuition which tends to react outside of the box; spiritual wisdom and loving common sense. Even though I may ask deep questions and channel profound views, I am a simple person, simply growing with life, as I blend into the crowd.
I’ve been writing since my early teen’s about anything and everything that tickles my passions, or gave me reasons to think. In my late teens I found that my rhythm with writing came to me like second nature, and my inspiration is meditation. Spirit has always walked with me and has always presented amazing adventures, that have expanded my growth and understanding of the mysteries of life, and have acted as spiritual triggers… Spiritual memory; past-life memory. Those memories, like signposts that keep me on the path I’ve long since chosen to follow. Writing about these experiences and the wisdom that comes forth, is my way of processing life.
“All of my surroundings is an altar, from which my life is to grow”. In so speaking, I have carefully crafted a lifestyle of strong values and principles, that anchor my quality of life. This site is a reflection of that statement. I know and understand for me to be authentic in my teachings, I must practice what I preach. So I see life as a classroom to which I am both a student and master.
Even though I walk the paths less traveled, my life is rich with love and experience.
2015 002Life has been full of self reflections, personal growth and alterations. These last 20 years I’ve gone at life head-on: plowing through emotional walls, overcoming mental limitations, redesigning physical directions, and climbing spiritual mountains. Understanding life will only change, if I change my emotional clarity and beliefs to match that which I seek”.
ME019All my life the dysfunctional ego disgusted me, so much so that I have been persistent in the learning of ego, and its dysfunctional behavior in our lives. By removing dysfunction I’ve rediscovered grace; a Zen like approach to life, and claimed a new standard in my relationships. And in turn have heightened my quality of life, as patterns of old have fallen away, and replaced by a richness that was once just a dream.
Energy wheels023My spiritual practice is a tapestry from many religions, and has been an honored direction with love in all it’s forms: making space for forgiveness for myself, embracing my own imperfections, a willingness to change old beliefs, and an active participant of ownership with my karma. I am like the monk that lives in town. This spiritual approach to life may have come from bits and pieces from many different religions. Although, this life path I follow has absolutely nothing to do with religion and everything to do with God.
My relationship to God/Divine/Source/Oneness/Great Spirit/Being of Pure Consciousness is that of a lover; up close and personal. This relationship to Spirit comes before all else. Spirit is my source for love, validation, abundance and clarity. I gain strength in the stillness and simplicity of (His) wilderness. Once I dipped into the wellspring of God, and realized there’s nothing on earth like it-anywhere. That inner happiness became the navigator of all that is right and important.chris 2008001
On a personal note: I’m an Earth Healer; “earth environments”, personal environments, so therefor I work with or interact with nature spirits, faeries, angels, rain dancers and thunder beings, elementals [earth, air, fire, and water], celestial beings [masters of planetary balance], and spiritual master teachers [channeling]. Seeing the sacred interconnectedness in all things. I have been a healer for many, many lifetimes. Covering most places around this world, through all sorts of modalities, and many of which have accumulated in this life.
I’m drawn to clearing trauma and unbalanced influences from landscapes and personal spaces, and bringing health and healing to the animals and wildlife of those environments.
I have a well developed emotional body, which grants me clarity into the emotional environments of relationships. I am selective in guiding “willing” people in restoring trust and finding an awareness of balance in their relationships. Healing environments is my talent, and my love is expressed by healing the environment people are in.
I am discovering in my personal adventures, that absolutely the one thing that matters to me is my ascension to God, and graduating to the next realm along my spiritual journey.
I feel it’s time for me to teach what I know, either through this blog website, face to face in class, or one on one out on the land.
“And then there are those days when I no longer want to be seen, and just want to disappear into the garden”.
chris and maintainerMy relationships have been intense and deep to say the least: mature intense love shared and actively healed, quality time as lovers and as friends… Always as both.
My spiritual guidance has made it clear that this life is meant to be one of solitude (from marriage) and personal reflection. I am guided by the path of The Spirit, so I’m here in this life to experience freedom on many levels, to explore many aspects of relationships through many different experiences. Something that blooms from pure trust.
However, every relationship I have activates the healer in me, every time I touch I’m running energy [channeling], therefore every encounter is a profound experience with meaningful depth; very unique onto itself. This is my core expression and it’s “on” all the time. It was a problem in my youth until I gained clarity in understanding where I was acting from.
Separate from relationships, as a professional, I understand the healing of the wholeness of your inner potential is greater than any human love can express.
In walking the path of the Spirit, I intuitively connect with people who need healing, who also may bring me into more balance, and just follow the relationship and see where it goes. One step leads to another step, even if it’s with the same person.
I’m not prefect, I have my cutting edge like everyone. Although I like to stretch my limitations, and in the process discover something new about myself.
My karma paints a life picture of invisibility; people love my wisdom, yet are blind to my person. This has been consistent all the way through my life, and a challenge to get use to. However there are times when I strongly value being invisible.
Yes, I understand why it’s like this, I just don’t have to like it all the time. In a previous life I set an intention, that my spiritual self would run interference for anything that would disrupt my spiritual path, and keep me flying straight.
     Mojgy and I are beloved best friends to each other, and will always be apart of each others lives. Because we are both clairvoyant with each other our connection is that of a deep spiritual love and friendship. Mojgy and I work so well together that most people believe we’re married. We’ve gotten so tired of telling folks over and over again that we’re not, that we just let them run with it.

If we really want a relationship to move smoothly, it has to be “a want to do”; a “what can I do for them today that is positive, or more positive than yesterday”? To be a good communicator, or landscaping the relationship by showing up, being present, emotionally available, a listening ear, good intuition, and experience. “Always moving forward” whether in a relationship or not. The approach is holistic, incorporating mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects. Removing the dysfunctional ego, and finding grace. Understanding it takes two to tango,  and who also wants love to permeate all corners of this experience. Now-Right now, in this time, with this space.

As a shaman the keystone ingredient that brings all the connections into play, and gives this shaman his abilities is an open trusting heart with connection to Source, and the freedom of expressing that love. This environment keeps the awareness in those higher fields of God connection. The challenge is that the rest of the world is not in this space, and expressing gratitude without it coming across as romance, or trying to express gentle love when there’s a 1,000 foot dam behind it. I am in love all the time regardless of who has my affections. And because of that, trust has to be the keystone in my relationships. I follow the same guidelines as everyone else; the one who has my affections also has my physical loyalty. Ego-less relationships have a greater and greater ability in stretching muscles of personal tolerance, and creating the amazing emotional freedom to explore the details of one’s lover.
Being attracted to quality of heart, I find it easy to look beyond imperfections in finding beauty in amazing places within her personality. “I see you”, I see into the magical essence you are, and I am captivated by the beauty you think you are not.
ME018 I feel honored and blessed when this material also touches you, speaks to you, and helps you along your journey.
chris and legend Everything written on this site comes from my own thoughts and heart, and anything that is not is marked as such. Byron Katie and Alison Armstrong’s work has been a strong influence of mine. And most of what’s written here is spiritually channeled through me, by the spiritual guardian White Eagle.
chris&goat 002                         Helping my mother feed bum baby goats.

ranch 1_08020#1C0EMy mother’s father collected antiques classics as a hobby, this was his youngest car… a 1930 Lincoln. The only one that he let me take off the ranch. Here I’ve just cleaned the car, and I’m getting ready to drive a bunch of kids, of friends of mine, to and from a prom.
ranch 1_08010#64F4This steam tractor was driven into the mountains, in front of the ranch, in the late 1800’s to power a sawmill. Latter a forest fire chased them out. A lot of pioneering history, Native American history, as well as prehistoric history on and around the ranch.
???????????????????????????????I always go to the Red Woods when I go to visit my father, there’s something just as magical in these Red Wood stands around Santa Cruz as in the magic found in Yellowstone Park.

If I were to change anything, even as crazy as it has been, the sum of my experiences has brought me to this clarity of understanding. The master within knows the perfection of alignment has a specific course, that creates the sum of the whole.
photo               My blessings be with you, along this adventurous path of which you follow…

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Contact me at chrissnell06@yahoo.com


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  1. Shannon in VT
    Sep 26, 2012 @ 00:58:33

    You continue to teach even when you don’t realize that you are. Even when you are thousands of miles away and have not spoken a word to the person in many years, your heart continues to teach them things their spirit needs to know. Thank you for that gift.

  2. Christopher Snell
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 16:28:26

    I will always have fond memories of you, and send blessings in hopes of you connecting to your hearts enlightenment.

  3. Unsungpoet
    Jan 20, 2013 @ 01:09:16

    Very much enjoyed reading about your journey, experiences, reflections and your gorgeous corner of the world! I look forward to returning to check out more of your blog…

  4. Christopher Snell
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    Thank you… door’s always open, and I’ll leave the light on for you.

  5. Joycelyn
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    May I say you are doing a great job in being the light to others’ lives! 🙂 More blessings and love! 🙂

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    Thank you for gracing my door with your gentle presents.
    My love’s gratitude and blessings…

  7. Sue Dreamwalker
    Feb 14, 2013 @ 15:01:41

    It was wonderful to read about your spiritual journey, and I wish you continued progression along your road to enlighten with all whom you meet.

    May you continue to be blessed and be used as a channel to link both worlds together, so that others may see the true potential of man’s mind and the power of his energy..
    Blessings to you

  8. Travel Spirit
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 17:17:35

    Hi Chris – I’ve been hiking at Glacier Nat’l Park and Yellowstone. I love the outdoors…just like you! It’s nice to see a “guy” that is in touch with himself and others to the degree you are! I look forward to following your adventures! ~Sherry~

  9. Nancy Loderick
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    Hi Christopher,

    Thank you for the recent comment on my blog. It led me to your wonderful blog, which I am now following.

    I have learned so much from reading about your journey. I look forward to more!

    Blessings to you,


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    May the peaceful warrior in you, dance the springtime path of light you follow…

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  13. Christopher Snell
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    I have been enjoying your recipes with wholesome natural foods, they enrich the lifestyle that I’ve grown accustom.
    I am honored by your following, and will answer any questions that may come about.
    Blessings from one kindred spirit to another…

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    Thank you for acknowledging my blog. I am interested in what you have to say.

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    The beauty of your spark touches everyone you meet… I have been touched, thank you.

  16. duygu
    Feb 27, 2014 @ 03:11:05

    Hello, thank you for your personal sharing. The lines below caught my curiosity in many ways. May I ask you to clarify what you meant?

    “I’m here to reconnect to Spirit, and in-so-doing have complete freedom of time and space to explore those more refined details of relationships. Those places that are hidden when children fill in the space.”

  17. Christopher Snell
    Feb 27, 2014 @ 14:58:37

    This life has been a very spiritual one for me. For others the focus may be money or family or self-love. For me it’s reconnecting to God, forgetting what I’ve been taught, as in lifetimes in monasteries always following the strict guidelines. This life I’m meant to go with the flow and reconnect to Spirit through joy.
    In this life I’m not able to have children of my own, so I’m taking the opportunity to look deeper, and through my clarity I help those who are searching for that growth and balance in relationships.
    Having children and creating a family brings forth structure in one’s life, and I’m not meant to follow structure this time round. Which gives me the freedoms to look more deeply into the many layers of intimacy, and learning to sharpen my intuitive listening skills.

  18. babso2you
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    You have a really lovely site! Thank you for stopping by to visit mine today! ^..^ B

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    I love your blog. Very inspiring.

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    Thank you for sharing your journey, your words, and your beautiful way of loving. It is so incredible to love – be in love, to get better at embodying that Love. All such good work! I see many beautiful karmic lessons I have integrated about self empowerment from a difficult past relationship in my life – very timely to find your words! and AHO ! Finding truly that there is only God. Within, my Lover. It has been the most true, powerful revelation. I found inner devotion and that devotional relationship to fill my cup inward, bringing love outward. And like magic all is eternal flow. Thank you fellow travels and so much joy on your path !

  29. Christopher Snell
    Feb 11, 2015 @ 18:50:16

    Thank you for sharing your warm and kind thoughts.
    May blessings light the path before you.

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    Your amazing !

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    Blessings be upon you…

  34. Patricia Ross
    Aug 16, 2015 @ 15:36:35

    Amazing life story and insight. I recognized some of myself here. Your words helped me illuminate some of the truths (some quite difficult) I’m discovering about my own path and relationship to self. Thank you for sharing all of this Christopher. It touched me today. Montana looks like a fabulous place to live by the way lol – So much open space compared to New England! 😉 Peace and Blessings

  35. Christopher Snell
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    I am honored by your gentle blessings Patricia Ross, may your life adventures be bountiful… And tender.

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    Thank you Christopher 😉

  37. NJ
    Sep 11, 2015 @ 17:23:21

    Dear Christopher

    Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom. I came across your site by accident, this evening. But it is all so relevant and appropriate to (everything really) but my life situation right now. God bless you!

    I have been trapped in a bad situation for 9 months now. I actually ‘ended’ the situation 3 months ago but allowed myself to continue the journey and get caught-up again. I haven’t been myself for 9 months and feel suffocated, and exhausted, and everytime I spend time with this particular person, I feel drained, and unworthy, I feel doubt, apprehension and anxiety. I need to cut the situation off, and I know what to do. I just hope I find the strength to do it, as I am going to ruin my life otherwise. Thank you again for your sharing such amazing insights.

    All the best to you.


  38. Christopher Snell
    Sep 12, 2015 @ 14:30:17

    Greetings NJ.
    If you are in an emotionally and or physically violent relationship and you plan to leave them, document it. Tell a trusted friend the story, or document it on Facebook. God forbid, if something happens to you, there needs to be a trail to follow.

    My love and blessings go out to you as you find your strength, voice, and ultimately your empowerment.
    May your path be swift, may your experiences be gentle, and may your next love be kind.
    Go in peace…

  39. NJ
    Sep 14, 2015 @ 14:29:29

    Dear Christopher

    Thank you so much for your kind words and good energy.

    I trust in my fate and believe this is a good lesson for me. All will be well and I need to focus on myself a little while before jumping into anything else.

    All the best to you.


  40. Anne
    Feb 01, 2016 @ 21:21:39

    May the Universe bring you more joy happiness. You are blessed by the sky. You are inspirational, loving, and an energetic person. I am very happy to have found your website. The Universe will also bring you an infinite amount of abundance while in this earth.

  41. Christopher Snell
    Feb 02, 2016 @ 02:39:53

    Thank you for your gracious blessings Anne, I am honored.

  42. Meera Nagpal
    Feb 05, 2016 @ 14:55:07

    Came across your blog ‘can karmic relationship work’ at the right time when I was looking for answers to my current emotional state. It unburdened me. Cant Thank you enough

  43. Christopher Snell
    Feb 05, 2016 @ 15:39:13

    I am honored that you found your blessings here. Please use this site as a reference to the balance you seek, as you need it.
    May the richness of this journey guide you gently to the place you’re meant to be.

  44. Simone Verbaken
    May 16, 2016 @ 23:45:08

    Hi Christopher, your blog came across me several times in search for a profound understanding of my emotional- and spiritual life. It really gave me a clear and holistic view on all the issues that I was having questions about. Your writings teach me a lot. What a good quality of knowing and sharing! Thank you very much for that. You are a beautiful being.
    Please ‘keep on keeping on’: teach and inspire!
    Lots of LOVE from Belgium 😉

  45. Nandigama
    Jun 20, 2016 @ 12:21:37

    A very informative, intuitive & inquisitive way of writing. I feel privileged to come across your works. They are really great & clear many of my clinging questions. Though continents apart, your consciousness shall enable one to learn.
    By the way, thank you for your comment in my blog.

  46. Lynn dawson
    Oct 15, 2016 @ 18:42:00

    Wow. I found you just in time. Thankyou for your wisdom. Priceless !!

    Scotland Edinburgh.

  47. Christopher Snell
    Oct 16, 2016 @ 10:56:56

    I’m honored to be able to give support as you need it.
    My grateful blessings to you Lynn.

  48. Christopher Snell
    Feb 20, 2017 @ 05:12:33

  49. Meka
    Jun 15, 2017 @ 01:00:17

    I read your article and am fascinated with the fact that I have met someone whom I have had a deep connection with. My sexuality is heightened and I almost walk around feeling really really sexually open. Is there a way to control this. I can literally feel our bodies entangle but its not Sexual its sensual.

  50. Christopher Snell
    Jun 15, 2017 @ 13:34:56

    Meka I see your second chakra is wide open, as it is for a lot of young people. However like me, that sexual energy can continue to be strong all the way to the end, and because there are a lot of people that want to exploit that expression of yours, it’s immensely important to learn ways to protect yourself until Mr Right comes along.
    Here are a few ways to help control this: beyond energy shielding
    * Masturbate often and only at home, as to release this energy, because when you’re feeling intense that’s when it’s easy to be taken advantage of.
    * Be giving only to those you know and trust. The key word is “Trust”.
    * Drink water often (up to 4 glasses a day), this will help in keeping you mentally grounded.
    * And be aware of the environment you’re in; if someone is too good to be true, they usually are, and that dear one should be a Red Flag every time.

    Sensual feelings are just a whisker difference from spiritual feelings, which runs so much deeper than any sexual expression. The biggest challenge with having these emotions is in having a safe person to express them with.
    Be happy, be safe. My honorable blessings to you Meka.

  51. Laura Van Tyne
    Jun 18, 2017 @ 23:17:08

    Your blog “The Karmic Path” was sent to me. I am co-host of a radio show called The Karmic Path and I just had to check you out! The podcasts are short, digestible karmic concepts and the radio show is more in depth, much like your posts. Anyways, great title for a blog! Have a wonderful week.

  52. Christopher Snell
    Jun 21, 2017 @ 14:22:47

    Thank you Laura for your kind words.
    Blissful be the path you follow.

  53. themoonlightjournals
    Sep 09, 2017 @ 20:09:47

    Hi Christopher. I’ve read and re-read your words a few times, and they make a lot of sense to me. I came across your blog when I was googling relationships, as I’ve come to the end of a period of my life that centred around two relationships which have both ended. I’m trying to make sense of what happened and my actions. I want to move forward but I’m struggling to find my path now. How can I understand what happened and find what is right for me for now? Thank you for any kind words you care to pass on 🙂

  54. Christopher Snell
    Sep 13, 2017 @ 00:03:41

    You can’t be this vague and expect me to pull a rabbit out of a hat with how much you gave me here. Do you want to try again?
    For me to give you a good reading I need: a picture and or a first name, and or “a few emotional descriptions”. I visited your site, and there is no “about me” page, nothing personal about you. So you could paint a picture of yourself in any color that is very different from who you truly are, because no one has a point of reference. This does NOT build trust between your content and your reader.

  55. missyleigh1
    Oct 08, 2017 @ 02:46:24

    Amazing synchronicities from the words and pictures on your site. I am so very grateful.

  56. Hetvi Dedhia
    Nov 09, 2017 @ 05:54:39


    I was under a massive trauma and really need my life to change… Stumbled upon your page while searching about karmic relationships and whether they can work out after my karmic relationship broke up with me and I was left traumatic… Your whole article gave me immense strength and happiness and I have it saved.. then slowly I went on links and read your other articles which are also empowering .. I thank god nearly every day for the articles which have so much knowledge and energy .. and ask him to send thanks to you for writting them .. it was amazing to know from your page about me that the right people will be guided here at the right time, which also empowers me to realise that I was worthy of so much great knowledge for leading a better life .. whenever i feel low I read your posts and it empowers me and makes me feel better… I was a little low when I realised the site is just a fragment of what your knowledge is and makes me curious to know more and meet you .. I dnt know if it would physically be possible to meet you or not .. But Sir please keep writing and trying to accomodate more and more insight of your priceless knowledge

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    Hetvi Dedhia.

    Ps- I am someone trying to make a better life after the traumas I constantly feel and I wish to know my purpose of life too so I can actively be involved in it and lead a life of fulfillment. These articles match a sense of being solution oriented and always empowering to make a move forward rather than staying stuck and it sticks to me. Thank you once again. Please bless me to find my path under your guidance.

  57. Christopher Snell
    Nov 25, 2017 @ 14:23:59

    I am very careful not to becomes someone’s guru, I don’t want that level of responsibility.
    Your purpose in life comes from a whole long string of the experiences that involve your passions. Pick something you’re excited about, then follow it, and that will lead to something more, which will lead to something else, and on and on… Each experience you have will teach you something more about yourself; more about the life you want to lead.
    There is a believe people have about purpose, in that it is some one thing that gives our life profound meaning. In truth it is not rigged like that. It is fluid, like a river that is continuously changing and becoming.
    Purpose is connecting to ourselves in a profound way, and then applying that to life. However connecting to “that” part of ourselves is discovered from following our passions in life.
    My blessings to you Hetvi Dedhia.

  58. Christopher Snell
    Nov 25, 2017 @ 14:28:27

  59. Christopher Snell
    Nov 25, 2017 @ 14:44:04

  60. Christopher Snell
    Nov 25, 2017 @ 14:48:22

    ❤ 🙂

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