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When we do something that brings us into alignment with God and our forgiveness at the same time; the action that brings balance to our karma. Our spiritual guardians will go in and remove obstacles along our life-path to honor this simple choice of direction. This simple choice and action changes the essence of who we are along our life-line rippling in both directions, past and future. Accelerating our learning curve, and shortening the need to go to such extremes. So by looking at the lesson head on while also following spiritual guidance, we pass the exam, and the quality of who we are enriches.

My blessings to you…

Pain Management

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“Pain management”, it’s amazing how much of a contradiction that seems to be, for it feels that it’s not I who manages the pain, yet instead it is I who is being managed by the pain! Nerve pain is so very intense, and I find it funny when a doctor asks “how is the pain from 1 to 10”. Because nerve pain always begins at a 10. This pain comes and goes, so it’s not all about intensity as it is more about duration.
Intense pain has an interesting way of stealing one’s attention, managing one’s life style, and building huge walls of fear. I see this as a mountain to get over; a challenge to overcome, and out of all the different healing practices, I find the art of forgiveness (from the book Course in Miracles) provides the most profound transformations. I’ve been listening to Gary Renard on Youtube, and his teachings on forgiveness. Something in which I see grate truth in, and value to my core.
Forgiving something like pain requires realism, as real as can be mustered. So I see The I Am that I am as bigger than any pain; the spirit that I am is bigger which gives direction away from my egos projection of this pain, and into God. To make the difference I, and I alone have to be the one crossing this threshold.
I finally sat down with a neurosurgeon who smiled, and said surgery is not for me. So natural healing is my avenue, which is better for me simply because it’s what I know. You know when the sun comes out when you can laugh at your pain. And the journey continues…


The Lesson of Duality


The lesson of duality is actually the lesson of growing into God, or what ever your language is for that. Duality and God are polar opposites. So when we are looking at God, we are looking and acting out of our god-self, and when we are experiencing duality we are looking or acting from our ego-self.
The influence of the physical realm is duality, and duality are opposites like: cause and effect, war and peace, and so on. Example: you said something to them, and they hit you in the mouth. That is cause and effect. The lesson of duality is learning how to transcend it, and this is simply done by the focus of God. So in one hand we have ego, and in the duality of that we have God. The one we give our attention to is the one that unfolds the circumstances of our life. We can’t have two masters, either we’re experiencing duality or we’re experiencing God. Because God is “that” without contrary.
Duality shows itself as the hardships of this world. Duality is in our face when our relationships fall apart, when we loose our job or when the car breaks down. Bringing God into our experiences means listening to the relationship and feeding it in the same way that we would listen to God and feed that relationship. Or listening to our performance on the job, and finding ways to improve it as we would a car. God is creation. We give quality attention to God, and in-turn God gives quality to our lives.
So when we look at God we see perfection, and with duality we see dysfunction. The human natural state of being is of God’s kindness; likeness. Violence is the absence of God (in this expression we’re talking about God, and not about religion). How do we bring God into the room? We find that place in ourselves in which we are like God… We are His likeness; we become “that” creator. Jesus walked on water as a demonstration that shows us what we’re capable of when we focus solely on God; the way of learning the lesson of transcending duality. Jesus said “I am the way”, as in follow me. Say as I say, do as I do… Become me, and you too will be in God’s grace.
The violence of the wars of today keeps us from thinking that this is possible. It’s sad to think that this violence is man-made as a belief that fear will profit those who keep us down. However, this focus in the presence of God  keeps us shielded from this violence; keeps us invisible from the eye of Sauron (from the movie “Lord of the Rings).

My life has changed so dramatically in the past 10 years because of this simple focus. I am doing things now that once I only dreamed of, and nothing I dare share on this page, for it’s clear to me that not everyone is open to this stuff. This post comes from my experiences with God, and not from any scripture. Although it is true that ANYTHING is possible with the fullness of eyes on God.

My blessings to you all.

Crack in the Wall

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I spent a good portion of my life trying to help friends into the light, that I forgot that it was I who just needed to act on my own advice.
When we hang out with those still stumbling in the dark, we too become angered by the lack of movement forward, and I spent a lot of time in this space until I decided enough was enough. The moment I surrounded myself with those who lived the action of movement, this crack in the wall allowed me to see God once again, “a memory of returning home”. We see God in things like nature because it’s not standing still; nature is life in layers constantly in the process of becoming. Anger is the one thing that holds us back from becoming, the one moment that’s standing still.
War is the same no matter what year it is, what makes it different is how we choose to express our differences with each other, do we continue to kill or do we learn to compromise. From compromise we discover the rich beauty in the uniqueness we each carry, that is added to the table of life’s feast; the ingredients of architecture within culture, art, food, knowledge… Setting boundaries of participation creates room to breathe; out of Ego and into Spirit. One of God’s favorite miracles is “that” movement of us changing our minds, enough so to profoundly effect our lives in a positive way from that moment forward.
First we go through this process within ourselves, then in our relations, and last with the world at large.
Movement that creates real trustworthy change comes from that spark of our inner joy, and sometimes what gives us the space to explore this joy is to remove ourselves from those still stumbling in the dark; an act of self-love. I can better see God in myself when I am moving forward, even though our humanness loves that consistency of routine.


Looking Ahead

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The governments of the world have some growing pains to go through, and as they do so it may be wise to learn some off grid skills. Growing your own food, creating a warm, dry shelter. Those who are turning their lawns into gardens, intuitively know that something is coming forward.

Tuning out the negative in the world, being very selective in what we expose ourselves to if anything at all. Each day that we focus on happiness prepaves the emotional adventures for the following day. Looking ahead and prepaving today for the blessings of tomorrow. This closer connection to our personal environment promotes good will and life affirming awareness.

Meditate on god awareness whatever that is for you. Meditation changes the way our bodies deal with disease and injury, because as the bodies frequencies shift into a higher field it heals easier. The governments of the world know this, and work hard at keeping our vibration low through anger and aggression, highly processed food, and pollution of all sorts. Meditation that raises us into a higher awareness grants us intuitive navigation to what is healthy, as well as a body that can handle some of that junk.
A higher awareness shifts our vibrational field into something that spins faster, and therefore collects less dirt; for there’s nothing there for it to stick to. This higher awareness also creates room for problem solving where it becomes a win-win; opens that door into intuitive thought.

The world is shifting away from the 3rd Density awareness into the 4th Density awareness. Away from karmic fueled interactions, and into love awareness; ways in which we are the same and not different, ways in which we can connect instead of only seeing separation. Know there will always be conflict, the difference being the volume in its angry direction, and the change coming from a higher awareness. The momentum of this wave has already started, whether we peacefully march in the streets, or meditate on higher awareness, they both add to this wave. Doing nothing, or acting out of anger slows it down, however this wave will continue, and it will effect everyone. Moving with this change opens a profound awakening within each of us. Fighting against it sinks us deeper into our grief.
All this stems from what we feed our thoughts with, what we color our environments with, find a peaceful rhythm, and your life will be happy and productive.


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