The Lesson

* Being an empathy is the ability to pick up and perceive the emotional status of others. However, to walk in balance as an empathy one will want to have a healthy practice of boundaries. As a healer, being an empathy helps one to help others in the navigation of their emotions. However from this awareness we discover that being an empathy is really about learning a whole other level of navigating emotions to keep oneself in balance. Being an empathy does not mean we have to take on the emotional weight of the world, quite the opposite. Because as healers we can no longer afford to act from the victim, “we have to walk in balance to provide balance”.

The same would be said for a relationship. So if you want a relationship of balance you yourself need to also be in balance… Emotional stability… Spiritual clarity… Financial security… Adventurous direction… All need to also be in you to recognize it in another.


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