The truth of why I haven’t written a lot in these last couple of years is that I’ve been in pain, my cancer experience as a child has caught up to me. During that experience they took a piece of my backbone out, which set in motion the action of scoliosis. Now the pain that I’ve been dealing with for the last eight years has been the pinching of nerves, as 2 or 3 of my vertebra are collapsing. This pain has been slowly progressing. I had an episode just a week ago that was over-the-top-insanely painful, and provoked me in the seeking of urgent medical help.
I do have some basic medical insurance, however I’m also seeking help from those willing and able to donate generously… Large or small makes all the difference in this world. I am truly blessed and honored by you all, whether it’s a financial donation or words of kindness.

From my loving heart to yours…