The world is at such unrest. What we hear is the expressions of fear, because it’s loud with anger, which is unbalanced ego. Love is quiet, and responds from the unemotional quiet waters of clarity.
All religions have extremes. The one’s who have gone beyond balance and into the extremes, are the one’s that yell the loudest, and who have the most unsettled emotions to express. Many religions have split into many forms, and some of those forms are louder than others. When these churches become loud, they begin to teach separation from God. They are more about what is not of “The Loving God” than what is, creating imbalance and falling into extremes.
So when we speak ill-will of other religions around the world, or people of difference, we are speaking from separation; which is dark ego, and not of “God’s Truth”; which is everyone is my brother, my sister.

Finding a group to be apart of is easy, just listen to what that group of people are passionate about. Are they loud and expressing separation, as in “us and them”? Or are they quiet and looking for ways to bring people together? One speaks from clarity and points to Truth, the other speaks from separation and points to illusion.
The one that you are drawn to, is the one that you are here to learn through.
First we learn restriction through separation. Then we learn freedom through abundance.

Go in peace…

* One of the few things that can’t be taught is Truth. It is something you feel through the act of doing your inner work.
* What are we feeding our experiences with, ego-consciousness or god-consciousness?

* For the first 300 years after the passing of Jesus, people had the ability to heal themselves of anything. That was part of the teachings of Jesus, “that” connection with God/Source is the understanding that we are God(s), and any act of healing is a co-creation.
Then the church came forward and announced that the only person who could heal like that was Jesus. Soon every church was taking the power, and as people began to believe, and this belief gathered in the Collective Mind. And that was the time when the word sin was invented, as a terrible tool of manipulation. In the language Jesus spoke, “Aramaic”, there was no such word as “sin”, there was the idea of a person missing the mark, and that issue was between them and God. Today, sin is a punishment by humans, stated in public, and they call it divine intervention?!
The very moment the church took away this power, they began teaching separation.

How did Jesus heal the blind man: first of all, the blind man only believed that he was blind. The same way that we believe we are walking on earth. (Truth is “we are curled up in the lap of God, having a dream of walking on earth”.) Jesus helped him to see through the awareness of his own innocents, that there is only God, and by forgiveness he was able to change his belief. All healing that happens through God happens spontaneously. When the forgiveness of all things is to the point of all things being fully innocent, no matter the crime.