2012 was the end of many cycles converging on one spot, and now the cycle starts again. With all new beginnings starts with the first step. 2012 is marked as the time when our perceptions of the world changed, and with ourselves as well. Social media is an avenue for us to re-tell our story from a new and very different perception. It’s like seeing a new color for the first time, the awe-inspiring sunset is simply magnificent because we’re seeing something that wasn’t there before. Our perceptions have shifted, and we are now seeing our own story as if it were for the first time. So this is why most people are so focused on telling their own story, and not really interested in yours. Those of us who have awoken do have a listening ear.

They call this the “me generation”, because people are So focused on themselves, and in that excitement, we are pouring out this endless stream of self awareness. This new sight has us wanting to write about it, and because of ego we want to be seen, heard, and understood. So instead of writing in a journal or diary, we write where we can be seen. For those who seek this online, seek an expression that relates specifically to them; they are seeking their own inner truth. So if your comment doesn’t relate to them, they will let you know.
They call this the Information Age. Where everything is at your finger tips, and at the speed of light. Those who feel they also have to physically move fast to keep up, haven’t quite woken up to what their spiritual-self is asking of them. The vibrational frequency of the planet is accelerating, and it’s not about us moving faster, it’s all about us thinking from a higher perception; creating situations of win-win, responding from love instead of fear. Our unchecked and often out of balanced ego is turning into quite the chaos maker. Some will discover from their own self-awareness the need for more self-love, ending up discovering their own self loyalty from their inner path of the nurturing intuition, and some may venture deeper into the extreme of vanity, and the creation of the fragile ego. This polarized split is becoming more defined, however there’s no right or wrong in it, and nothing is set in stone.

As we move into this new cycle, we can either allow the unsettling changes to effect our well-being, or we can grab the bull by the horns, and can look at our immediate environment then recognize what needs to be nurtured. Different from the need to control the change that is out of our reach. The quality of the focus, and the object of that focus is going to ripple and effect those around you. Then that in essence will change what is out of reach. When we keep our focused attention on the journey, and only glance at the destination. The journey itself becomes the richness that your life is waiting to provide for you; waiting for you to choose what is life-affirming, instead of unnecessary pain and suffering.
Recognize your own cycles, catch yourself when you’re heading into the shadows: “does this inspire and energize me”, then follow that “yes”.

My blessings to you…