We have a game changer about to happen. The end of days the Bible speaks of is Not the end of the physical world, it is however the end of the world as we have known it to be. This game changer will strongly effect those who have a tendency to react from fear first, and the powers-that-be will use that fear to twist us in going to war with everything that moves.
Those who have the response of love, those who embrace the differences in people, will have a much better transitioning through this.
Our Governments have kept from us the level of involvement they have been having with ET (extraterrestrials). We are about to discover that we are not only not alone in this universe, we are not the only ones on this planet. ET has been on this planet for 1000’s of years, and now they feel it’s time to formally introduce themselves. Even if it is against the wishes of our Governments. Our Governments want this in the closet simply because they are governing us by fear, and when ET steps out of the shadows, we may discover them to not be so fearful. By which our governments will have no more control over us.

A huge portion of the population is going to be acting out of fear, so give your fellow humans a little more space to navigate through this change. And if you see UFO’s shooting at people: that is Not ET’s, that is humans in UFO’s creating fear to control us into a war we cannot win.
The powers-that-be are terrified of what love can do, because love is not profitable. Love creates it’s own abundance automatically, and there are ET’s here on this planet who support the love in us, we just need to educate ourselves as to who they are.

I talk a lot about the choice between love and fear, and this time approaching is the test of that conviction. The one thing to remember, is that your conscious self; that part of yourself that is aware of it’s surroundings, can not be hurt. It lives in the eternal Now. It is the choice of love or fear that either sends us forward, or holds us back. This spiritual teaching rings true in every language.

This transition is going to appear a bit crazy. However, if our government had been honest with us from the beginning, then we would have had time to process into the idea of it. Sadly that is not the case. We have to step into this like a light switch. Remember, it’s all just an experience, and how this experience unfolds comes from your choices of response.

The human race has been asleep long enough, and when we learn to park that pride, we discover that our galactic neighbors do want peace as much as we do.
ET is able to read us at a glance, to know just what our emotional status is. So it would be helpful to have the all day practice of holding peace in your space, or standing in the environment of contentment.
Change is hard on humans, however this change and it’s timing is perfect for disrupting the chaos of “big brother” or “the powers that be”. Simply because we’re going to be introduced to higher learning and higher living. It’s going to be the humans that will be acting chaotic. All this takes is your faithful heart. Amazing truth’s are coming to light. Although we still have to weigh what is truth and what is fantasy, and most of the truth is going to seem like fantasy.
This is the grand test of our spiritual understandings. “Do we act out of fear and create incredible chaos, or do we remain calm with the face of love, and discover the abundance in this transition”?

Earth is going through a very dark time, and the more we can focus on kindness, the sooner we cycle out of the shadows.
At this point, all those acting out of fear and anger can not be healed by you going in after them, for this is their threshold to cross. The best thing you can do is to give them physical and emotional space, and they will learn by demonstration that if they want your attention they will have to come out of their shadows. If a loved one has fallen into darkness, there’s no honor in falling with them. It actually creates self karma. It is when we can stand strong within our conviction of our own light, and by that we allow only those who honor that to come in close. This act in itself has the stronger potential of pulling someone out of the mud, then going into it with them.
It’s very important that you follow your own happiness, and surround yourself with kindness. By honoring this space you stand in, you become a beacon of light for others to follow, and in essence create the ripple effect.
Be strong, be proud of the light you’re cultivating, and express it often.

My blessings to you…