The art and practice of forgiveness is so essential for releasing emotional attachments, and moving beyond those situations. This is NOT about forgetting, this is about releasing out of our emotional field the trauma that was performed, so we can better embrace what is life-affirming. Instead of allowing life to mold us in its angry state, and this is how we move beyond “that”.
Cutting cords of emotional attachment is the first step, because it opens a quiet space to forgive; a space free of entangled emotions. Forgiveness requires this open space, without it we just stay angry.
Forgiveness is a practice; it’s on-going because there will always be something to move beyond in becoming our potential. This practice can be for a person or a system of operation like government or war, or even ourselves for stepping into the mess of relationships or… Anything that pushes your emotional buttons. The idea is to catch ourselves sooner and sooner when we become angry, and instead practice this. Then return to our happy place. This form of spiritual gardening will cut down on conflict tremendously, as this healing will return us back into our authentic loving selves. Because this practice of forgiveness allows us the freedom to release the hurt without forgetting.

Quantum Forgiveness
To Self: “I am spirit, my body is only an illusion, it has nothing to do with what I really am”.
To Other: “You are spirit, whole and innocent, all is forgiven and released”.
Repeat this as often as the feelings arise, in a way that brings you back to compassion, and or back to an unemotional neutral space.
From the book collection -“Course in Miracles” by Helen Schucman, published by Foundation for Inner Peace.

When we forgive deep enough to see the other person as innocent, this release of emotions will untangle. This vision of their innocents through forgiveness erases the karmic issue or emotional connection all the way back to your beginning, and all the way forward into all the “what if’s” of all your possibilities. Insuring that, that lesson is completely finished, and no longer needs to be worried about.

“When you no longer have the need to be seen or heard, to be right or to be in control. When the other person is no longer “responsible” for your happiness, or any situation you’re both involved in, and that person no longer comes up in your heated conversations, then you’ve moved past that issue”.

My blessings to you…

Strength of Ten

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When healing something that feels bigger than we are, or the dark forces that we are confronting seems too immense. Like when Gandalf confronts Saruman in the second Hobbit movie “The Desolation Of Smaug”, Gandalf is over taken by the darkness of Saruman. This is what it looks like when trying to heal through our Will power, as if we are the ones actually doing the healing. When in truth the energy that is being channeled is doing the work. Like how Yoda lifts the jet out of the marsh in the Star Wars movie “The Empire Strikes Back”. Yoda is not concerned with the size of which he is moving, he is simply connected with the energy he is channeling. Because the energy channeled is doing the actual work, all we do is stay focused with being present with that energy flow. It’s the ego that gets excited with “power” and the physical experience of movement. For every one who is still healing through Will power… Instead this “focus of presence” gives the rest of us the strength of ten (ten healers in focused thought).
Holding focus is learning to quiet the minds inner chatter. A great meditation for quieting the mind is the focus of “no mind”. From this practice comes the freedom to manifest a single thought with ease and joy. Then comes the understanding that success bubbles from the wellspring of a co-created relationship with Spiritual Guardians.
As long as we are in human form, we can only be the bridge; the lightening rod or the orchestrater that connects the healing force to the physical matter; the client, the environment, or a system of management. The only difference between practitioners is the clarity of focus, and the depth of connection with that guidance.

My blessings to you…

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The Reviewing Room


When we die and pass from this world and into the Spirit World, we enter the reviewing room where we (without ego) get to view the consequences of every action taken, and every word spoken or unspoken both to ourselves and to other people. Every person goes through this, there are no exceptions. We get to look carefully at everything that is of God, and everything that is separate from God. Loving actions, and fearful reactions. Everything that is not brought back into balance from this life, and or forgiven by us, we get to review carefully, and sort out that pile . So that of which is separate from God gets cataloged into the karma pile.
As we look out across humanity, and see those who deliberately hurt people for personal gain. Those people are creating a mountain of karma, and for some the darkness is so great that they will return to the mineral kingdom for extended review (a place where humans will never physically touch).
We’ve been told that we can heal this mountain of karma in an instant, or throughout a thousand lifetimes. It is resolved through forgiveness while in devotion to God (or whatever your language is for that), deeper and more profound than just once a week. When we relinquish our obedience to our higher-self/god-self/higher-power, we overcome great spiritual discords in leaps and bounds. This form of spiritual gardening can teach us many layers of light and dark, as we release our sense of self and ego, and connecting to become apart of God.
So think carefully before speaking, and take time and special care to heal the anger we carry deep inside, while still standing on this ground.

My blessings to you…

Planets Coming Into Alignment


This is the time of the planets coming into alignment, and bringing with it opportunities and possibilities. This is also a time to be aware of our reactions around love and fear, creating very real consequences from these choices. This alignment is asking us to pay close attention to the quality of our emotions. Responding to the instant gratification of the lower-self may sink us deeper into that mud. While a response from a higher awareness will bounce us out of that lesson, and enjoy smooth sailing.
For the next two months our emotions may be stretched a little, as this opportunity is asking us to look at life from a higher perception. Because from this seed of our desire is everything necessary for it to bloom into fulfillment.
Also be mindful of the other people around us, and give them a little extra space, because not all of us have our emotions in check.
This is not a time to look at what the world in not doing “right”. This is a time to be mindful of who you are, and where you stand, even if you stand together with yourself. The reasons for doing so will set the stage for future events. The story that you tell when you are describing yourself needs to be in alignment with who you want to become. Breath in the blessings around you, let the influence of life love you, and come into alignment with the precious gift you know you are.

Not only our solar system, yet everything we experience is expanding it’s vibrational field; the earth is growing up. She is shifting from a third dimensional awareness, and into the fourth.
So we are discovering that our old-school thinking no longer creates the joy that it once did, it instead creates even more chaos. Parents that want to control change in the family dynamics through anger. Or governments that govern by fear will fail miserably, simply because love is now the new guiding force that seeds our good will, and if they shift their awareness to love they will profit a thousand times grater than before. This old-school approach no longer works simply because this world is resonating from a much higher perception. This alignment of the planets is sealing this deal; the awareness in the collective mind has accumulated to this final step, and the alignment of the planets is bringing this awareness out of the either and into the physical expression. The earth expression is an accumulation of that influence of everything that makes up Earth, and this influence supports the driving desire of the collective mind. So it is not possible to go back to our old understanding of how the older world worked, that time has passed.
A lot of people who aren’t able to make that vibrational shift are leaving, and will be reincarnated into a body that is made for that frequency.
However those who focus on love, will have a smoother transition.

Go in peace.

The Flowing Chi


Chi is the ever flowing, ever changing life-force energy moving through everything. It’s in animals and plants, it’s even in water, stones and metals. Chi flows through the Earth and dances in the wind. Chi flows into our bodies on the left side and out on the right. As Chi moves through the spiritual body, we have the ability to harness this energy, focus it for the healing of the physical self, other people, animals and the planets.
Chi does not belong to us, it is constantly flowing through us, like an endless river, and as it moves through we can play with it.
We can have blocks, which keep Chi from flowing freely. These blocks come from the resistance to life. From fear of receiving life (abundance), from the feeling of not being good enough, and so on. Once we overcome the issue, the block turns to smoke, then clears. These blocks can tell us where our learning curve is, and overall give us better tools for navigating life. Releasing one of these blocks can only be done through Alternative (natural) Medicine and Healing, this in not something you can take a pill for.
Chi is apart of the spiritual experience, while also on earth, because Chi can be physically felt. Like when doing a healing and channeling Chi. Or the sexual orgasm, which is where we can physically feel the life-force energy or Chi, rushing through the body. Chi gives us that visual demonstration of God. Like the flame of a candle, we can see it and feel it, although we can’t grab a-hold of it.
Chi is neutral energy, it’s neither positive or negative. Healing shows us how to use it positively, to protect life, and martial arts shows us how to use it to take away life.
Reiki is a form of modified Chi, or accelerated Chi, because they both come from the same field, the field of Source Energy. And like Reiki, Chi can be used in a million ways.
We can learn how to channel it through every part of the body. I’ve developed a very unique talent of channeling Chi behind my knees… this blesses the Earth’s core and works to balance ozone.
The beginner may experience this as “The Holy Spirit” moving through them. While the master will transform Chi into physical matter, as in the art of alchemy and manifestation. We are only limited by the depth of our own belief systems.

May your Chi move with ease and joy…

Devoted Direction

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Spirit of light, my will is thy will, thy will be done. And so it is.

I commit myself to the Will of God.
I give my heart and soul to God.
I deserve the best in life.
I serve the best cause in life.
I am divine manifestation of God. –Course in Miracles



June 2014 017The “I AM experience” is a relationship with Spirit that is eye to eye. “I AM” is the Full Activity of God, or that “God in Action” in you.
In the beginning of this path of finding God we follow the teaching by first learning it through obedience, many lifetimes of discipline and practice. In the beginning of the path as a healer, we follow a line of thinking that we have to do things in an order for the healing to happen. This is healing with ego and healing through Will, and this ritual of practice is essential for understanding connection to Spirit and self value. However, it’s not what makes it work. The “I AM experience” is a connection to Spirit without agenda, and without ego. It’s tapped into through the Higher Self or the God Self, the one place where there is no ego. A strong clean cord, a direct line and an instant reply as if we were one. Making the art of moving and manifesting energy fun and exciting, because it’s a co-creation with Spirit. I am not powerful alone. What makes me a powerful healer is the clean cord of connection to The Spiritual Guardians. My focus and attention while in the healing space is upon that connection. Actually that focus and attention is not just a practice to accomplish a task, it is the quality of my life, as in apart of my “life statement”; it is the journey I walk.
I understand it takes lifetimes to learn the value of one’s self-worth, as I stand here I have great compassion for those on this path. Because the greatest lesson from this is self-value, and again it’s because we give far more than what we get, and that all comes from healing through the Will of ego, not the Will of God.
The spiritual warrior in me is cutting a trail in the direction of resolving self karma, and learning self-value and self-loyalty.
I am looking forward to the next realm along this journey of returning home to God. To which there are 14 realms to master before arriving in the homeland of God, and even then the journey of learning truth continues. Because our Spirit and it’s journey is infinitely more eternal than the distance between the stars.
My blessings to you…

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