What’s In The Mix?

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When we want to understand the finer details of karmic connections:

When we are looking at a potential partner, and asking ourselves about all those little things as in “do we match”. How is it that we want to see and or feel? We often want that “click”… We want something gentle, and somewhat easy.
Truth is we can have all that, we have to decide that we are worthy of asking for what we want, and not just taking what we’re given. Return it if it’s not exactly what you want! With relationships we have to have eyes wide open as we go through a check list of needs, or we’ll find karma and or nature filling in those gaps where we’re not paying attention.

Our karmic life path for each person has a very specific flavor; very specific issues that we’re working through… Knowing what your karmic issues are is acknowledging where your emotional challenging places are. All those places where we run from issues that life demands of us because they’re just too scary to deal with, those are our karmic life issues.
When we get together with another person, we are mixing those two flavors, yours and theirs. And not just with relationships… Business deals, friendships… Anytime we are in action with another person this combination will show itself.

The person in the relationship with the most intense karma will also have the strongest influence in any given situation. So if you’re in a business deal, and the person with the gentlest flavor happens to be the one doing the talking, then the karmic expression of that deal will have the influence for the outcome. This is “what’s best for the team” comes into play, and from this what kind of outcome is desired. However, if the two of you are doing something like buying a house together, the outcome of that purchase will come from that combination unless one works the deal.
So if you’re someone who’s looking at the details of karmic connections and desired outcomes, paying close attention to what’s in the mix of those amazing personalities people carry will be time well spent.


Cutting Cords of Emotional Attachment


Cutting cords of emotional attachment is a way for us to become free of other peoples unsettled emotional connections with us. Say I had a heated exchange with my spouse, and as I walk out of the room I’m still feeling the strong grip of it. Cutting these cords allows me the freedom to slip back into my balance, then from here it becomes so much easier to forgive, which allows me the freedom to be myself.
Cutting cords with our spouse (or ex, or boss, or family, or…) often, means we’re not dragging preconceived unsettled emotions from a disagreement before, into this new moment, and keeping that slate clean. However the moment our mind goes back into it’s argument of the memory with that person, we are reconnecting that cord. So this is a practice of emotionally staying on our own side of the street; of doing our own inner healing work, and as a way of staying in our emotional freedoms, which is very profound in what brings balanced healed empowerment into relationships.
Cutting cords of emotional attachment will also relieve the stresses of karmic pressures, allowing us clarity for that moment, and space to breathe so we don’t feel as though we have to sit in this soup of a twisted emotional mess. Cutting cords gives us this freedom, just like clearing out the disturbed emotions from a home on the page House Clearing.
Every time we feel discord; anger, hurt, bullied, or…  With another person is the perfect time to cut that emotional cord, no matter who it is. If you feel like someone is sucking your precious energy, and you have a good sense of who it is, then cut the cord. If you don’t have a good sense who it is, then pull up your shields.
Sometimes after cutting cords with someone, that someone will call you as a subconscious way of recording, then simply cut again.
Some things need to be said in establishing emotional boundaries, however this is not one of them. This is a silent self declaration, and a way of emotional healing. By having the need to explain our emotional needs to that someone, we are cording with them, and that’s an act from the ego-self. Cutting cords is an act of our god-self, because we are moving away from discord, and into peace. And another tool in our toolbox for dealing with the world.

* If your having sex with multipal partners for the sake of sex, and not because you’re into them so much. This simple act of cutting cords will release you from those connections.
* Striving for an emotionally healthy life, the practice of cutting cords with everyone we come in contact with will keep us in bliss.

* One way of cutting cords of emotional attachment is with someone who understands psychic surgery: when we energetically look at the light-body, and more importantly the chakra system. These different zones, and places we become corded with will have different issues with different people. We begin to better understand the issues they have with us or we have with them, and this gives us a good direction to follow for the healing.

However, the way to do this by yourself is with a simple prayer to Archangel Michael. “Archangel Michael, I ask that you cut all my cords with (name or description of person)… Amen”. Let your guard down and open yourself up to him… Feel the release.
We can also cut cords with systems of business as if it was a person: politics, government, company policies, and so on. As a way to emotionally release ourselves from it.

My blessings to you…

Cutting Cords of Emotional Attachment and Forgiveness along with Boundaries and Manifesting One’s World and the Ego-less Relationship should all be on the same page, because technically they support each other as one action. The action of Self-love.

This post is in reflection of my practice with cutting cords. This action was handed down to me by someone who also has this practice. I’m not the one who originally came up with this format, Gary Renard did in one of his books. I’m currently into his book “The Lifetime of when Jesus and Buddha knew each other”. Good read.


How do you Know if a Relationship is Karmic?

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If you were to look across a crowded room, and see the people that you have NO feelings for. The ones that are NOT your dating type, the ones that DON’T push your emotional buttons, you-know the neutral ones. Or family members, or co-workers, or… They are the ones you DON’T have karma with. Anyone that helps you to become a better person, whether you learn it gently or you go through Hell in remembering the empowerment that you are, is a relationship with karma. Truly embracing karma is letting go of the fearful ego, and discovering what it’s like to act from a guiltless mind.
Karma’s not a bad thing, it’s simply a way of describing God’s law of what holds us accountable for our emotional interactions with other people, and His intentions for us to embrace non-attachments of our ego’s imperfections. When we turn and face our issues and approach them through self-awareness / self love / self-loyalty, we unearth the richness that we naturally are.
When I think of karma and how it relates to me: I remember the pine trees high in the mountains at the edge of tree line, the ones that are all weather beaten… “I am the tree and the weather is karma, shaping and carving me into the expression that I can be”. As long as we are fighting against the lessons of karma, it will rip and tear and harden our character. However, when we roll with the changes that karma brings forward into our lives, then we bend to the will of karma, and by this we receive the softer edges of life.

Karma is
all those feelings and emotions that get stirred-up by people we love or hate. “Karma is simply unlearned lessons resulting from our own actions of cause and effect finding it’s balance in grace”.


A Karmic Experience


Long time ago in my youth I had the wonderful opportunity and experience of working through a one-sided karmic relationship. Her brother had been one of my best friends since grade school. So this issue came to surface at a young age, and it wasn’t till my mid teens did I start to gather information as to why this was happening. The story’s not important, what is important is how I got through it.
When you have an attraction for someone who doesn’t know you exist, or you’re not her dating type, and there’s nothing you could do or say that would get her on the same page. I spent years being overly kind, going way out of my way to do special things for her, and all the while little did I know this attraction was digging a pit so deep I could hardly see out.
One day I found myself living in the same house with her, as if my spirit guides came forward and said “it’s time to deal with this”. Her parents had passed away, the most of her siblings had moved out, and her elderly Grandfather was also living there. I was living at home which happened to be across the street. No one in her family had any experience in taking care of an elderly person. Well I did, I had a short conversation with her Grandfather [he was 92], and moved in the following day. I helped him with meals, bathing, harvested his garden with/for him, processed firewood and kept the house heated throughout the winter. I also learned a lot about life through his death. He passed away that following spring. I was only there for that winter; I left shortly after he passed. Later I discovered that, that was a soul contract between him and I; a supported experience. Anyway…
In my spare time I did woodcarving in the basement, and through it learned to channel that crazy attraction for her into a creative outlet. I would also channel those crazy unsettled emotions through the action of splitting firewood. Having a physical creative outlet became essential, because it was either that or become an alcoholic. That energy has to be expressed somewhere.
She was going to college, which was just 20 miles away, and to save money she lived at home.
At the time that I moved in I had a clear picture of our karmic past connection; the complete story, and I knew with every fiber of my being there was no way we were ever going to get together. Well I still had this powerful attraction for her, so what to do with this!
Well I would choose a time when everyone was out of the house, sit quietly without TV or music and allow this attraction to come and fill me, then create a story in my mind of her walking out of my life. Through this I would allow this immense sadness to flow through me, hours of crying, weeks of this process [if you stuff tears, the next emotion to come is anger and rage, and anger is fear under pressure. Anger keeps us stuck in the story, and story brings out judgment which will hold you back in that destructive pattern]. When the tears begin to dry up, then it’s time to start the next process of letting go; the process of forgiveness.
The process of letting go is to see in all the ways in which the two of you are different from each other. The person of whom I’m becoming is SO different from who she is and where she’s going, and through my love I set myself free to fly. Ending the cycle happened when she came full circle years later, and wanted to engage with me romantically, and I gently turn her down. At that moment when I had decided to end the cycle of tears and finally stepped away… The karma was then finished.
Completing this cycle by ending this karma: all relationships since then have been 1000 times more vibrant and rich. When we clean up the karma in a relationship, we discover what has been the very reason that’s kept us from connecting to those deep meaningful relationships we so desire.

Instead of looking for an opening with this person, you want to be looking for closure, and more importantly you want to be looking for that place in you in which you’re okay and ready to let go of this weight you’ve been carrying. Learning to find closure instead of connection is a lot like the process of learning to see the forest through the trees.
Ending this kind of karma either happens consciously which takes focus and attention, or you come back in your next life and deal with it then. For me I went through four life-times and committing suicide each time out of emotional pain before choosing to end this cycle (Suicide: to be or not to be). Closure happens when you come into alignment with your truth; when you connect to the freedom of your authentic self, while declaring independence from them.
Karma can be seen as the chains that hold us back from self empowerment in expression. The heavier the karma, the less freedom of authentic self-expression. To step out of karma and back into empowerment, we practice removing the dysfunctional ego from our daily living, and this is a practice. As we remove ego, what naturally fills in that empty space is self-love which sprouts into the authentic self or self empowerment.
For each person this experience will be different, For the most part, ending karma is an expression of love in which you step into empowerment, by becoming emotionally independent from the other person. And like the rose bud, you can’t force it to flower. When you’re ready and you come into alignment with the action of your heart, it just happens.
We talk a lot about karma and what it looks like, however it’s not until we have a karmic experience that teaches us what it’s like to bring it to resolve, do we fully comprehend how to navigate it. Do it right once, and the rest of your life is bliss.
Through this action this deep rich love for this person doesn’t go away, it simply transforms out of I can’t live without you”, and into a personal balance that is empowerment… The authentic self; the I Am that I am.

My blessings to you…

The Karmic Path


The true path of karma is a way to understand the paths of you’re soul. I am the tree, and the wind is karma. Shaping and molding me into the character I can be, bending to receive the softer edges of life.
When you have an issue that cannot be avoided, we see that as karma [karma is the restriction that holds your life back], and a stepping stone for the learning of the lesson which in itself creates the movement of your soul’s journey. Because when we face karma head on, and overcome our ego’s emotional dragons by transforming our fearful reactions into loving actions, we do experience the softer edges of life. If we continue to ignore these issues, we will experience those harder edges of life. So slay those dragons head on, and by this we expand our inner potential, and become more of the gift that we are.
Karma’s not something we need to hide from. Because from the souls prospective it’s a beautiful thing, for it promotes movement; change; the process of moving toward wholeness; toward spiritual freedom, and towards God’s graceful abundance.
The challenge as a human is to identify how the ego creates a block, and drops it across the path to enlightenment; the path to success. The ego makes a small feeling feel huge, and that my friends are the illusions of ego.
The big picture that karma brings forward in the field of relationships is all relationships are divinely designed to not quite match your truth, or your vision. In other words, there will always be something in the relationship that will be a red flag or something out-of-shape. Because karma is Spirit’s way of helping us to understand that all human relationships come from ego, and the only true relationship is our obedience to our god-self/higher awareness as the action of self-loyalty. The very nature of karma is to show us that EVERYTHING is ego-driven. When we follow the guidance of our higher-self or god-self, we step into the flow of higher living and the life of self empowerment, and this is done by removing the dysfunctional ego and pride by burning through karma. Overcoming relationship karma means to discover that “you are more precious to yourself, than he/she is to you”. And this standard becomes how you navigate all relationships. Ego-self says: this person has to be in my life to complete me. God-self says: your partner is someone to whom you find joy in hanging out with. This is the path God intended us to follow. Karma is a way for us to see what has become dysfunctional and out of balance, and from there gives us the opportunity to see it differently and act with greater purpose. Walking the path of self empowerment shortens the journey of egoic lessons, and returns us home to God’s grace. Because there’s not all that “he said… She said… ” Stormy story and drama, and instead you’re free to live your passions in the ego-less relationship.

The weight of a marriage vow registers in our spiritual psyche in a similar reflection, that the Divine is absolute; that our spouse is absolute. “I absolutely trust my spouse in a similar fashion that I absolutely trust God”, and this is where we mess-up. Our identity with our god-self has been confused with being the same as our identity with our egoic relationships. This is why relationships continuously fail, because only through the awareness of the god-self, do we discover that only God is absolute. Egoic relationships have a shelf-life, are very limited, and loaded with conditions. For everything on earth has a beginning, middle and an end. So by changing our expectations of human relationships, we find a far more positive outcome.
When we come together in relationships, she looks at him and becomes totally lost in him, he looks at her and becomes totally lost in her, and together they totally forget who they were before. Following the path of our karmic healing we learn the value of holding onto our personal identity and integrity, and by the practice of boundaries our passionate expressions are given permission to flourish.
From this practice fail-safes are created that allows the relationship to learn through failure. A place which presents a safe environment to express our needs, while having the support of our partner. By failing we learn what is truth, and the path that keeps us in truth. Which shows itself as self-empowerment. It’s in putting this into perspective in such a way to quiet the drama. Even though most of the time we will feel as though karma is putting us through absolute hell. When in fact this Divine path was created from absolute love.

Karma is God’s way of teaching us the lessons of life so we can gain strength and pass the class, the key here is “are you paying attention”? The natural flow of life is fluid, and when we choose not to listen, life becomes stuck and sticky with karma’s drama. Karma is here to help us to engage in the lesson, and the lesson can be “that” that’s difficult to overcome, or not. An open heart overcomes quickly. Bringing karma to completion does not mean ending the relationship. It means transforming your awareness, and being more responsible with your personal emotional balance, or the difference in action instead of reaction. [No reaction, just observe the other person’s opinion. Then if you do act, it’s an action and not a reaction. Your action comes from your god-self of who you can be, instead of reacting emotionally from their opinion. So learn to think and act for yourself.]

For everything you feel compassion for, you have already experienced and learned the value of that lesson.
2013 was the beginning of instant karma, where the distance of recoil of going from judged to learning the compassion of it, becomes incredibly short; what you put out to the world, comes back at you a thousand fold, and at the speed of light. We can’t hide our thoughts from karma… Karma sees all, knows all.
Karma is like a finger from your soul messing with your mental, emotional fields, as well as your spiritual awareness, as to fine tune your passions that give your life direction. It’s like the soul is steering you to overcome lessons and issues, to gather knowledge and spiritual freedom, that expands the soul into its god form. The soul is unseen by most humans, simply because the souls expression is well beyond the limiting concepts of the human mind.

Ego is the judgmental side of learning to navigate the emotions, and bringing ego into compassion is a daily practice until we learn where ego lives. Ego is discussed throughout this site in attempt to teach the destructive behavior of ego and how to turn that around. [It can be found on the page: Boundaries and Personal Power]
When it comes to relationships and working through the complexity of the karma of it. Karma teaches us that only you matter; that you are most precious a gift, and when you start to take yourself seriously as in putting yourself first; “does this act / decision inspire and energize me”? When we love ourselves more than another person can love us, we learn our self value. And this valuable lesson brings forth clarity and balance when understanding karma in relationships. It’s not all of it, it’s most of it. Overcoming it; learning the lesson of love; the lesson of light will bring forward relationships of depth and quality. Removing karma is done by reprogramming the self to act from balance, instead of reacting from emotional hurt. And like the art of boundaries it’s a daily practice until we learn the rhythm of it’s pattern.

The loving karmic relationship: Ego-less Relationship

Forms of completion:
* One of devotion. The kind of devotion that is a calling, and the kind of devotion that doesn’t disrupt your own life’s passionate pursuits. This devotion can come in a variety of avenues, all of which completes the karmic circle with both yourself and the person your devoted to. This kind of devotion is a lifelong lesson, and this kind of devotion is automatic; that without thought.
* Spontaneous generosity is another place where karma completes its cycle. This expression is a person to person completion. However, if we focus our attention on this person, and the moment this act is no longer spontaneous, the cycle is extended.
* A life in service to others will also complete a karmic circle. The service industry is full of people completing this karmic expression. This avenue can either have us kicking and screaming all the way through it, or as devoted service. The first is the introduction to the lesson, while the second is the acceptance of the value of the lesson.
Looking at karma and learning it’s simple model yet complex paths, we can become very entwined in the emotional complexity of it. Or we can just go about our daily living, and the subconscious self will automatically continue to work itself out. Life has us marching forward.

My blessings to you…

Can A Karmic Relationship Work?


Karma is in E-V-E-R-Y interaction because of it’s emotional nature, karma can be described as an emotionally imbalanced history with other people, or ourselves. Karma can be seen as all those disruptive, angry and painful, need to be “right” places in our lives. Or karma can be a bad breakup that seems to drag on forever by controlling or needy partners that can’t let go. Or it can be that uncontrollable urge to put them so far up on that pedestal, that if they ever fall off they will never touch the ground. Meanwhile you’re in the mud, and you don’t care as long as they are up there. This is karma, the balance is seeing eye to eye. The balance is equally giving to yourself as much as you give to them, and through the practice of boundaries we begin to step into the ego-less relationship, and the bountiful bliss of self empowerment.

Karma is all those expressions that show us just how separated we are from the Loving God; karma is separation from God (or whatever your language is). Karma by definition means dysfunction; ego’s interference in an other wise perfect system. The influence of the physical realm is duality, and how we allow those influences to effect us can make or break us. It’s when our ego gets twisted up in these influences that life on earth becomes a lesson in the navigation of ego’s emotions, and how good you are shows in the quality relationships you’re leading. This includes family, friends, co-workers… Balance doesn’t mean that I sign over my pay check to you, and give you more than I have. A healthy practice of boundaries with everyone will provide the reward of self-empowerment, which is the opposite of what karma will do.

Karma is created when we become separate from “that” of which governs good-will in our lives. So karma shows us how far off our own designated path we are. By doing our inner emotional work, we keep clear of those emotions that have us trapped in those ugly painful places, and following our happiness and excitement by doing what keeps us in our integrity, and by this we find ourselves firmly on the path intended for us. Life moves on silk.
When change happens, and life turns a corner without our knowledge, life can become sticky with drama. If we continue to avoid the ownership of our personal issues in our own lives, a lesson is created which we tenderly call karma or lessons unlearned.

Dark karma comes when we hurt another person in a personal way like a sex crime, or arrogance because we are unwilling to be emotionally responsible for our reactions. Killing on any level: Deliberately hurt someone for personal gain out of greed for one’s own position. Even the act of bulling. All of our responses from fear; anger, gilt, shame… Can and do create the drama of karma. Emotional suffering, which in itself is karma, and compassion is it’s balance. […and for those who don’t understand, compassion is not sexual.]
Each person’s life path is as unique as their fingerprint, as is the karmic lessons that confront us in this life. And through our many incarnations of life after life we all get to be the prostitute, or the murderer, or the spiritual master, or… We all get to experience the human reality in all its shades, and from it we all find forgiveness, compassion and personal empowerment from those life experiences. Then we’ve come full cycle back into God’s grace.
This pattern of life after life does not take us from a babbling idiot to a saint. The order in which lessons come, is the order in which your soul is learning. So by this we can be a saint in one life then a prostitute in the next, simply for the lessons to learn within those characters, and it’s all about learning out of ego’s fear and into God’s love as the action of your heart’s compassion.

Karma is not a punishment, it is simply the opportunity to look at the subject differently, and allowing this prospective too physically change the very nature of our lives, and consequently the movement of our soul’s journey.
Karma doesn’t come as time to be served, it comes as lessons to be learned, and emotions to be navigated.

Karma is God’s tough-love to us.
Karma is a teacher, asking us in what ways can we be emotionally responsible.
Each person you feel a strong emotion for is a relationship that is dripping with karma. Whether it’s a lover, family, best-friend, boss, passer-by, any emotional interaction with people (lust or hate) expressed in a moment or throughout a lifetime. We can even have karma with ourselves, as in not honoring, acknowledging or standing up for ourselves when we feel the slightest hint of resentment, and therefore pushing us to find the need to return to balance for ourselves.
Karma holds you up against the other person in such a way that your experience of them is over-the-top intense. It holds you up against the wall or the other person, feet dangling in the air or floating in the clouds. Karma holds you there so you can’t move, forcing you to look at it. Karma gives you NO choice; it holds you there and has you face it!!! And the very moment you see the illusion in it, and you take back your power, it drops you. Then sets you free, and from there we find new relationships with new lessons and new opportunities for growth. Each lesson learned moves our soul toward wholeness and free from the drama of karma.

Ego plays a huge role in the understanding of karma. Most of the karma we come across is because of a unchecked ego and dysfunctional pride. The ego wants us to dive into temptation, and the ego wants us to be unaccountable and free of commitment. Unfortunately this action leads to unhappiness, simply because higher reasoning leads to love. Not being accountable displays no staying-power in relationships.
The ego-self and the god-self are complete opposites, and karma shows us just how extreme that is. Which part of yourself are you feeding, your ego-self or your god-self?

Karma that is seen as a beautiful thing we call dharma, as in being paid back for good deeds [good deeds seen by humans and good deeds seen by spiritual guardians can be two very different things].
Personal growth, as in removing the dysfunctional ego, brings balance toward spiritual freedom; spiritual love. Or the kind of dharma that comes through as devotion, or comes through generosity.
Creating good dharma comes from doing the right thing over the easy thing, and how that dharma comes back to you is up to your spiritual guardians. Simply because they know when you’re honestly acting from your heart, or when you’re just trying to gather points.

“Everything” that we think or do that is out of alignment with The Loving God is recorded and cataloged, and needs to be paid back with the balance of forgiveness and compassion. The action of this payback The Spirits call karma. Every thought, no matter how small that is out of alignment with God, every emotion that is out of Divine alignment, every action, and every spiritual teaching that is out of alignment with The Loving God will be paid back as karma. Every place in our lives where God has been replaced by Ego creates a shock wave of karma, and that disrupts balance. So from the loving actions of our spiritual guidance, we are put into situations with opportunities to experience and see life differently, as to have the choice to resolve the issue with forgiveness, and cycle out of anger and back into compassion.
To those of us who have awoken to this truth, are serious in the ways that understands the very real consequences of karma, and the conscious journey of returning home to The Loving God.
The book set –“Course in Miracles”, teaches us how to open, transform and to live with the empowerment of the guiltless mind. Because only a guiltless mind can not suffer.

* Murder is a way of hiding secrets, because unaware; asleep people will go to great lengths to keep hidden their darkness. The act of murder comes from the insecurity of not being able to exist on the same planet with that other person. (Truth is: we came into this world with everything we need to overcome whatever comes to us. Lack of will-power is just lack of personal responsibility. That’s why we make the other person responsible for our happiness or unhappiness, because we lack the will-power to do so for ourselves.) People who feel they don’t have the strength to face their karma will run from it, and murder is one of the demonstrations of that. They see no other way, simply because it’s a reaction different from a conscious action. The irony in it is they will get caught, and put in a tinny room then forced to look at the karma of it.
People kill because they are afraid of loosing something. When the irony of it is through that very act, they end-up loosing just what it is they were afraid of loosing in the first place. God-awareness is the balance every time. It’s a practice: “Oh I’m getting destructive again”, and shift the pattern. Through self-awareness we choose self-love, and people who murder have not gotten to that place of self-awareness. The practice of God-awareness is the only direction away from this… It is the very lack of God-awareness where this action happens. So nurture that “god in action” in you-what ever that is for you, and keep karma on the other side of that closed door.

A simple way to understand karma is to see life as one big classroom, where karma is both the teacher and the lesson. A life of empowerment or enlightenment requires us to show up in class, pay attention to the lesson, doing our inner work of slaying our emotional dragons; transforming all our fearful reactions into loving responses, and have presence of mind to allow that lesson to affect our life in such a profound way, to empower and enlighten our experiences. As well as to empower the experiences of those around us.
Karma is taking us all back to school to move our lives forward, and it’s completely up to us to pass the class or come back in the next life to repeat it.

When we allow another person to govern our own personal emotions, we call that karma.
Bringing karma to completion does not mean ending the relationship, or that you fall out of love with them. It means transforming our awareness, and being responsible with our emotional reactions. It means being realistic about who’s in control of your happiness/excitement. As in keeping clear of your individual identity in all its forms; you’re not getting lost in the other person. So the other person is not responsible for making you happy, you are, and when you follow and stay in control of your own happiness, then your life is empowered. You’re following your own happiness and your lover is along for the fun, as you are for them. If at any time you step into and are a part of the decision of another person, you ask yourself “does this inspire and energize me”? A simple yes or no, and by following that “yes” you surround yourself with empowerment, and that keeps you clear of karmas intensity! For this to work for you, you have to truly be honest to yourself. So when I say “I can’t live without you”, I’m allowing my dysfunctional ego to create a wall. Not being able to live without you creates a dysfunction for me, because I’m shrinking my infinite loving space into fear. That fear of losing something (you). The bigger the fear the smaller the box in which I exist. All this because I allow ego to make my choices, and karma is the box and the wall. Letting go of this fear, I discover that I feel love whether I’m with you or not.
Karmic relationships have a tendency to beat us down. So how do we find true love again after all that? “We do so through the action of boundariesand the ego-less relationship, because that action plants the seed of self empowerment, which is how we learn to succesfully navigate our emotional environment.
Karma will always be present in the beginning of love or friendship, simply because that is the nature of duality. It may start with karma, it can however with good boundaries lead into purpose, and those feelings of destiny when we allow the ego to fall away, and in turn be filled with trust.
So, can a karmic relationship work? Yes, if you have the courage to venture into the realm of the ego-less relationship. Because if we look at this head on, we will see karma as ego, so therefor every bit of your life is your responsibility to shift out of all egoic jealiousy patterns, and into gratitude and trust. The very minute you declare your relationship a disaster, is the moment you need to step out of it. Or back up, and look carefully at how you got there. Blaming the other person for your mistakes is an emotional cop-out, which just leads to more chaos and deeper karma”. To transform this disaster we have to look closely at the dysfunctions of our own ego. Which is described on the page Boundaries and Personal Power.

If you are actively working on your karmic issues, and the other person is not. Then it will feel as though you are walking up hill in deep sand. This is where communication is so important. Having trust when it’s time to talk about the difficult things. “Trust”: talking about Anything that hurts you, and empowerment comes from that deep trust that they will not leave you for anything you may say. This provides those close connections that we find in couples that have good communication skills (which is all about practice, practice, practice with: “what can I do with them today that is more positive than yesterday”).

Karma teaches us how to heal from ego’s romantic love, with all its sacrifices; pain and suffering, hoping for something better, and dread “here we go again”. By doing our inner emotional work, as in learning to respond from love instead of fear [anger is fear under pressure], and overall giving command to the obedience of the Higher-self [the lower-self is ego and “poor me”, the higher-self governs our good will]. Which leads into the quiet waters of spiritual love, where support is granted for any direction you choose. Spiritual love is healed karma. “That” without attachments; “that” without conditions of love; “that” of a guiltless mind. The ego-less relationship is the action from this field of spiritual love, and almost completely karma free.
All this requires having good healthy boundaries, a strong sense of self-value, and by giving obedience to your higher-self / higher-power, because karma will show us how much of a mess it can make when we are not practicing healthy boundaries or feel good about ourselves.

In the subject of relationships: karma is that excitement and rush he has in standing in her presence, and there’s nothing wrong with this. (She) finds him more exciting than that of which she feels for her own unique and special self; she forgets herself, and he becomes her reason for existing. This perspective turns you into a twisted heap of emotional mess, and for unknown reasons you’re not quite sure how you got there.
So by checking in with your own sense of “does this inspire and energize me” moment by moment, do we walk with balance. Karma can be harsh and karma can be gentle. Karma is one of those things we don’t see coming, we just open our eyes and find ourselves in it. If for some reason we can’t reach a resolve in our relationship, then maybe we’ll have to change our course with that person. It’s when we come back to clarity of thought, and compassion for them and ourselves is it complete. We still have to be smart as to how much we allow them back into our scared space; we can have compassion for them while they are over there. Bad karma comes as a sign when it becomes uncomfortable, and the interactions are no longer productive.
So by practicing boundaries and personal power, this reduces the karmic connection quite a bit. Because so much of karma has to do with a lack of connection to our sense of good-will. The practice of boundaries comes easy to those who have a good sense of personal value, and those who don’t like themselves very much find boundaries to be a waste of time.

When we have a personality clash with our lover and we can’t seem to get past it, or no-matter what terrible thing was said and horrific thing was done… We keep going back for more.
The act of “attraction” is divinely designed to hold you steady with that person, so the karmic lesson can unfold [that hot and steamy gaze holds your attention so the lesson can play-out]. I know this can be difficult to swallow. Just know that all love and hate relationships are moving in the direction through your personal growth for spiritual resolve. On its way to wholeness towards the ego-less relationship, which in itself is spiritual love; mature love. This is the master design of the direction of life in any realm… To complete the cycles of incarnations and return home to The Loving God.

Karma comes in ways other than just relationships. All diseases like cancer are karmic. Anytime there is something that can’t be avoided and you have to go through the experience of it, is karmic. If you see yourself as the tree that cannot move and therefore are in an unavoidable situation, then simply become the tree and be present for the lesson. Slow down and let the lesson change you, even if it’s just a little bit. If you become bitter by this, you haven’t completed the lesson, and more often than not because of your stubbornness that lesson will grow until you can’t see anything except it. Like going from stubbing your toe, if that doesn’t wake you up breaking your leg maybe next.

If we abuse someone [hard core abuse; physical (sexual), emotional, mental or spiritual abuse], we may come back, and or be on the receiving end of that abuse, in order to understand and come to the balance of compassion. The way to shorten that experience is to connect to compassion through the art of forgiveness. Compassion for yourself for ending up in this situation, and compassion for them for helping you to connect to the need to find balance in yourself, no matter how harsh it may seem. This does not mean that you stay in an abusive relationship. However, if you leave one abusive relationship, then find yourself in another one. Then through forgiveness, healing both that which is given, and that which is received we are then able to step out of that hardship completely.

  • Quantum Forgiveness
    To Your Self: I am spirit, my body is only an illusion, it has nothing to do with what I really am.
    To Other Person: You are spirit, whole and innocent, all is forgiven and released.
    Repeat this as often as the feelings arise, in a way that brings you back to compassion, and or back to an emotional neutral space.
    From the book collection -“A Course in Miracles”, by Helen Schucman, published by Foundation for Inner Peace.

The desire of having a relationship succeed comes because the attraction is So Great, and the experience can feel very powerful. Who wouldn’t want it to succeed? Karma’s one of those things that when we start to look at it, patterns begin to emerge that show the truth of it. Then when our conscious understanding moves beyond a certain point, we can no longer go back to our old understanding. A meaningful relationship operates from the ego-less environment, it comes from love not fear. So be mindful of what you’re reacting from, and what you’re giving your attention to, love or fear.

Wanting a karmic relationship to work, is a bit like thinking you can be your authentic self, while in the presence of the most beautiful person in the world to you. You may for the first 10 minutes, although by the end of the day you will become someone else. This nonalignment is deliberately designed by God to teach us non-attachment and impermanence by imperfection. Because in truth, only the God realm is perfectly permanent.
Karma is where we want to give to the other person more time, more love, more attention than “that” of which we are willing to give to ourselves, and karma shows us “that” imbalance. There is the obvious, and then there are the finer details. It’s all here to give us the opportunity to look and act with it in a different way, and bring it back into personal balance. Can’t behave the same way and get different results.

Pure devotion does not need to say that it’s being loyal, devotion is the automatic action of loyalty. If you need to tell someone that you’re going to be loyal to them, then you’re coming from a place of hesitation. Devotion as pure as it is, is still karma. If we sacrifice ourselves for the devotion of others, we create self-karma. This is what imbalance between giving to others and giving to ourselves looks like. Even though the ego will insist that you are worth much less, and other people deserve more than you have. So this is why we learn to tone down the dark character of ego, and learn to give our attention to the God-self / intuitive-self. Our God-self is in fact in love with us, where the ego-self is not. So in learning to think and feel with our hearts, keeps us connected to our God-self and freedom from self inflicted suffering. (Our God-self has absolutely nothing to do with religion. It’s simply a higher awareness that puts us into a position of higher living.)

If we remove the accusing, the blaming, the judgments of what we find from the act of cheating because of misalignment. Cheating would not take place if genuine love is consistently present, and the cheater is experiencing inadequacies in themselves. Which personally has nothing to do with the other person, even though we would love to make them responsible for our hurt feelings? The Cave of Darkness

The ONLY way to experience love without karma, is to be without physical form and in the presence of God.
The closest thing to real love on Earth springs from the quiet waters of stillness, or spiritual love, this love has no attachments [conditions of love] to how long it will last, what direction it takes, or to whom it’s for. The practice of an ego-less relationship makes the defining edges of the relationship fuzzy, because trust is now automatic and “that” without question. An ego-less relationship is one in which you are constantly aware of the ownership and responsibility of your own emotional ego. Choosing an ego-less relationship is choosing love over fear. Transparency is the backbone of an ego-less relationship. No walls, no bars, no locks, and absolutely no pointing fingers. Therefore no miss communications; everything you feel is yours, everything they feel is theirs, therefore no miss communications.

This life for me is one in which I’m tying-up karmic loose ends, and will do whatever it takes to bring it to completion. Doesn’t mean that I’m not going to enjoy the experience, or that the love I express is not real. In my perspective love is so vast that it allows me space to support my partner [or family member, or friend, or… ] through her karmic issues, especially if that means working me out of her system, as she will with me. All paths lead to God, and karma is the block that falls across that path. So the love I feel for her, is that deep spiritual love and need to help her overcome that block. In the same sense I have this inner devotion for myself, to overcome the karma that has been presented to me.

A karmic relationship is where our unbalanced ego has gotten involved in our interactions with our lover. Jealousy is karma, and ego provides that experience. The reason for life on Earth is to learn to transcend ego, and step into God or intuitive awareness or no matter what that is for you.
Ending a karmic relationship means that you connect to the beautiful and unique YOU; as in coming into alignment with our higher-self or god-self, and in a profound way that wants you to be the master of your own direction. Only you can truly see you, and only you can truly know what you need. When we put the responsibility on someone to provide for us, we have created a situation that will fail, and drama is the result. Acting from personal power is living in empowerment of knowing the direction of your life is YOURS!!! Be in love with someone because they are fun to be with, and not because they complete you. ONLY you can complete you. For anyone else to do that, it’s just a guessing game. So in this, karma shows us what is illusion and what is truth, the illusion is made to be a difficult path to follow, and the truth is made to be easy. So pay close attention to those things that come easily into alignment for you.
It’s always your choice to ignore the messages of a karmic relationship, ignorance is bliss. However the truth of it is: the more conscious you become of the history and messages of your karmic connection with your partner or yourself, the less easy it’ll become to ignore the actions that must follow. It’s God’s will that we learn and overcome. It’s up to you just when you arrive at God’s front door. Karma is a spiritual language to describe the process of growing into God.
The only one that can love you more than life itself is God, and because his love is not physical we search for it in other people. And karma is here to teach that there is only God. The only true validation comes from The Loving Spirits. When we seek validation in people, what we get is a projection from their emotional life experiences. This is divinely designed to not ever match your truth. And when we have gone as far as we can in the realm of empowerment… We find God. If the term “God” is not your flavor, use the one that does, or use Love In Action. In the world of love and god there is no “me and I”, there is only “we and us”
So the gift of life is to connect to and come into alignment with the God within you [at one with], that most precious gift that you are, above anything else, and when you both see this light in each other, then you have a match. When we see and connect to this, we are now empowered with the light of truth. Having a spiritual practice of daily god-connection lightens the physical matter that we are; it accelerates the vibrational frequency that we are. Think of a spinning disk, the faster it spins the less will stick to it, and our life-lessons or karma is the mud that wants to stick to it. So the more god-awareness we as individuals have, the shorter our journey becomes in finding our way home to The Loving God.
This does not mean ending the relationship by giving all of our attention to God, it simply means the quality of time spent in spiritual worship, and the quality time spent in sexual partnership is equally empowering. Personal guidance doesn’t come from the relationship it comes from the clarity of worship. “Spiritual attention is the balance to all ego’s chaos”. Learning to shift from the laws of karma, and into the laws of grace, and those laws of grace are ego-less. First very balanced in yourself, then highly active with others.

Balance in relationships is where you are not pushed around by the emotional imbalance of others. Your connection to the higher frequencies of Source Energy keeps you in tune with the active responses of your happiness. You are aware of the unique you, and the direction those steps empower. When you are in that place in you, your relationships will reflect that attention given. It’s not about self-righteousness, it’s about ownership of your own inner and outer balance. Which in turn brings about depth and presences into all your relationships. We can’t just drift in relationships, and expect them to magically happen. We have to actively participate. Then from this practice the ego-less relationship begins.

Walking out the door, and out of that situation without cleaning out your emotional experiences of that past relationship; without clearing them out of your emotional field, will land you right back into that same situation again. Either with them or with someone like them. To learn this lesson and move beyond requires one to process that person out of your chaotic emotions, and into a field of compassion or neutral space. This takes time and practice. You can tell when you’ve moved through this, when they are no longer in your daily conversations. When every other person you meet doesn’t remind you of them, then there’s an expressed freedom of moving on.

In truth there are two realities in play: the ego with its greed, pain and suffering, or God awareness with its abundance, love and happiness, and all points in between. Through the many cycles of incarnations and karma, we’ve all passed through similar lessons, and even though the lessons are unique, the master design and plan is the same.


“If you suspect your spouse of cheating, and through revenge you find a way of using technology to spy on them. Karmically you’re still not learning the lesson; you’re still not standing with clarity of your direction for your integrity. Instead you’re being ruled by your emotions.
The moment you discover someone is cheating on you, you confront them, if it continues you turn your back on them and walk out the door! If you spy on them until you have something to wave in their face, then you are stooping to their level, and this compounds the karmic connection. A path of revenge for them, and more importantly resentful suffering for yourself, lands you in the next life with them yet again! And maybe that time you get to be the man, and she still cheats on you again”!!! Cheating creates karma for them, however when you engage in revenge then that karma also becomes yours.

In the movie “the Holiday”, Iris played by Kate Winslet is in a so-called relationship with Jasper played by Rufus Sewell. This is a classic example of a karmic relationship, and in its end shows one of the many wonderful ways to bring karma to its completion.

* An attachment: are your conditions of love, “I will love you if you are this… “.
* Karma can push and pull at you in the same sense as an alcoholic who owns a bar / pub.
* Karma is a spiritual language that describes an opportunity for positive change. Karma Is NOT spiritual energy; karma promotes spiritual energy, for spiritual energy is your inner conscience, or your elevated awareness. (Karma is the ground floor, and karma promotes you to elevate your awareness to the upper floors.)
* Overcoming spiritual karma is remembering that you are always the student, and a very humbling experience.
* Overcoming relationship karma means to discover that “you are more precious to yourself, than your lover is to you”. And this standard becomes how you navigate all relationships. Only you know exactly what it is that you need, the other person is just guessing.
Giving into the urge to have sex with a karmic connection, keeps karma active. Shifting your attention away from sex and affection, and into self-empowerment / self-loyalty, or what “inspires and energizes you” separate from them… dims karma’s light and its hold on you. You’re in love simply because you find them fun and interesting to do things with, and not because they complete you. What completes you, is that part in which you’re in charge of.
* If you find yourself going through a lot of partners, or feeling as though partners are always leaving you. This is a sign that you’re surrounding yourself with the wrong people; this is where your life has not followed change around the corner, and somehow you missed the signs and are now wondering around out in that cornfield. Returning to your path requires a change of course with the people and situations you surround yourself with, and karma is your compass. Ignore it, and it will become more challenging. Follow it and learn from it, and the painful karma will greatly soften and fade. If it doesn’t feel right, then learn to look at it with new eyes, and in a different way. Then learn to follow “that” with the actions that support it.
* How to burn through karma: When processing emotionally charged issues that we have no control over: By immersing ourselves in the emotion of it without getting caught up in the story of it, we can then choose to “feel” the experience of it, without engaging in the “expression” of it. By this we burn through the emotional charge [anger, resentment, guilt, regret… ], attachment or karma of that connection, and we begin to experience freedom from that issue, person or situation.
* The truth about karma: everyone has it and until you learn how to navigate it, it will pull and tug at you in ways that will keep you guessing. Karma is an intervention by God, and really… the only way through it or out of it is to turn and face it. Karma is your lesson to learn, and because it comes from the Loving Spirit of Truth, there is NO WAY for you to avoid it or dump it on someone else.
A truth about karma is it’s an issue that belongs only to you. If you have karma with (Bill); lover, friend, brother… , whatever the issue is, it is yours to work through, “Bill” is only here to show you just what the issue is, and if he has issues with you then that is his work to do. If you step outside the sacred circle of marriage and have an affair, you create the karma of honesty with your fling, the karma of loyalty with your spouse, and the karma of truth with yourself. It’s not about them, it’s all about you because it’s “your karma, your lesson, your healing”. It’s our ego that wants the other person to be responsible for our happiness and our karma, it’s not about them… it’s all on you. [(This is what I call “Hell on earth” even though it comes from pure love.)] The attraction you have is divinely designed so you will not be able to avoid the lesson. Understanding and learning how to navigate karma is learning how to see the forest through the trees; or understanding the secret mystery of life.
What Spirit is trying to teach us through the lessons of karma, is that we as individuals are very precious and the only true relationship is with God. Any human relationships are a borderline mess. When we live in the empowerment of an ego-less relationship and practice healthy boundaries life comes at us with joy, and when we follow this path off the map… we find God. And that dear one is us coming full cycle. The closer we are to God, or “the action of God”, the further we are from ego.
* Karma is God’s way of holding us accountable for our own emotional reactions with others – past and present.
* If you are in an abusive relationship, the way out is to openly and often “out loud” express independence from them [gentle yet firm]. And by doing this you step into empowerment. When your expressions are centered; not angry, they are more productive
* All karma is in situations that give you that “can’t live without” feeling or that “can’t live with” feeling in relationships. Being with someone who doesn’t see or understand you is a relationship divinely designed just for you to heal and overcome this issue. To take this precious love you have for someone who doesn’t see you, and give it to yourself instead. This is where we stop being a servant to others and start being a servant to ourselves. When you see your own self in a finer light than anyone else can, then you’ve crossed over into personal empowerment. And once you’ve crossed over, the relationships that you allow in your life, will treat you the way you do for yourself or better. Anytime someone treats you from a place of “less than”, then a boundary is created.
* Understanding karma gives us the knowledge and wisdom to navigate incarnations more quickly, and when we take this inner work to heart we discover short-cuts in the path leading home to God.
* Navigating karma requires one to pay attention, gently doing your inner emotional work. Letting go of anger, guilt, and shame or… and creating peace within yourself, about any given situation that pushes your emotional buttons. Then surrounding yourself [not them] with empowerment. Karma takes us away from, or out of balance with self empowerment. And as we learn to surround ourselves with self empowerment, we draw in relationships or situations of balance!
* When we are pushed into feelings of death, because we feel that is the only way out. When in truth the part of us that needs to die is NOT the physical body, it is a part of the emotional body that needs a cleansing. As we go through adolescence we adopt behavioral traits that help us to survive that transition, and all those emotions that come with the explosion of the chemistry in our bodies. However as we move into adulthood, we no longer need those survival traits. In fact, survival traits and a deep meaningful relationship don’t match, to have one we have to let go of the other.
So when we have a need to die, it is really Spiritual Guidance coming forward to remind us of what it is that no longer serves us, that needs to fall away; needs to die. It’s a gentle transitioning in our behavior.
A need to commit suicide is our spiritual self asking us to change our emotional environment; the people we hang out with, changing the situation so it comes into more alignment with who you are becoming. It’s time for a change of scenery; it’s time to upgrade, and create space to come into alignment with your calling.
* Gay men are learning how to navigate and process emotional/sensitivities.
Gay women are learning how to navigate and process power/leadership/emotions.
* Karma doesn’t care whether you want to do this or not. Your soul needs to learn this lesson to overcome this issue, and have this experience so it can take the next step along its journey.
* The truth in all of this is that karma is everywhere; it’s a description of the process of learning. It’s when we get caught up in the finer details in such a way that it holds us back from living, and then we know we are taking this all too seriously.
To make a relationship work takes focus and attention. Love and passion are something that needs nurturing and space to grow, all relationships need breathable space; time together and time with friends. Keep talking about the things that matter, pay attention to the things that don’t work, and continue asking yourself “what is it that I can do with you, that is positively different from yesterday”?

By having karma with him, she is out of balance with herself. She forgets all so easily what her personal hopes and dreams were, and he becomes everything for her. Karma shows us the extreme of this imbalance.
* Can you save a karmic relationship after leaving? Yes, it’s called the ego-less relationship, and it’s a position in which you both must participate. The ego-less relationship when approaching it from a karmic understanding, helps greatly if the boundaries aren’t restricted like in a traditional marriage. So we have the freedom to reconstruct the shape of the relationship if need be.

By asking questions of karma we step into a new light, “a soul-mate is a classmate in the school of soul”. Peering through this window we see karma as a path in the realm of Soul… an understanding coming together for the progression of our soul’s journey.

If you want this to be your last life on Earth, if you want to end all karma no matter what soul age you are, and if you want the short-cut in returning home to God. Have the practice of seeing God in EVERYONE. Learn the lesson of compassion.
Learn to walk away from hate, and learn to love instead of fight.
If there are people in your life who push your emotional buttons then the only true path through that relationship is forgiveness… forgiveness without judgment. And if all else fails and you still can’t get past the conflict, then step away from them and away from the situation through the act of self-loyalty.

*** Quantum Forgiveness
When You Feel Judgment to Yourself: I am spirit, my body is only an illusion, it has nothing to do with what I really am.
When You Feel Judgment to the Other Person: You are spirit, whole and innocent, all is forgiven and released.
Repeat this as often as the feelings arise, let this become a mantra in your mind.  From the book series -”Course in Miracles”
Reading the book –The Course in Miracles will help to open your mind and move you faster along this path.

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Karmic Relationship?


ranch 1_08008#9542How do you know if you’re in a karmic relationship?
* Well if the attraction in the beginning was very Hot, so hot in fact that you forgot who you were and what your hopes and dreams were.
* If no matter what you do or they do, you can’t help it, and you keep going back for more.
* Impassable conflicts. Where things never really become resolved, and just become swept under the rug.
* One sided relationship, you love him even though he doesn’t see you. Or no matter how much you love them the connection just isn’t there.
* When he spends more money then he has, in trying to capture the attention of her eye. It’s a karmic attraction that drives you crazy in trying to get their attention.
* When she turns herself into an emotional pretzel, in trying to please him anyway she can. Obligation and intense “here we go again” dread.
* All the relationships that have heavy karma don’t have breathable space between the two of you.
* Karma can be those relationships in which we put that person so high on that pedestal, that if they fall they’ll never land. Where their needs matter much more than you do, and where it’s so far out of balance that you call it devotion. Dripping with sticky conditions.
* Your unending devotion for his love… As powerful as it is, is not seen by him, or is not as deeply expressed as yours is. And you know this, but you keep going back, hoping things will change… Yet they don’t.

You will cut off an arm to get his attention… Now how dysfunctional is that!!! So do you want out of this co-dependent mess?!
Karmic lessons are presented by Spirit from the light of Grace, and no two karmic relationships are quite the same. A karmic relationship is past life emotional history [cause and effect], that you are now at a crossroads with, and a choice for opportunities to bring it back into balance. These relationships are resulting from our inappropriate actions with people past and present. As we search for balance and learn to correct the pattern, we discover an opportunity to look at it differently. We have the choice now, to either respond from love or continue with anger.
Dharma or good karma is when we have acted from balance, and that beautiful energy going out comes back to us bringing prosperity’s abundance. When we’re in balance we’re in alignment with our true self, and therefore in alignment with God/Love/Gratitude/Wholeness. Both karma and dharma, are completely out of our control, as to how the lesson comes at us, this my friend is up to The Spirits. However, I can look at a situation and say “that will create karma”, and choose to avoid it all together. Deliberately hurting someone for personal gain creates steep karma. Like sexual drama, and or sexual trauma.

In a relationship, the stronger the physical attraction is, the stronger the karmic lesson will be. The physical attraction [chemistry] was designed by God to keep us with that person, so they could help us push through our issues. Because if I truly knew of the pain I’d go through with this person, then I’d run from the room screaming!!! Yet the strong physical attraction holds me steady, so the lesson can unfold. By having this experience and learning this lesson with this person, we’ve come out of this relationship a better person.

Karma, not always yet can be those sticky, bumpy, challenging and disagreeable places in a relationship. So karma shows us where in the relationship we need to be more responsible with our emotions, as in where we need to transform anger, resentment and shame, into love, gratitude and joy. It also shows us where our boundaries need to be, and why.
Karma creates a drive in us, that we don’t have much control over as in how our emotions flutter. It’s not something we can hide from, and to tell the truth, the only short cut is to turn and face it. What is it that will bring you back into balance, and back into alignment with your true authentic self? Returning to balance has some variation to do with taking back your power, or practicing forgiveness [for self and others], standing in your power and taking charge of your own life… Without controlling the other person. And it’s one thing to have in your mind the concept of Self empowerment, although the real work begins when we follow that thought with action, and put all that wonderful knowledge into practice. Every positive step you take, brings you closer to your true authentic Self, and freedom from karma with that person. Karma can be seen as the chains that hold us back from self empowerment in expression. The heavier the karma, the less freedom of authentic self-expression.

Resolving karma asks us to be responsible with our own personal balance. So it’s not what the other person is doing wrong. Stepping into empowerment is about what you are doing for yourself that keeps you healthy and whole. Karma reminds us of the incredible gift that we are as individuals, by showing us the dysfunction it’s also pointing back to balance, and if the relationship you’re in doesn’t reflect heart, then change it!
When Karma is resolved with another person, the heat of the attraction melts and softens, or it feels like you’re done or like the page has been turned. A weight has been lifted and it’s now easy to step away. The love is still there, it’s just not as sticky with damaging conditions. It’s transformed and has risen into those higher fields of spiritual love and deep compassion.
In removing yourself from a painful relationship, we do so for the reasons of self empowerment, as to keep from repeating painful situations.
When Karma is resolved with the self, life moves freely with little resistance.
The finer points of karma is to learn to overcome the obstacles of illusion, to break down the understanding that the physical realm is only illusion [this does not mean we stop caring for the physical body], and through compassion of all things we find “there is only God”.

For the extended version of this page go to: Can a Karmic Relationship Work?

* The meaning of life is “to grow into God”; to act freely from a guiltless mind.
* Karma comes from God’s law, it’s what keeps us accountable. Karma is everywhere and in everything, it’s about how to stand in Love while we’re in the midst of adversity. As White Eagle would put it, “keep on, keeping on”. As well as learning to identify what is sticky karma, well for starters it’s unnecessary drama with people, and then what is empowerment and how can we apply it to our every step? Well does this relationship / decision inspire and energize me”? And by following that “yes” we keep ourselves out of karma’s drama.
* The goal is to connect to your true authentic self through boundaries, and step into personal power. Which in itself puts you into self empowerment, far beyond what your partner can do for you.
Walking on emotional eggshells, and not being free to be yourself, is the opposite of being authentic. Being authentic [to speak and act from the guiltless mind] in your relationships is a sign that your on track. Again, being authentic is an important ingredient, so if you don’t have it… Find it. Being authentic is not about being a bully and getting your own way, it’s about having the space and freedom to breath, or freedom for self-expression through the well-spring of your own calling.
* The way out of a karmic relationships is forgiveness, both to the other person and to yourself.
* Quantum Forgiveness
To Self: I am spirit, my body is only an illusion, it has nothing to do with what I really am.
To Other: You are spirit, whole and innocent, all is forgiven and released.
–The book set * Course in Miracles. Repeat this every time you have unsettled feelings for yourself or others.
* Taking back your power is standing up for yourself, it’s identifying dysfunctional behaviors in others, and not engaging with them along those lines [if you can identify dysfunctional behaviors in others, you may also be able to see it in yourself as well]. It’s setting a high standard within yourself for your quality of life, and only allowing those who nurture and support this quality to come into your inner circle. To empower ourselves is to stand strong in our own conviction, without pushing those ideals on someone else. An inward declaration, for the self by the self… This is self empowerment.

If you’ve just discovered abuse 10 years into the marriage, it’s still important in that moment to stand strong in your empowerment, and without thinking, let them know that they have just crossed a line. History or no history… Your self-worth is greater than this!!! And it’s up to them to find their way back or chance loosing what they have. And if you cave-in, then your telling yourself you’re not worthy of love’s empowerment. Be the wisdom!!! And step out of karma and into empowerment.
Think of karma and incarnations like going to college… Going to class, learning the lessons and passing the course. “A soul mate is a classmate in the school of soul”. There’s a lot of unsettled emotions expressed, as you find yourself in your own dark corners. Then your pushed by your soulmate to overcome those issues, and you move beyond the issue as a more refined and better person.
And those of us who identify the intensity these karmic relationships bring, have great compassion for those going through it.
By perspective, this does not need to be a bad experience. Love is a state of mind, and karma is another adventure in this amazing life unfolding. Embrace personal growth, and the lesson won’t feel so scary.
Anything in a relationship that is difficult to push through is karmic. So each relationship has something that will push us to grow, and karma is a way of describing that growth. Karma is “that” part of the situation that you resist. So in looking at all the parts, remember to look at yourself, carefully.
However karma comes in ways other than just relationships. Many diseases like cancer is karmic, anytime there is something that can’t be avoided, and you have to go through the experience of it, is karmic.
Thinking you can run from a situation by entering a new relationship or moving to a new town, think again. We can’t hide from karma. The short-cut out of karma is to turn and face the issue, with ownership and forgiveness without judgement.

Questions and Answers:
* How do you know when a karmic relationship is bad for you? It’s when the attraction pulls you out of balance and away from yourself. Or on a darker note: it’s when the relationship turns toxic, and is no longer productive. It’s when it’s all about them and your feelings don’t count, and it’s when you become their emotional doormat. It’s when you’ve extended your personal growth as far as you can, and still the issue is unresolved. Then you own the freedom of stepping away from them.
* What creates a karmic relationship? Any time we hurt another for personal gain. Because we don’t want to be responsible for our own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual welfare and instead make someone else responsible for it. Bullying, forcing, killing…
* A karmic relationship by definition is not a bad thing? No it’s not. It is an opportunity to learn and overcome something new about yourself, and learning to look at life in a different way. If you can see what is broken, then you can express how to heal. Your healing is an action by you and for you. Another person can support you, they however can not do it for you. Your karma is your creation, by your design, therefor it’s yours to heal.
* What if we don’t learn from a karmic relationship? We don’t have the choice not to. Conscious or unconscious, big steps or little steps, in this life or the next… “We are always moving forward”. Conscious steps just insures not repeating it.
* When we have heart-ache or feel a heavy heart, that’s you not honoring yourself and not having healthy boundaries. The heavy feeling we call heart-break is the one time when we can physically feel the ego; ego that loud and obnoxious voice that creates separation between us and anything good in our lives. It’s that nagging voice in the back of the head that says: “you don’t deserve happiness”. To move out of this situation, we start by looking carefully at what is the dysfunctional ego; how does it rain chaos in our relationships. Then from there we begin to take ownership of that chaos and start the practice of boundaries, and from there the clarity of the ego-less relationship begins.
* How do you know if your attraction is karmic? If you have an attraction, passion and even devotion for someone other than God, then yes it is karmic in some fashion. It’s when we see more of God in the world then ego. Then from this action we find that we are with our partner simply because they are fun to be with, and not because we feel that they complete us. Karma is simply the journey of coming back to center; back to mental, emotional and spiritual balance, and when we arrive at that very center we then come into alignment with our god-self instead of our ego-self. And like the rose bud, we can’t force it. Each person’s journey of healing is completely unique onto them.
* How do karmic relationships end? It has that distinctive feeling of coming full cycle, as it becomes complete. It ends by you practicing forgiveness everyday until you no longer have the need to be in control of the situation; be the one who is right, have the need to be heard by them, or even have the need to be seen by them in any form. The intense attraction you had for them in the beginning has transformed into compassion. You’re no longer pulled and tugged at by the conditions of the relationship. You’ve found your wings.
* Do karmic relationships ever work? Sure they do, you just have to know which one you’re in. Do you have resentment more than 50% of the time? Do you have a difficult time being your authentic self. Do you have a love–hate relationship with this person? If so then I would say you’re in a challenging karmic relationship. If you have none of this, then you have been kissed by grace, and your karma comes through devotional service.
* Do karmic relationships ever end in love? Yes, when you have a loving heart toward your partner, even though you may have to go in separate ways. Karma ultimately teaches us to see and connect to “that of God in each of us”, including one’s self, and by doing so touch upon the essence of spiritual love and deep compassion for every one we meet.
Karma ends in love when the both of you are able to see, and speak out loud to each other about the space between you. That space being: time together, and time apart. As in knowing when your emotional needs are asking you for time apart, and this short gentle time apart is seen as something that nurtures the relationship. Because what ever bad feelings you may have, you will have processed out by the time you return.
* Karmic relationship! Now what?! Practice boundaries. Learn how to remove the dysfunctional ego, and by this we surround ourselves with self empowerment. Stand strong in the beautiful person you are, and when you fall out of balance learn what it was that tipped you over. Then correct it, and return to balance. When we learn to live in empowerment each relationship becomes rich and more vibrant than the last. “Especially when we match our new lover with the vibration of the empowerment that we are living”.
* Can karmic relationships improve?
Yes, when we learn to stay in balance within one’s self, and stay out of co-dependent behaviors. Then yes the relationship can improve. Whether we are conscious or unconscious about the lessons of the relationship, we are on some level working through to resolve. This is the nature of life, whether we like it or not, we are always moving forward.

*** What is Karma? it’s all those feelings and emotions that get stirred-up by people we love or hate. Karma is simply a way of describing unlearned lessons resulting from our own actions of cause and effect finding balance. It’s the soul’s journey of learning lessons that returns us home to The Loving God.
So why did the soul separate from God. Well, simply because for a moment it asked the question, “is there more than God”? And from that question the physical realm was created, and the long cycles of incarnations of karma. Earth is a class room, a training ground to teach and remind us that “there is only God”, and everything else is just an illusion.

My blessings to you…

The Real Choice

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chris 2008009Out of all the trillions of decisions we plow through, there’s one of two choices to make in Any situation that will define who or what we are, the choices to respond from love or from fear. Every decision has a hint of one of these flavors, and from this it charts our course.
The chemistry in our bodies provokes emotions and feelings, and how we choose to react to these emotions makes or breaks opportunities.
Spirit interacts in our lives in creating situations of opportunities for us to learn balance, and in the choices we make will define the lessons presented.
In getting so caught up in our busy lives, we often forget how much of the designer of our own lives we can be, and this can be done through the emotional choices of love and fear. Two simple choices that can mold and manifest one’s life very powerfully, in the direction of shortening or lengthening one’s journey in returning home to God. These two little choices mold and create the flavor of our soul’s journey, they also shorten or lengthen our learning curve; resolve an issue or create more drama.
Love and fear are moving in opposite directions, however, fear has one positive action, and that is to get you out-of-the-way in time. Then there is the fine line between fear and protection, and this is where intention comes in. If your heart intends to respond from protection, and makes the distinction between that and fear, then the outcome Will be different from fear.
If your life has more drama than you want, and your life’s course has created more hardship than you’ve wanted. Then this course may begin to turn that corner for you. You are the designer and captain of your own ship, and you can move it just where you want it to go just by paying attention to choices.

Coming into Alignment

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020Being in balance, being happy, joyful, in love with life is being in alignment with God, or being in alignment with our true authentic self. When we have a conflict with something or someone, and it knocks us off our emotional balance, we then fall into ego; anger, guilt… how fast we bounce back is a reflection of how much inner emotional work we’ve done. So the more inner work we do, the easier it is to bounce back, therefore closer to God full-time, as the great Masters have done it. They had come to that clarity of understanding that nothing could knock them out of balance, and therefore came into alignment with God, at one with, or to be God. And how to tie up karmic loose ends.
Doing the work is: learning how to take back your power [taking back your power IS NOT about being RIGHT], how to stand in your power is about how to live in empowerment, learning how to love instead of fight…

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