Earth Changes / Earth Weather

ranch 1_08016#3E7C4 years ago I was convinced that Yellowstone was going to blow, the feeling was thick in the air about me. I was having dreams of danger, waking up with burning feet. A year later, it passed. In a message from Spirit, it was clear that humanity had surpassed a lesson, and no longer needed to go to those extremes. Yellowstone will blow, just not in our lifetime [something about the year 2300].

I see that there are a lot of people out there that feel 2012 is going to be the end of the world. Well, it’s a bit like the Y2K scare. It’s fear of change… really. Change is destruction and rebirth. We go through distress just before we have emotional growth/break-through. Yes the earth will go through great destruction in its renewal. The question is, “what do you see most of”, destruction or rebirth? Seeing only destruction is related to Fear, rebirth is related to Love. So what do you choose to feed your attention with? What’s really changing is our relationship with time, we’re moving into a place where we’re more in present time.

Yes, the boarders of the land will change a bit as well. At times it will feel as though the sky is falling. Wild things will be a-foot between now and 2025. Find a place to be, hunker down, and keep your friends close to you. The one true thing that will get you through all this, is a spiritual practice. Every day make God/Love the center of your life. Catch yourself when your thinking fearful thoughts and transform them. Connect with the powerful you, be the beautiful person that you are in this circle of friends that protects and supports this gift you are.

I meditate most mornings, raise my vibration to Great Spirit, opening the heart… Making it as big as possible. Surrounding myself with positive people and friends, and activities that support this clarity of thought.


Earth Weather

When I tune into the wild weather of today, I see the part that we all play. There’s a level of participation that we all partake in, whether we’re conscious or unconscious about it. The human spirit is incredibly powerful, and we’re tapping into just a sliver of that potential. The part that we all play in the weather of today has everything to do with our emotions. Intensity of emotional thought creates a wave of energy/frequency rippling out and influencing everything in its path ! And in this case, the weather. When the trade towers went down, it was the start of intense anger held in the minds around this country. That level of focus creates dark consequences. Intensity of focus with love can be just as powerful in the other direction, and there are many documented cases of such.

In the last 10 years we’ve experienced a lot of wars and unrest in our world, the movies we watch… When I look at a tornado, I see the accumulated anger and aggression, through the collective consciousness of humanity of this USA. Anger attracts and creates unrest in its environment, and love attracts and creates harmony. Anger is an easy emotion to get lost in, as it sweeps us away into the abyss. In the midst of chaos, love is the only thing that will move you forward. To solve a problem, one must solve it from a higher vibration than that of which it was created. Love is the binding force in the universe, without it everything falls apart.
As the weather becomes extreme, so to can our emotions show extreme fluctuations, as we come up against the unpredictably of earth changes.
In this time of great change, the one inevitable perspective is the inter-woven relationship of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual elements. These pieces of the whole really can not be pulled apart, as well as our connections with our outer environment. The saying “we are one”, is so true.
When we pray out of fear, then we put fear into the world, [prayer mixed with emotion is so Incredibly powerful] and the weather shows that; the collective mind of our humanities emotions, mix it with desire, and you have manifestation. Most people don’t think that they matter, or think that they affect the physical world around them, “we can and do every day”. When you pray and evoke change in your life, what “makes it work” is an open heart with a child-like-joy. Bring that into your body and become that expression, then the outcomes of change will be positive. There are groups of people who when they get together and meditate on love and joy to evoke change, they do Great things! Real change starts with each individual, one by one… Until the scales tip.

Each one of us has this choice, moment by moment, and we can change our direction at any time. Collectively we can change more than just the weather. However, weather is a visual demonstration.

Besides moss-covered forest floors, streams and waterfalls… I’m drawn to clouds. My favorite ones to watch are the ones that resemble wind-blown hair. The next are the thunder heads, building towers until it hits the ceiling and spreads out like a mushroom. When a weather front moves through, the high level winds blow the clouds into these layered saucer shapes. However, I think my favorite is fog, because I can wrap myself in it and close out the world. When I lived in New England, I’d climb a mountain with friends and spend the weekend up there, cleaning up trails and organizing camp. Often times the clouds would roll in, The heat from the campfire would rise and swirl as it mixed with the coolness of the fog. The flickering light from the campfire would streak through the fog, and geese flying just above the treetops. Good times with good friends. Sometimes when the fog rolls in here in Montana, and I can only see about 30 yards. It becomes easy to picture the sound of the bell buoy off in the distance, from my days with my Grandparents on the Maine coast.
Here in Montana I’ve seen 4 sometimes 5 different cloud formations in one space, just in different layers. I think that’s part of why they call Montana, Big Sky country.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jezerae
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 19:25:07

    I do not truly believe that anyone knows the exact time and day that the world will end. I also believe that people should simply stop worrying about when or how it will end, and just live every day like it’s their last.



    • Christopher Snell
      Mar 14, 2012 @ 14:47:20

      Or their first, yes it’s very important to be present in the moment.
      And thank you.



      • Christopher Snell
        Jun 24, 2013 @ 14:05:43

        As a collective we are not here to experience the end of the earth, the earth will end when we are all done learning from it and not a moment sooner.



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