The Wall of Sacrifice


005 (5)Sacrifice is a man-made concept, God intended no one to sacrifice anything ever [except with children]. Man created it because it’s a helpful tool in teaching obedience and practice. However, as we step into those more refined details of a deeper relationship with Spirit and life, and enter that world of abundance, we no longer need that practice. It takes focus and attention to know when it’s time to shift. Life has an easy natural flow, and when we step off that path life begins to look like a mess. Sacrifice and God don’t belong in the same sentence together.

Human sacrifice comes from an extreme. All religions have their extremes, or where the practice has gone so far that it is now out-of-balance. Human sacrifice DOES NOT please the Gods, it does nothing and creates more chaos.
Hollywood loves the term, because it sells movies. Hollywood and the movie industry doesn’t care about what is truth. For Hollywood everything is taken out of context; out-of-order.

Sacrifice is a term that we use when describing survival. However, “survival” and “a deep meaningful relationship” don’t mix, to have one you have to let go of the other.
If we take the time to look closely at the details, and choose love as the lens of our vision. We can see beyond sacrifice and into a co-creating environment. To accelerate into higher learning / higher living we will have to be okay with seeing beyond sacrifice, and step into the world of abundance.

The Path of the Healing


048When we’ve had a trauma in the past that was not dealt with; troubled feelings from long ago. We have been taught by conventional medicine and therapy, to reach back into the past to get in-touch with those feelings. Which may take a year or more to dig up those feelings and deal with them. This is a process of old thinking, and serves the therapist more than anybody. When we go back into the past, back into memory. As we go into this process, the cells begin to change back into the vibrational frequency of how you were in that time. So the body is distorting itself to go back to an old frequency that no longer serves, all in the name of memory. This is very hard on the body, and another reason for the body to age so fast.
The best way to deal with these emotions is in this present moment, to deal with feelings as they arise. If we deal with emotions as they happen even when dealing with memories of the past, it’s still 1000 times better for you than trying to recapture something that happened long ago. True power to change anything, is in the gift of the present.
Not all will agree with this, and that is okay too.

Healers Light

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030So many people where drawn to Jesus and not just for his healing, they were drawn to his inner light, and he had an ocean of it. Every human being has healers light or Christ Energy. Some have more of this amazing inner light, simply because we are doing more of our emotional inner work (it’s that yummy gooey feeling we get when we are around them). When we take the time to look within one’s self to our inner challenges that create disruption in our lives, and work to transform those patterns into something a bit more positive. Both inside and outside of ourselves. Transforming fearful thoughts into love and gratitude through the art of forgiveness. This process of Forgiving “that” which we feel when someone pushes our emotional buttons, we release from our emotional field and release back to God. This inner work brings about clarity of one’s perspective, and clarity of positive action in perspective to other people. As we work to clean out the cobwebs of distortion we come into alignment with Source Energy/God. If you are a channel of spiritual wisdom this inner work will strengthen and brighten your silver cord of connection to The Guardian Spirits. If your not doing your inner work, then your messages will be filtered through your own egoic projections. The indicator in this: is your outer life reflects your inner life… feel joyous, speak joyfully, and you will draw in joyful experiences.
The language of the healer’s light/Christ Energy is ALL about love; the way we communicate, express our passions, the quality of work we provide, the home resembling a sanctuary, the messages that comes through us to others, the high integrity we represent, all this and more is the personality of this light. And so often than not, it’s mistaken for romantic love. Have you ever gone to a therapeutic workshop and came out all emotionally shinny and squeaky clean? Where most will hear words of love, when we really mean gratitude and joy.
The benefits of doing our inner work raises our frequency and brings us vibrationally closer to Source Energy/God, kindling our inner light, and from that connection prayers are answered with lightning speed… as if we were one. The byproduct of this inner light is subconsciously people gather around you just to experience this light, and children will gather out of no-where, they make eye contact and just light up like a Christmas tree. Prosperity falls in abundance about you, luck and good fortune becomes the air you breath. High integrity equals God’s protection and abundance.
This inner light is one of those amazing gifts from The Guardian Spirits that stays with you from life to life. Definitely a gift worth working toward.

* Both of the posts Healers Light and Power and being Powerful are very similar, because they are both amazing gifts that come as a result of doing emotional inner work, and creating a positive relationship with your inner self.

Power and being Powerful


???????????????????????????????There are SO many people out there who have the need to have power or be powerful. Sexual power, personal power, healing power, spiritual power, financial power, controlling power, and for some the need is all consuming.
There is a video blog going around about a guy explaining how guys can have sexual power over women, because most men want to be able to turn on women at will. However, what he’s describing is subliminal sexual manipulation over women, which is very different from sexual power and that has a very distinctive difference once you’ve experienced it. Subliminal sexual manipulation gives the receiver an icky feeling, because he has the energy of taking without permission. Especially if she knows the difference between that and sexual empowerment… Huge night and day difference. Some of sexual power comes from a persons inner charm, however, most of it comes from the people around them. By giving that person our awareness of their sexual charm and sexual attention we make them powerful, take away that attention and they are no longer powerful.
So how do we connect to true power? Sexual power, healing power, spiritual power, personal power and financial power are all the result of doing inner emotional work. Learning to tone down the ego, learning to love instead of fight with people, learning constructive instead of destructive confrontation, learning how to be active instead of reactive, facing our fears, confronting our demons, and actively working through our issues. Allowing our integrity to build and manifest our inner potential. This inner discipline creates a clear and open channel to Source Energy, or spiritual abundance. Putting love and faith into The Loving God, which in itself brings out a sweet richness into the quality of our personality, that is comparable to nothing else. Because it heightens our vibrational frequency, as in closer to the frequency of pure love. Hence, being emotionally attractive. It’s that gooey feeling people get when they look at you.
Having trust in The Spiritual Guardians brings forth amazing abundance, luck and good fortune. It becomes the “genie in the bottle” experience, it’s us stepping into that flow of love and abundance in vibrational frequency, which happens because of our inner power to transform into those higher fields of awareness. Abundance; financial abundance; financial power is of a high vibrational frequency, and as we raise our vibration we attract that richness. This power/awareness comes from overcoming the ego’s limiting emotions; power over oneself so we’re no longer held back by what’s restricting life-giving. And this light makes visible the brilliant gift that you are, and that my friends is true power. Life unfolds with grace and beautiful things just happen to us when we are walking this path, and when we aren’t walking this path life resembles a mess. This is a signpost showing us when we’re on the path, and when we’re not. So we find by removing anger, resentment, guilt and shame people are drawn to that light you’ve become, which in turn makes you powerful. There’s nothing more powerful than someone walking with empowerment, or someone so bright.
However, if we abuse that power, we loose it all, and have to start over which may be years in the making. Practicing power through fear and manipulation creates a life and outer environment of fear and manipulation, anger, resentment, guilt and shame. By choosing to walk the path in the presents of Source Energy, we find this light so bright that it in itself ignites our own inner light, and this light is the power people respond to with joy and gratitude. Alignment made manifest, and so it is.

The world with it’s loud unrest, we are learning what power from fear looks and behaves like. However, when we deliberately move in the opposite direction and create power from love, we find profound connections and avenues that lead to personal truth, and by that we find grace and life-affirming abundance. By doing the inner work and maintaining this level of empowerment, people are drawn to us and respond in profound ways. Spiritual Guardians also respond with gifts of joy, these gifts come through the fields of prosperity, or what some would see as luck and good fortune. And amazingly enough this has nothing to do with religion, although if it helps you to get there by-all-means use it.

My blessings to you…

A Rude Awakening (2013 the year of the Moon)


0402013 is “a year of the moon”; a year of full moon lunar energy. We all know how the energy of a full moon can pull and tug at our emotions, well think of 100 moons and not just once a month… ALL the time for a full year. For all those old souls out there, this year is going to tug and pull at us in ways we’re not used to. Mars has just gone into retrograde and in the sign of cancer [until July 20th], which means our emotions are going to be stretched and tested for the next month, yet this whole year will be a bit more intense for old souls. This years super moon was the start of it. This is happening to old souls first because we’re the one’s that will be helping the rest through later. This shift is about our RNA/DNA changing and our light-bodies are becoming brighter, this in turn will heighten our psychic abilities. All those people who where born in 1992 and since have already made this shift.
This is what I call “answered prayers”, because this brightening of our light-bodies, gives us the ability of perceiving right and wrong in others; organizations, companies, and governmental systems… anything that does not have the vibration of love is going to wither and fall away. The US government has been governing it’s people through fear; fear has been the mode of making money, well not any more [hence “answered prayer”], and “the powers that be… God”, supports this shift by creating circumstances that don’t follow the normal flow of projected statistics. We’re going to see more circumstances in which love and the global compassion’s will become the governing rule.
As systems of old crumble, it would help to give them a little more room to do so, because in their last-ditch-effort they may want to take you with them.

The awakening practice is a meditation in which we raise our vibrations up into the higher self, those higher frequencies of love and gratitude. An invite of bringing God up-close and personal. These higher fields will physically change the RNA/DNA. Meditate often. Also, when we’re in the space of the higher self, we’re out of the space of conflict. In the past we would deal with conflicts by hitting the other guy, which is a very low vibrational response. Today Spirit is asking us to respond from a higher frequency, “to solve a problem from a higher perspective than That of which it was created”.

Emotional lessons are off the chain [completely crazy], and the one thing that will get you through this is your connection with Spirit/God/Source.

Shifting a Belief

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chris&fire weed001
Recognizing a behavior that no longer serves, tracing that back into a belief system, then daring to believe in something different. So all this starts just by changing your mind, and daring to believe in yourself.
A belief is a habit of thought, one to which we observe an action by another person over and over again , until we believe it to be true. Or we hear something from someone to whom we hold in high regard, and we believe in them more than we believe in ourselves. So we take on their truth and disregard our own.
There is a time and a place to believe in what others say, however, the journey will always cycle back to the Self [you]. In connecting to “the unique you” or “the empowerment that you are”, how do you feel about your belief on other people’s ideas? Change a belief by caring more about the way “you feel” about “your truth”, than you do about the truth or facts that you are observing in others. This is about you connecting to You, it’s easy to believe in what others say over what you feel. So lets turn this around. Tell the story of what you want it to be; what do You want, different from what others think? Read it over and over. Soon you begin to believe in your own story, then you’ll see/feel your vibration shift, and you’ll know that your belief has changed. When we change a belief to match our own truth, we ascend into the flow and come into alignment with the gift that we are.
* In reflection of the Abraham – Hicks works.

Everyone on the planet is capable of doing this. It takes work with focus and attention to see beyond that which you have been taught, and determination to connect to your own truth. Your truth is the direction of your own calling… in every situation. This truth is the action of compassion from conviction. Then life has this natural flow, ease and natural rhythm.
My blessings to you…

Connect the Dots…

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I’ve been working in the field of energetics, influence, subtle shift, vibration, and manifestation… “you know, the little pieces”. When we get deep into a field of study, we begin to see connections and interactions that most overlook. Here is just an example:

When we’re trying to convey an idea to someone, and we’re having a difficult time in finding the words. This means the other person’s receptors have not leafed out enough to receive that information, in-other-words they’re not ready to understand the concept you’re trying to convey. It can be like trying to teach trigonometry to a 2nd grader, when you’re the 8th grader… they are just not ready to hear it. [There’s no judgement in this, it’s just a matter of “what is”.] Often-times-than-not if we were to search around, we will most likely find a more simple way to explain it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them.
The more inner emotional work we do, the more our light-bodies brighten. And pathways in the energetic heart align, allowing it to become more easy to grasp concepts of higher learning. It’s an odd feeling to have, when that other person is someone special to us. Occasionally we may come across situations where they may not ever get it, that’s where it helps to embrace those imperfections, and let it go. In expressing compassion in this situation, we connect to this person from their level of understanding.

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