Heart Wide Open

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The earth mother is the symbol of this generous womb that gives nourishment, life and vitality to all that live in it. Nature is actually the silent witness of intuition.
Nature is interested in teaching us about the inner eye, the inner ear, the inner capacity to make sense out of something which external consciousness might consider chaotic.
Our disrespect of earth translates into a kind of disrespect of the feminine.
What is blocking our intuitive connection in this world, is a LOT of noise. Distraction from the practice of intuition… The egoic mind calls that entertainment.

The average time a person spends close to running water or surrounded by green is just a sliver against the time immersed in concrete and steel, and constantly confronted by sharp (physical, mental and emotional) edges.
Heart wide open is a practice that brings rhythmic balance to this sharpness of life. Lets get together and reshape this world.

Around about the 27th of this May 2017 we will be experiencing another big shift toward the movement into the 4th dimension (the 5th dimension is the beginning of the Angelic realm). Moving away from ego’s chaos, and into union and harmony.
The more time we give to love and gratitude, the easier this transition will become. The more that we have a connection with heart-full intuition, the less of our outside world can effect our inner happiness. The big solar flair coming from the sun in the next year or 3 will knock out most of our communications, and force us back into nature. For it is only nature that can rescue the intuition.


How That Path Moves and Sparkles


It’s amazing to me that in the beginning of life Spirit presents gifts, and in time we learn how to use them; how that path moves and sparkles. What’s amazing about it, is when we think we’ve gotten it all worked out. Understanding its rhythms, feeling good about the flow, and seeing the wrinkles get ironed out. Then Spirit steps in and presents new gifts, in a whole new environment, with new rules, with a different flow, and the cycle begins all over again. Each gift is a stepping stone leading to the next.

The 2012 shift is an opportunity for a new perspective, and for gifts to come baring fruit. The key is: when your sky is falling, and your world is turned upside down… Are you paying attention? Gifts happen when we are on course, sky falls when we are not. 2012 and the years that follow will push us in moving forward. For those who are on course, it will be an exciting time indeed.

How do you Know if a Relationship is Karmic?

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If you were to look across a crowded room, and see the people that you have NO feelings for. The ones that are NOT your dating type, the ones that DON’T push your emotional buttons, you-know the neutral ones. Or family members, or co-workers, or… They are the ones you DON’T have karma with. Anyone that helps you to become a better person, whether you learn it gently or you go through Hell in remembering the empowerment that you are, is a relationship with karma. Truly embracing karma is letting go of the fearful ego, and discovering what it’s like to act from a guiltless mind.
Karma’s not a bad thing, it’s simply a way of describing God’s law of what holds us accountable for our emotional interactions with other people, and His intentions for us to embrace non-attachments of our ego’s imperfections. When we turn and face our issues and approach them through self-awareness / self love / self-loyalty, we unearth the richness that we naturally are.
When I think of karma and how it relates to me: I remember the pine trees high in the mountains at the edge of tree line, the ones that are all weather beaten… “I am the tree and the weather is karma, shaping and carving me into the expression that I can be”. As long as we are fighting against the lessons of karma, it will rip and tear and harden our character. However, when we roll with the changes that karma brings forward into our lives, then we bend to the will of karma, and we receive the softer edges of life.

Karma is
all those feelings and emotions that get stirred-up by people we love or hate. “Karma is simply unlearned lessons resulting from our own actions of cause and effect finding it’s balance”.


A Karmic Experience


Long time ago in my youth I had the wonderful opportunity and experience of working through a one-sided karmic relationship. Her brother had been one of my best friends since grade school. So this issue came to surface at a young age, and it wasn’t till my mid teens did I start to gather information as to why this was happening. The story’s not important, what is important is how I got through it.
When you have an attraction for someone who doesn’t know you exist, or you’re not her dating type, and there’s nothing you could do or say that would get her on the same page. I spent years being overly kind, going way out of my way to do special things for her, and all the while little did I know this attraction was digging a pit so deep I could hardly see out.
One day I found myself living in the same house with her, as if my spirit guides came forward and said “it’s time to deal with this”. Her parents had passed away, the most of her siblings had moved out, and her elderly Grandfather was also living there. I was living at home which happened to be across the street. No one in her family had any experience in taking care of an elderly person. Well I did, I had a short conversation with her Grandfather [he was 92], and moved in the following day. I helped him with meals, bathing, harvested his garden with/for him, processed firewood and kept the house heated throughout the winter. I also learned a lot about life through his death. He passed away that following spring. I was only there for that winter; I left shortly after he passed. Later I discovered that, that was a soul contract between him and I; a supported experience. Anyway…
In my spare time I did woodcarving in the basement, and through it learned to channel that crazy attraction for her into a creative outlet. I would also channel those crazy unsettled emotions through the action of splitting firewood. Having a physical creative outlet became essential, because it was either that or become an alcoholic. That energy has to be expressed somewhere.
She was going to college, which was just 20 miles away, and to save money she lived at home.
At the time that I moved in I had a clear picture of our karmic past connection; the complete story, and I knew with every fiber of my being there was no way we were ever going to get together. Well I still had this powerful attraction for her, so what to do with this!
Well I would choose a time when everyone was out of the house, sit quietly without TV or music and allow this attraction to come and fill me, then create a story in my mind of her walking out of my life. Through this I would allow this immense sadness to flow through me, hours of crying, weeks of this process [if you stuff tears, the next emotion to come is anger and rage, and anger is fear under pressure. Anger keeps us stuck in the story, and story brings out judgment which will hold you back in that destructive pattern]. When the tears begin to dry up, then it’s time to start the next process of letting go; the process of forgiveness.
The process of letting go is to see in all the ways in which the two of you are different from each other. The person of whom I’m becoming is SO different from who she is and where she’s going, and through my love I set myself free to fly. Ending the cycle happened when she came full circle years later, and wanted to engage with me romantically, and I gently turn her down. At that moment when I had decided to end the cycle of tears and finally stepped away… The karma was then finished.
Completing this cycle by ending this karma: all relationships since then have been 1000 times more vibrant and rich. When we clean up the karma in a relationship, we discover what has been the very reason that’s kept us from connecting to those deep meaningful relationships we so desire.

Instead of looking for an opening with this person, you want to be looking for closure, and more importantly you want to be looking for that place in you in which you’re okay and ready to let go of this weight you’ve been carrying. Learning to find closure instead of connection is a lot like the process of learning to see the forest through the trees.
Ending this kind of karma either happens consciously which takes focus and attention, or you come back in your next life and deal with it then. For me I went through four life-times and committing suicide each time out of emotional pain before choosing to end this cycle (Suicide: to be or not to be). Closure happens when you come into alignment with your truth; when you connect to the freedom of your authentic self, while declaring independence from them.
Karma can be seen as the chains that hold us back from self empowerment in expression. The heavier the karma, the less freedom of authentic self-expression. To step out of karma and back into empowerment, we practice removing the dysfunctional ego from our daily living, and this is a practice. As we remove ego, what naturally fills in that empty space is self-love which sprouts into the authentic self or self empowerment.
For each person this experience will be different, For the most part, ending karma is an expression of love in which you step into empowerment, by becoming emotionally independent from the other person. And like the rose bud, you can’t force it to flower. When you’re ready and you come into alignment with the action of your heart, it just happens.
We talk a lot about karma and what it looks like, however it’s not until we have a karmic experience that teaches us what it’s like to bring it to resolve, do we fully comprehend how to navigate it. Do it right once, and the rest of your life is bliss.

My blessings to you…

The Karmic Path

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The true path of karma is a way to understand the paths of you’re soul. I am the tree, and the wind is karma. Shaping and molding me into the character I can be, bending to receive the softer edges of life.
When you have an issue that cannot be avoided, we see that as karma [karma is the restriction that holds your life back], and a stepping stone for the learning of the lesson which in itself creates the movement of your soul’s journey.
Karma’s not something we need to hide from. Because from the souls prospective it’s a beautiful thing, for it promotes movement; change; the process of moving toward wholeness; toward spiritual freedom, and towards God’s graceful abundance.
The challenge as a human is to identify how the ego creates a block, and drops it across the path to enlightenment; the path to success. The ego makes a small feeling feel huge, and that my friends are the illusions of ego.
The big picture that karma brings forward in the field of relationships is all relationships are divinely designed to not quite match your truth, or your vision. In other words, there will always be something in the relationship that will be a red flag or something out-of-shape. Because karma is Spirit’s way of helping us to understand that all human relationships come from ego, and the only true relationship is our obedience to our god-self/higher awareness as the action of self-loyalty. The very nature of karma is to show us that EVERYTHING is ego-driven. When we follow the guidance of our higher-self or god-self, we step into the flow of higher living and the life of self empowerment, and this is done by removing the dysfunctional ego and pride by burning through karma. Overcoming relationship karma means to discover that “you are more precious to yourself, than he/she is to you”. And this standard becomes how you navigate all relationships. Ego-self says: this person has to be in my life to complete me. God-self says: your partner is someone to whom you find joy in hanging out with. This is the path God intended us to follow. Karma is a way for us to see what has become dysfunctional and out of balance, and from there gives us the opportunity to see it differently and act with greater purpose. Walking the path of self empowerment shortens the journey of egoic lessons, and returns us home to God’s grace. Because there’s not all that “he said… she said… ” stormy story and drama, and instead you’re free to live your passions.

The weight of a marriage vow registers in our spiritual psyche in a similar reflection, that the Divine is absolute; that our spouse is absolute. “I absolutely trust my spouse in a similar fashion that I absolutely trust God”, and this is where we mess-up. Our identity with our god-self has been confused with being the same as our identity with our egoic relationships. This is why relationships continuously fail, because only through the awareness of the god-self, do we discover that only God is absolute. Egoic relationships have a shelf-life, are very limited, and loaded with conditions. For everything on earth has a beginning, middle and an end. So by changing our expectations of human relationships, we find a far more positive outcome.
When we come together in relationships, she looks at him and becomes totally lost in him, he looks at her and becomes totally lost in her, and together they totally forget who they were before. Following the path of our karmic healing we learn the value of holding onto our personal identity and integrity, and by the practice of boundaries our passionate expressions are given permission to flourish.
From this practice fail-safes are created that allows the relationship to learn through failure. A place which presents a safe environment to express our needs, while having the support of our partner. By failing we learn what is truth, and the path that keeps us in truth. Which shows itself as self-empowerment. It’s in putting this into perspective in such a way to quiet the drama. Even though most of the time we will feel as though karma is putting us through absolute hell. When in fact this Divine path was created from absolute love.

Karma is God’s way of teaching us the lessons of life so we can gain strength and pass the class, the key here is “are you paying attention”. The natural flow of life is fluid, and when we choose not to listen, life becomes stuck and sticky with karma’s drama. Karma is here to help us to engage in the lesson, and the lesson can be “that” that’s difficult to overcome, or not. An open heart overcomes quickly. Bringing karma to completion does not mean ending the relationship. It means transforming your awareness, and being more responsible with your personal emotional balance, or the difference in action instead of reaction. [No reaction, just observe the other person’s opinion. Then if you do act, it’s an action and not a reaction. Your action comes from your god-self of who you can be, instead of reacting emotionally from their opinion.]

For everything you feel compassion for, you have already experienced and learned the value of that lesson.
2013 was the beginning of instant karma, where the distance of recoil of going from judged to learning the compassion of it, becomes incredibly short; what you put out to the world, comes back at you a thousand fold, and at the speed of light. We can’t hide our thoughts from karma… karma sees all, knows all.
Karma is like a finger from your soul messing with your mental, emotional fields, as well as your spiritual awareness, as to fine tune your passions that give your life direction. It’s like the soul is steering you to overcome lessons and issues, to gather knowledge and spiritual freedom, that expands the soul into its god form. The soul is unseen by most humans, simply because the souls expression is well beyond the limiting concepts of the human mind.

Ego is the judgmental side of learning to navigate the emotions, and bringing ego into compassion is a daily practice until we learn where ego lives. Ego is discussed throughout this site in attempt to teach the destructive behavior of ego and how to turn that around. [It can be found on the page: Boundaries and Personal Power]
When it comes to relationships and working through the complexity of the karma of it. Karma teaches us that only you matter; that you are most precious a gift, and when you start to take yourself seriously as in putting yourself first, “does this act / decision inspire and energize me”? When we love ourselves more than another person can love us, we learn our self value. And this valuable lesson brings forth clarity and balance when understanding karma in relationships. It’s not all of it, it’s most of it. Overcoming it; learning the lesson of love; the lesson of light will bring forward relationships of depth and quality. Removing karma is done by reprogramming the self to act from balance, instead of reacting from emotional hurt. And like the art of boundaries it’s a daily practice until we learn the rhythm of it’s pattern.

The loving karmic relationship: Ego-less Relationship

Forms of completion:
* One of devotion. The kind of devotion that is a calling, and the kind of devotion that doesn’t disrupt your own life’s passionate pursuits. This devotion can come in a variety of avenues, all of which completes the karmic circle with both yourself and the person your devoted to. This kind of devotion is a lifelong lesson, and this kind of devotion is automatic; that without thought.
* Spontaneous generosity is another place where karma completes its cycle. This expression is a person to person completion. However, if we focus our attention on this person, and the moment this act is no longer spontaneous, the cycle is extended.
* A life in service to others will also complete a karmic circle. The service industry is full of people completing this karmic expression. This avenue can either have us kicking and screaming all the way through it, or as devoted service. The first is the introduction to the lesson, while the second is the acceptance of the value of the lesson.
Looking at karma and learning it’s simple model yet complex paths, we can become very entwined in the emotional complexity of it. Or we can just go about our daily living, and the subconscious self will automatically continue to work itself out. Life has us marching forward.

My blessings to you…

Being Centered

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013Whenever we are unfriended on Facebook and feel hit by that rejection, or crushed by a heart-break. That feeling we’re having comes because we are looking at ourselves through the other persons eyes, and in doing so we see judgment, faults and ego. In identifying through the ego, that identification has us responding from the belief of scarcity, and from this we are easily knocked out of balance by the behaviors of others.
When seeking validation from people, what we get in return is a projection from their emotional life experience, and not always a good thing. No matter how good their intentions can be. Other people’s experiences will always differ from our own, and it’s important not to be pushed or pulled by other people’s feelings.
Whenever we look at ourselves through the eyes of God, we see joy, love and perfection. This attention to connection with God keeps us emotionally centered. So when someone close to us crashes emotionally, we don’t fall with them. Or when someone “unfriend” us, we simply bless them on their way.
Being centered with thoughts of self-love and self-loyalty while also in the presence of Source Energy, brings forward life affirming experiences.
I am no longer knocked out of balance, because God in Action is my center, and I’m no longer as effected by something outside of myself.

So when you feel yourself falling into the crushing depths of rejection, wrap yourself in the warm blanket of God’s presence. Beyond a thought or an idea of God. See Him as a friend in the room with you, allow this connection to fill the body with the emotion of belonging to His group. Or whatever that is for you. This keeps us centered and grounded in the present moment, and has our presence empowered by our own design of happiness.

My blessings to you…

Telepathic and Empathic


We’ve all had those experiences in which we’re thinking of someone, then the phone rings and it’s them. Or you’re driving down the road, and you decide not to pass the person in front of you, because you get the sense they are about to turn. Telepathy can also be in finishing their sentences, or having the feeling that you’re needed by a friend. Having a well developed telepathy can replace the telephone. Telepathy is a person to person communication, without the face to face conversation. Because telepathy is part of our extra sensory perceptions, and one of the characteristics of our Light-body/Spirit. For the most of us it operates through the subconscious and very automatic, without us having to think about it. This ability may come in many forms: sensing that something isn’t quite right, a simple knowing of it to be true or not, a quiet warning, or a warm and fuzzy feeling that it’s going to be okay, and so much more. Because telepathy is part of our internal processing of the world, the most of us pick up messages through it without ever knowing that, that’s what’s going on.
Few of us want to become more conscious and fine tune the actions of it, simply because it requires us to slow down, quiet the mind, and learn to trust.
Some women have it slightly stronger than men, simply because of children, it’s part of the mothering instinct. Men have it with business; where and when to get involved, and the ability to look into systems of business.

* Telepathy is: If you’re doing something that requires focus and attention, and someone just pops into your mind, then they are thinking of you. Where as if a smell or picture reminds you of them, then those thoughts of them are your own.
* Empathy is an action for or towards someone.
* Empathic is an awareness of another person’s emotions or intentions.
As our empathic awareness awakens, we discover another level of emotions to learn how to navigate. Both empathy and compassion can be one of the toughest lessons to bring into Divine balance. Because of earth’s lessons of duality, first we learn how to be empathic and compassionate for other people. As in learning the needs of others. Then we learn how to use empathy and compassion as tools to navigate self-awareness, self-love and self-loyalty. And boundaries is a tool that gives us permission to create healthy space between giving too much to others, and bring forward enough attention to ourselves, for our own sense of personal balance.
By learning compassion with people we learn to open ourselves up to experiencing emotions of those around us without verbal communication. Being empathic is an extra sensory perceptional tool that gives us the ability to navigate emotions of both people and animals, and promotes a choice of whether or not to get involved.
Unfortunately most people don’t want other people to know their feelings, as in don’t want to be seen all the time. So if telepathy and empathic abilities are too loud for you, and it’s creating waves in your relationships, then learn how to shift your awareness from your intuitive sight [3rd eye], and move into and learn to think and process with your heart center.
If you want to fine tune it and open that channel, and start to have the sense of to-which it’s coming from. It’s done through “God connection” and those higher fields of perception. So take the feeling of love, and elevate into those higher fields of perception where that love is no longer for someone or something. You’re just immersed in the empowerment of love and gratitude, and that is “God connection”.

* If you’re interested in sexual power, then read Power and being Powerful.
* Telepathy comes into our thinking centers, while empathy comes into our emotional centers.
* Sending a message is done in a “one phrase” sentence. “Call me”, the image in your mind is pulling them in close to you, and with and gentle emotion of “need”. Or “I’m thinking fondly of you”, where the image in your mind is seeing only them, as in a warm embrace… or. Too much information becomes confusing, and the receiver won’t pick it up. Allow the emotion of this statement to fill your body, while thinking only of them.
* Receiving a message is done through the intuitive space; open the heart, step into “God-space”, and trust in your impressions. These messages will be quiet and in the back of your thoughts. The more that you are self-aware, the more that you will know the difference between “your thoughts” and those of someone else coming in. This takes practice; see if you can know who is calling you before you answer the phone.
When we raise our awareness above earthly desire, we step into “God connection”. Fine-tuning it through the “God connection” will tell us “why” not to get involved, or “why” to get involved. Or to know the clarity of the message and to whom it’s from. We’re also able to see into social systems [such as governmental systems] using the art of telepathy.
* Telepathy is a part of our spiritual self [perceptions of the spirit include intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, empathic, the chakra system… ]. Sex is chemistry and apart of the ego-self and very physical [the perceptions of the physical include the ego, seeing, hearing, touching… ]. God and ego are complete opposites [anything involving ego is a separation from God], in the same way that telepathy and sex are opposites. So the idea of telepathic sex is completely impossible.
Those on the beginning of the path have a tendency of teaching through Will, the expression of the physical and very egoic, this describes a telepathic technique without the mention of God or your multidimensional spirit. Without connection to the God-self / higher-self this experience is almost physical, and still only two dimensional. And this is all a part of the path home to God, a path of learning that involves many hundreds of lifetimes. A path that starts with first understanding the physical and ending with the spiritual. We have to first understand separation before we can truly embrace the freedom of enlightenment. Still an out-of-body experience with sex is far less intense than the real thing. Teaching this form of out-of-body sex somehow conveys the ability of making someone love you against their Will, this is called manipulation, and the possibility of it is so far from the truth. More of this on Healers Light and Spirit.
* Understanding the difference between telepathy from astral sex or remote viewing are completely different, and most people get that terminology mixed up. The Astral plain is where we go at night when we dream. Astral sex: is in having a need to connect to someone, a specific someone. When you have a dream of having sex with someone you know, or someone you’ve never met as an out-of-body experience [OBE] or remote-viewing, that is done on the Astral plain. This experience can be taught. The difference is the person you had Astral sex with has no clue about any of this, as in a one sided experience. This form of sex is far less intense than the true physical experience. The vision of this experience seems very real, as in lucid dreaming; like actually being there, still it’s about the same as a “day dream” fantasy.
* Sensing someone’s sexual energy from across the room is done through the Mental Field. When we are out-and-about in the world, and get that sense that we are being watched, that means simply that someone or something has entered our mental field. Our mental field is a part of our extra sensory perception [ESP]. It’s apart of the spirit and not of the physical body. Through this awareness we can tune-in and get the sense if it’s a man or woman, person or animal, kind or warning, sexual or neutral, or… Depending upon your sensitivities and your environment, your mental field can have the reach of about 300 yards. Heighten your awareness, and you can reach out a bit further.
The other is our Emotional Body, this is also a part of our ESP. To be empathic is to feel and connect to the emotions of others, while the emotional body is a field of not only perception; it’s also a field of understanding that guides us through the emotional navigation of those around us. Understanding emotional boundaries, or being able to anticipate emotional needs. The emotional body is where we process our emotional perceptions, and a healthy emotional body stays within the boundaries of one’s own personal space (she’s not telling him how to live his life).
* Tuning into your sexual partner through the art of telepathy isn’t quite like reading their mind, it’s more like reading their intentions [intention is focus of thought], and gives you a strong sense of what their most likely to do next.
* No, you cannot send sexual telepathic messages to someone to whom you’ve either never met before, or to someone with no interest in you. Using telepathy will not happen in a negative way or for personal gain, because the connection happens through the “God space”, so the connection is constantly being filtered through the positive. Sex is ego driven. Think of a phone-line between you and I, and that line travels through the “God space”. Anything that is not of God and complete love is filtered out, and what’s left is quiet, warm and fuzzy with maybe a hint of a personality.
* The only way for one person to pick up on sexual thoughts of another through telepathy, is if they both are currently a couple, and even then the messages are soft and quiet. Like the thought of them followed by a warm and fuzzy feeling.
* Unfortunately those interested in telepathic sex, are lacking in responsible emotional boundaries. They have forgotten how to use their words. To heal these wounds, one will realize that trust is more powerful than control.
* Sending telepathic messages are best sent by images with emotion, not by words spoken in the mind.
* Communicating to animals using telepathy is done through images. When you give a command to a dog using words or hand signals while also having images in your mind, they will be more responsive. An image attached to an emotion, so in your mind it becomes almost like a solid object, and the animal responds quickly.
* If you’re ingesting fluoride in any volume, it can slow your telepathic responses.

Telepathy is answered prayers.
If you’re tuned-in to your telepathy while looking at the people around you, there is nothing they can do to hide from you. Telepathy is a God-given talent that gives the (seer/listening/sensing/knowing…) the ability to see what is hidden, “no more lies”. If you remain quiet, then the truth remains hidden. However, the moment a story is spoken to divert you, and then the truth comes forward. If the seer is not looking, then it remains hidden. If the seer chooses not to look, then it will remain hidden, and all it takes is a peek and it all pops out into the open. Any form of lie or diversion brings it all out into the open.
Spirit/God gives the approval as to what is seen, it may not be in our best interest to see absolutely everything, and because this information travels through Spirit the message is gentle. As in not nasty in any way, shape or form. If it is nasty, it’s a projection through the ego-self. It may however come through as a warning, which is still a statement of truth. Truth is separate from judgment. Truth shows us “what is”.
There are other forms of bringing hidden information to light, all technology, all wisdom, all experience, and yes all hidden secrets are cataloged in the Akashic records. And there are methods that can be taught on how to get into those files.
God have had enough, “parties over, everyone out of the pool”! What was once hidden is no longer. Everyone has the ability for telepathy, because it lifts the veil of lies. However, not everyone has the ability for empathy, and the ones that do, have it at different degrees of it. We are here to have very specific experiences, and the ingredient within the personality molds the experience.

My blessings to you…

Still the best form of communication is a verbal face to face. Shoot from the hip, and tell it like it is.

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