The Darkness Before The Dawn

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This is the moment of our test: do we stay and face up to our darkness, or do we find a way off this rock.
2020 is the year of crazy intense emotions. Life is going to poke and prod, stretch and flex our emotions in ways we never thought possible. All to find ways to dump our fearful baggage that we’ve been dragging along for the past millennium.
People of balance who understand relationships will find ways to give each other space to grow, space to express… Or they will shatter apart.
The thing that gets us swiftly through this is our practice and relationship with God… What ever that is for you.
Keep practicing the forgiveness as a way of releasing the painful hurt, and the practice of boundaries as a way of creating a peaceful environmental bubble around you.

Go in peace…

Who You Really Are

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Symptoms you are Awakening

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I’ve been very aware of all this for the past year, and here it’s being said quite clearly.

What’s In The Mix?

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When we want to understand the finer details of karmic connections:

When we are looking at a potential partner, and asking ourselves about all those little things as in “do we match”. How is it that we want to see and or feel? We often want that “click”… We want something gentle, and somewhat easy.
Truth is we can have all that, we have to decide that we are worthy of asking for what we want, and not just taking what we’re given. Return it if it’s not exactly what you want! With relationships we have to have eyes wide open as we go through a check list of needs, or we’ll find karma and or nature filling in those gaps where we’re not paying attention.

Our karmic life path for each person has a very specific flavor; very specific issues that we’re working through… Knowing what your karmic issues are is acknowledging where your emotional challenging places are. All those places where we run from issues that life demands of us because they’re just too scary to deal with, those are our karmic life issues.
When we get together with another person, we are mixing those two flavors, yours and theirs. And not just with relationships… Business deals, friendships… Anytime we are in action with another person this combination will show itself.

The person in the relationship with the most intense karma will also have the strongest influence in any given situation. So if you’re in a business deal, and the person with the gentlest flavor happens to be the one doing the talking, then the karmic expression of that deal will have the influence for the outcome. This is “what’s best for the team” comes into play, and from this what kind of outcome is desired. However, if the two of you are doing something like buying a house together, the outcome of that purchase will come from that combination unless one works the deal.
So if you’re someone who’s looking at the details of karmic connections and desired outcomes, paying close attention to what’s in the mix of those amazing personalities people carry will be time well spent.


Saying “Goodbye”


When having a thoughtful response to a friend or loved one who is in the process of leaving this world and passing on, we can bring to the surface the deep ingredients of the relationship. Creating a ritual practice of saying goodbye, like bringing closure to a passing relationship, or thanking a parent for being the amazing teacher they have been,  or a grandparent… To speak from the heart the things that need to be said, instead of regretting the things that aught to have been said. Seizing the moment! And rising to the occasion. Stepping forward with the last act of rich love.
Thanking a friend for all that you have valued in their friendship and why. This practice brings forward the spontaneous vocabulary of the heart, which in itself promotes forgiveness.
This also can tie up karmic loose ends, as in ending the book. We will all meet again… We work in groups of people; the karmic work we do life after life is with the same group of people… A close tight group of about 50 people, yet compatible to a few hundred thousand world wide.

Be one who has the courage to step forward and speak from the heart. There’s no perfect time than the present.


I’ve shared my gratitude to all my grandparents except one, and she passed faster than I could respond. Had a long heart to heart with my father days before his passing, as well as a good friend.
I’ve found this action to to be an expression of spiritual love, because it supports karmic closure; the ending of this chapter, and a loving way to clear the air.

The Darkness of the Soul

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Each one of us will be confronted by our darkest issues for the next 5 to 8 years, everyone-no exceptions! The darkness of the soul is an initiation into the awakening of a higher awareness; higher consciousness. This process brings to resolution issues that may have been buried for quite some time, and an opportunity to overcome them here and now.
This action is asking us to dig a bit deeper into patience for our own short-comings, and persistence to see this process through-no matter what “it” is. These issues once resolved will clear forward in such a way as to not need to ever be repeated or reviewed.

It’s the upmost importance to be emotionally gentle on yourself when moving through these intense issues. Being gentle allows us permission to see the issue in its full complexity, and move beyond it completely.

Also, please be mindful of others around you who maybe going through this, and give them the blessings of a little more space for their own growing pains.

Go in peace.


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When we do something that brings us into alignment with God and our forgiveness at the same time; the action that brings balance to our karma. Our spiritual guardians will go in and remove obstacles along our life-path to honor this simple choice of direction. This simple choice and action changes the essence of who we are along our life-line rippling in both directions, past and future. Accelerating our learning curve, and shortening the need to go to such extremes. So by looking at the lesson head on while also following spiritual guidance, we pass the exam, and the quality of who we are enriches.

My blessings to you…

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