013Whenever we are unfriended on Facebook and feel hit by that rejection, or crushed by a heart-break. That feeling we’re having comes because we are looking at ourselves through the other persons eyes, and in doing so we see judgment, faults and ego. In identifying through the ego, that identification has us responding from the belief of scarcity, and from this we are easily knocked out of balance by the behaviors of others.
When seeking validation from people, what we get in return is a projection from their emotional life experience, and not always a good thing. No matter how good their intentions can be. Other people’s experiences will always differ from our own, and it’s important not to be pushed or pulled by other people’s feelings.
Whenever we look at ourselves through the eyes of God, we see joy, love and perfection. This attention to connection with God keeps us emotionally centered. So when someone close to us crashes emotionally, we don’t fall with them. Or when someone “unfriend” us, we simply bless them on their way.
Being centered with thoughts of self-love and self-loyalty while also in the presence of Source Energy, brings forward life affirming experiences.
I am no longer knocked out of balance, because God in Action is my center, and I’m no longer as effected by something outside of myself.

So when you feel yourself falling into the crushing depths of rejection, wrap yourself in the warm blanket of God’s presence. Beyond a thought or an idea of God. See Him as a friend in the room with you, allow this connection to fill the body with the emotion of belonging to His group. Or whatever that is for you. This keeps us centered and grounded in the present moment, and has our presence empowered by our own design of happiness.

My blessings to you…