When we look at the contrast between the two, we often have the feeling of one over the other. As human beings we need to have this contrast of light and dark to learn where it is we want to go. When in fact spiritual reality states “there is light”, and “there is dark”. They are not battling for domination, and there is no great war taking place to see who wins. That only exists in the imaginations of the human mind.

Free Will: a clause that states “nothing can happen to me without my permission”. Karma: what ever we do good or bad, comes back to us. “Treat thy neighbor as thy self”… These are all teachings of light and dark, even though in spiritual reality there is no conflict, no more so than the waves crashing on the rocky shore. The water is water, and the rocks are rocks, there’s no battle taking place. The battle is only in our minds and belief systems. So remember my friends, reality is far more gentle than our imaginations, –Byron Katie

It’s like angels and demons, there’s no battle taking place. Satin is an Archangel, and the only archangel that teaches about God by pointing away from himself. There’s no battle going on between God and Satin. There’s no winners and losers, or punishments and rewards. It’s simply a lesson moving in one direction: toward love and happiness.

My blessings to you…

So many untruths have been told in the last 2000 plus years, from misinformation, pride, fear, manipulation… Then after 2000 years later we stand up and start to look around, and realize just how far off the original mark we are. When a lie is spoken, and the story is moved over one foot. Then after 1000 years of repeating that lie, it’s drifted 10 miles off it’s original mark. Then when the truth is spoken, it sounds like an idiot.
Some untruths are being cleared up through new discoveries, as in someone has found, and opened a window… It feels good to breath fresh air again.