The Reviewing Room


When we die and pass from this world and into the Spirit World, we enter the reviewing room where we (without ego) get to view the consequences of every action taken, and every word spoken or unspoken both to ourselves and to other people. Every person goes through this, there are no exceptions. We get to look carefully at everything that is of God, and everything that is separate from God. Loving actions, and fearful reactions. Everything that is not brought back into balance from this life, and or forgiven by us, we get to review carefully, and sort out that pile . So that of which is separate from God gets cataloged into the karma pile.
As we look out across humanity, and see those who deliberately hurt people for personal gain. Those people are creating a mountain of karma, and for some the darkness is so great that they will return to the mineral kingdom for extended review (a place where humans will never physically touch).
We’ve been told that we can heal this mountain of karma in an instant, or throughout a thousand lifetimes. It is resolved through forgiveness while in devotion to God (or whatever your language is for that), deeper and more profound than just once a week. When we relinquish our obedience to our higher-self/god-self/higher-power, we overcome great spiritual discords in leaps and bounds. This form of spiritual gardening can teach us many layers of light and dark, as we release our sense of self and ego, and connecting to become apart of God.
So think carefully before speaking, and take time and special care to heal the anger we carry deep inside, while still standing on this ground.

My blessings to you…

Why Fight It

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When we “fight” against anything, we loose. We get exactly what it is that we are fighting (we have that genie in the bottle experience). We fight against drugs, we become addicted to pharmaceutical drugs. We fight for our freedoms, we lose our freedoms at a staggering rate.
When we fight against something, then we are reacting from a place of fear, and therefor we set ourselves up for an experience of restriction. In the law of attraction the word “fight” is just as powerful as the word “love”, as in creating one’s direction.
So, why fight it, instead “create” what it is that we do want, and we’ll have a far more positive outcome.
In the world of ranching: if you have the belief that if you keep spraying weeds eventually they will all die off. In truth this is not so. By spraying, the growth of the succession rate of the plants is withheld; by killing one weed another simply takes its place.
In truth, if we plant the grasses that we “do want”, then “that” will choke out the weeds. The creation supplies more of what we want to see. By only seeing the weed, we only see the problem, and therefor we only react. If we look beyond the problem of the weeds to the grasses that want to grow, and support them, we get a win win.


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Words That Empower

The Flow

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007I talk about flow quite a bit in my blogs, and what that all means in relation to abundance, life, relationships, and Spirit. Overall, flow is the natural order. Being in the flow is following that path you’re meant to follow, and being connected to the now – right Now. When we are in the flow, we are confronting and pushing through our life issues, and we feel good – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Choosing to feel good, we are pre-paving for how we will feel tomorrow. The flow is where clarity of thought and clarity of action comes from. When we have stepped off of that path, and out of that flow, we feel bad. We are fighting with our life issues, with people, and fighting against the flow. All rivers lead to God, to Source Energy, or whatever your spiritual language is. Every time we feel bad, for whatever reason, we at that point have the opportunity to shift, and choose to feel good. By making this choice to feel good, and step back into the flow, then life or the situation begins to move again, and before you know it… it’s passed. As long as we are in the body, conflict will always come about. It’s how we choose to go with it, that matters.
In this country (USA) it’s easy to feel poor me, and we make a career out of being the victim. We love pitty-parties so much that we have pitty clubs. That’s where people gather and share their bad feelings, and support each other with contests to see who’s got it worst. This all goes against the flow, and keeps us stuck in those patterns.
The fascinating part of this for me, is the longer we stay in the flow, the shorter the path becomes along that journey of returning home to God. Then overall makes the ride more fun… puts us back into the drivers seat.

The Dance of Empowerment

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Breaking the chain of abuse starts with you. The first time it happens there needs to be concrete consequences. If you give them another chance and they do it again… step away without thought. How to stand in your power is about how to live in empowerment.

Harmony of the Sexes

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010When we look at relationships with a need to understand how to bring in harmony, and what’s our part in it? Practicing boundaries and being responsible with our emotions, is still just a part of it. The key in all of life is to know who you are, by growing our sense of self we can better connect to self empowerment, or knowing what’s needed.
Within each person is both masculine and feminine qualities, however, with each person the balance of that percentage for both qualities will be different. Finding this balance creates strong personal power, because we begin to loose that inner conflict, and connect to inner harmony through this knowing of ourselves. Buying into and investing in ourselves is always time well spent… Personal growth, inner healing and forgiveness.
The sacred masculine is about action, doing, making things happen, the provider, the protector… He is spirit. The sacred feminine is about intuition, receptivity of the seer, gathering of knowledge, to perceive the environment around her… She is earth. When the masculine supports the feminine, by following the intuitive and fact gathering ideas. When the feminine supports the masculine, by allowing the provided space for the creation of it. Real personal power and inner harmony is when these two aspects come together in balance, first within ourselves, then with our partner. This inner harmony creates our outer harmony. So I will look at a situation, listen with my heart [or your gut feeling] for an idea to come through the intuition [the feminine], then from that idea I put it into action [the masculine]. If someone is asking me to do something for them, I will sleep on it, then give them an answer in the morning. Before I act I take some time to listen to what the intuition has to say, so from this the masculine is supporting the feminine by waiting for the intuitive response. This dance moves us away from inner conflict and connects us to the flow of our inner potential. In a relationship this creates strong bonds on many levels, and supports a win win.

Not so long ago there were natural rolls of the masculine and feminine and they were simple. Today, because of lust and unbalanced power we have distorted that natural order, and the dysfunction we’re seeing today is a result of that. Women raising kids, cooking meals and cleaning house should be seen as equal to men and their roll outside of the home. Some women are not good at domestic tasks, and are better suited for intellectual and spiritual pursuits. Still, there is a balance between the two, and it can be seen metaphysically or physically. In either case it is a simple path, and a great adventure in exploring how to fine-tune the self and uncover the gift that you are.

The stone Sphalerite balances both male and female aspects of the personality. When masculine qualities are in excess, it promotes the qualities of the feminine, back and forth as you find balance. It’s a gentle influence, you hardly know it’s happening. Although the people around you will begin to notice a difference in you.
Carrie the stone in your left pocket every day. If you need balance and it’s on your bedside table across town, it’s not going to help much.
Allow water to wash over the stone 2 to 3 minutes once every 2-3 weeks, to release any emotional garbage that becomes stored within the stone in frequency, to keep it clean and fresh.

Coming into Alignment

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020Being in balance, being happy, joyful, in love with life is being in alignment with God, or being in alignment with our true authentic self. When we have a conflict with something or someone, and it knocks us off our emotional balance, we then fall into ego; anger, guilt… how fast we bounce back is a reflection of how much inner emotional work we’ve done. So the more inner work we do, the easier it is to bounce back, therefore closer to God full-time, as the great Masters have done it. They had come to that clarity of understanding that nothing could knock them out of balance, and therefore came into alignment with God, at one with, or to be God. And how to tie up karmic loose ends.
Doing the work is: learning how to take back your power [taking back your power IS NOT about being RIGHT], how to stand in your power is about how to live in empowerment, learning how to love instead of fight…

Words that Empower


Along the path of my journey, I’ve come across situations that require strong words of empowerment in getting me out of those dysfunctional places. I will be adding to this list as my journey continues. I hope you all find courage and empowerment through these words.

This is something I would say when cutting cords of emotional attachment, or simply declaring my freedom. “The person’s name, OUT NOW you don’t belong in my heart [or what ever chakra they’re in], I’m not allowing you to stay. You will have no further control or power over my areas of physical joys of happiness [or what ever properties are represented by that chakra, or needs of empowerment] . I release you now. I accept and receive the lessons and learning’s from you, but I am done now”! To make this a powerful statement, follow it with action, and step out of that situation.

To be continued…


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