Life’s Seasonal Path


042Eastern spring at the beginnings of all things, the infant in us sees everything anew, as in the space of mornings fresh experience.
In southern hot mid-days of summer, the power of the dance brings forth the ambition of youth. Where we tend to have the sight of knowing all things, even though we have far to venture.
Cool western evenings of autumn. Calming patience ushers in an elders accumulation of experience, as the master will use few words to describe what is needed to understand.
Great northern winters midnight stillness, rests and restores the spirit, presence of purpose… the isness of the soul.


A Gift to You


image001Whom ever has your heart…
May trust be his anchor, so in his steady emotions, you will know comfort from his integrity.
May he have eyes that see, so from his empowerment, you will see your beauty through his sight.
May he have a mind that understands, so in his flexibility, you can rest in his forgiveness.
May his touch be soft, so you will feel the gentleness of his strength.
May his communications be warm, so when he speaks, you will hear his tolerance.
May his love be straight and true, so from his direction, you will feel secure in his loyalty.
My blessings be with you…

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