Spiritual Earth Connections

June 2014 005Spiritual Earth Connections is a class I give several times in the course of a summer, outdoors and on my mother’s family ranch. It’s heart wisdom, I guide you in connecting with your heart, and then we connect with the environment around us. Learning to think with the heart, we find less drama in our lives, and more room in our personal lives. Through heart energy we find more time in the day, and that time has a slower pace. Soon we begin to notice a whole other level of being, where our free time becomes real quality time. The heart space has far less ego in it than the intellectual mind.
After connecting with heart energy, we then connect with nature, we find wisdom in crossing paths with animals, and then we find direction in our own personal lives. When connecting with animals, trees, plants, stones, streams, ponds… We discover the power within, connect to the powerful you, the strength of being gentle, and a heart that encompasses all that is.

Earth’s Spiritual Connection
When having a desire to connect to something of earth. Say you’re building with stone and you desire to understand it, I find it helpful to step into that form through the inner observer. Within each of us is a part of the self that watches life unfold, that part of ourselves, “that” is the witness to our own actions, and that we call the inner observer. From that prospective we can connect and tap-into the information of stone [or whatever your interest is], and all it’s applications.
* Get comfortable, close your eyes, and from your imagination create a large beautiful crystal or whatever material interests you. Make it many times bigger than you. Upon entering the stone (or) let go of the imagination, and allow the images to come to you, as in watching a movie screen and it to show you the beauty of itself. This means you must let go of expectations of what you’ll find, and through the inner observer be open to anything that may come to you. Walk around, you may experience color, texture, your experience may be ANYthing. Your experience may be mechanical, may be fluid, or may be a landscape. What ever it is, go with it, and allow it to show you the wisdom of itself. Ask it questions, and have fun with this.
Points of interest: Environmental Influence

Passing on Wisdom
If I’m adjusting someone to Reiki, for me to transfer the complete wisdom and knowledge to another person, it helps if I become that vibrational essence in frequency. Or to give an effective healing through Reiki, it helps to connect and shift into a higher frequency, as in entering the domain and vibrational essence of those who conduct it. For every modality of healing, there is a legend of Angels working closely with its vibrational frequency. For best results, connect to these higher fields of Source Energy.
For best results when passing on healing modalities, it’s important to be in the same room with the client. For you can see when they are settled and ready, and you can help them into those higher vibrational fields for better reception. For receiving Reiki training, the student needs the meditation practice of visiting those higher vibrational fields over and over, to open up to those larger possibilities.

A miracle is allowing for the experience of a higher vibrational frequency, to interact with you. In-other-words to see angels or faeries, the ego has to go through a process of awakening to it, otherwise it would blow its circuits. Just like the ability to see UFO’s, not everyone is ready to see them. It’s a process, and if you want to see them, you can start the process by opening your mind to greater possibilities.

The purpose of connection to Earth
Earth is a melting pot of influence, and for each person this path of self-discovery is going to be a unique one. The earth expression is an accumulation of that influence of everything that makes up Earth, and this influence supports the driving desire of the collective mind. So love is the driving desire even when we are at war with others, because it allows us to perceive the light in the shadows. Or while angry with our partner, love remains the binding force that moves us forward. Otherwise we would be forever stuck in that pattern. So as earth accelerates its vibrational field we also must accelerate our awareness of what a resolve is; A problem was created from a lower consciousness, and what resolves it must come from a higher awareness. So shift into your ethical-self and solve the problem; a solution that is now a win win, where everyone benefits, and anything less then that is still the problem.
The influence and lesson of the physical realm is Duality. There is no way around this, everyone in this physical body will experience this influence of duality; hot-cold, war-peace… The difference is in how each person reacts to the situation; how we chose to navigate those emotions.

The amazing power of the human spirit
If the universe were to completely disappear; vanish into thin-air. Within you is everything that is needed to recreate the universe in whole. Our spirit is a spark from the Divine Source Energy (The Loving God), and we have within us to not only create every circumstance of our lives, yet also moving and manifesting physical matter.

Recharging and Grounding
Sit at the base of a big tree, with your back to it. Connect to the sap of the tree running up the tree, reaching out its branches and filling the leaves. Connect to this wellspring of light deep in the earth. Running up your trunk. Washing through your legs, your trunk, arms, Filling your feet, hands and rushing to your head. With every in-breath this light fills your body, and with every out-breath the darkness and tension is released from your body back into the earth to be recycled.

Now feel your energy cord coming down your spine and running deep into the ground, down deep to the earth’s core, and there is a plug with your name on it, and plug your cord into it. As you sit there recharging from the earth, feel the tree’s roots running deep into the ground drawing up energy from the earth. This energy runs up the tree and fills its branches and leaves. As this energy fills up your trunk, your arms, your hands… recharging your batteries and reconnecting your earth-ground. Feel your roots running deep, feel your branches reaching into the heavens. You are the vessel, the connection and the expression of these two powerful personalities… spirit and matter, masculine and feminine. You came into this world with all the components to create an abundant, blissful and prosperous-full life.

The Rainbow Bridge
Sit in a comfortable place like facing the sun. Allow the worries of the day to fall away, and settle into the present moment.
With your finger draw a lite line from the base of your throat to the bottom of the ribcage. Your energetic heart is located where you feel the most sensitivity.
Close your eyes and open your heart, blow it up like a balloon.
Create a rainbow bridge from your heart to the heart of someone special to you. Just one person at a time. Let the thoughts in your mind go like passing clouds, acknowledge the thoughts then let them go, and return to this warm rainbow connection.
* This activity strengthens your ability for telepathy and to be empathic.
I found this to create strong bonds with loved ones who lived far away.

A pattern of an archetype is created from the collective mind of everyone on earth, so therefor it’s a group experience. Any human shared experience is an archetype.
Example: the archetype of marriage is the common thread of thought we all share about marriage. Changing an archetypal pattern happens very slowly, because each person will need to change their thinking in a conscious way about (marriage) to shift that archetype. One way of doing your part in shifting those patterns, is in raising your conscious awareness with your actions; spending more time in your god-self / higher-self, creating situations of a win, win.
We may encounter as much as 10, yet no more than 20 archetypes in the course of a day, or we maybe dealing with 1 or 2 while confronting an issue.
Someone who sacrifices themselves from dread or giving more than they have, is working through the archetype of the prostitute, and there are several hundred archetypes.
If you’re a movie watcher, and pay attention to the kind of movies you’re watching, then you can tell what archetype you’re processing through.
Archetypes come and go as we move through cycles. They can be the emotional buttons we react from, they can be different according to who we’re relating to, or even how we are with ourselves.
Archetypes are personality traits of our psyche like: the hero, the mother figure, innocent youth, the mentor, the scapegoat, the villain, the journey, the initiation, and so on… Tuning into this language of how we learn with life, will open a vision that will show the deeper layers in our own understanding of our mystery. This learning of who you are becomes a tool to navigate you out of the shadows.

A soul contract is prearranged between the two of you, before we come into this world. A soul contract maybe something physical like being a loving presence with someone while they pass from this world to the next. A soul contract may come from the loss of a loved one. Where by losing them you get to practice forgiveness, and find within yourself compassion. Or something unseen like helping someone into the choice of whether or not to be here on earth; as in the here-and now. And something profound in yourself, like the courage to see it differently.
Soul contracts are a big deal, and you may only have around hundred in the course of an entire lifetime. These contracts are mostly acted through the subconscious, and are preformed as easily as breathing. A soul contract may come to the surface of one’s consciousness, if you need a demonstration of possibilities.
If you have the need to be aware of these, we do so through either the contact of a clairvoyant or deep within your intuitive-self.
The only way to release yourself from a contract is through Forgiveness:
To Self: I am spirit, my body is only an illusion, it has nothing to do with what I really am.
To Other: You are spirit, whole and innocent, all is forgiven and released.
Repeat this as often as the feelings arise, in a way that brings you back to compassion, and or back to an emotional neutral space. From the book collection -“Course in Miracles” by Helen Schucman, published by Foundation for Inner Peace.

Creating a Relationship with your Inner Child
Sit quietly, select a place from memory or create a fun, safe place in your mind for your inner child to stay and play. [I chose a place near water, because that was my greatest fascination when I was young.] Take time often to visit and play with your inner child. Tender-loving-care. A relationship with your inner self that grows like a garden.
Your inner child is that part of your psyche that brings forth creativity, your innocence, it’s that inner part of yourself that is all warm and gooey. And when we freak-out and find ourselves in an emotional dark corner, that is our inner child having a temper-tantrum.
* If you at anytime need to go and do something that is scary and or dangerous, take a moment and through your imagination put your inner child in a safe place. By this we nurture and protect our inner child from the traumatic situations of our unsettled world, and you will find that you will keep your cool in tough situations more often.

What is Alchemy?
Alchemy is the ability to change physical outcomes through connection to God, as a co-created experience. The word alchemy means there is God in your creation, instead of ego; greed, jealousy, or… Say I go out and buy a Lottery scratch-off ticket. Through the practice of alchemy, a person can change the outcome of the ticket before it is scratched off each and every time. Or change the outcome of something that should not be possible, like turning lead into gold.
This requires a person to look carefully at their beliefs, and through a deep devotion and connection to God it becomes possible. To change one’s perception of the world from a fearful relationship with lack, and into perceiving it through The Loving God’s abundance. This practice is not a way for a person to acquire wants, this practice becomes your life.
Connection to God also becomes a quality of life, a co-creation. God is love, God is compassion, God is… So that relationship becomes lit through a person’s life expressions. Awakening our inner potential.
In learning this ancient art, a person starts by doing the work and reading the book –The Course in Miracles. This book is Divinely designed to open and change your mind, as to allow it to accept greater possibilities.

When we have a goal, a hope, or even a desire we may have, from there we connect to emotion that the desire stirs, and finally we fill the body with a feeling of completion as if the desire has been fulfilled. So, a desire created first in the mind as a thought, then that desire slides down to the belly where we find the emotion of what’s it like to have that desire. After connecting with the emotion, we then allow that emotion fill the entire body with the feeling of having the desire fulfilled.
We ask our spiritual guardians to bring forward this desire. Then we trust that the request is being fulfilled. And we allow; we hold that open space, something that happens through the obedience of the higher-self.
This exercise is accelerated when one is also in the Alpha state of mind. Which is what happens when we quiet the mind, spirit and environment. All while gazing at the flame of a candle, or listen to a waterfall in stereo; surround-sound.
If this is not working for you, it may help to let go of desired outcomes. In-other-words, the desire is so strong for it to become real, that it can cloud the connection between your heart and Spirit/Genie in the bottle. When asking something from Spirit or the Genie in the bottle, it helps to ask then step back and give them space to create it. As well as to give them the freedom to bring it in the form that is best for you. When we ask for abundance to come forth in a very specific way, we restrict that flow by insisting it come in only one form. Instead of being okay with any form Spirit finds best for us. When we try too hard, we fail. So let go of desired outcomes, and just be present. And all this takes practice…
To levitate a ball with the mind takes no effort, just awareness. The same with making a desire real, all it takes is awareness. Like fine-tuning a radio, there is a frequency of love that opens the flow of abundance, and the awareness is the feeling that fills the body.

What does it mean to “hold space” for someone else?
It means that we are willing to walk alongside another person in whatever journey they’re on without judging them, making them feel inadequate, trying to fix them, or trying to impact the outcome. When we hold space for other people, we open our hearts, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgement and control.

Haunted House
When and if I find myself in a haunted house, with an earth-bound confused spirit. And it continues to invade my personal space, despite my shielding and protecting myself. While it’s happening, I’ll open a window, lean out and scream “rockma”! This invokes masters of Light who shifts the vibrations within that space, so they leave. I’m not sure just where this statement comes from. It’s ancient wisdom I came across years ago, when I was studying mysticism. I’m just amazed at how well it works.
Also asking Archangel Michael to surround and protect you, if you’re feeling threatened by a ghostly presence.

Q & A
* Is there a spiritual connection to the earth’s core? Yes! You are only limited by the depth of your imagination. The definition of a true spiritual connection, is a personal relationship with The Divine, and is one in which the language spoken is of Love. Therefor you have the power to create the path to it.
A spiritual connection to earth can be one of your own personal design and making, that is what makes a spiritual connection so rich. Just get quiet and let the path open before you, then let it become a practice… Revisit, revisit, revisit. Earth is here as a teacher, a classroom to learn who we really are. Each person’s experience will be very different, because you are incredibly unique. What works for you may not work for someone else, so trust in your own design. Invite your spiritual guardians to come in close, and guide you to your answers; help you to remember your path.
* Gardening, art, any craft brings us closer to God, because we are activating our own inner creator.
* Can you bring the chi force from the earth to heal your body? The Flowing Chi

There is a lot of things like Healers Light, or the ability to make your energy large, as in another form of shielding that only comes from experience; inner work. Experience being one of those things that can not be taught, only learned through inner growth. I may be able to point you in a direction, however it’s up to you to do the work and open up to it.

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