The Eye of the Needle

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When we feel pinched and pushed to the extreme of our emotional boundaries, and that feeling of squeezing our human form through this tiny little gap. The spiritual term is that we are threading the eye of the needle.
This is an initiation of our awareness into something greater. So when we feel this emotional stretch, and you feel as though you can’t take it any more. Then it’s a perfect time just to get into it, and allow it to stretch you. All the while continuing to be at your best. Remain steadfast in your beautiful self. Because the spiritual self wants more from us, it wants us to perceive our environment from a higher awareness, and what better way than to squeeze all that wonderful knowledge into a tighter beam and higher frequency. This life affirming action moves the soul forward along it’s journey towards God’s grace.
Go in peace.

Passing through the eye of the needle is a bit like: being in a tornado (emotional blender), all while holding onto the thread of God Awareness, and bringing into alignment the focus to pass through the eye of the needle. As Jesus did after 30 days of suffering. It’s a stirring from a long slumber, and profound spiritual awakening.


Ego-less Relationship


Spring 2014 001
Practicing boundaries with anyone, will show you in a very short time, if and where a relationship / partnership is sturdy, and what the two of you truly have in common as in personal values. The intensity of the union in romantic love, gives little room to find and act from your separate self. We give up our trust and look to them to make us happy, then we become lost in the other person all so easily. Or to become enmeshed in the other person; moving as one.
Healthy boundaries creates room to breath, enough-so to allow your own individual passions and interests separate from them to flourish. By removing the ego, we find a love for our partner that has soft edges. As in wanting to do special things with this person because they’re fun, and not “needing” them to complete us.

Relationship is to romance, as partnership is to companionship. Romance has a shelf-life, and that life may last up to two years or until you finally let your guard down, then it all matures into partnership. A lot of changes happen during that shift. Our chemistry quiets and softens, and the authentic self comes out to shine. The practice of the ego-less relationship creates incredible meaning and depth, however for it to do so we must show up, pay attention and participate.

Following our own happiness while practicing the ego-less relationship transforms our awareness, gives our life more permission to want to remove the dysfunctional ego, which in itself clears our perceptions. By being realistic about who’s in control of our happiness, and keeping our ego in check we’re not getting lost in the other person. So the other person is not responsible for making us happy, we are, and when we follow and stay in control of our own happiness, then our life is empowered. We’re following our own happiness and our lover is along for the fun, as we are for them. If at any time we step into and be apart of the decision of another person or our lover, we ask ourselves “does this inspire and energize me”? A simple yes or no, and by following that “yes” we surround ourselves with empowerment, which fills our self-love tank, and that keeps us clear of drama! For this to work for us, we have to show up and pay attention, and truly be honest as we hold ourselves in balance.
The ego-less relationship is one in which you have become aware of the incredible drama, that an unbalanced ego can create. As we pull away from the dysfunctional ego, we find support in the nurturing of the wholeness with one’s self. Taking time to learn what a dark ego looks like, then what wholeness looks like, is time well spent (ego is described in detail on the page Boundaries and Personal Power). Because there’s no space like free space in a drama-free relationship. Each person’s sense of “wholeness” is different from the next. It’s that inner feeling of completion, where the inner balance is fed by self-awareness / self-love / self-loyalty, and we no longer need another person to fill that void. Spirit/God connection is another place that can fill that void better than a person can, because there’s not all that failed expectations, and drama around conditions of love.
Unfortunately most people don’t understand what balance without drama even looks like, because drama is such a natural way of relating for them.
Drama: is attaching emotional story to any situation. Pointing fingers, as in “he said… she said…”. An excuse is a story. Or what the other person is not doing “right”, is a story.
Without drama: the past is gone and the future’s not here yet. All that’s worth living for, happens right now, and the only person in control of that moment is you.
* Ego is you jumping into my face about issues you want me to change, when in fact the only thing you have control over is “you”.

The ego is apart of the Self; very much apart of the physical experience. When the human body dies, the ego stays with the body. Because the ego is the personality of the mind, in the same sense that your heart’s character is the personality of your Spirit.
When we are showing something like jealously, that’s the ego having a temper-tantrum. The ego wants to be in control, and it will manipulate your feelings to do so. The ego and the heart cannot control the body at the same time, you have to consciously choose who is going to run the show. The one you give the most attention to-love or fear, is the one that unfolds the circumstances of your life.
Ego is not something we can turn off completely, we can however learn how to tone it down, and this is done by turning and facing it. “I see you and understand you. I have received and learned the lessons from you, but I am done now. You are no longer in control of this body. I release you now”. Then open the heart to yourself, and learn how to think and process life through the heart center.
With your finger: draw a lite center line from the top of the rib cage to the bottom, and where you feel the most sensitive is where your heart chakra is. Sometimes putting a small piece of tape on that location will draw your attention to that location when doing heart meditations, or when you want to shift the thinking to the heart instead of the mind.

The ego-less relationship is one of transparency; nothing is hidden, nothing is secret, and their business becomes your concern. The only thing you may keep to yourself is your inner relationship with (God); prayer and the way in which you pull in ($) abundance into your life.
If you ask a question and your partner is reluctant in telling you, then they are hiding something. The ego-less relationship shatters all those walls, and the empowerment of transparency shines through. Honesty has to be open; honest actions, different from telling them every single little detail about one’s life. It’s when honesty partners with loyalty; it’s more in “the action of it” than in the word of it. As in, from this moment forward my actions with her will reflect the integrity I am. If I tell you I’m having a good day when I’m really not, then it’s my discretion, and not a lie. Different from the action of being considerate about all your coming’s and going’s. This level of transparency gives permission for love to penetrate all corners of this relationship. No bars, no locks, therefor no holes for miss communications that create misunderstandings. Or having the courage to work through with them what hurts.

* The ego-less relationship puts us in the driver’s seat, so-much-so that we become completely comfortable in being responsible for the direction and well-being of our own life, love, financial wealth, and emotional freedoms. We find joy in the responsibility because for the first time we are experiencing an emotional freedom with another person.
* Our responsibility extends well into every emotional reaction that can possibly be thought of, or even something that happens to you by the consequences of what another person is doing. It’s your responsibility to pick and choose your interactions with others, or your level of involvement-how much of your precious attention you give. If someone is mistreating you, it’s your responsibility to state a boundary, or step away from them. Because only you know how much you can handle.
* When you have an emotional reaction towards someone or a situation, and you deal with those emotions on your own. Then you don’t engage in the drama with your partner, while stumbling through in trying to navigate your own happiness. (Boundaries and Personal Power, the section on Processing)
When they have an emotional issue with you, you simply create a boundary for them to process somewhere else other than on you. This keeps the relationship clean of all ego distortions. If you are blaming the other person for your unhappiness, either change your ways or chance loosing what you have. Instead of blaming the other person for our unhappiness, we take ownership of those feelings, and therefore what is expressed to our partner is always clean.
If we took time at the end of the day to process all the feelings of the experiences of the day’s events, without dumping it on each other, we would have a much better sleep. A bad night’s sleep happens simply because the subconscious is processing all of the day’s emotions in the dreamscape, and sometimes those wild emotions can keep us awake. A 20 minute walk will clear out of the body an entire day of stress. Everyone especially teenagers need a daily event of physical activity.
“I had a woodpile to get me through my emotions. Cut, spit and stacked 14 cord of firewood a year, and that got me through the emotional chaos of high school”.   

* Friends are here to help with the processing of life’s emotions, or we process while exercising, yoga or meditation. Anything that feeds our quality of life that doesn’t require another person or too much heavy thinking is a healthy avenue for processing.
When processing life, our lover is not an emotional dumping ground. Your partner maybe there to hold the metaphysical garbage bucket for you to dump the day’s stress into, they are however, not there to become the bucket. Those charged emotions are dealt someplace else other than face to face with them. If for some reason we can’t get past an issue with somebody or any given situation, then we go off by ourselves for a walk or anything that keeps the mind idle and the hands busy. Then give that person or situation a little space so we can process through it, and come back to clarity. Processing back to clarity effectively happens mostly through the subconscious mind. To do this it helps to turn off the emotional story; disconnect from the story, and stay connected to feelings. When we mentally turn off the story, we also mentally tone down the ego, because story is the ego’s emotional justification, and or emotional dumping ground.
That’s why we “walk it off”, or any activity that gives that emotion a constructive instead of destructive expression. This direction really does keep the relationship clean.
If you need help in understanding an approach to a situation, it’s appropriate to talk about it, without emotion. As in talking about the facts about how “you feel”, different from what the other person is doing or not doing. Talk about the situation from your side and ask “what can I do today that is positively different from yesterday”. The moment emotion comes into it, it becomes an emotional dumping ground, and that is drama and very destructive on relationships. By taking drama out of a relationship, what is naturally replaced, is support that comes from your god-self instead of your ego-self.

Self-love is enriched by the ownership of the clarity in understanding that your bad feelings about someone else are still your feelings, and therefore your responsibility to control. They don’t do it to you. you allow it to happen to yourself. The art of boundaries allows a person to create a protective shield around one’s self, that gives the other person space for expressing themselves without it effecting you. Your self-love tank becomes full with self-worth, and “that” is what keeps you from being emotionally effected by others.

All your feelings belong to you, they are your responsibility to manage, and all his feelings belong to him. A boundary is created to protect yourself from the ill will of others. If he is angry with you and dumping his ill will on you, you create a boundary that says “stop, you go deal with those feelings through a different avenue than through me”. Even if you were wrong, he doesn’t have the right to dump on you. He is upset about something you did, and it is up to him to create a boundary so that doesn’t happen to him again.
Through this process we either end the relationship or we look closely at the ego, and learn to park our pride. When choosing to own and manage our dysfunctional ego, we open the door to the trust of transparency and the ego-less relationship begins.

When looking at this for the first time we think it’s completely crazy! “At what point does the other person take responsibility for what hurts me”?! Anything that hurts me: “This is a boundary of mine, please don’t do that again”. If it continues, you give them space, and you let them know your giving them space by consequences of your happiness. If telling them is not enough, then more space is given. Even if you end up moving out of the house. It’s not about you teaching them to be responsible for their own emotions, it’s about you following your own happiness. Otherwise you become their emotional doormat and babysitter. [If someone says they’re going to change for you, that is not possible. It takes a huge amount of energy to hold the line of change for someone else, and it takes little to no effort when changing for yourself.]
This also goes both ways as you are responsible for your emotions, by which they are to theirs. Your emotions came from you, you created them, and through responsibility you get to decide what to do with them. If you have a “feeling” that the world is out to get you, it is still “your” feeling, your creation, and your opportunity for change. “This is what I mean by inner work”.
“The healing power of positive thoughts, stimulates motivating words, sprouts persistent actions, and therefore creates the amazing environment around you”.

Living with ego is addictive, because it’s very easy to point fingers and say “you’re the reason why my life is a living hell”!!! To point fingers is instant emotional gratification. However this does not build trust, it shreds it, and the relationship begins to unravel. Your partner is no longer someone you share love with, they’re someone you share complaints with, and the fun goes right out the window!
If I want different results in myself or in a relationship, I know I have to be different to get something different. I can’t behave the same way and get different results.
Looking at this with eyes wide open is time well spent. [The same goes for running a business.]

Choosing an ego-less relationship is the persistent focus and attention in looking into the light and away from ego, and to tap into those qualities of higher living. This kind of relationship only works if the both of you play together, because if this practice is one sided the both of you will grow apart very quickly. An ego-less relationship requires a willingness for inner growth, along with a persistence for follow-through. And the rewards are very liberating and have everything to do with living in empowerment. Because by empowering yourself, you also empower your partner with the same enthusiasm, and life affirming affirmations.
In stripping away the responses of the ego, we rekindle an expressive connection with the heart. The qualities of this freedom will be slightly different for each person, because of your own unique perceptions, and the quality of relationship you choose to lead.
The practice of an ego-less relationship brings forth a remarkable freedom of honesty. Making the defining edges of the relationship fuzzy, because trust becomes automatic. Where love and trust become so entwined that we can’t tell them apart.

Most relationships operate with love through love, which becomes almost unbearably sweet, and it’s loaded with conditions. An ego-less relationship operates with love through trust, where trust becomes the pivot point. When trust becomes unconditional, then there’s no jealously, and no withholding in anticipation of something falling apart. Then the relationship supports an environment where it’s safe for expressing vulnerability. And because of trust, love now has space to breathe, and room for deeper expressions.
The ego-less relationship and spiritual love are one in the same thing. Spiritual love is open and free, we step into the relationship because it feels right, true and important. Not at all like that uncontrollable hot and steamy attraction felt in high school. And if for any reason we need to change course with that person, we thank them for the adventure and move on to the next. There’s not all that drama in the separation of parting ways, because spiritual love really doesn’t experience separation. Parting ways is a gratitude for the experience, lessons and adventure of time well spent. Your Ex is someone you remain friends with, because we can continue to see the value beyond what doesn’t work, and the same goes for a failed proposal. If he stays with her beyond a failed proposal, he is well on his way to understanding the ego-less relationship.
The quality of communication with a couple who practice the ego-less relationship is very transparent, creating no loopholes for miss-communications. It naturally removes 98% of the emotional pain that drama drags into relationships.

If we start boundaries part way into a relationship, it helps to have a good foundation of trust and communication, because the dynamics of the relationship are about to change. When (he) is use to having the final decision, for the family’s direction, it will be quite a change for him to shift into a co-created relationship. Sharing that control may bring up all sorts of push-me pull-you’s in the dynamics of an established relationship, especially in a relationship where one is more dominate than the other. So tread softly, work into it slowly, persistently talking about your needs, and what brings you happiness.
It’s not the fault of anyone for wanting more. Disrupting the dynamics of an established relationship every now and again is a good thing, for it keeps the relationship from going stale and getting lost in those routines. It reminds us that relationships without trust are rigid, and ones with trust are very fluid and transforming.

Most people live on the edge of trust. As in using the word “trust”, without  fully understanding what it’s like to actually do it. When we express jealousy, we are showing to the world that we don’t trust, and how fragile our love really is. How many people do you know who talk about trust-and express jealousy? Trust is the backbone in an ego-less relationship; it’s the keystone that holds it all together. Jealousy is a red flag telling us that they don’t fully understand how to remove ego (fear), and replace it with trust.

When something comes to us easily and effortlessly, then we’re in alignment. Or if we’re fighting for that connection, then we’re out of alignment. Misalignment should be a Red Flag as to the appropriate timing of something, or simply a step in the wrong direction.
So when a person takes the time to understand what a dysfunctional ego looks like through the practice of boundaries, and the patience to come into that alignment. This person will then gain the sight to see, and pick out of the crowd more easily the partners that are more in emotional alignment with themselves. We gain the clarity of eyes that see and a mind that understands, and from that a standard is born. By which our reactions with others have more meaningful depth, “it’s no longer just because they’re cute”.

The ego-less relationship brightens the path by reminding us of what it is that we are bringing to the table in this relationship. It becomes the depth and breath of our own presence, and from that we find something deeper like the ability to hear, and understand what one’s partner’s needs are moment by moment to grow and blossom, without loosing that sense of our own self. It becomes a win-win. “This is the path less traveled”.

My blessings to you…

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A Path of Light


When looking at the ego all we see is darkness. When I look out across humanity, and see people fighting with “what is”, I see people choosing the path of darkness. Everything that is negative, that produces the feelings of pain, shame, guilt, mistrust, losing ground, anger is the darkness of ego. This darkness is what it looks and feels like to be off our life-path. Because our true life-path is life affirming, pure joyful experiences, and bountiful abundance. Most are choosing to fight against this, instead of owning it. When something doesn’t easily come together, that means it’s out of alignment with what is life affirming and essential for your life to flourish.
When we sit in the mud of this darkness, and stare at what doesn’t work, we are choosing to dwell in that darkness. Instead of being revengeful, and choosing to hurt that person. Choose to forgive them, and bless them on their way, then step out of that situation. Remove ourselves from everything negative. Be very selective about how we program our minds. The art of discernment (the art of see beyond, and therefor make better choices) is a personal relationship we have with our environment, and a constructive tool when practicing boundaries.

“There is no wrong direction, only choices”. However, it is wise to say at some point we either learn the difference between the path that leads to darkness, or the path that leads to light, and somewhere in there hopefully we learn that we do have a choice.
When we feel frustrated, angry, shame, guilt… we are in the mud of darkness. We’ve all been there, so we all know all so well what darkness is. So when we are feeling frustrated, the way out of that space is to look at light and laughter, and what that is. Then choose to dwell in that environment. Or we look at the situation/activity we were in, and choose not to participate in that again. Or we go as far as to look at the people we surround ourselves with that either bring joy or sadness.
When we ask ourselves “does this inspire and energize me”, for situations we’re thinking about engaging in, or people to to be involved with, and by following the “yes” of this question we surround ourselves with joyful abundance.

As we go through the process of doing our inner work (as in changing fear into love), we remove all the junk that clogs the channels for that abundance to flow freely. Darkness holds back our abundant life, holding it in limbo until we wake up from the illusion of fear; the illusion that this is all there is, and step out into the light and life affirming self awareness; finding that space within yourself that is joyful, feeding your mind with something that makes you laugh, instead of angry. So when you’re feeling down find something to laugh at, shift that ugly awareness into joy.
In the beginning it may take a while to get out of that mud. However with practice we learn to catch it sooner: “oh I’m doing it again”, then shift the pattern. The faster we bounce back from this, the less and less time we spend in darkness, and the more joyful abundance fills our experiences. Being able to think yourself out of that maze; solve the problem happens more readily when we choose to be light-hearted.

So notice the difference when something that is a challenge to overcome, or something that comes easily and effortlessly to you. If I want to buy a new something and the money is not coming easily for it, then it’s simply not meant to be at this time. Or if I want to say something to her, and the words aren’t coming clear, then I’m not meant to share this at this time, or she’s not the one for me. Discover what comes into alignment easily and what does not, then give your precious attention to what does, and watch your life flourish.
This has nothing to do with your “comfort zone”, this has everything to do with the construction of your life-path, as it comes to you, and your involvement in that unfolding.
Your life is waiting for you to come into alignment with this understanding for the joy that life is.

My blessings to you…

Looking Ahead

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The governments of the world have some growing pains to go through, and as they do so it may be wise to learn some off grid skills. Growing your own food, creating a warm, dry shelter. Those who are turning their lawns into gardens, intuitively know that something is coming forward.

Tuning out the negative in the world, being very selective in what we expose ourselves to if anything at all. Each day that we focus on happiness prepaves the emotional adventures for the following day. Looking ahead and prepaving today for the blessings of tomorrow. This closer connection to our personal environment promotes good will and life affirming awareness.

Meditate on god awareness whatever that is for you. Meditation changes the way our bodies deal with disease and injury, because as the bodies frequencies shift into a higher field it heals easier. The governments of the world know this, and work hard at keeping our vibration low through anger and aggression, highly processed food, and pollution of all sorts. Meditation that raises us into a higher awareness grants us intuitive navigation to what is healthy, as well as a body that can handle some of that junk.
A higher awareness shifts our vibrational field into something that spins faster, and therefore collects less dirt; for there’s nothing there for it to stick to. This higher awareness also creates room for problem solving where it becomes a win-win; opens that door into intuitive thought.

The world is shifting away from the 3rd Density awareness into the 4th Density awareness. Away from karmic fueled interactions, and into love awareness; ways in which we are the same and not different, ways in which we can connect instead of only seeing separation. Know there will always be conflict, the difference being the volume in its angry direction, and the change coming from a higher awareness. The momentum of this wave has already started, whether we peacefully march in the streets, or meditate on higher awareness, they both add to this wave. Doing nothing, or acting out of anger slows it down, however nothing can stop it.
The part that you do have control over is your immediate environment; your thoughts, interactions, your home, family, quality of life… All this stems from what we feed our thoughts with, what we color our environments with, find a peaceful rhythm, and your life will be happy and productive.


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