The Genie in the Bottle

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Understanding the genie in the bottle, more importantly understanding the right questions to tickle the genie out of the bottle. The book/movie “The Secret” really doesn’t explain what you have to become to get the genie out of that bottle.
We are spiritual beings first, the human experience is just a sliver of this total experience. When we follow God’s law we have incredible influence over physical matter and how life unfolds. When we choose to follow human laws of attraction we find ourselves dodging the lessons of duality.
God’s law is the lesson that opens the expression of absolute love or “that excitement of happiness”, its learning to love instead of fight, and it’s about having the practice of forgiveness to the point of see innocence in that person. This in turn opens a happiness and excitement in us that brings us directly into alignment with the flow of abundance. Not only is this the essence you become, it also becomes your outward expressions. So what we’re doing here is transforming the awareness, and we’re transforming our vibrational frequency to match the goodness we’re asking for. Anything that is asked from the genie/God has to rise up in frequency to meet the occasion. “Can’t behave the same way and get different results”.
Which means stepping away from anything that creates drama, because drama pulls us out of this connection, and creates incredible discord. Like a lost language. Some would see it as magic, yet the truth of it is it’s our Divine heritage, hidden in plain sight.

When we have a goal, a hope, or even a desire, from there we connect to emotion that the desire stirs, and finally we fill the body with a feeling of completion as if the desire has been fulfilled.
So, a desire created first in the mind as a thought, then that desire slides down to the belly where we find the emotion of what’s it like to have that desire. After connecting with the emotion, we then allow that emotion to fill the entire body with the feeling of having the desire fulfilled.
This exercise is accelerated when one is also in the Alpha state of mind. Which is what happens when we quiet the mind, spirit and environment. All while gazing at the flame of a candle. [More on the page Spiritual Earth Connections under the section of Manifestation]
This way of prayer is a way of asking to fulfill our desires. The asking of God is to connect to the emotion of who God is, as in raising our awareness and vibrational frequency into those higher forms of emotional love and gratitude. Then the piece that brings it all together, allow this feeling of completion [as the need has been fulfilled] to fill the body.

The physical piece of this: is to meet this desire half way; going from thought to emotion then to feeling is the first part. Meeting this desire half way is to accept this gift you’re asking for in small steps. Say I’m asking for $millions, and then I find a $20 in the street. If I try to find out who it belongs to, then I’m telling the Genie that I don’t deserve what’s being given to me. (However, if it’s in a wallet then it does go back to it’s owner.) The gift that has been asked for will always start small, as a test to see if this is what you want, and practice in the gratitude of receiving.
If you are asking for a new car. Then meet that request half way by test driving a new car once or twice a month. By doing that physical research on that new car, you are bringing into your field of thought, feeling and emotion the sensation of that new car. Which is SO much more powerful than just dreaming about it.

The governments of the world are terrified of us connecting to this level of manifestation, because they would no longer be able to control us. Any act of connecting to spiritual guardians opens our psychic centers, and gives us the ability to see what is hidden. 2012 is the center point of our light-bodies awakening, and our governments are terrified of us seeing them, because they are no longer working in our best interests. This path and connection to The Spirits is a counterbalance to governments playground, because it opens our third eye. Sometimes we need more than two eyes to see what is important.


Manifesting: Tips they don’t want You to Know

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It’s amazing how one simple understanding can turn into an enlightened perception. How do we manifest through the conscious self? How do we step into that flow, and be apart of something that is on going around us, all the time? Living in “lack” comes from low self-esteem and a feeling of undeserving, “this is how I am, and this is how my world will always be”. Feeling deserving of something better is the first step. Change the way you use your words, by empowering yourself. So if you were describing a job, instead of saying what you Can’t do, say what you Can do. Switch all of your communications to the positive. It’s easy to feel “poor me” when you’ve been doing it for so long. Insist on the better things in life, if you don’t like it, take it back. Feel deserving of what you’re asking for, because it’s our God-given right to be abundant, and there is more than enough to go around.
See God as Source, constantly manifesting abundance and all you desire in your life. Bring Him in close as a lover, and not way out there in the clouds out of reach.
Keep your eye on the action that creates abundance. Big companies will set a goal, then work backwards to the present time, to discover how to get to the goal. The key here is to keep the goal in the back of your head, and focus on the journey. “Do what you love and the money will follow”.

Ownership. Feel ownership of this freedom, new house, new relationship… what ever your goal is. Feel it as though it’s already happened, as in present time.
Creation is the energy of a child like Joy, so to manifest out of thin air one will need to find joy in everything. When we are happy and joyful about everything in life, we are in the flow of abundance. When we are happy, people want to stand beside us, and they want to give us things. Seek joy in everything.

The chakra system of the body is another key element. The base chakra deals with family issues, tribal and yes… abundance. Envision a stack of money, then put a description on what that money represents for you. So for me I would call it Freedom. So, pull this bundle of freedom in through the base or first chakra, through the body and out the crown or the 7th. Having a healthy base chakra makes a huge difference in being able to manifest with ease. Pulling goodness in through the base, is an activity we can do often. As long as the description “Freedom” is generic and doesn’t have a story attached to it. When we ask for a new car every morning, or have a story attached to a generic description like “Freedom”, we limit the ways in-which this goodness we’re asking for, can arrive. Be open to all possibilities, “that’s the trust part, as in trusting that Spirit will provide what is needed”.

The first time you ask bring it all in, the feeling of deserving, of ownership, smells, textures, full description. Every morning, ask from your spiritual guidance, “may financial prosperity fall in abundance about me now”.

And trust is the last piece, “in god, anything is possible”. In the morning after “the asking”, trust, don’t keep in your mind the need for this to come true. Just trust, and get on with the day. Every time something good comes to me, I say “thank you, more please”, and it does. This comes from trusting. This is not just an action to get what we want, it’s a way of life. When we are true of heart all the time and with everyone, and everything, we are in the flow of abundance because of trust.

Karma. Anything in life that pushes our buttons; makes us angry or is a challenge to overcome is a karmic issue that will hold back our abundance. By pushing through our emotional issues; slaying those dragons, and healing those wounds does the floodgates to abundance open. This action is on-going, as in a way of living, and this keeps the gate open.

The art of manifestation: as in understanding that when we have a “thought in the mind” as to what it is that we desire, then go to the “emotion of it as if it’s already happened”, then allow that to become an “inner feeling that fills the entire body”, and the last to add to this, is connection to Spirit/the Divine. To draw Spirit in close, to see God as Source Energy; all that is.

Flow of abundance

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If one holds tightly onto the wealth that one has gathered, then one has cut off the flow of life. Yet with an open hand prosperity’s new energy can flow in as the old flows out. Holding tightly onto wealth is living in lack, as if there’s not enough. Abundance is a state of mind and a reflection of trust. When asking Spirit for abundance to come forth in our lives, it helps to let go and step into that field of trust. Feeling deserving of what we’re asking for, is also KEY, and taking ownership of the experience as if it has already happened. Taking ownership of that new car, new house, new job or new relationship.

It’s in the asking


Most people have a copy of The Secret either in movie or book form, yet, how many actually follow it, and pay attention well enough to have their lives turn around? When we are in the space of asking for goodness to come to us, it has to be kept in the positive. God/Universe/Source only hears the positive, if we use words like don’t want, can’t have, must need… it still comes to us. God doesn’t hear the negative, just hears the need, and grants it. However, if we use “can do” words, and ask for what we “do” want, we may have a different outcome.

A demonstration of what doesn’t work happens right here in our backyard. This great country of the US of A has an uncanny knack of asking for what they don’t want. When we left Europe and migrated to create this USA because of taxes, we soon became a country of overwhelming taxes. The moment we declared war on drugs, we became addicted to pharmaceutical drugs. As this government has learned to govern through fear, it finds itself at war with countries of dictatorship. Sometimes having a demonstration of what doesn’t work, we can then turn it around and have the outcome we choose.
In the learning of a different avenue, soon we notice it’s become second nature. I no longer use words like never or but, and now I’m having clearer communications and stronger connections with those around me. “Never” is a word that travels from life to life and can be very binding. “But” is a word of the ego and creates separation. I’ve replaced Never with Not, and replaced But with Yet or And. So I find in removing these words I have a more harmonious outcomes.

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