Earth Walk

035This is a tapestry of writings I’ve put together over the course of my early life.
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* Journey to the inner temple, to the sacred gardens of light… I go.

* I walk a path, that I myself set before I was born. Not knowing where it leads, non-the-less following it with the trust of my soul.

* I place before the altar of my heart, the fullness of service, a service that comes to me for a consistency of my life, and I return once more to help those who need that balancing point of growth. I open my heart in the receptivity, to the goodness, to the fullness of that vibration of that crystal-line light, and as I pull in and draw that light and evoke its presence with inside my being. I remind myself of that which I am.

* The understanding comes in drops, the walls begin to crack.

* A relaxing morning, soft music echos into the hardwoods, candles like beacons of light show the way up the path. The morning sun was almost up, the full moon hung over the still blackened trees to the West.
I sit on a high stump in quiet meditation, reflecting upon my eventful past. Wondering what the Great Spirit has in store for me next.
The music changes, I open my eyes and watch a deer enter the clearing, carefully taking each step. Reminding me of the importance of being mindful of my own surroundings.

VT cabin 011* Love is in this cabin, in the ideas that put it together, and in the creativity of all its items; the gifts of this beautiful land. Home sweet home for 4 years, no electricity, no phone and no running water. Complete bliss and a warm “hello” from Spirit. [East Thetford, VT.]
Trust is in this cabin; not much is tucked away… Open to be viewed, to be served in knowledge. Creativity rings strong, as does the experience shown. Resting peacefully in nature’s woods, serving as a safe place to be. No locks, no bars.

* The long shadows of the trees flow softly across the fresh snow. Snow glitters in the midnight moon. The wind is calm, the woods are still all but a tree or two snapping of the cold. I sit by the hot wood stove, listening to the music of heart and space, and feeling the rhythm of the season.

* Looking deeply into my identity only to see my purpose, all opportunities in abundance stretches out before me. So with desire to see over the wall, I carefully step forward.
Here on this quiet mountain peak, watching another beautiful sunset fade over the autumn hills of Vermont. Not wondering why, yet wondering why not. [mount Cube NH]

* By the pond I saw a flower, dark-colored and dry in the autumn air. Its work less beauty come to me. So strongly I decided to take it home. Yet the stem was so nice I’d have to take it too. And the background was so beautiful, I decided it all belonged just where I had found it. [The Meeting School]

* Each room of experience has many doors of all sizes, shapes and colors. Each being a choice of direction, a choice of the heart.
In a sacred visionary dream, the color of the feeling in the direction of the reach comes through strong, as in the taste of morning sun. “A walk of life is the riddle of light”.
Notions of one’s own mystery becomes the web of connections, to all the many gentle colors in the legions of the mind, heart and soul.

* Wisdom is knowledge in motion, the ripples in a pond touch every corner, so be the wisdom!!!

* There’s so much to be found, one has only to look. The wisdom will take me as far as I choose. Taking time to smell the beauty around me, letting the influence of life love me, and being the beautiful person that I am.

* The light dances through the thick fog on this dark summers night. Many different colored lights, a man pickin’ a banjo, a woman pipin’ on a flute, two people dance a jig.
The fog clears, the stars blink brightly, the music skips across the lake. People gather, laughing voices in the darkness, a warm “hello”.

* Music trickles across the horizon of my mind, triggering rhythms of colorful energies throughout my body. I float freely in an atmosphere of healing and understanding.
Music opens the doors of unspoken communications and gives the space for the heart to breathe deep. Rhythms carry notes of expression that sets the spirit free to dance with the morning sun.
Being true to the music I choose, I listen to the enlightening tones as I touch that essence of my own nature.
Images of beauty grows up from between the cracks and blossoms into a sunrise. The love for music pushes me into realms beyond; there’s no space like free space.

* Wispy synthesizer sounds slide over the horizon of my mind. Like the wind they touch yet are transparent.
Lofty flute tones hang in splendid brilliance. Warm husky sounds soothingly slither to the untouched corners of mind and body, caressing and softening.
A relaxing blend of flutes, harp, piano and water sounds create a sense of peace and tranquility.
Misty flutes float about the room, threads of musical rainbows rush through my body.
In the dance of the morning mist, it is easy to feel as if one were the center of some unusual healing ceremony, taking place in some secluded forest.

* In the beginning we were given a plan… A plan so Great and so far beyond our imagination.
Life presents steps to follow; a guide that over time brings out our powers and in time we learn how to use them.
Each one of our senses has its place and plays it’s part. With one rule… To use it for the good.
To have eyes that see, a mind that understands and a heart that knows, and not to lose the objective of balance. And as always, appreciate the discovery of the enjoyment that’s laid before oneself.

* Sailing across the deep blue waters, half the horizon blazing in color by the brilliance of a sunset. The clouds to the East reflects most of it, making the environment an inspiration of the Spirit.

* The lush undergrowth of the forest after a rain, the sun breaks through the fog and streaks down enlightening everything in its path. The rich ingredient of this expression, is of evolution within the powerful wonders of nature. To explore with my senses, through all the outstanding wonders, of all that is around me.
A playful happy spirit, in a constant dance of a colorful direction.
To just sit and see, smell, hear, touch and taste. To feel within the excitement and rush, listening to the constant flow of harmony. To drink of this ingredient is of the fruits of the Great Spirit; the breath of life.

* The ocean calms my spirit, the mountains strengthens my soul, rivers flow endlessly through my body, the winds wisp through my wondering mind, and the silence of a full moon pushes me into the blazing brilliance of that very moment.

* I dance in the pouring rain, feeling the love from the Great Spirit, expressing the energy in movement. Having no sense of time, just here and now.

* I step into a viewing room deep inside myself, gazing upon my past, my present and my ideal. Looking deeply and exploring my identity, only to realize my potential and purpose.

* The light sustains my new wave of flow. The right action is preferred and the steps begin to flow as breath. My intuition keeps in rhythm with the drum and helps me around the darkness of life’s shadows.

* As I gaze into the pool, I see the total accumulation of all that is, wrapped up in the consciousness of the journey that carries me.

* Traveling with the sunset, returning with the dawn. Becoming that wondrous star so high in the western sky.

* One can discover amazing places, uncover hidden treasures, and formulate the strength of one’s character… Without ever leaving the backyard.

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