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Subject, “Food for thought”:
* Connecting with earth energies through the practice of Energy Wheels using shaman spirituality.
* Discovering the nurturing art of love’s relationship by the ways of personal empowerment.
* Moving and manifesting energy while dancing in the flow of abundance… And so much more.

Christopher Snell lives in an amazing accord to the flow of Source Energy, and has Great passion in sharing the empowerment of his path. Christopher offers his many services in helping others find support and balance… in relationships, putting guided spiritual wisdom into practice, and immersing ourselves in personal empowerment.

Christopher is a relationship coach and Shaman with a big heart, who uses his unique gifts of intuition and clairvoyance to heal willing people and their environments.
Christopher sees life as an adventure with no wrong directions, only choices. He is humbled and in awe by this amazing life that is unfolding before him. Even though Christopher walks the paths less traveled, his life is rich with love and experience.

As an environmental alchemist Christopher loves to participate in the depths of life, his mystical journey has taken him through many uncharted landscapes. Christopher has a practice with non-physical subtle energies, with the result of changing physical properties. From Energy Wheels for accelerating the frequency within an environment, hands-on healing for bringing the mind and body back into the natural flow of health, and many others.

The wisdom that unravels on these pages, whether it’s spiritually guided or comes from Christopher’s life experiences, from his gratitude he passes it on to you.
Take in what you can, and enjoy. If something is over your head just let that one go.
[All posts and pages are subject to change.]

“I’m sorry, I don’t write every day. Because I live in Montana, the most of my adventures take place outside”.

“What I find fascinating is there can sometimes be more content revealed in the discussions listed under the posts, than in the posts themselves”.

“Your always invited to wonder through the gardens of my site, to gather any ingredients needed for your salad of wisdom, that moves your life forward”.

Contact Christopher at chrissnell06@yahoo.com
Thank you for your generous donations.

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Favorite links:
* Andrea Hess – soulrealignment.com
Five reasons for getting crappy guidance.
* Byron Katie – thework.com
The work of Byron Katie is a way of identifying and questioning the thoughts that cause all anger, fear, depression, addiction, and violence in the world. Experience the happiness of undoing those thoughts through The Work, and allow your mind to return to its true, awakened, peaceful, creative nature.
“I’ve done one of her 9 day intensive workshops and I’ve been very different since” 🙂
* Alison Armstrong – understandmen.com She is the guru of relationships… Go to the top of her page, along the menu bar and click on Free Stuff, open your ears, and have fun.
Her approach is in relationship to our instincts when talking about behavior, and is the best [for me] when it comes to understanding instinctual relationships.
I strongly urge everyone to own Alison’s CD collection on “In sync with the opposite sex”. She gives a clear picture of where we’re all going wrong in relationships, as in a practical application to the day to day stuff, and how to shift it to what does work.
* Esther Hicks – Quote for the day abraham-hicks.com
Spiritual teaching and guidance; manifestation.
* Caroline Myss –
* Marcey Ham –
This music is a vehicle (for) furthering spiritual growth. “Like being enveloped in a blanket of Divine Love.” http://altered-states.net/index2.php?/music/marcey.htm


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