Energy Wheels

Energy Wheels are circles of stones that create a specific desired influence in an environment, where there was nothing there before. The structures look like stone Medicine Wheels, yet function differently. Both have an inner circle, 4 spokes leading into the 4 directions North, South, East and West, and an outer circle all connected together. However, the difference is a Medicine Wheel is created from many different things… Feathers, bone, stone, plants, metals and so on, and may just be assembled while that person overcomes an issue, or an illness. An Energy Wheel is made of precious and semi-precious stones, to create a desired influence into the environment whether it be indoors or out, and can be assembled for a life time of service. The stone Medicine Wheel has rituals steeped in Native American lore. Whereas with the Energy Wheels, you get to create your sacred spiritual relationship with your wheel, through Great Spirit / Divine / God / Source… Or what ever your spiritual language is. Having a spiritual practice around these wheels, creates a relationship with your guides and guardians on a whole new level. Our Spiritual Guardians have one desire, and that’s to guide us along the journey of returning home to our authentic selves and home to God. With or without a spiritual practice, these powerful wheels of influence will gently shift your awareness and bring profound blessings into your life.

When I started with outdoor wheels many years ago my intention was earth work, tapping into Earth meridian lines. As well as to bring in influence for healthy crops, agriculture, livestock, wildlife, and healing landscapes, and landscapes around mining areas.
Energy Wheels is also a way to bring a desired influence [love, prosperity, stability…] into a personal space, to promote the healing and inner growth along one’s personal development. Deliberately bringing in growth and change where there was nothing before, and learning that each person’s experience with these Energy Wheels, is in perfect alignment with the movement of their own learning curve.
After I got my Reiki training, I then added it to my wheel practice. When I started creating wheels for other people and developing a business around it all, the practice turned a corner into working with personal spaces. I’ve been at this over 30 years and it continues to take me on amazing spiritual journeys, with awakenings and blessings around every corner.

Energy wheels025This was the first wheel I built upon arriving in Montana. It was completely out in the open, and in the middle of a location rich with Native American history.

I remember between the ages of 8 and 18, spending a lot of time off trail in the wilderness of New England, USA. Following stone walls, being drawn to places of history, and power centers like ley lines or Earth meridian lines [powerful lines of Earth energy]. Spending time at places like Calendar One, which is the Stonehenge of New England. Calendar One like Stonehenge is a very sacred site, although not easily found on the map.
My introduction to the Medicine Wheel, came when I visited the Wyoming stone Medicine Wheel high in the Bighorn Mountains. The feeling was like… Returning home. I revisited the Wyoming stone Medicine Wheel several times in the course of that year. The stone Medicine Wheel in the Bighorns is one of hundreds, following the continental divide from Canada to South America, and believed to be Mayan astrological observatories. However, when the Native Americans discovered them there, they put their own interpretation to it and came up with the 4 spoke stone Medicine Wheel of today.
The creation of the Energy wheel has been provoked by my spiritual guardians, past life memory of awakening the human light body, and or the ability to activate symbols. From that understanding a practice emerged, of the ability to change physical properties through a non-physical practice. And the amazing adventure continues…

Energy wheels024This 12 foot Jasper wheel was one of 5 wheels built-in the middle of my mother’s family ranch. I worked those wheels for 18 years.
I got married in this wheel. Here I’m assembling small clusters of stones around this wheel, each cluster is a representation of a quality of life such as Joy, Peace, Harmony, Success and so on. The higher frequency clusters such as Love, Peace and Joy were set up on the inner circle, and the lower frequency ones like Protection, Financial Success and Stability were set up on the outer circle. There were 16 clusters in all, and they were set up a week in advance to allow the energy some time to become established.

Each stone of energy by itself puts out a handful of influences, and when an Energy Wheel is assembled it may have many different healing stones on it, so after assembling I will step up, or step into a wheel and activate it. Activating a wheel is where I bring my sacred presences to it, this gift comes from an accumulation of many incarnations of sacred teachings [or my God gift], and according to Spirit it’s a very rare talent. So by activating a wheel it brings healing stones together to work in concert with each other, it entwines the common threads of each stone and activates that influence. It’s not just a pile of pretty stones any more, when I activate it the Spiritual essence of the wheel comes present! And if your sensitive to feeling / seeing energy, this will be something to experience. Activating a wheel brings forth spiritual energy into the physical realm in a very dramatic way. An activated wheel without colored stones of influence is just intense focused raw spiritual energy.
The fun part of activating an outdoor wheel is once it’s turned on, a person could remove the colored stones of influence and replace them with something completely different, and as long as the big flat stones of an outdoor wheel are undisturbed the wheel will stay activated.
If you send me a picture of a wheel, I can activate it no matter where I am. Price is listed at the bottom.

Dec. 2013 018 An activated 14 foot outdoor healing wheel influences 5 to 6 square nautical miles and will grow as much as 8 the more that we bring our sacred presences to it. An activated 14 inch indoor healing wheel will influence 5 to 6 city blocks, and again as much as 8 when worked. If I set up a 14 foot outdoor green Aventurine wheel, green Aventurine is for love and abundance. The abundance aspect shows up in people when they are up-grading their homes and landscapes. The love aspect is seen by hearts being healed, and therefore more backyard gatherings and house parties. In this line of work, there is absolutely NOTHING one can do to harm another, and this has everything to do with Free Will.
Connecting to the Higher Self, the ethical Self, or the Higher Power is one of the ways to bring your sacred presences to the Energy Wheels, or anything for that matter. The human spirit is SO incredibly powerful, we make a place sacred just by being present in it again and again. So when we bring our higher sacred presences and feed the wheel, the wheel responds and expands its reach.

Energy wheels027The water wheel, this wheel has stones on it that shamans from North and South America use for bringing forth rain.
There’s an ability in bringing forth rain, as there is in shutting it off. The art is knowing when to dance.

Energy Wheels open you up to experience a shift in consciousness unique to your energy field; your unique frequency or like your finger print as it where. Anytime that we bring something into the range of the Auric field it will shift your consciousness. When you put a ring on your finger, you’re introducing into your Auric field the influential energy of that metal, and therefore shifting the awareness. This is very subtle and unconscious for most, although for some the sensitivities are strong enough to capture the changes. In-any-case we are all effected by these influences, and by awakening to this awareness we find we have choices and tools to help us navigate mentally and emotionally through the day.
Continue on with Painting with Light.

Energy Wheels are teaching tools, they show us just where our walls are up-against the goodness we’re asking for. And by tearing down those mental/emotional walls and healing those places… We open-up to that which we seek.
Say I’m seeking prosperity, so I build a wheel. Soon I begin to notice the walls that I’ve built against my sense of deserving. So in tearing down that wall of belief, I rise to the next level, and in turn more prosperity flows to me. Doing wheel work is easy, all you need is a desire to step over the wall. The wheels provide street signs, and it’s up to you to follow them. It’s a relationship with your spiritual guides and guardians on a whole new level. Even without doing all that inner work and personal change, these powerful wheels of influence will shift you, and bring clarity of action to light.

Energy wheels021A wheel within a wheel, a Prosperity wheel with the accent of finance inside a Prosperity wheel. 

*Like the shape of the pyramid, the Energy Wheel also supports a dust mite free environment. And like the great pyramids, they raise the vibration of the environment and raise the awareness of the individuals within its field [the field is the range of its influential reach, which can vary according size]. The great pyramids were designed to influence the entire world.
* These wheels heighten and brighten the vibration in a location. The low vibration of a location such as a mining site or an industrial area, setting up a wheel in this environment will change the vibration of its location dramatically. Materials break down faster in a low vibrational environment.
*If you have neighbors that can be difficult or angry most of the time, assembling an Energy Wheel of the influences you desire in your environment, the neighbors will either shift to match this vibration or step out. Energy Wheel work can quietly create strong bonds with community and neighbors.
*If you are trying to sell a home and you set up a wheel. The buyer, when entering a home will connect to the feeling of the place, and a wheel will provide that essence.
* Owning an older home where you want to upgrade to a higher vibration, Energy Wheels can play a vital roll in that. Also read my post Painting with Light.
*If your home has sticky energy… An undesirable feeling about the place, or even an unwanted ghost in the home. An Energy Wheel’s high energy will move this old energy out and transform a place. Also read House Clearing.
On a Spiritual note: These activated Energy Wheels create a beam of spiritual light, that shines straight up and beyond this solar system, and draws in spiritual masters [guardians of Light] from other realms. Very powerful and very transforming.

Dec. 2013 022This wheel I like to call “the angelic wheel” because of it’s rich high energy.
The green stone is Seraphinite, and it’s an angelic stone. It never has to be cleansed because it’s energy is so high that nothing can stick to it.
The clear stones and the clusters are Apophyllite, and it’s also an angelic stone.
The red stones are Ruby crystals.
The orange stones are Carnelian Agate, and that combined with Ruby will clear out all negative energies within it’s space. In this case the area in which this wheel covers. So this 14 inch indoor wheel will cover about 5 to 6 city blocks, starting from the center of that wheel out in any direction.
This wheel will cleanse and create a very high vibration within it’s reach, making the environment perfect for contacting your spirit guides, prayer or simply setting good intentions. And those activities are perfect as a way to also bring your sacred presence to that space. Any and all positive actions on your part will enhance the quality about the place.
You may find yourself feeling the presence of angels, and other positive feelings filling your experiences. Other people maybe drawn to your place, not fully understanding why. The wheel will provide whatever they need to balance them out. Unbalanced people who are ready for change maybe drawn to that space.
Low energy, angry and unbalanced people who have no intention of growing out of that, will want to avoid your space.

If you set up an indoor crystal wheel outside, be mindful that animals love energy too. The horses have been drawn to the Aventurine wheel, and the bears have been drawn to the Jasper wheel. Even with Energy wheels set-up indoors, the cat may want to nap on it. So keep your map handy for reassembly. Or simply put a cage over it.
Once an indoor wheel as been activated, all it takes to deactivate it is to remove one stone, and the entire energy field will collapse. An outdoor wheel is constructed using large flat stone as the base structure, and if one of these stones is removed the energy field from that wheel will collapse.

chris&indoor love sheel001A love wheel created for a friend, for long distance healing.

Cleansing stones
Have you ever lost a stone, earring or ring, or had a clear stone turn cloudy and or crack? Healing stones that are indoors and around or in proximity to us, need to be cleansed of our emotional garbage every so often. Stones gather and store human emotional stories in frequency, and to keep a stone feeling fresh, vibrant and in good service, we must cleanse them.
*If you have an activated Energy Wheel and you want to keep it that way. Without moving a stone or breaking the circle, smudge it with white Sage and or Sweet Grass. A little goes a long ways.
*For pocket stones, or stones around the house: place a stone under cool running water 2 to 3 minutes, stones with metals such as a ring, need to be covered in sea salt over night, and this is done without water. Then throw out the salt that next morning. Do Not place stones in a stream or creek overnight, some soft stones will dissolve in moving water overnight.
*If your someone who has healing stones outside or on a windowsill just know this, stones that have color and that are semi-transparent will fade in the sun over time, and some stones fade faster than others. Like Amethyst, Rose quartz, Fluorite… The sun breaks down everything, a light bulb on the other hand will not.

Dec. 2013 025What is your flavor
A love wheel ~ attracting love, maintaining love, a heart healer, self-love.
A prosperity wheel ~ attracting prosperity, maintaining prosperity, prosperity of finance.
A health and healing wheel ~ physical healing, love healing.
A protection wheel ~ physical protection, psychic protection.
A garden wheel ~ one that promotes the enhancement of growth and welfare of plants.
An angelic wheel ~ one that cleanses the environment of lower frequency’s and brings in the high angelic energies.
A psychic wheel ~ one that awakens your psychic self, and brightens your Light body.
[Each description is a different wheel, so maintaining love and attracting love are 2 different wheels.] If your flavor is not here, it can be created…
* Each of these wheels creates just one influence. It’s not possible to have two or more influences on one wheel.
Ren Fair 2012 020This Petrified Wood wheel was placed onto the hillside by request of a client.

If you want a landscaped wheel in your backyard, or a wheel built into a hillside, you’ll need to hire local landscapers to prep and or level the location, or a grew of ambitious people. My years of this activity are dwindling. Sometimes a landscaper is needed if the stones are big, like 2 -400 pounds, for those who are ambitious in creating a lasting structure. I don’t have that kind of equipment. You’ll also need to get 50 to 55 flat stones about 1.5′ x 2′ that make up the base structure of the wheel [as seen in the picture above]. When you buy stones and crystals for an outdoor wheel [unless otherwise arranged], you’ll need to purchase just enough stones, to make small groups in placements around the wheel. For example: look at the picture of the small indoor wheel just below, each stone has its place… So the big wheel will look like the small wheel, just groups of stones instead of single stones. In terms of groups of stones, you can use numerology as a way of bringing in more influence.
energy wheels004
Wheels 5′ and smaller will not need flagstone, they can be assembled on crushed stone, on one large flat stone, on wood, on sand… The only place NOT to put a wheel, is on concrete. Place a new car battery on concrete overnight and you’ll never get a charge in that battery again. Concrete sucks the life out of things, an Energy Wheel projects influence and well-being, and concrete will be a shield to that experience.
Energy wheels023
Outdoor Jasper Wheel (similar to picture above)
This wheel comes in a wide range of colors, from milky white, yellow, golden tan, deep brown, reds, green, sometimes blue, and almost always the colors are mixed. Jasper works with protection and nourishment that is comparable to no other stone. This wheel creates a shield of protection around its environment, and gives space for the heart to breathe deep. These Jasper’s have Chalcedony as part of the mix in each of these stones. Chalcedony is a mineral that bleeds into other stones, and this stone is the “supreme nurturer”. All the Jasper’s of this wheel have been hand collected from the Yellowstone River here in Montana, very colorful and a very beautiful wheel to look at.
The petrified wood wheel, for external stability. Outdoor Petrified Wood Wheel
This wheel brings in stability, to relationships, to business, and so on. These stones were collected along the foothills of the Beartooth Mountain Range here in Montana. This wheel brings forth the influence that creates stability and grounding.
The love wheel with Montana aventurine and some rose quartz, for loveOutdoor Montana Green Aventurine Wheel
This crushed Aventurine has the glitter of mica within it [glitter of adventure], and the color is a brilliant lime green. The color of leaves as they fall out of the bud in spring, or the color of your heart chakra. Aventurine is a heart stone, it brings forth adventures in life and love. It opens the heart and heals the heart. Being in the environment of this wheel, it helps one to see the brighter side of new situations. It’s also a prosperity stone, bringing forth abundance.
2012-10-16 16.51.34Outdoor Montana Blue Aventurine Wheel
Also hand-picked from the Yellowstone River. This blue Aventurine brings forth the action of responsibility as life moves forward. It also awakens the sensitivities of psychic and intuitive centers in the body. This is a very powerful and strong felt wheel.
The big wheel with stones from around the world, for stating the intention of one's life.The Wheel of Intention
A wheel that has such a wide range of stones, from many places around the world that friends have brought to Christopher over the years. This wheel takes a spiritual intention and brings it into Earth reality. To activate this experience, one steps into the wheel and states to spiritual guidance what one intends to do in one’s life. “I intend to have an honest business”, then go on to describe just what that is. Spirit [Angels] will then test you to see if you are worthy of such a gift, and if you are indeed ready, things happen over night.

*** A lot of friends and family have had some amazing life altering experiences, after asking for guidance in these wheels.

These are pictures of wheels I’ve recently [2012] put together. All here in Montana, although I can travel to other locations.
Hillside WheelThis 12 foot Green Aventurine wheel for love, is one of 3 wheels set up in this location for the same client. Bozeman Montana USA.
Friends have tried to get me to copy write this material. My feeling is anyone can create a wheel, Spirit has assured me that in the entire world, there are as many people who can activate these wheels and symbols that can be counted on one hand, to which I am one. Personally I wish there where more, because the energies of these activated wheels are SO needed.  IMG_7237Prices:

* For smaller wheels in diameter (12 to 15 inches), Christopher has ready-made maps to purchase. These wheels are generic for anyone to use. They are Love, Protection, Health and Healing, and Prosperity. The cost for each map is $20. Then you go to a rock shop and put together your own wheel.

*** If you send a picture of an Energy Wheel or a Medicine Wheel that you have created, Christopher will activate it for $35.

* An indoor wheel with the geometric placement of its many different stones fine tunes the wheel. As you grow and heal, your frequency or vibrational essence of who you are changes. By intuitively changing the placement of the stones; changing geometric patterns of the stones on the wheel will help to keep the wheel in rhythm with the upkeep of your personal growth.

* Christopher strongly suggests that the space in which the wheel is being placed be energetically cleansed with white sage and or sweet grass.

To contact Christopher just email him at Use “Energy Wheels” in the subject line.
009 (2)My sacred blessings be with you, along the enchanted path of which you follow.
20121024_24 Notes:
* How to bring your sacred presence to the wheel: Sitting next to the wheel facing in the direction you feel drawn to, or if the wheel is large enough to sit within the inner circle. Pull the influence or set intention of the wheel into your being, draw it in like a sponge. When you begin to feel a strong energy connection to the wheel, then reach out, palms facing outward, feel your Chi flow out of your heart, down your arms and out your palms. So if I’m facing North my palms are facing East and West. Push this energy out across the wheel, across the yard, the county, the state and around the world. Repeat for other directions. Using the compass of the wheel, send this energy to someone or some place around the world. Very powerful work.
* Any time you’re in meditation or in prayerful thoughts, anywhere in the world you find yourself, with an open heart your sacred presents fills the space and it begins the process of becoming a sacred place.

I had 4 Energy Wheels set up in the middle of a large piece of property for 20 years, and it wasn’t until I took them apart and removed them did I realize how much they had changed the space. Activated Energy Wheels will change the vibrational frequency of a space as it comes into alignment with love and harmony. When I took the wheels apart, as the energy collapsed it was nothing like I had ever experienced before. It was huge and nearly pushed me over. The energy came down from above like sheer winds from a storm, very powerful and very intense. The space returned to the rawness of nature, the contrast went from the influences of harmony to the taking essence of nature. Huge differences, animals behaving like wild animals instead of yielding, more threatening forest fires, and owners becoming unyielding. This experience was very profound because it was so much in my face, as to the contrast between before and after. These wheels didn’t belong to a client, they were mine because I started off by living on location, and these folks weren’t in the position to purchase these wheels when it came time for me to leave.

Christopher Snell and Earth Connections. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Christopher Snell and Earth Connections with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

PS. If you want to respond to this post, please do so in English, thank you.

Favorite links to do with environment:
earthcalm It changes the EMF [electromagnetic frequency] frequencies of the entire house to match that of the human auric field. I have one of these in my home, I am sensitive to energy, and I have found this to be very valuable.
BioGenesis Very specific geometric shapes create profound healing energy for both environment and the physical self.


20 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mare Cromwell
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 03:52:33

    How wonderful and fascinating. With the years of study that I’ve had with some native teachers, I go out and make small medicine wheels wherever I go in the woods. I’m called to do this. It is something between me and the nature energies there. It’s intriguing to hear of your work and gifts. Thank you for bringing the positive energies out more with this work.
    blessings, m



    • Christopher Snell
      Sep 13, 2013 @ 16:03:03

      Spirit has come forward with a way for me to activate Energy wheels / Medicine wheels at a distance. Just send a picture of a wheel, with an indicator of which side is North, and for just $35 I will activate it. If your sensitive to energy, an activated wheel is huge. I should charge 1000’s for this level of influence, although I find it more important to be in service to the vibration of the planet.



      • Mare Cromwell
        Sep 13, 2013 @ 17:38:50

        Thanks, Christopher… I will keep this in mind… You are very gifted. Blessings, blessings, mare



  2. daily life impressions
    Jan 18, 2013 @ 06:39:12

    so beautiful. I will take a course in Reiki 1 next month and I will try to build my own wheel, just for peace and prosperity.
    My son died in May 2012. He was only 21 and since, or even before, I am searching for the real purpose of life, of my life and are trying to find my way back into life through blogs like this.I am very spiritual, angel books are my favorites. I know there is more to life than our ‘reality’ we perceive…..



  3. Sue Dreamwalker
    Feb 14, 2013 @ 14:55:05

    Love this article on your Energy Wheels, and like myself I see you love working with crystal energy/stones.. My Daughter built an energy wheel in her garden and the squirrels and birds often sit there as do her cats…. If you should need any information on crystals please feel free to drop around and click my Crystals and Things Page…
    Many Blessings sent your way
    ~Sue Dreamwalker



  4. sophist6
    Feb 26, 2013 @ 22:29:21

    I stumbled onto your blog on ‘accident’ but I don’t think it was an accident at all. You gained a new follower even though I don’t quite understand all that you write about. I hope to understand more…



  5. Justice
    May 15, 2013 @ 18:46:27

    I just recently met you down at barjon books, and you asked me what attracted me to the books i was seeking. That one question you asked has got my mind thinking “why am I so attracted to these things?” . I learned a lot just from talking to you for that ten minutes and I hope to learn more from you in the future. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your knowledge and abilities.



    • Christopher Snell
      May 16, 2013 @ 03:02:17

      I enjoyed sharing with you and am open to sharing more.
      You have an amazing thirst for all things metaphysical, and I know that if you follow that big heart of yours, from that you will open the doors to your wildest dreams.
      Gentle blessings…



  6. Kaycers
    Sep 12, 2013 @ 15:09:04

    I really love your work ❤



  7. Kaycers
    Sep 12, 2013 @ 15:47:39

    Please contact me via email: when you have time. I’d like to discuss bulk purchases for my shop 🙂



  8. Sophia
    May 28, 2014 @ 03:41:11

    Why “should you charge thousands ” to activate a wheel? Is this what the indiginouse people would do? Aren’t we called to do this service out of love for Mother Earth and mankind? By charging “thousands ” you limit those who could benefit from your gift. Your gift was just that …a “gift”. You weren’t given it to sell to others… This causes me to deeply question you true motives to help others. It sadens my heart 😦



    • Christopher Snell
      May 28, 2014 @ 04:41:57

      First of all, I don’t charge thousands to activate a wheel, just $35. It’s thousands to set up a wheel if I provide the stones. So a 12 foot wheel has on it 3 to 4 five-gallon buckets of hand picked stone, and a lot of intuitive work in setting it up.

      Learning the gift that you are is the pinnacle to entering Master-hood, and the hardest lesson for ALL us healers. When following spiritual guidance to the letter. We first learn how to give from the heart, because an open heart creates connection. And after many lifetimes of discipline and focus we come to the final lesson, and that my friend is the lesson of self-value. “It is God’s full intention that we don’t sacrifice anything ever”. When we put the worth of others ahead of our own, the message reads that we have a deep belief in the fear and lack of our own self-worth and happiness. To walk into a life of empowerment and the world of abundance, we have to learn the lesson of self-value. Other wise we become the emotional doormat to the world.
      A gift from god is just that, a gift from him to me. I am by no means obligated to share it with others. It is however, from my generosity that I choose to share this with other nurturing people.

      For the indigenous people, for the amazing gifts that the medicine man or woman would bring to the tribe, the tribe would in turn completely care for them throughout their entire life time… Food, shelter and companionship.



  9. Leyla
    Nov 11, 2014 @ 23:35:50

    lovely post..



  10. Suzanne
    Dec 04, 2014 @ 03:43:15

    They say the teacher appears when you are ready for what they have to share. Wow, I love your site, thank you. Your message made me cry, as I too am on the same path. With reguards to this page, I have been in Hawaii for a third time since my beloved Moms passing, helping my step parent, and spending many hours in reflection, and mending a life long broken heart. One day at a spot on Left Point, Makapuu side of the famous body surfing beach Sandy’s there was a huge set up rock formation that someone had built out of Beach Rocks, coral, and Lava. I thought it could be a UFO landing pad from someones creative dream, but now that I have seen this I think it must have been an elaborate energy wheel, I have to say each time I walked through it or around it as it beckoned you to do either way depending on the day my hair would stand up, and tingles would race up and down my spine, and I would feel very light. Thank you for sharing this. Slowly the ocean and tides took back its treasures but a tiny bit of it remains. You can see a picture of it on my instagram, name MysticTraveler about half way do in the gallery. Now I would like to build one. Thank you for letting me share here.



  11. Karmaklysm
    Sep 07, 2015 @ 23:50:39

    I am familiar with crystal and stone energy but never of Energy Wheels. Beautiful and fascinating!

    What a lovely page 🙂



  12. Christopher Snell
    Sep 08, 2015 @ 00:20:36

    Thank you for your kind blessings. My calling has been to be a healer of environments, and Energy Wheels has been a huge part of that. I know it’s a little off the map, because there’s no app for it.
    Nothing like splashing around in this liquid light.
    My blessings to you Karmaklysm.



  13. daby64
    Feb 13, 2016 @ 19:33:52

    Thank you for your Spirit Guides. If I wanted one built in my garden, what about my friendly black cat, should I try to keep her away from the wheel?



    • Christopher Snell
      Feb 14, 2016 @ 00:04:39

      If this wheel is large, say two feet in diameter and up, and the stones are raw uncut or unpolished stones. Then it’s okay if the animals get into it, they also bring their own influence to the wheel. When animals move the stones around on big wheels, it supports a good habit of revisiting and up-keep of the wheel.
      It’s very different if it’s a small wheel made of polished or cut gem stones, because sometimes when they get scattered, they can also become lost. For small wheels like this we can put a Plexiglas half dome over it to keep animals out of it. Something like what is used to keep squirrels out of hanging bird feeders.
      Please let me know if you would like me to activate your wheel.
      My blessings to you…



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