Unconditional Love


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People talk about unconditional love ALL the time, because it’s about as high as you can go in expressing the value of love to another person. However the notion of unconditional love is a concept and only a concept, it is NOT possible to express pure unconditional love. The moment the thought of love becomes an action, it becomes a condition. Love is a state of being. When you express what it is that love is for you, you are describing your conditions of love. Because we are talking about how we want to be treated. When we talk about deal-breakers in relationships, what we’re really doing is bringing into alignment our conditions, “are we a match”? The only place where we will find the expression of unconditional love is in the emotion of our heart, or the God realm, an environment without contrary. When we are in the Spirit world we are Gods, and when we are on Earth we are humans with very conditioned expressions. We don’t do something without a reason. So why promise something you know you can’t perform?!
To describe unconditional love: You are a stone, and your partner is the wind. The act of unconditional love sets your partner free to dance across the open field and over the hill never to be seen again, and your only thought is to bless them on their way. That is unconditional love. [A one-night-stand is not love, it’s just sex.] To keep someone close to you is conditioned love, because you’re asking them to stay in the box. “I want you to love me like…”, or “I will love you if…” that is a box.
If I love you unconditionally then I love you without boundaries, and that without boundaries and defining edges in this physical realm is chaos. We call this love? Love in the physical realm needs definition and boundaries. Then from there the ego-less relationship has permission to flourish.
Conditioned love has me backing you up especially if you are the one who stepped out of line. Unconditional love has me calling you on your issues; I don’t back you up if you’re the one who stepped out of line, because I want you to be a better person. I want you to grow from your mistakes; I don’t want to keep you stuck in them.
It’s all because of ego that we’re not able to fully express unconditional love. Animals don’t have ego, and their ability to act out unconditional love is finer tuned simply because they are fully present. Still it’s not complete unconditional love, because you can break an animal’s spirit and have them turn on you. Unconditional love won’t break; it is constant and an unlimited amount of it. And in the human experience everything has a contrary; an opposite. So in expressing unconditional love without its contrary sneaking up on you is quite impossible.
Say your partner is leaving you, so as they are going out the door, you are blessing them on their way because you are excited for their journey. You have always been excited about the success of their journey, as it takes them away from you. THAT is unconditional love!!! That is spiritual love or compassion. Spiritual love is more concerned with the inner personal development and growth as a spiritual being, then how we can stay together. Deeper than flesh and bone. God loves us unconditional, and the only reason you’ll say it’s not, is by your perception of what that definition is. Which again is all about conditions. Jesus was the only one who really mastered the art of unconditional love while in the physical body. No one was outside of his box, simply because he didn’t have a box. The closer we are to God the less conditions we hold. The less conditions we hold the further we remove ourselves from those who do. So, while outside of their physical space, the more we can love them unconditionally, or love them through compassion. (To be in their physical space, and love them unconditionally means participating in their karma with them, something compassion allows us to remove ourselves from.)
When we use the term unconditional love as an action, we are using it simply because we know of no higher expression for this immense feeling exploding inside us. The practice of selfless devotion brings us that much closer to the clarity of spiritual love or compassion. Compassion is unconditional love in this physical realm/reality.
So with all honesty, speak truth to power; know the weight of your words, and act responsibly.


When we are unable to be honest in the moment about love, our character begins to wonder way out into left-field; when we describe our passionate love to our partner, and we do so by what we “think” the other person needs to hear. In so doing we create unusually dysfunctional situations. So when we are able to acknowledge the limitations of relationships, we can better talk about the things that are difficult to speak about, and forgive the inconsistencies that come with the egoic human experiences.
Love is creation, and when we speak truth to love we tap into it’s wellspring of prosperity’s abundance on multipal levels.
Understanding limitations gives us a clear perceptions of what we can do, and this is one of them. Passions of the Heart.

As friends we share without holding back, however as lovers it’s quite the opposite. After marriage it becomes so clear that we need to be able to be open with each other as we once did as friends. To be able to move through issues easily and effortlessly. How we were as friends, and what we did to move into the stage of lovers, needs to continue through a marriage. Or you end up being two people living in the same house together, emotionally wandering away from each other.
Getting married does not mean that “you’ve made it, and have finely arrived”. Quite the opposite, it means that you have enough love and trust in this person, to continue this journey of growth out of ego, and toward our god-self as a couple. Most marriages fall apart do to this unaccountably. Because everything was going nice and smooth before the marriage. Then shortly after it seemed to just go away. All stages of relationships require focus and attention. EVERYTHING about this physical realm requires focus and attention if you want the best results.

Dancing Light


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Each breath that fills the heart, each step that is followed by the heart, and each expression that comes from the heart… Is the dance of your Spirit’s gift to the world.
The captivating beauty of your physical self, your engagement of the world around you, and the enchanted enlightenment of the quality you’re becoming is such a gift to the world… and all those lives you touch. No matter how great or small you “think” you are, we all bring glory to the table’s feast of life.


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