The Changing Winds


For a problem to be solved, the solution must be of a higher vibrational frequency, then that of which created it in the first place. This is why it doesn’t quite feel as though it’s changed, it just feels as if it’s repeating itself. Quiet your spirit, quiet your thoughts, quiet your emotions until you come to mental and emotional clarity. Where life begins to come back into alignment with love and abundance. We are loosing our patience with our fellow humans, simply because we don’t have a practice of being quiet.
There was a time not so long ago, where we lived and reacted to the movement of Spirit. Listening to the rhythms of the shift in seasons, or watching the animals to see what’s going on in the neighborhood. Our attention to our environment was very different then, then now. Today we have a lot of gadgets and technology that distract us from what is real. A gathering of friends, face to face interactions with people, or acts of exceptional kindness.
Solving a problem can no longer always be fire with fire, that is old-school thinking. Nothing alters a persons fortunes more, then being in a higher awareness. From this expanded view we can see beyond the reactionary emotion, and engage with the wisdom of the Sages. Because when we react without thinking, those around us who are in balance, will only see the fool in us, and this can burn bridges and break down lines of trust. To be taken seriously requires us to put the emotions on the shelf, and calmly bring resolutions to the table.
Being reactionary and fighting fire with fire makes more fire, with it’s loud and angry voices. However, it’s the calm, and collective mind with the answers to resolve that gets the attention. A judge in a court room doesn’t want to listen to you when you’re being angry, he will however pay more attention to a calm voice with a resolution.

(I’m not a fan of political opinions) If we want change in our country (USA), protesting in outrage against corporations that are bigger than our government itself will not change a thing, like a flea to an elephant. Instead be the change you want to see. We often forget that “we the people” are the machine that makes the corporations big. Educate yourself on the world around you; everything from what is sprayed into the air that we breathe, what is smeared on the skin, the food that is eaten… Support or start businesses that produce healthy products, transform your home’s energy needs, use transportation that supports your own best ideas. Every time we let go of the emotional ego, then create something from a higher awareness, that something becomes very successful simply because it has the “perfection of God” in it. 


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June 2014 004When we think of starting a new relationship, what is it that we want to create? Most people will seek out beauty, then hope they want what we want, as in the game of roulette.
Who are we, and what is the uniqueness that we bring to the table? Instead of looking for something wonderful in someone else, look first at yourself for what it is that you bring to the table of this relationship. Because in that moment in-between relationships, is a good time to redefine and fine-tune that magical essence you are. Beauty doesn’t last for ever, so in looking deeper for something you have that is an asset for relationships. This may also be something your friends can help you with, because sometimes it helps to have another set of eyes outside of your bubble, looking in to see what is hidden. This talent needs to be something you already have, because becoming something you’re not creates great mistrust when the truth comes out.
Take time in-between relationships and heal the wounds of the past. So we don’t drag preconceived notions into a new relationship. Know who you are, be the light you’re cultivating. Know what you bring and look for someone who complements you; your weaknesses are his strengths and his weaknesses are your strengths. Do what you can to not be reactive, and instead be active in your search for a quality partnership.
When “quality of heart” is more pronounced than looks, your true authentic self-will have more space to shine, be seen and validated.

My blessings to you…

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