A Reason to be Light

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I’ve been listening to David Wilcock ever since he stepped out onto the world stage. I admire this man for discovering the truth of what Earth’s history is really all about, and the courage and passion to bring this truth to light. If this is your first time with this information, please remember: “this time of transition is not the end, it is just the beginning”. Because once we go through the last big solar flair, and the sun changes our whole solar system into the 4th dimensional frequency, systems like the Illuminati will not be able to continue in that higher vibrational frequency.
This is transparency, even though we may not hear it from our leaders. I feel relieved to hear someone else describing some of what I encounter, when bringing light into those dark systems. I’ve known long before I heard of David Wilcock that the true way to combat fear and hate is with love and forgiveness. In this video David makes a similar point, and for me it’s a good validation. He’s been a great inspiration to me.
Out of all of his hundreds of videos, this is one of my favorites. I know this is a long one, however it is very well worth it.
I’m sorry, the powers-that-be are deleting some of the good videos of David’s. So just get on Youtube, and type in David Wilcock, then start listening.

My blessings to you…

I’m sorry, this is not my doing. This video had been deleted due to the fact that this information is too honest for those who feel the need to hide from truth.


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055There’s great power of trust, which leads to devotion in showing vulnerability in a relationship, and this becomes a blissful experience when the two of you are participating together. This is not something you want to show at a bar or pub, and this is not the kind of vulnerability that comes when we’re in the middle of the road. This is when we share our tender side to our lover. This activity has a completely new landscape when we learn to tone down the ego [I can’t begin to describe how destructive the ego can be in relationships]. Practicing this level of sharing becomes second nature when we learn to tone down the ego. Part of living in empowerment is to allow yourself to be vulnerable, to be willing to show and share your mental/emotional tenderness. It’s about sharing your inner truth… About what really turns you on. It’s about diving deep into our passions, and sharing what we think makes our lives tick. And sometimes sharing our vulnerability can be about revealing our imperfections. However, what deepens the connection is a willingness to learn the value of honesty, and how being transparent leaves no holes for miss-communications. Relationships that fall apart are ones that lack this essential ingredient, as an ongoing practice. When we fall into the rut of routine, of thinking with that “faults sense of security”, as in thinking a relationship is solid. That you think you know each other well enough to let go of the reins. When in truth relationships are fluid, they change and evolve as you grow, heal and become. So if we have the practice of being transparent moment by moment we become fluid as well. It’s when we lose touch with this flow and drift apart, and before you know it there’s nothing to connect with. We invest so much of our lives hiding from our feelings and our emotions, and where has it gotten us? Showing tender, sensitive places with your partner, and allowing yourself to be transparent can be a very powerful experience for the both of you, because it creates such warm trust. This action also creates a wonderful stage for self-discovery and self-realization. Which that in itself open doors of trust.

If we shut down vulnerability because we don’t want to experience fear, anger or guilt, we will also shut down love, joy and gratitude. Because they are all part of the wholeness that we are. By embracing the wholeness that we are, we are acknowledging a willingness to express what’s under the surface. That place where original wisdom emerges. When both lovers have this level of trust in sharing and supporting each other, and we learn how to tone down the ego, the relationship begins to loose its defining edges. Because trust becomes automatic [trusting completely, we show no feelings of jealously]. When we connect to this early in a relationship, we set the stage for knowing what’s to come in life’s quiet moments.
When men are able to walk this path they discover devoted women beside them, and women following this path find men that want to build *metaphoric castles around them. This path requires both to participate, so this takes two when expecting to find that deep rich connection that we’re told exists in long-term relationships. How important is it to be transparent in a relationship, well how far and how expansive do you want your relationship to be? Every step we take in opening to each other we find deeper levels of connection and intimacy.
Good communication is when we dive deep into emotional support and reassurance as the emotion occurs. Being present while processing what we feel in our core, and at the same time our partner is forgiving us lending reassurance that we no longer need to feel that way. Because they themselves see the value of this partnership, and choose to grow forward. Daring to become one’s highest integrity for our own inner growth, and for the support and nourishment of our partners growth.
The masculine isn’t strong unless he is also vulnerable. This means he can tell you what he wants, when he’s afraid, how you make him feel, what he did that he’s made amends for, what he’s overcome, or what brings him to his knees. And from this acknowledgement she learns the value of giving him space.
Without transparency, there can be no genuine intimacy, that ingredient that makes sex remain sexy when the initial high of infatuation dissipates.
The feminine shows her vulnerability by admitting her rough sharp edges, and from this reveal he learns where to be gentle.

Practicing and sharing a healthy vulnerability is one of those things that require focus and attention. In my journey through this, I discovered when I had the focus of toning down the ego. Therefore practicing an ego-less relationship my tender side had more freedom, and being transparent was no longer scary. Because when we overly identify with the ego everything is scary, even though we wouldn’t show it on the surface. It’s still the reason to hide. Remove the ego and the dance of transparent intimacy empowers your relationship into the infinite realms of light.

* Metaphoric castles: is intimate emotional support, or intimate spiritual support. Something intimate your lover does for you that no one else does. It’s something that is built upon, and becomes a quality of relating, a side dish or added ingredient in the relationship that is carefully constructed just for you by your partner.

My blessings to you…

I need to be very clear: Self empowerment happens because it’s coming from your choices; your self-awareness. When someone else needs you to behave a certain way to complete their needs, and you have to act outside of your comfort zone to make that possible. Then you need to know that, that kind of vulnerability comes from their control, and you’re stepping into their realm of domination if it serves you, or manipulation if it doesn’t serve you.
Out of this, I want you to act as if this is the only life you get to live. This is how we find empowerment.

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