Sacred Circle

003This is a tapestry of writings I’ve put together over the course of my early life.
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* Bits of my purpose upon this earth walk, streaks through the dense forest and illuminates the sacred circle. As I sit inside this circle, I touch upon an expression of an influence not seen by the physical eye. I step into a realm that changes the very nature of my existence.

* I project an image of you into the heart of the red rose. I place this rose into the center of the Energy wheel.
I raise the pipe to the South and ask that I be shown even the simple things in life that I need to learn. I place a willow branch into the wheel, as so I may bend and not break.
I raise the pipe to the West and ask that I be reminded of the colors of my own direction. I place a badger’s claw into the wheel, as so I may not lose my grip on my truth and reality.
I raise the pipe to the North and ask the North wind to cool my desires, as so I may temper the flame and learn of discipline. I place a sea stone into the wheel, for the constant motion of balance.
I raise the pipe to the East and ask to be reminded of the light that comes after a long night. I place an owl’s feather into the wheel, to be safely guided through the dark.
I place myself into the center of the wheel, upon Mother Earth, who’s a constant caring presents. I go into meditation and feel myself becoming the river, who flows freely without doubt. I feel myself becoming the wind, who rides without resistance. I look up and see myself with the hawk, flying with a sense of safety. I fly in among the stars that represent a celestial fire source. I reach out and touch a tree, who’s connecting Earth and sky.
I hold a group of white pine needles in one hand, for strength and unity, and in the other a group of hemlock pine cones for abundance.
I give thanks to the Spirit of the South for their growth and ambition.
I give thanks to the Spirit of the West for their accumulated growth and experience.
I give thanks to the Spirit of the North for their clarity and purity of spirit.
I give thanks to the Spirit of the East for their illumination and new beginnings.
I give thanks to Mother Earth for teaching me the wisdom of her many precious jewels.
I give thanks to Father sky for guiding me toward the powerful ways in the dance of the Spirit.
I give thanks to my inner guidance for their consistent presence and wisdom.

* I place my manifest thoughts on the stone and light it with a match. As it burns, my thoughts are released into the ether. As the smoke rises so do my aspirations.

* All I can do is to listen carefully and with full attention, to each voice in turn as it addresses the divine.

* I listen to music in the space of the heart and touch upon powerful positive energies of my infinite spirit.
For a short moment I touch the influence of Oneness; the all-knowing of wisdom, the welcome of home and to see and feel the unconditional light of spirit.
I look up into the stars above and feel my whole being expanding into that space. I see myself as a part of that whole, expanding with the changes of time.
Love floats peacefully across the waters of my thought, and I feel the unconditional love of the Divine.

* Choosing a seed of a unique difference. In cased inside it is an individual sense of wisdom within ethics, followed by a rhythmic potential of knowledge.
I place the seed into the dirt of reality and with peace in piece of mind. Mixed in with compost of compassion and joyous caring. Pouring on water of inspiration, and the suns warmth touches you with unconditional love.
I’ve planted the seed and you’ll sprout strong, until someday you’ll root into something of your own dreams, and blossom into a beautiful rose.

* Wisdom is knowledge in motion, and the ripples in a pond touch every corner. So be the wisdom!

* When seeking, one simple understanding can turn into an enlightened perception.

* When ascending to a deeper level of potential, two principles come to mind:
One, being the understanding that I am growing facilities of strength; that which I desire to have acquired in my life; that which I desire to have manifest through my own life, hands, mind and being.
Two, being a growth in receptivity, a growth in stillness, compassion and love, a growth in humility.
All these lead in the same direction, which is an inward turning. While also striving for an external strength, external balance.

* All of my surroundings, is an altar, from which my life is to grow.

* I allow not with that which I feel that I need to develop to distract me. Yet solely I allow that which I am to develop and I need not fear, for there is nothing that has passed between the expression of my life, that would “disrupt” that which is meant to come to fulfillment. I walk in this life with blessing, I walk in this life with something to do. I need not fear… the I AM that I am.

* A soul mate is a classmate in the school of soul.

* The door to understanding of purpose will burst open, revealing many wonderful warm colors of enchanted enlightenment.
The doorway leads down to a garden path, a garden in the temple of the I AM that I am.
Through the natural harmony of a sacred imagination, the spirit of love enters a deep awareness that all of creation is intrinsically interconnected.

* Life in its self is a spiritual event.

* The sweetness of the rose became the essence of the dream. Through life’s mist, the higher self’s golden light glitters from the waters of my strength. Standing firmly on the ground of reality, mind of gratitude, palms of light, receiving knowledge of wisdom from my brothers before me. Standing within this pure bliss, I can understand all reasons; see all shades of light, and see clear my way of truth.

* Dotted lines flash by in dark space… crossing thresholds. On a visionary quest; creating the molding of a peaceful direction in ones own personality. As the outer life around oneself becomes apart of that manifestation; as the trees sculpture the landscape.

* The music swirls through my mind as I stand in the temple of my heart, a lush smell of green and flutes of the soul.
Mystic waves of colorful light flows lazily through the musical mist, and my mind wanders through a spiritual dream land.
I begin to flow in a sensitive dance of inner peace; caressing the wind. A gentle breeze of inner strength, as I bow before the stars and lightly kiss the earth.
A sensitive beauty of the spirit whispers colors in my inner ear, the soul awakens as I reach for the rising sun, and the colors of my inner self streams across the horizon.
I stand together with myself in the dawn of a new age, I speak words of universal wisdom, I listen to music of inner peace and I touch with sensitive beauty.

* “The path of Life, is the riddle of Light”.

* I face the sunrise with a warm breeze to my back. The brilliance of the bright orange and reds streaming across the sky. Stars fade. My mind smells the rhythm of the world. The light rises softly along the mountains.
My love for life reaches a peak, my spirit changes color, and my love for nature soars with the wind in the morning sun. I bathe myself in appreciation for this land.

* A connection with the earth and the spirit, tuning into that frequency watching it move and sparkle. Feeling apart of that movement, as my thinking moves in motion with the flex of time. See, listen, and feel the motion of all life… right now, in this time with this space.

* A choice of the heart, something to which I must follow…

* May you remember the voice of the graceful spirit, that whispers in the winds of the wilderness. That’s always stirring those wildflowers, growing in the springtime garden of your heart’s temple, and written in gold on those temple walls are the acknowledgements of the precious gift that you are.

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