Good Medicine

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“Good medicine: is breaking through the walls of the illusions that restricts our living, by walking the path of our own advice”.

* Crashing through those great walls of illusion… Finding excitement in looking at the world through my god-self. Being okay with not needing to show you every pothole, and instead letting go for you to find your own course.
* Riding through emotional waves… Cautiously being mindful of the ownership of my ego’s emotions.
* Navigating mental limitations… Giving myself permission to not need to know it all, and take credit where I am gifted.
* Redesigning physical directions… Finding that place in me where it’s okay to be slow and quiet.
* Climbing spiritual mountains… A gentle reminder that I am still the student.
And through it all-seeing the light of God’s grace as my dawn of awakenings.

I have traveled a great distance in this life, yet I still have light to gather, and I go with eyes wide open. Out of the depths of the dark waters of illusion I rise, full of hope and bright eyes, wondering what the Great Spirit has in store for me next.
I walk the path of a healing heart with the determination of tidal waves. Daring to march into my darkest corners with the torch of truth, and slaying my dragons with compassion as I step into alignment with the gift that I am.
Every post on this site came as a gift to integrate for the steps that will follow. For every wall to be crashed through, there is an illusion to overcome.
I feel and see great blessings unfolding before me.

* When working with The Spirits, the right questions to ask for one’s inner healing, are the ones that have us asking: “what can I do, how can I be better, what are the steps I must take, or help me to remember… “. Anything where the responsibility is squarely on one’s own shoulders.
* When working with a healing light, have it fill one’s personality traits more than just the body alone. Dare to think beyond the limitations of the mind.



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  1. Aanamika
    Jun 18, 2016 @ 03:06:28

    Amazing blog and great content. I feel really lucky to arrive at your blog. Thank You for sharing your wisdom.

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