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When we do something that brings us into alignment with God and our forgiveness at the same time; the action that brings balance to our karma. Our spiritual guardians will go in and remove obstacles along our life-path to honor this simple choice of direction. This simple choice and action changes the essence of who we are along our life-line rippling in both directions, past and future. Accelerating our learning curve, and shortening the need to go to such extremes. So by looking at the lesson head on while also following spiritual guidance, we pass the exam, and the quality of who we are enriches.

My blessings to you…

Light and Dark


When we look at the contrast between the two, we often have the feeling of one over the other. As human beings we need to have this contrast of light and dark to learn where it is we want to go. When in fact spiritual reality states “there is light”, and “there is dark”. They are not battling for domination, and there is no great war taking place to see who wins. That only exists in the imaginations of the human mind.

Free Will: a clause that states “nothing can happen to me without my permission”. Karma: what ever we do good or bad, comes back to us. “Treat thy neighbor as thy self”… These are all teachings of light and dark, even though in spiritual reality there is no conflict, no more so than the waves crashing on the rocky shore. The water is water, and the rocks are rocks, there’s no battle taking place. The battle is only in our minds and belief systems. So remember my friends, reality is far more gentle than our imaginations, –Byron Katie

My blessings to you…

So many untruths have been told in the last 2000 plus years, from misinformation, pride, fear, manipulation… Then after 2000 years later we stand up and start to look around, and realize just how far off the original mark we are. When a lie is spoken, and the story is moved over one foot. Then after 1000 years of repeating that lie, it’s drifted 10 miles off it’s original mark. Then when the truth is spoken, it sounds like an idiot.
Some untruths are being cleared up through new discoveries, as in someone has found, and opened a window… It feels good to breath fresh air again.

The Eye of the Needle

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When we feel pinched and pushed to the extreme of our emotional boundaries, and that feeling of squeezing our human form through this tiny little gap. The spiritual term is that we are threading the eye of the needle.
This is an initiation of our awareness into something greater. So when we feel this emotional stretch, and you feel as though you can’t take it any more. Then it’s a perfect time just to get into it, and allow it to stretch you. All the while continuing to be at your best. Remain steadfast in your beautiful self. Because the spiritual self wants more from us, it wants us to perceive our environment from a higher awareness, and what better way than to squeeze all that wonderful knowledge into a tighter beam and higher frequency. This┬álife affirming action moves the soul forward along it’s journey towards God’s grace.
Go in peace.

Passing through the eye of the needle is a bit like: being in a tornado (emotional blender), all while holding onto the thread of God Awareness, and bringing into alignment the focus to pass through the eye of the needle. As Jesus did after 30 days of suffering. It’s a stirring from a long slumber, and profound spiritual awakening.

A Bridge To Cross

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As we walk along this life path as spiritual beings, we come up against those who are fumbling in the dark. Some of those people are making decisions that can effect our quality of life. Still they are fumbling in the dark. Choosing that bridge to cross in order to stay in the light, we remember that we are here to navigate beyond our own limitations, and by overcoming those issues we ascend. It really doesn’t matter how effected we are by others, because the work that we are doing is unaffected by outside environmental influences.
The goal is to get the work done, by tackling one core issue at a time. To turn off the noise (the TV; the negative vibes), and quiet the drama. The irony of doing our inner work, is that as we tackle our fears, and forgive this scary world we eliminate ourselves from the equation of those experiences.

It’s important during these times of lunar or solar occurrences and other earthly events such as earthquakes or hurricanes, if you feel moved by those influences to allow yourself to process through the feelings, then create time and space for that expression. For when we actively follow our healing by dealing with things as they come about, we find ourselves rock-steady as others are freaking out. Giving ourselves a head start or something in our toolbox for coping with today’s environments. This early start gives us better strength and durability for helping others. Go in peace.

My blessings to you…

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