House Clearing

Shorrey cabin006Over the years a home will accumulate layers of stories; a residue of emotional garbage left by our processing of experiences, stored in frequency. Some stories may feel good while others may not. When we walk into an old building that’s been there for a hundred years, it has a musky smell of an old building, and it also has a heavy feeling of layers of emotional history. By cleansing the space, the heaviness is released, and it now feels like a new old house open for new experiences.
Or someone visited the home who had a bad attitude with heavy angry energy. Any unpleasant experience can be cleared from the space keeping it a vital nurturing space.
So it’s been my practice to clear a home or business once a month, or as often as needed. This form of cleansing is a way of giving love to the space. Homes respond to love, when they are cared for they give back in kind.
A lower vibrational space physically breaks down faster than a higher vibrational space. A house that is built by people where there is a joyful camaraderie among the builders. Than when someone is just there for the paycheck. It’s like food, you can taste the difference when it’s made from love and joy.

When preparing to cleans a space, I bring my sacred presence into the now. I use bundled white sage and sometimes sweet grass as well. Smudging in a clockwise movement starting at an entrance. Walking around following the wall of each individual room, or the edge of each individual space, and leaving no door unopened. Pausing in places that have stagnant heavy energy, or places of confusion, and giving those places a little more light.
I feel it’s a blessing to give the gift of clean space and new beginnings.
More on: Can Spiritual Energy be Connected to an Item? Or Tool Box and Painting with Light


Within the Billings area:
$25… 2 bedrooms 1 bath homes
$75… 2 floors 3-5 bedrooms 2-3 bath + garage
$125 for businesses

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pearla
    Feb 21, 2016 @ 22:49:36

    Dear Christopher, I don’t know if you remember me, I’m Olivia’s friend who had visited from Wisconsin some years back and we all stayed a night at your mothers place. I have not forgotten your medicine wheels or words of need for more. This inspired me to build one in Wisconsin, since then we have moved to South Carolina and most recently to Oregon. I’m in the process of building another medicine wheel in our small back yard. However, this is not the main reason I’m writing to you. Do you remember the indoor Medicine Wheel you had placed on the 2nd floor of the community building? The day you checked and collected the stones I was with you. You placed them there to move a spirit on it’s way, the spirit use to turn on the light. Well anyway, that is the medicine wheel we need in our new place. I’ve burnt sage many times and the spirit isn’t moving on. It turns on a light in the kitchen, starts the dishwasher, and phantom smells tell us he smoked two different kinds of pipe tobacco and likes stew. We have disturbing dreams and our dog barks at something we don’t see.
    On another note I was sad to read about the dismantling of the medicine wheels, I hope you were able to find a new place for them.
    Best to you, Pearla



    • Christopher Snell
      Feb 22, 2016 @ 17:10:12

      Greetings Pearla, fancy meeting you here.
      My understanding about earth-bound spirits has evolved greatly in the past ten years.
      Go to the top of this page, in the menu bar click on Energy Wheels, and the Energy Wheel you seek is the eighth picture down. The stones are Ruby, Carnelian Agate, Seraphinite, Apophyllite clusters, and the one I don’t have in this wheel is Flint. This wheel works very well with accelerating the vibrational frequency of the environment that it’s in [a fourteen inch wheel will influence a five to six city block area] For this to truly be effective, contact me once your Wheel is set up, so I can activate it.
      Pearla, there’s a far more effective way to help an earth-bound spirit cross over. Pearla, do you meditate? To the right of your comment on this page is a list of Pages, The Page “Tool Box” has a meditation exercise with the Violet Flame, which also accelerates the vibrational frequency of an environment. While in this meditative space, ask Jesus to come in, and help this individual to cross over into the Light. You’ll know if this works or not by the activity in your home. If not, please contact me.
      Peace and blessings to you and yours.



      • Robert Daniels
        Sep 08, 2016 @ 04:30:10

        Thank-you sir that cleared up some more things be in touch you Ra to all



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