The Book Shelf

* The Sacred Tree — by The Four Worlds Development
* Dance with the Wheel — by Sun Bear
The medicine wheel workbook
* The Medicine Wheel — by Sun Bear
Earth astrology
* Walk in Balance — by Sun Bear
* The Path of Power — by Sun Bear

* The Way of the Shaman — by Michael Harner
* Animal Speak — by Ted Andrews
the spiritual & magical powers of creatures great & small
* Enchantment of the Faerie Realm–by Ted Andrews, communication with Nature Spirits & Elementals
* the Essence of Healing–by Steve Johnson, a guide to Alaskan Essences, second edition

* communicating with the archangel MICHAEL for guidance & protection — by Richard Webster
* The Michael Handbook, a channeled system for self understanding–by Jose Stevens, and Simon Warwick-Smith
* The Starseed Transmissions — by Ken Cary
* Starseed the third millennium — by Ken Cary
* The Way Of The Sun — by Grace Cooke
White Eagle’s teaching for the festivals of the year
* Meditation — by Grace Cooke
* The Path Of The Soul — by Grace Cooke
White Eagle

* The Dream Book — by Betty Bethards

* Heal Your Body — by Louise L. Hay
* Why We Don’t Heal — by Louise L. Hay

* Gemstone FENG SHUI — by Sandra Kynes
creating harmony in home & office
* Crystal Healing–by Katrina Raphaell, the therapeutic application of crystals and stones

* The Abundance Book — by John Randolph Price
including the 40-day prosperity plan
* Original Tribe Handbook of Angels–by JoAnne Cornog

* Gardening For Life — by Wayne & Connie Burleson
an illustrated guide for growing your own food & health Organic Food

under construction, and to be continued…

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