Passions of the Heart


000_0006In the beginning of a relationship we give up our heart so easily, “here take my heart, do with it as you wish”. How easily we give up our trust, how easily we forget who we are and get so completely lost in the other person. Romantic love is so bright, and so blinding. The contrast is so great between the beginning, where we give it up freely in the eyes of the world, and the end, where we are so mad that we are shredding the other person’s character in the eyes of the world.
As friends we can tell each other ANYTHING, talk about all the little secrets that turn us on, and those that turn us off. What kind of people make the best relationships and why. However, the moment sex crosses that line, and we go from friends into lovers ALL that changes. All of a sudden we don’t want to say anything that might imply rejection of any kind. And what was something as solid as a rock, is now more fragile than an egg. And that is why we suffer!!!
Love is such a primal reaction, it’s that need for security, and the other end of that is the complete fear of rejection. Which can be heavier in women than men, simply because of children.
When we give it up so easily, and have those feelings of “forever”. All that comes from spiritual memory, of the time spent in the Spirit World. Where that memory is so potent, that’s why it’s so easy to have those feelings of “happiness forever”. However, that’s also the reason why we clash so hard during the difficult times or at the end of relationships. We are here on earth in the physical realm, which deals with the lessons of duality. So if we were smart, we would go into a relationship with the clarity of knowing that all relationships are limited. Everything in this realm has a beginning, middle and an end. “Forever” does not exist on earth, even though we would like it to. The sexual orgasm is a physical reminder of the Spirit World, because the feeling of being in the presences of God is just like a continuous orgasm. And as much as we would love for that depth of connection with our lover, it’s just not possible because of duality and ego.

So if we have the clarity when entering a relationship of the limitations of it, the heart-break at the end will be much, much less. Especially if it’s spoken of often throughout the relationship. Strength of character always comes through when life gets pinched. Take away something of value and you find yourself in the midst of adversity, and still your response is of love. How to find someone who also has that, means walking into it with “eyes wide open“. There will be times when love can sweep you away, and there will be times when it’s important to be awake, alert and paying attention. The lessons of duality can be quite harsh when we’re not paying attention. So be honest about limitations, and embrace the sexy details of the present moment.
“Forever does exist in the ego-less relationship“. If we want loving balance in our intimate relationships, it will require inner work. Toning down the ego is on-going inner emotional work. However, it is what creates harmony… Having courage to own your egoic emotions, taking ownership of all your own feelings, and changing your perceptions to look at it in a new light requires on-going focus. The more practice the better you get at it, however the moment you let go, it’ll come up and bite you in the butt. It is an on-going thing. This is the path less traveled, because less than one percent of the world population will understand this well enough to put it into action. Most will think this is too big and too scary to confront. They love it when it’s words on a page, however that’s as far as they go.
Be one of those that has passions of the heart, and the courage to act from a new direction. For every step we take in a new direction, we change the world.


The Genie in the Bottle

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Understanding the genie in the bottle, more importantly understanding the right questions to tickle the genie out of the bottle. The book/movie “The Secret” really doesn’t explain what you have to become to get the genie out of that bottle.
We are spiritual beings first, the human experience is just a sliver of this total experience. When we follow God’s law we have incredible influence over physical matter and how life unfolds. When we choose to follow human laws of attraction we find ourselves dodging the lessons of duality.
God’s law is the lesson that opens the expression of absolute love or “that excitement of happiness”, its learning to love instead of fight, and it’s about having the practice of forgiveness to the point of see innocence in that person. This in turn opens a happiness and excitement in us that brings us directly into alignment with the flow of abundance. Not only is this the essence you become, it also becomes your outward expressions. So what we’re doing here is transforming the awareness, and we’re transforming our vibrational frequency to match the goodness we’re asking for. Anything that is asked from the genie/God has to rise up in frequency to meet the occasion. “Can’t behave the same way and get different results”.
Which means stepping away from anything that creates drama, because drama pulls us out of this connection, and creates incredible discord. Like a lost language. Some would see it as magic, yet the truth of it is it’s our Divine heritage, hidden in plain sight.

When we have a goal, a hope, or even a desire, from there we connect to emotion that the desire stirs, and finally we fill the body with a feeling of completion as if the desire has been fulfilled.
So, a desire created first in the mind as a thought, then that desire slides down to the belly where we find the emotion of what’s it like to have that desire. After connecting with the emotion, we then allow that emotion to fill the entire body with the feeling of having the desire fulfilled.
This exercise is accelerated when one is also in the Alpha state of mind. Which is what happens when we quiet the mind, spirit and environment. All while gazing at the flame of a candle. [More on the page Spiritual Earth Connections under the section of Manifestation]
This way of prayer is a way of asking to fulfill our desires. The asking of God is to connect to the emotion of who God is, as in raising our awareness and vibrational frequency into those higher forms of emotional love and gratitude. Then the piece that brings it all together, allow this feeling of completion [as the need has been fulfilled] to fill the body.

The governments of the world are terrified of us connecting to this level of manifestation, because they would no longer be able to control us. Any act of connecting to spiritual guardians opens our psychic centers, and gives us the ability to see what is hidden. 2012 is the center point of our light-bodies awakening, and our governments are terrified of us seeing them, because they are no longer working in our best interests. This path and connection to The Spirits is a counterbalance to governments playground, because it opens our third eye. Sometimes we need more than two eyes to see what is important.


Valentine’s Day is “Romance on Demand”


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On Valentines day you would think that love’s expressions would be in abundance, and for some reason it’s not. Valentines has become a day of high expectations of receiving gifts not in the privacy of your home, yet out in the view of the public eye. It all started off simple as in a note of appreciation, something as simple as in a symbol of affection, and today it may take many hundreds of dollars to express that symbol. And this has become a one way street that men have to perform.
It’s men’s least favorite holiday of the year over all. Men by nature are very romantic beings. However, to be romantic we have to be given the space and freedom to be spontaneous in our own timely fashion. Valentines day is “romance on demand”, and when all the men in the world are doing the very same thing on that same day, how is it to be special?! If you communicate to your man that Valentines Day is important to you and why, and you give him the freedom of choosing what day of the year that falls on. You may be surprised at how much more creative he can be, or how the year fills up with lots of little Valentines.
Celebrate Valentines and Christmas every day of the year; become the essence those days teach, and learn your partners love language.

The secret thing women want from men, is they want a hero, and the secret thing men want to be for women… is a hero. This inner nature can only flow through spontaneity, nurture this natural flow. When we open up to the truth that is hidden behind the veil of secrets, we find common ground and deeper intimacy.
So as Valentines day draws near, drop the symbols of affection, and express the real thing.
{Thank you to Alison for your encouragements}

The Five Languages of Love
* Words of affirmation
* Acts of service
* Affection
* Quality time
* Gifts
Take the time to talk with your lover about your love-language, so they have a clear view of what tickles your happy bone.

There are so many places where we fight against who we are, and get less than perfect results. Where we think we know how the world works, yet we couldn’t be further from the truth.
This is one of them, where we’ve let our heads believe in something that only the heart knows the truth of.
Let the quiet waters of our heart’s inner stillness, speak the wisdom of our colorful direction, and create a smooth roadway along the mountainous landscape of your relationships.

My blessing to you… and may your Valentines be a daily experience.

Men Be Aware…

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038For every man that has promised the sun and moon, and has delivered nothing has been loosing ground in his relationship. Always follow through on things that have been planed or promised… a woman’s greatest pet-peeve, and from this she has the memory of an elephant.

Healers Light

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030So many people where drawn to Jesus and not just for his healing, they were drawn to his inner light, and he had an ocean of it. Every human being has healers light or Christ Energy. Some have more of this amazing inner light, simply because we are doing more of our emotional inner work (it’s that yummy gooey feeling we get when we are around them). When we take the time to look within one’s self to our inner challenges that create disruption in our lives, and work to transform those patterns into something a bit more positive. Both inside and outside of ourselves. Transforming fearful thoughts into love and gratitude through the art of forgiveness. This process of Forgiving “that” which we feel when someone pushes our emotional buttons, we release from our emotional field and release back to God. This inner work brings about clarity of one’s perspective, and clarity of positive action in perspective to other people. As we work to clean out the cobwebs of distortion we come into alignment with Source Energy/God. If you are a channel of spiritual wisdom this inner work will strengthen and brighten your silver cord of connection to The Guardian Spirits. If your not doing your inner work, then your messages will be filtered through your own egoic projections. The indicator in this: is your outer life reflects your inner life… feel joyous, speak joyfully, and you will draw in joyful experiences.
The language of the healer’s light/Christ Energy is ALL about love; the way we communicate, express our passions, the quality of work we provide, the home resembling a sanctuary, the messages that comes through us to others, the high integrity we represent, all this and more is the personality of this light. And so often than not, it’s mistaken for romantic love. Have you ever gone to a therapeutic workshop and came out all emotionally shinny and squeaky clean? Where most will hear words of love, when we really mean gratitude and joy.
The benefits of doing our inner work raises our frequency and brings us vibrationally closer to Source Energy/God, kindling our inner light, and from that connection prayers are answered with lightning speed… as if we were one. The byproduct of this inner light is subconsciously people gather around you just to experience this light, and children will gather out of no-where, they make eye contact and just light up like a Christmas tree. Prosperity falls in abundance about you, luck and good fortune becomes the air you breath. High integrity equals God’s protection and abundance.
This inner light is one of those amazing gifts from The Guardian Spirits that stays with you from life to life. Definitely a gift worth working toward.

* Both of the posts Healers Light and Power and being Powerful are very similar, because they are both amazing gifts that come as a result of doing emotional inner work, and creating a positive relationship with your inner self.

A Gift to You


image001Whom ever has your heart…
May trust be his anchor, so in his steady emotions, you will know comfort from his integrity.
May he have eyes that see, so from his empowerment, you will see your beauty through his sight.
May he have a mind that understands, so in his flexibility, you can rest in his forgiveness.
May his touch be soft, so you will feel the gentleness of his strength.
May his communications be warm, so when he speaks, you will hear his tolerance.
May his love be straight and true, so from his direction, you will feel secure in his loyalty.
My blessings be with you…

Love’s true Identity

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June 2014 007Ego is attached to mind as heart is attached to spirit. Ego creates separation and therefore comes from the emotion of fear. Heart is that without ego… a reflection of Spirit. The one time we are not at war with each other, we are thinking with our hearts, and acting with clarity. We associate the emotion of love with the heart. However, if we were to really look at the Hot love we feel, we will realize it’s just chemistry. Real love is clarity of thought, and a quiet knowing. Ego blinds us from that truth, where the romance is loaded with conditions, because Ego wants it’s mind to be in control of the body, and not the Spirit’s heart. For the two can not be in control at once. Because you feel differently with this person than you did with the last, is simply because the synapse in your brain are taking different pathways than they have before, and because your associations with this person are also different. Real love comes after the romantic lustful stage, when romance turns into partnership and the clarity of love sweeps in.
Lust is what is described as what we fall into in the very beginning. Love has no jealously lust does. Lust has us walking on eggshells not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, simply because we are so afraid of rejection. Where love is not afraid of rejection simply because there is no separation in love. Lust is that “got to have” or “I can’t live without you” phase we go through. Lust will have us acting way outside of our natural character, and behaving well beyond our means. Lust is not a bad thing, it’s just apart of that process of becoming our inner potential in this subject.
Sorry folks, “chemistry”, that super-charged animal magnetism or lust was biologically created to get people together to have babies. Romance is the stage in which your bodies chemistry is in full control over us, until we wake up to the awareness of spiritual love, and with renewed eyes choose to break the chains of those old beliefs, and allow something deeper to be expressed. Every single relationship starts out of balance. However, with the study of boundaries and what creates personal empowerment from eyes wide open, we get to rediscover our authentic natural selves… Which is love.
Our expression through love is that quiet knowing, steady, consistent anchor to another person. That “I love you” that emerges from the waters of stillness, and wraps you in a warm blanket of bliss. Real love is that kind of love that shines from innocents. Real love knows that your lover won’t reject you because of something you said. Honest love would instinctively know what lines not to cross, that would lead into the realm of cheating.
Continue on Unconditional Love.

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