When we are using labels in judgement of others: as in political expressions, or… We are expressing gross separation in lack, the extreme opposite of empowered abundance, and the way to heal this is the action and discipline of self-love. Anger and judgement creates separation from the balance of what self-love provides. Self-love is the basic human need, and no one can provide this for you. This must come from your own inner private declaration for yourself.
Using labels is a way that will keep us in an angry judgement; dumb’d down, and therefor stuck in that rut and out of our personal empowerment. Which is our birth-right; a god-gift that flings open the floodgates to abundance. To have personal empowerment does NOT mean that someone else must loose in some way. Quite the opposite! Anything that creates a win-win on both sides draws in personal empowerment for both involved because it’s first acknowledged from self-love. This means that we acquire the discipline and focus to reason from a higher perception like acceptance. Where we look at our similarities instead of at our differences.
Giving into our anger of our ego provides instant emotional gratification, and very sort-term thinking. This also completely breaks down anything that wants to build trust, and anything for the long-term solutions.

I for one am turning off the noise, and flooding my experiences with that graceful stillness; that celebration of Christmas every day.
My blessings to you…